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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sri Sri Rips Off A Rip-Off

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Bangalore is being overrun by yuppie beggars taking courses at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Art of Living ashram:
Men and women trying to camouflage their affluent breeding and chic clothes are going about begging in south Bangalore. People at signals were startled yesterday to find smart, English-speaking men and women seeking alms. The beggars, with grime smeared on their faces, looked like characters out of a college play. Motorists, shoppers, and pedestrians dropped small change into their hands, but continued to gape. The beggars bought food with the money they had earned from begging, and ate in public.

MiD DAY discovered that they were disciples of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who runs the Art of Living spiritual movement from his headquarters on Kanakapura. The beggars, it turned out, were well-bred professionals told by their instructors to go "lose the ego" by begging. "Our areas are frequented by educated beggars from Sri Sri's ashram," said a resident of BTM Layout.
"Lose your ego by glorifying mine" is Sri Sri's credo. And don't think for a second that these losers get to keep the cash they panhandled.

And as it turns out, Sri Sri could have cribbed this exercise from any number of sources, including perhaps this one:
Mid-March this year, I travelled all the way from Australia to the United States at a cost of around $12,000 Aust Dollars (including the workshop admission fee) to attend David Neagle’s workshop “Experience The Reality of Success”. The main thrust of the advertising which enticed me to make the very expensive decision to attend the workshop is that everyone who attends will actually Experience the Reality of Success. Here is an actual quote from one of David Neagle’s promotional teleseminars “… we called it Experience the Reality of Success, because that’s exactly what you do. You experience it for real. We actually show you how to manifest money from nothing – bang! Now you might say, it’s got to be some sort of dog and pony show. It’s a trick. No it’s not. We actually do it. You start with nothing and manifest money. You really do. And if I’m lying or exaggerating you can have your money back” (The Art of Success [AOS] teleseminar Session 4 about 1hr.12mins in).

Now as to the last part, I contend that David was both “lying and exaggerating” because whilst it’s true that we did start with nothing, what we did was to go out on the streets and beg for money. That was the way we were to “manifest” the money. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between vibrationally manifesting money and begging for money on the streets.
Yeah. At least with street begging, you might actually get something.

One scam is called "Art of Living," the other, "Art of Success." Too much synchronicity for you? Us too.



At 8/06/2009 5:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such acts doesn't thin out ones Ego, it only breeds False Modesty which strengthens the Ego in a different Polarity.
God save Bangloreans!

At 8/06/2009 7:26 AM, Anonymous Tej said...

While you get it completely wrong with Amma, I agree that Sri Sri is mostly propaganda and self-promotion...Can't help but pity these 'dude beggars'.I stay in Bangalore and would definitely try to make these guys see the light if I ever come across them.

At 8/06/2009 8:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha !! This reminds me of another "enlightened" master who told us we would have to beg to lose our ego. Thankfully, we didn't have to do that *shudder*, but sadly my ego is still very much intact.

I can't take names, but he has been featured on this blog lately :-)

At 8/06/2009 10:48 AM, Anonymous hippie said...

Sad. These yuppie beggars are depriving the needy of the alms they would otherwise get.

This deceptive begging doesn't make anyone humble. Begging when you have plenty somewhere else is not the same as begging when you are truly in need.

Thanks for the entertaining read, Jody.

At 8/06/2009 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't Byron Katie charge people big bucks for a seminar in CA and have people do something similar? Having spent a tiny bit of time with Sri Sri's group it doesn't surprise me that something like this is condoned or ripped off from someone else. Take DSN or the teacher training and find out what we in America call abuse. Any guru who will abuse his or her followers in any way is faux and should be abandoned. Having well off people beg and think that that will help them abandon the ego is just silly. Going along with that behavior is being a good sheep. In true enlightenment the ego melts without any weirdness. It simply vanishes. Any guru or guru-ette worthy of the knows that. I thought sri sri was supposed to be about love. Does any of this begging requirement sound loving? Not on this planet.

At 8/06/2009 1:13 PM, Anonymous quackers said...


how about this quote from prem rawat to his followers to obviously beg to him:

"To get on my hands and knees and to beg, it feels so good. (shouting) It feels so good to beg"

how's that?

