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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sri Sri To Conquer Sri Lanka

File under: The Siddhi of PR

Like the cock-of-the-rock he believes himself to be, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been crowing to the press about how he is about to bring peace to Sri Lanka. Somebody better stick a pin in the man's head soon, because he's got so much ego inflation occurring there that what's left of his tiny brain is about to be shot out his ears:
Art of Living is about peace. We will train the youth, speak to them. They will become role models in removing misconceptions and prejudices among the people of Sri Lanka. I speak Tamil. The pride of Tamils has to be restored.
As usual, Sri Sri glosses over the complexities of the situation in favor of his facile stylings on morality:
The main reason for conflict in Sri Lanka is lack of communication between the two sides, a narrow understanding of issues - some basic mistrust and fear. In fact, there it is a lack of values...
So that little bitty issue of the wholesale slaughter of Tamil civilians by the Buddhist-dominated Sri Lankan army doesn't quite rate in Sri Sri's eyes. That's understandable. Such harsh realities don't play very well out of the mouth of the man who can solve all the world's problems by just making education fun again.

We imagine the Sri Lankan political machine and the Tamil Tigers both putting up with Sri Sri the same way they'd put up with the village idiot. Just smile at him while he's talking to you, but don't worry about paying attention to anything he's saying, because he never says anything worth listening to anyway (except to promote himself for the Nobel Peace Prize.)


At 7/07/2006 9:59 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

To my readers:

I sometimes moderate comments I find abusive without being clever. I don't mind being told I'm an idiot, but I expect to be entertained and/or edified by the experience. Empty insults devoid of reasonable criticism get deleted.

I at first rejected the following comment. It occurred to me later that it deserved a response:

Do you really know what you're talking about?

Some folks think so, and I'm certainly convinced I do. Not that I'm never wrong, and not that I'm not shading and exaggerating to make my points.

You don't! You have a stick up your butt.

Heh. In my universe it's the outraged devotees who have the stick up their anus.

Take a chill pill and don't post these ridiculous blogs.

Heal thyself and don't read this blog.

You obviously have a problem and wish the world to hell.

I wish the world to be aware of the fact that some "saviors" are in it for themselves. I wish the world to be free of those ideas about self-realization that occlude its coming to light in a life and I wish the world to understand that gurus are every single bit as human as anyone else who breathes the air, regardless of what they've come to realize about the Truth. We're either all divine, equally, or none of us is, according to my reading of Shankara and the Upanishads.


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