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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ramdev's Revenge Rancor

File under: Satscams

Swami Ramdev has thrown himself into a blistering counter-attack against his Communist Party accuser, Brinda Karat. The smart folks are saying it's dumb:
Over 150 scholars, academicians, artists, health practitioners and social activists on Wednesday came out in support of Rajya Sabha member Brinda Karat in her ongoing war of words with yoga guru Ramdev over labour rights and presence of human remains in Ayurvedic preparations made by his Divya Yog Pharmacy (Haridwar)...

In an appeal, the signatories said the modus operandi adopted by Baba Ramdev's supporters has been "a high-pitched and personalised attack targeting Ms. Karat; an attack that has been fostered and encouraged by a sensationalising media." They have urged all concerned to refrain from further sensationalisation of the matter and instead "assert the need to uphold the right to critical and rational debate."
Rabid Ramdev and his pack of media attack dogs don't really seem all that enlightened about this. What he does appear to be is desperate to throw the controversy before his revenue streams dry up.

Plus, we hear he's got a couple of tons of human skull powder and animal testicles that he's already paid for.


At 1/19/2006 2:43 AM, Blogger ananda said...

Hi Jody,

Just thought i'd drop you a line on Ramdev. I have seen his programs on TV once in a while, and if you go by body-language, gut-feel and that kinda crap then the guy appears *clean*.
I have several family members who have lost weight and lowered BP by doing the pranayama (breathing techniques) he advises.
I found this link by a colleague of mine about his father's "End Stage renal disease", and i trust this chap.

Basically, to let you know that the guy's good, and respected by all in India, as good as your "mom's apple pie" or "pancake" or whatever the American phrase is :-)

The only people who seemed to have a bone to pick with him (unintended pun) were the Kalki folks. I remember the Dasa complaining that Ramdev has "media and political backing" which is why he gets so much positive coverage in the TV, newspapers and magazines. Perhaps you could interview Sri Kalki ("Kalki on Ramdev" - exclusive by guruphiliac !)

Well, i will admit that Ramdev does have this huge "OM" sign behind him during his TV programs, and "OM" does point to Hinduism. But otherwise his entire program is always peppered with secular, pro-humanity stuff.

Ramdev has openly come out against Coke and Pepsi (which he calls Toilet Cleaner), and i am read that Coke/Pepsi have suffered 20% fall in sales. He is also against Pizza, Burgers and non-vegetarian fare, so there are a lot of folks who have a BONE to pick with him.

His popularity is *staggering*, he's like your Elvis Presley. And if he is with any political party then i can understand why the others are all shitting and pissing in their petticoats/loincloths.



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