At 8/06/2009 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After having been snared myself in the mid-nineties, it has become so obviously fake the whole mix truth & untruth-knowledge.. If people read the real sages, the real Patanjali, the real Astavakra, the real Bagavad Gita, and gain understanding of some basic Advaita, they will realize with close examination that what Sri Sri says, is borrowed and mixed up with a touch of morality, dos and donts.

The real stuff is out there. If someone really wants truth, seek TRUTH, and thereby discover how to discriminate. It might take some courage and readiness to be disillusioned..

To beg on the street in Bangalore sounds absolutely abusive, delusive and ridiculous.

Sadly there is NO real Understanding emerging from His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He is not even realized - how I know? Read what comes from enlightened minds, look into their messages, and you will see they are coherent, they have become emty hollow flutes for the divine. Sri Sri is not. He fakes it, hides it and calls himself master and guru.

My experience was like a fasttrack to more insecurity. By loosing touch with my own sense of knowing, intuitiveness, sound judgement and inner freedom...

It is all about becoming a sheep in the Seva Herd. It is about seeing everything through coloured AoL-glasses. Not removing the "dust" that prevents one from seeing clearly for ones self.

At 8/07/2009 1:53 AM, Anonymous Poornachandra Achar said...

We have enough beggars in the streets of bangalore and in India. I pass this BTM area layout everyday. I am just waiting for any of these aol morons to come and beg so that I can spit on them and help them unburden their ego much faster. I have many such Zen master tricks for the art of living sheep.

However I understand this technique, it is pretty old technique employed by mainly non-productive people who live on charity. The Buddhists did it so did the brahmins in earlier and even modern times. Even the christian saints and muslim fakirs do it. Social parasites need to learn begging at all levels to survive. AOL organization is an affluent social parasite. They thrive on begging for donations and this is just one exercise which make them more efficinet and acclimatized to beggeray. They start begginging in the streets and next they go after businessmen and business houses so that the ashram is enriched and the guru and chela can live in style. There is nothing of killing ego in this. It is a pure device for enhancing salesmanship.

At 8/07/2009 6:46 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

anon said:I can't take names, but he has been featured on this blog lately.

why not?

At 8/07/2009 7:07 AM, Anonymous Observer said...

This is so asinine. But what really surprised me was to read that begging is illegal in India. Huh? Every Hindu Brahmana male child goes through a mock begging ritual as part of the initiation ceremony which teaches the ideals of Sannyas - including begging for one's daily sustenance as a wandering renunciate.

But now we have the head honcho of the Art of Looting™ take the once-noble ideal of Sannyas, package it into an "Ego-dissolving" exercise, charge the participants for that privilege to be spiritual beggars who are tossed pieces of stale scrap, while he laughs all the way to the bank. Pure genius, oh guruji!

At 8/07/2009 10:21 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

i said above:

prem rawat said:
"To get on my hands and knees and to beg, it feels so good. (shouting) It feels so good to beg"
how's that?

i now say:
prem rawat should get down on HIS hands and knees and beg.
BEG forgiveness for abusing his followers...
it will feel so good.
(ME shouting) prem, it will feel so good to beg..."

and since literally this git was a beggar before he started living off the donations of his own people.

At 8/07/2009 10:50 AM, Blogger Global Purple Orchestra said...

Cant be a rip off cuz here in India the "begging" has been a tradition for centuries together. Every hindu and buddhist monk is supposed to go and beg (biksha) as these dudes dont cook or f**k. Ofcourse they are supplyin wisdumb to sleepin society and in turn they git that morsel of food as humble seva.

But darnit every beggar in india is rightfully beggin under the guise of a monk or some spiritual stuff. All churches, temples, mosques are surrounded by beggars. Now add this AOL beggars too.

