Guruphiliac: A Babaster For The Youth Of England

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Babaster For The Youth Of England

File under: Hands Where They Don't Belong

It's a pedertastic guru's wet dream:
About 200 young people will fly to India in two weeks' time on a humanitarian pilgrimage run by Sai Youth UK, a division of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation. The teenagers and young men earn their Duke of Edinburgh awards for humanitarian work, chiefly distributing medical aid.

The trip coincides with Sai Baba's 80th birthday and has been arranged, organisers say, after he gave a divine commandment for the UK's Sai youth movement to visit him for the occasion.
Folks are not happy about this in the U.K., because "for decades male former devotees have alleged that the guru molested them during so-called 'interviews'".

Sending 200 juicy young boys to Sai Baba is a bit like sending weapons-grade plutonium to North Korea. With all the hubbub in England after the BBC éxpose (and U.S. State Department warning) a few years ago, you wouldn't expect it could get this far.

We imagine Sai Baba's professional online PR spin squad is quite busy trying to contain this fallout. Don't be surprised if a few come to attack this already quite dishonorable establishment in one of their desperate attempts to accuse the accuser out of speaking their minds.


At 11/05/2006 7:19 PM, Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Check out the part in the DNA-India story where the ashram authorities state "We Do Not Care" (about the US State Dept. Travel Advisory). This is their attitude for their guru who rapes kids with no shame.


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