Guruphiliac: Ohhh, Snap! Writer Takes Big Time Gurus To Task

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ohhh, Snap! Writer Takes Big Time Gurus To Task

File under: Satscams and The Siddhi of PR

This morning we found an essay criticizing big time gurudom and the commercialization of spirituality for profit and self-aggrandizement, written by psychotherapist/writer Khalid Sohail of Ontario, Canada. While he didn't name many names, we think you'll know who he's talking about:
Most pseudo-mystics whether from the East or the West have cultish personalities. They use their charm and charisma to hypnotize people and paralyze their independent thinking and critical judgment. Their victims become vulnerable to the irrational demands of these gurus and following them blindly. Such pseudo-mystics discourage rational, logical, objective and analytical thinking, instead using reference material that cannot be objectively tested by scientific methods.
Hmmm.... do you think he could be talking about JUST ABOUT EVERYONE MENTIONED IN THIS BLOG!?

Try and guess which baba employs this sort of nonsense in his pursuit of money, name and fame:
Some of them perform “miracles” to amaze their followers and consolidate their power. They claim to be able to influence the weather, promise children to infertile women or say that they can magically intervene in disasters. Although the disciples are temporarily reassured, the problems remain, as they require realistic solutions rather than illusions. Rather than encouraging disciples to be independent, these pseudo-mystics create and foster emotional dependency. Rather than being good role models and source of inspiration their goal is to convert, control and exploit.
If you didn't guess the avatard Sai Baba, don't fret. There's probably 16 other flimflamming nutjobs out there who fit the same bill, including and especially the Kracki Bhagocon.

Sohail's essay seems a wee bit naive in places, especially when he dips into some of the same hagiographic ideas the big time scammers exploit, but he generally gets the idea. Too bad most of the folk who fall for satscamming godfolk aren't going to.


At 7/08/2006 6:10 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

I have been fortunate to find a Guru I can love and respect. They do exist.

I know. I've got a good guru too. But he would never in a million years pull any of the crap that these guys attempt. The last thing he wants is to be thought of as God, even though he very successfully inhabits the stereotype of the Hindu swami godman.

I've said it many times. Bad gurus can work great for good people. It's the sincerity of the devotee that makes it all happen. But that's not an excuse not to swing the laser beam around on any of the fat satscammers out there.

At 7/21/2006 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, Even the bad guru who began the sojourn on a good honest note is tempted to (many times forced to) accept the stupid disciple's claim "It all happened to due to Your Grace" . It sure takes a lot of courage for the guru to say NO to a claim of this kind. Most of them give in.

It is easier to accept it and put the disciple to sleep than disappoint(awake) him/her? This is mutual stupidity and to blame the gurudom squarely can be partial.
While theres much fuss about gurus going gung ho about sexual abuse we somewhere miss the point that the same gurus are tormented by more than handful of women seeking 'attention' at any time...!!!

The number of women who go deseprately after a physical relationship with the guru and give him sleepless nights (and days)is always much higher than the reported abuse? Can this be abuse of a different kind?

The disciple can cook up a miracle and accredit to the Guru and the gutless guru now maintains the bluff for a lifetime. Aint that a disciple want someone to dump his hangups and want a Guru to behave like 'God' who piggy back the disicple to eternity?

Are we to ignore the fact that disciple(most of them)is not keen to be free but wash his hands off about his family affairs to the 'all knowing' guru and meditate in the ashram?

Does the disciple accept a guru as -awakened- unless the guru performed a 'miracle' ?

How many seekers are actually ready to just focus on the Truth than add spice to their seeking by searching their walls for that magical holy ash?

How many disciples really want to listen to the guru and his wisdom(if any !)than wanting just his grace to fall upon him so that he can clear his debts and make a baby soon?

Can a disicple remain with a Guru who says "stand on your own legs?" Is it not the psychological and emotional dependency of the disciple that tempts a Guru to do that saviour act?

Can it be hurting a woman disciple's loving sentiments to say NO to her when she wants to do 'seva' and claims that she finds peace when he hugs her
and do all that which a guru is not supposedly doing according to the guru bash freak?

Is it not the disciple who want his guru to be 'world famous' and the most miraculous of the lot? and there by push the guru in a subtle manner to perform?

Ofcourse its a simple fact that one wants to recognize the greatness of a guru only by his number of disciples and ashrams and the countries he visited?

It can be a pitiable plight to a guru who made everyone 'independent' and stands alone who can be looked with suspicion because he never had the crowds thronging? Even sarlo will refuse to rate him..ha ha !!!

Well Well Well...Im trying to perhaps say that theres more to the 'ways of the Guru' than what meets the eye?

The smile on the face and twinkle in the eyes (and miracles in the hand...he he) can deceive the troubles the Guru may be fighting..Just that he cannot complain or start a blog to whip the discipledom or rate the disciples 'shallow' style..hmm.!!!

Can a Guru be honest and still be famous? Can still be free from the politicking and money laundering
and sexually demanding disciples?

But Jody you have a commandable language and insight into the subject but perhaps you have not seen 'it' from the eyes of a Guru yet. Who knows that can happen too with all your blog fans that admire you eh?

P.S Now dont break your head to figure who the hell this one is ?
Im never listed anywhere. You would have never known me after all. Im neither a guru nor a disciple. Just a jobless blogger without even a blog.


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