My thinkin is, sure chuckji will agree with me, that she she is runnin out of ideas and he is hard pressed for some grand ideas. The USP "love" factor is now a bit stale and smelly. She she got a think and recycle some "ancient" stuff and keep the herds busy.

recyclin is not rippin off.,IMO

At 8/07/2009 11:28 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

and also ask prem rawat if he is humble enough to apologise for his own mistakes...

sure if he did, that would mean he himself has lost his own ego and is truley humble...

apologises for the abused children, women, using donation money to fund a lavish lifeltyle amongst others...

any grovelling apology BEGGING for forgiveness forthcoming from the rawat clan?

huh? are you joking?
forget apologies, this prat blames his victims!

that's why i think before rawat advises anyone else on how to BEG,

he should teach himself first...

At 8/07/2009 11:37 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

As my friend semblance suggests, the main way of keepin a spiritual groupism goin is to provide plenty of pussy to the troops. This here pussy may take the form of self glorifrying, etc or it may be actual pussy... But as the troops get older pussy in all forms begins to loose its attraction! For some such as myself a good nap can be as good as pussy, which is why a good nap is oft times referred to as "poor man's pussy"! A good cup of coffee, or a piece of chocolate pie can also be called poor man's pussy.

So as semblance has said, new forms of pussy must be continually generated by the enlightened sages such as She She! For some poor folks, I guess beggin in the streets can be considered poor man's pussy... For yours truly, a good fart would be as fine as anythang, she she has to offer!

At 8/09/2009 6:55 AM, Blogger Warren Clarke said...

I shudder when I recollect the years I spent losing my ego. Looking back now, I would want to think that losing ego can be the most ratifying idea for the ego. If the individualness is supposedly called ego why so much fuss about it? Looking at the lives of different spiritual masters, it is obvious they have their special individualness at every word they spoke. Perhaps if the ego is lost in all of us, should we become just clones of God? Is cloning the actual enlightenment? Perhaps I am fortunate to be in association with a master who had the gumption to tell me I needed my ego to be bound or even to be enlightened. The ego is a incomplete expression and it just needs to complete itself.

At 8/09/2009 1:31 PM, Blogger spike29 said...

Dude that is some funny shit if anyone has video of these rich scum bags begging for money in the streets of India please send me a link peace : )

At 8/10/2009 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad to have come across this website. Atleast there are some sensible people in this world who have spent the time and energy to provide a different perspective of SSRS and AOL.

Firstly, I do not know who diagonises that I have an ego problem. Did SSRS himself pick out the people who needed this new "beg therapy" ? Secondly, I cannot imagine why begging in the streets will help me reduce my ego. My conclusion is that SSRS is trying to boost his own ego by showing the kind of power he has on his followers

At 8/11/2009 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Basically its a scam and the people are wasting their time begging for money because they first need to be rid of the guru and find out for themselves what the real problem is if there is any problem at all or the guru tells them this to keep them in bondage to the guru's program.

At 8/12/2009 3:23 PM, Anonymous ellen said...

Reading about all this shucking off of ego has me wondering....what happens to all these unwanted egos when these enlightened holymen have done their magic?
Is there an ego landfill? a retirement community for pensioned off egos? or maybe they appear on ebay: 'unwanted ego, slightly used'?

I'm starting to feel some sympathy and compassion for these poor discarded egos that nobody seems to want.

At 8/12/2009 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Discarded egos are absorbed by the guru who tells one to discard an ego. How else can you explain the actions of some of these flim-flammers? I feel concerned for the disciples who want so much and are given so little. May they all find the cojones to leave these madmen.

At 8/13/2009 9:52 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

ellen said "what happens to all these unwanted egos when these enlightened holymen have done their magic?"

why, they all go straight to the guru's head ofcourse, which is why they never hold themselves accountable for anything.

they are above us mere mortals even when their behaviour is less then that of mere mortals.

but whose gonna argue with them?
they are the judge, jury and executioner all in one because they think they have divine authority to do anything.

who can argue against reasoning like that?

At 8/13/2009 10:52 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Your right they are following mad men, the problem is these so called guru suck these people in and its hard for them to leave.

At 8/14/2009 6:01 AM, Anonymous Dada said...

Can any one of the AOL BEGGARS, clearly explain, -What is Ego?
No way. They have no idea about what is Ego.
They are told that they are full of Ego, which is not good, so go on and beg, wash toilets, sweep and clean the Ashram etc.

