Guruphiliac: Chinmoy Aborted Carlos' Kid

Monday, March 14, 2005

Chinmoy Aborted Carlos' Kid

File under: Blind-As-A-Bat Devotion

Deborah Santana (wife of Carlos Santana,) in her memoir, "Space Between the Stars: My Journey to an Open Heart," reveals a tragedy wrought by her former guru, Sri Chinmoy:
As they plunged deeper into their spiritual lives, they were introduced to the guru Sri Chinmoy by guitarist John McLaughlin, and soon became disciples. At the guru's urging, Deborah opened a vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, Dipti Nivas, that she ran for a decade with her older sister, Kitsaun, who still works with Deborah in the Santana office.

When she became pregnant and Chinmoy believed that a baby would detract from her devotion to him and her spiritual quest, she ended the pregnancy. Disillusioned, she and Carlos broke off relations with the spiritual leader in 1981.
Had she decided to be disillusioned by Chinmoy's selfish advice before she got her abortion, (he obviously didn't want the kid cutting into his slice of the Santanas' net worth,) her child could have made Page Six hundreds of times by now, perhaps even giving the Goddess Hilton a run for her money-maker. Or more likely, a pounding on her money-maker, regardless of the sex of the would-have-been child.


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