Guruphiliac: Ron Roth's "Q" To Wealth (His Own That Is)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ron Roth's "Q" To Wealth (His Own That Is)

File under: Satscams and Gurus Clockin' Dollars

Ron Roth was just another average New Age™ spiritual teacher until he met up with the Bhagavan Kalki. Flattered to within an inch of his life with a fusillade designed to inflate his spiritual ego, Roth has now proclaimed himself to be an "avatar of divine love" with the backing of those crooks at Oneness University. Change that to an avatard of psychotic grandiosity and you have a pretty good picture of where we feel Ron is coming from.

Lately, he's teamed up with a wealth-building shill named Annette Bau, creator of the "Millionaire Series." Together they have devised "The Power of Q's", a flim flam promoted as a "free" opportunity to ask Ron a question about those "Q's" (read: cues) in your life that can lead you to greater wealth, health, happiness, etc. You get to ask Ron your question for free, provided you queue up well in advance. But don'tcha know that if you arrive late – or just don't want to bother with arriving early – you can pre-purchase a recording of the event for only $9.97. That's half off the usual price of $19.97. There's a name for that kind of marketing where we come from. It's called a bait and switch.

Ron is taking deeksha down an even more blatantly acquisitive avenue than even the Kracki himself. We imagine the news of this advance in flimflamming percolating back up the chain of command to the head con man, resulting in orders to recruit "partners" who have authored get-rich-quick books to join the team of money-lusting satscammers already fleecing millions from dupes in both India and the U.S.

Ron Roth, Annette Bau and the Kracki are all counting on the ignorance of the masses for their next meal (and yacht, mansion, trip to Vegas, glorious monument to their ego, etc.), and with only our teeny voice among the clamor of the spiritually avaricious, we can't claim to have much hope there's really anything that can be done about it.


At 3/17/2008 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

deeksha makes rot a new john the bap.instant enlightenment and non traditional approch to hinduism is oneness. no scriptures no tradition are the halmark of the 2012 jones suicide pact in golden city, watch out death stalks the innocent . 2012 count down to mass suicide with drug concoction lehyam
doorway to heaven for the frustrated. kalki like krishna will cause annihilation of the yadhu clan when dwaraka city sank at krishnas demise . here g.c temple will colapse caving in with the 10000 meditators on d day. the acopalypse of each yuga coused by vishnu avatara is the build up to 2012 doomsday when pralaya onslaughter to purge evil dharmas is the function of the avatara of vishnu which occurs in each era


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