God sent us as King, and the Modern Guru is making his follower Beggar.

At 8/14/2009 6:04 AM, Anonymous Dada said...

Watch the picture :

At 8/14/2009 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am almost laughing out loud saying, "I begged! I did that too!" In fact, I had to beg for too many years because He did not provide any kind of care for his free labor. He said to me once in response to my feeling inappropriate to get all the medical services and other things for free from devotees, all the time, "I want all my teachers to be shameless!" In fact, when it was my turn to dress like a pauper and go to the streets to beg as part of a course exercise, I collected the most money, and realized that all I had learned those years was to lie in the name of spirituality and for His fame.

The phenomenom I have observed in the movement is everyone tries to dress, act and be rich. That is the only way to get His attention. Plus, how not to desire for it if he himself, his sister and nephews, and his VIPs are all surrounded in riches and the latest most expensive gadgets?

Check all his full timers, ashramites and swamis. In the West, monthly stipends vary between USD400 and USD 1000, but they all carry most expensive things. Sometimes, "begging" the rich devotees, or finding other ways.

I know of one TTC teacher who is becoming rich with the donations he "inspires" his students to give at the end of the 15 days of ego smashing and trashing, in his "guru dakshna" and gratitude discourses. In fact, he made a devotee give him the money for the down payment for a house in the US - for him.

I know of a rishi who sent a note with the list of things he wanted to the rich family that was hosting him: laptop, mobile, ipod. All, most expensive models and brands, not just anything.

How does an Indian person or any devotee of any nationality, in fact, say no to a swami/rishi/guru, when they believe they are messengers of God?

At 8/14/2009 6:19 PM, Anonymous A humble witness said...

After reading these threads for some time, I feel ready to post my own story and experience with AoL...

I am a relatively new AoL teacher, already on the brink of "quietly stepping out" as someone in this forum nicely put it, although it is much harder to do quietly once one becomes a teacher.

My initial motivation for becoming a teacher was to empower myself to be of some service to my community, and with the right encouragement from the right teachers (some of them truly innocent and enlightened beings), I was guided through the process. Putting all judgment aside, I went through my part 2s, DSNs and TTCs and all the other hoops one needs to jump through before officially becoming a teacher. But throughout this process, (which took several years for me), I witnessed a change in the general atmosphere in the courses, and an ever-increasing push to do more seva, give more money to the foundation for this or that project, organize even bigger events, and bring more and more people to this "knowledge." After all, it is for their own good, right?

Well, also during that time, I witnessed several members of the AoL family in my community lose their grounding and mental stability, getting swept up in this "guru mania". I don't want to mention specifics, but I have seen some go into debt, lose their jobs, or get kicked out of school. This could be because these courses inherently attract unstable people to begin with, but after reading some of the posts, I just can't be sure anymore.

Now I find myself being that encouraging teacher, helping people to organize courses and attend more advanced courses of their own to eventually become teachers. But I find myself unable to explain to them why the cost of these courses is getting so high despite the economic crisis. I feel that the group of people who can benefit most from the course are those who can't afford it anyway. I am also seeing well-meaning, innocent course participants racked with guilt for not doing enough seva, which truly breaks my heart. I came into this organization in hopes of being able to provide something of value to those who need it, without expecting anything in return. But what I am having to do instead is collect money for something I am offering for free, and then encourage people to take courses in which they are asked not only for hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in course fees, but also for "seva" in return (i.e. setting up more courses or donating money). It’s just not right.

While it is not my place to judge Sri Sri’s intentions, I can decide where I'd like to contribute my own free time and energy, and I can no longer continue this with a clear conscience. There are a number of other things (too numerous to mention) that I have felt are amiss in AoL, but needless to say, I feel my spiritual growth would be stunted if I continued on this path. This is why I have decided to move on…

At 8/14/2009 6:20 PM, Anonymous A humble witness said...

