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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ditsy Datta Aligns With Neocons

File under: The Siddhi of PR

There is a particular internet denizen known as Swami Datta who we've encountered numerous times on some of the discussion lists we're subscribed to. He is a perfect, living example of psychotic guru grandiosity gone out-of-control. Purported to be an engineering professor at a college in India, Swami Datta is convinced he is the reincarnation of the Hindu god Dattatreya, the three-headed guy who combines the Hindu trinity into one person. Datta flits about the net behind a number of alternate identities promoting himself as the next coming of the Golden Age, but unlike the Madharishi or the Kracki, poor Datta's got no devotees to call his own.

So in a surprising move than could only be called creatively desperate, Datta has managed to get a guest column published on a blog called The Conservative Voice. He doesn't say much except to blame the world's current strife on religious conservatism, using the facile similes that Datta is known for. But of course, in the end the upshot of the whole thing is all about Swami Datta:
So far, the trials made to change the terrorist were beating around the bush and therefore, they did not have much effect. Today, SRI GURU DATTA is giving the right knowledge to remove the religious conservatism.
We've got to tip our hat to Datta for coming up with the idea to use a neocon venue to espouse Hinduism in yet another of his attempts at self-aggrandizement. Loony as Daffy Duck perhaps, but still using his noggin' in his endless efforts to put himself out there.


At 8/23/2006 6:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear old Datta is more loony than you can imagine --- He actually sits in satsang (I attended exactly one to see for myself) and tells stories of how Lord Venkateshwara was speaking directly to him, and how he (the Lord, no less) commanded him, Datta Daddy, to do a special puja to him with gold coins. So......yep, you guessed it! Everyone present should give to the maximum to make the dear old swami's puja possible. And he didn't stop there. He actually sat and pointed at people he apparently knew in the audience, singled them out, embarrassed them, and said things like "you bought that lovely new sari, why can't you give some cash for this holy endeavor?" I'm not joking. The guy is hopelessly over the top. I'm sure he raised plenty of cash that day, but not from me.....................It takes all kinds.

At 8/23/2006 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You'll like this one about Karunamayi even more: The main man who used to sell her healing sessions, touting them as miraculous, all the while telling you why you should "donate" at least such and such an amount to have the session, is dying of cancer. She cannot help him. I felt sorry when I heard this as he really seems like a nice and sincere person just doing his "job" raising money for wheelchairs and hospitals and eye surgery for the poor. Dumb me! I didn't realize they were actually building Her Highness a new home with the bucks. Oh well.

At 8/24/2006 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also sorry to hear this and don't like it at all. Karunamayi should be ashamed of creating false ideas about herself in order to get more donations, sorrier still for using part of the money to live lavishly.

At 8/24/2006 9:10 PM, Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Thought this will give cause to laugh your ass off. :-)

It's worth it just for all the verbosity, lol.

At 8/27/2006 12:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The jealousy and egoism towards human incarnation are not directed towards the inner Lord present in the human body but are towards the external human body. People think that the human incarnation is just the human being i.e., the human body only. Every human being has jealousy towards another human being in this world.

Nobody can tolerate the point of “greatness” of another human being in any aspect like wealth, knowledge etc. Unless this repulsion towards the co-human beings is removed, the jealousy towards human incarnation cannot be eradicated. For this purpose, the devotee is required to undergo training in removing his jealousy towards the co-human beings. Therefore, recognise the greatness of every human being than yourself and develop the submissiveness towards any human being in this world. Feel that you are the lowest among all the human beings. Always see merits in others and see only defects in yourself. Such vision will give you the submissiveness towards any co-human being.

Your egoism will be destroyed by such training. Love all the human beings, seeing only good side in every human being. Serve the entire humanity as the most obedient servant. Such training will remove the jealousy towards the external human form of the Lord.

At feet of Shri Datta Swami

At 8/27/2006 1:09 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

The jealousy and egoism towards human incarnation are not directed towards the inner Lord present in the human body but are towards the external human body.

The fact that you see my critique as jealousy only highlights your grandiosity.

Your "inner Lord" has got nothing on nobody. You are merely desperately desirous to be seen as special. That indicates your abject lack of realization, which always informs the realizer that there is nothing special about them at all.


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