Guruphiliac: AUM Chemist Still Going To Swing

Friday, August 18, 2006

AUM Chemist Still Going To Swing

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The man who mixed the gas for AUM guru Shoko Asahara's infamous Tokyo subway attack is still going to swing for the crime:
The high court rejected an appeal by Tsuchiya, 41, against the death sentence passed on him in January 2004 by the Tokyo District Court, which found him guilty on six out of seven counts, the exception being a charge of hiding two wanted AUM members. He was found guilty of murder and other charges that led to the deaths of 20 people.
Meanwhile, Asahara's lawyers continue to try to get him out of the noose:
In June, Asahara's lawyers petitioned Japan's Supreme Court in what could be their last chance to save him. A decision is expected at any time. If the sentence stands, and Japan follows normal practice, the self-proclaimed guru will be hanged without prior announcement, and the daughters notified only after he is dead.
With Asahara currently playing the bin Laden role in Japan, avoiding the choke chute is probably not a likely outcome. Shoko had best be pulling on his stick now while he still can, because you probably don't get to have many orgasms where he's headed.


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