...I have seen posts from disgruntled ex-AoL teachers whose lives have been wrecked, from outside observers never having taken an AoL course, and from all types of concerned individuals in between. From the point of view of a current not-yet-disgruntled AoL teacher on the brink of moving on, I would like to offer a bit of advice:

To those who have never taken a course and are looking for a good technique for stress management, just about any yogic (i.e. asana, pranayama, meditation, etc) or religious (i.e. prayer) practice will do, as long as you stick to it. If you begin to feel any sort of pressure or unease from your spiritual/religious group, you might want to re-think your involvement with them. You should never be expected to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. After all, these activities are supposed to uplift you and others around you, not guilt you into donations and/or free labor.

To those who have taken an AoL course already and have since felt spooked by the organization, good for you for following your gut. But please remember there is value in doing a regular practice for your own mental hygiene, whether it be the sudarshan kriya or something else.

And finally to all the disgruntled ex-AoL teachers, thank you for sharing your stories, and helping me to make my own decision before causing irreparable damage to my own life and relationships by my involvement in AoL. I wish there was some way I could return the favor.

love and blessings to you all
A humble witness

At 8/14/2009 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dada, Ego, according to the teachings of SSRS is "when ease goes ..." (he will giggle after saying this), and "when you feel separation from the rest, when you don't feel at home."

According to his teachings, you should not thank when you feel close and belongingness to someone. They belong to you! "Thank you" is for the ego, for separation!

One, he takes away all the manners our grandmothers and parents tried hard to teach us for our own sake; two, AoL create the most separation: WE breathe, YOU don't; WE are saving the world, YOU don't; WE are vegetarians, YOU are not; WE have the best Guru, YOU don't; WE have good prana, YOU don't; WE are sattvic, YOU are not ... there is NOTHING but sense of belongingness or a one world family practice in the AoL! Those are just nice slogans for publicity and T-shirts.

Ego lessons: failed.
The biggest ego is in their teacher itself!

One time he showed up with this question in a satsang: "if someone asked you, 'do you have the best Guru in the world', what would you say?"

We remained in silence. Noone knew what to say. As minutes went by and everyone felt uncomfortable to reply, he yelled, "you say, OF COURSE!" And he made us all repeat it several times until we had no doubt about it.

This is how he built, 10 years later, a movement full of narcissistic characters.

At 8/17/2009 8:56 AM, Anonymous Betty said...

AOL is a sad mirror image of the TMO (Transcendental Meditation), from which it sprung. I was never a member of AOL even though I took the initial breathing course at a reasonable price ($100 I think) in 1990. I was a TM teacher and saw She She while I was on "Phase one of my TTC" in 1975. Does the jargon ring a bell, Humble? In the mid 80's, She She was siphoning off his Guru's devotees, doing secret courses where he would give hugs. The story was that it was the same knowledge with more heart than was shown by Maharishi. She She made a killing from rich TMers who had gotten burned by Maharishi and were dying to be burned by his younger clone. Unstable people? Yes, many of us who are drawn to spiritual practices are unstable and seeking help. The false promises, exaggerations and outright lies of sociopaths like Maharishi and She She push many right over the edge. When you give hope to the hopeless and then take it away, people are doubly lost. I saw many, many people go barking mad doing the TM practices and following the TM lifestyle. She She is a shameless pimp of his own whore's reflection.

At 8/17/2009 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Humble Witness and Anonymous above who knew "the beginning of the story" - THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!

I sometimes wonder if I should shut up entirely when Sri Sri's "humble" knowledge is being served.. - but what Humble Witness wrote is a very accurate description. The guilt ridden seva-warriors, the constant improvement as to do this and that.. BUT FOR WHAT? To be better? to be good? to go to heaven? it might be a deceptive form of ambition.

I once sat with 5-6 other people in a hotelroom at an advanced course. Ravi Shankar looked at each one as it was our chance to say something. When it became my turn he simply overlooked me, (but the general believed idea was that it was always a reason for it.. something I needed like karma purifying). But that was ok.. Then he turned to a woman and asked her: Are you happy? - She said humbly NO. Ravi Shankar kind of changed in that moment, and told her: you are full of self-pity.. and went on scolding her. I could feel how shocked she was, and how she struggled to keep her tears.
This woman was the least self-piting, but maybe one of the more sincere seekers on the course, - she only dared to be honest - she left the organization quickly after.

Same course, I had to perform a praising in front of the guru & the whole group, but left the room, not wanting to stand there and fake it. But someone came and fetched me. I felt like I was "forced" to praise the guru.

Today, when I hear about "THIS KNOWLEDGE" it sounds to me like it is just in AoL to be found. One is so fortunate to have access to THIS (paid for) knowledge.
1. THIS KNOWLEDGE is to be found abundantly in much clearer, much more understandable forms. By teachers/gurus/masters who are far more articulate, more truthful, without any ego interfering, whose sole aim is to help people to awaken to their own truth/light within.

3. When reading/hearing AoL' THIS KNOWLEDGE, it is inconsistent, much of it seems to be taken from other masters interpretations.

4. This knowledge seems often to be downright wrong. It seem to creates distorted beliefs. Answers given are often very short, superficial, if he answers at all!

I would say to anyone involved with the AoL - ask your self: did you find what you initially went there for?
There is many forms of yoga, breathingtechniques, meditation that does not ask for you to put the "founder" on a pedestal..

I understand your love for Sri Sri, I used to love him myself.. But my LOVE for TRUTH did put everything to the test - and Sri Sri sadly failed to pass it... It is actually quite obvioius now how he indeed became a FALLEN YOGI (with dozens of honors displayed on his webpage).

I write this because I care, - it is my honest wish that people would move on in due time, because any "real" enlighenment will not happen around this guy, unless he himself becomes enlightened.

... maybe he's just doin' well in the "how to become successfull BUSINESS"... (and money without honey!!)

At 8/17/2009 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am wondering if some of these Ex-AOL teachers can gather some balls to reveal their real names? Are they scared or unsure of what they are doing?


At 8/17/2009 4:07 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

There is absolutely no reason any ex-AoL teacher needs to reveal their real name, except to make themselves available to the AoL harassment team.

Please, ex-AoLers, keep the stories coming, ANONYMOUSLY. We don't need to know your name to believe you.

And Ram, I don't like your tone. Don't expect to get much published here with that attitude.

At 8/17/2009 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jody, what harassment will or can the "AoL harassment team" do to members or teachers it? Are you yourself (or your blog) feeling any heat from them?

At 8/17/2009 5:26 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Whether organized or not, there are members within AoL who endeavor to harass those who criticize the org. One teacher has been following me on Twitter, presenting the opportunity to attend an AoL class as a way to prove my manhood.

I recall that the first ex-AoLer to comment here was nervous about revealing his identity. He was very close to the upper reaches of the org when it was new and feared for his safety and that of his close relations. What he revealed has been confirmed many times over by the ex-AoLers who have come after him. They all say the same thing: it's a money scam and that Sri Sri is a fraud. Let their words be a warning to all who come here.

At 8/17/2009 6:14 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Wow thanks you to all of the former or current sri sri teachers and recruiters. Thats really powerful stuff that you guys posted, I never was involved with the organization yet will make sure to warn anyone who is thinking of joining on the likley hood they will be scammed out of money for these bogus discourses peace : )

At 8/17/2009 6:42 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

I... will make sure to warn anyone who is thinking of joining on the likley hood they will be scammed out of money for these bogus discourses

Here's the thing, it's not necessarily bogus in terms of efficacy. When folks go with an open mind and a sincere heart, it's very likely to work for them, completely DESPITE Sri Sri.

That's why he's been successful. The Maharishi taught him which buttons to push, and he just started pushing them for himself. And the fact is that many in AoL are helped. But it's clearly a program designed to cultivate devotion to the program rather than a reliable source of wisdom or world peace, imo.

At 8/17/2009 7:54 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Ok I hear where you are coming from Jody, I just do not believe in this stuff point blank. I tried Nithyananda for a little while aka Swamiji and felt like it was a waste of my time. I found that my biggest insights or spirtual realizations come from real life experince peace : )

At 8/17/2009 11:40 PM, Anonymous Dada said...

You are right jody.
I have seen many AOL teachers and volunteers doing good service in society.
They have the positive energy, and they get a direction from AOL. If they were in different organiation, they would have done the same service.
But, as far as their Advance Course teachers and Banglore Ashram is concerned, only money, money and money is relevant.

At 8/18/2009 12:54 AM, Anonymous A Humble witness said...

Dear Jody, thanks for sticking your neck out and providing this wonderful forum for us to share our views about AoL and Sri Sri without fear or ridicule. It wasn't easy to find this site--all of the internet propaganda is overwhelmingly positive, and clearly presents a skewed view of the reality of the AoL environment. This site brings some balance.

And Ram, I am still an AoL teacher, and have been volunteering my time to the foundation for many years. I am certainly sure about where I stand regarding AoL (i.e. I'll be leaving soon), and I am afraid to divulge my true identity for obvious reasons. Isn't it funny how easy it is for us to get in, how welcoming everyone is, especially to newcomers, and then how hard it is to just pull out? Its very deceiving at first--you actually want to be there. But have you ever tried to just stop coming to kriyas? As teachers, we are supposed to call satsangees who don't show up out of "concern", and do our best to retain those who have taken the course and keep them coming to long kriyas. I've seen some teachers take it to the level of stalking. Does your teacher do that?? Why don’t you miss a few kriyas and see what happens.

I can still remember my first part 1 course, and the profound impact it had on my life (whether real or imagined). Back then, I was inspired not only to continue the practice, but also to share it with as many people as I could. But somewhere along the way, after taking many more advanced courses (particularly DSN), that inspiration to share the "knowledge" died in me, probably because deep down, I recognized the inner workings of the money-making machine that AoL is, and that I was just a cog in the wheel. It came to the point that I'd feel this great revulsion before taking or giving an intro talk or course, and then great relief when it was all over. After some time, all of my instincts told me to run for my life. And I never did, because after all, we should not pay attention to our cravings and aversions (as preached in DSN), and we should not doubt the "master" (as per Ashtavakra), and we should not even think, and become a puppet in the hands of the Guru (as per TTC), and we should stay in the "Yes mind" (as per all the courses). So despite my guilt for not feeling as enthusiastic and motivated to organize and conduct courses as other AoL teachers, I thought there must be something wrong with me, and I continued. I was able to continue only because I convinced myself that I am doing something good for my community. Now, I'm not so sure.

I have come across two websites--one showing that hyperventilation (aka Sudarshan kriya) is downright harmful (, and one that very beautifully (and without bias) draws a comparison between Sri Sri, Maharishi, and Osho, highlighting their similar corrupt practices ( Both websites cite references from reliable sources, and the material within have been put together by highly educated people.

So here I am, years later--neither the guilt nor revulsion has subsided. In fact, they have only increased. And after seeing so many people around me lose it after doing the course and getting sucked into the money-making machine, I feel it is my duty to stop promoting AoL at the very least.

I would encourage all who are reading this site to decide for yourselves, with full awareness, what positive practices to incorporate in your life, and I challenge you all to be brave enough to recognize when something is no longer working and kick it to the curb.

Love and Blessings,
A humble witness.

At 8/18/2009 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was an AOL teacher. SSRS failed me miserably and when that happened, I was hurt, confused and totally shattered. The emotional scarring was deep.I did not know whom to turn to. In India, where cults and gurus are not only given legitimacy, but treated with reverence it was difficult to even get good therapy. I stumbled upon this blog. I read stories from other AOL members. It did not matter that they chose to keep their names anonymous.I shared my stories and experiences too. My healing started. It's been a while ,I haven't contributed to this blog. I am writing again in response to Ram and agreeing with Jody. It does not matter if names are not shared.The stories are good therapy. You realize you are not alone. That SSRS has failed many, many innocents. Thank you all the anonymous AoL members, thank you Jody.Your contributions have been of immense help.

At 8/18/2009 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Humble Witness

Thanks for responding, and it is ok if you and the likes of you are not comfortable revealing your identity. However, my experience is very different than yours and I have all the reasons to believe that you are just an outlier. I am inclined to think that it is “you” who has failed yourself and not the Master. I have taken most of the course and I am almost there, as far as becoming a teacher is concerned. I think if that happens, it will be the biggest gift I have ever received.
The problem with most of you here is that, under the weight of pervious sanskars you judge teachers and gurus based on your narrow slits of consciousness. You have dynamic opinion of “perception” (perhaps you are not even aware that it is dynamic) and you then want your teacher to fit that perception. Obviously they don’t, they can’t, it’s impossible. Who told you that Guru’s are supposed to be perfect? Look at Mahabharata, Ramayana and you will find examples of imperfect gurus everywhere….they comes for a reason and they do it in their way! Idiots like jody have always been there, their job is to judge them and they do it in their way!
Humble witness, I have been in and out of AOL because of my personal reasons, and I was never stalked. I was always welcome, have received enormous love and guidance from my teachers and am thankful for SSRS for AOL.


At 8/18/2009 2:38 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

I have all the reasons to believe that you are just an outlier. I am inclined to think that it is “you” who has failed yourself and not the Master.

This is a classic cult defense tactic, blame the seeker for failing the ideology, which is considered to be perfect, along with the "master." And it is utterly laughable that anyone would consider that fame-whoring fauxru one of those.

This blog has the recollections of close to (if not more than) one hundred ex-AoL people spread across its pages, including those from folks who were right next to Sri Sri. They are not outliers, they were inner-circle insiders.

Ram has an agenda, which is to attempt to stem the tide of negative publicity which is quickly gathering force in the world. Unfortunately for him, the org continues to rip-off and take advantage of its members, which only means hundreds of more ex-members will be telling their sorry tales of cult involvement with AoL. I can hardly wait until some real anti-cult orgs get on their case. Then you will see it blow up in the national news.

At 8/18/2009 3:38 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Jody this is so classic some cult flunky aka "Ram" coming onto your blog to stick up for the snake oil all of these phony gurus sell. Hey Ram do you know they use that same excuse in 12 step programs when a drunk relapses " o me must have not been serious about his recovery" lol. But really Ram you need to quit wasting your time trying to defend sri sri and if you love him and his program so much continue to partake in the cult you have grown to love so much peace : )

At 8/18/2009 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Humble Witness, I know exactly how you feel. I can identify with your sense of betrayal. During the part 1 course, when we had to talk of "Guru Grace" I'd feel this revulsion that you are talking about. I had no fantastic stories to tell my class, quite unlike the many other teachers. This made me feel small and inadequate. Until I learnt that the teachers were just making up these stories!! SSRS's betrayal, the organization, all was so confusing. I even tried to make myself believe that there was a human aspect and Divine aspect to SSRS. That my work was for this Divine aspect- that I should ignore all wrong doings and concentrate on the Guru. But the contradictions were too startling. Of course, by then I was begining to get ostracized. The devotees with logic like Ram added to the confusion.That was five years ago. Until I stumbled upon this blog. It has been two years now, since getting acquainted with this blog. My life is in order now, my wounds healed and anger subsided. AOL is a forgotten chapter. THERE IS LIFE OUTSIDE AOL. And dont linger on too long if you've decided to get out, it is only prolonging the pain. Once you are over AOL, in the real world, you will meet real people. You will redefine many concepts and that is only your reinvention. Read the archives of this blog. Many have contributed their stories. They will be similar to yours. Many were very close to him, like I was. Pour your heart out here, you will be surprised how many will understand you. That becomes a huge support. People like Ram are brainwashed. If he's just becoming a teacher- he is too new to this organization. I started when AOL was still in it's nascent stages. 15 years ago. It was quite easy to get close to SSRS at that time and I did. Only to be betrayed. Best of luck. And thank you ,once again to all those who helped in my healing process.

At 8/18/2009 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a brief but painful involvement with AoL..took many courses in a short period of time. At the beginning it was wonderful. The deeper I entered into participation the more problematic it became. I saw people who had been teachers for many years who were cowed, senior teachers and administrators who need serious psychological help, and experienced treatment that could only be described as abuse. Comments, like those by "Ram", are intended to make one doubt his own perceptions. Know that your perceptions ARE your reality and are completely valid. Creatures like "Ram" have no business attempting to strip you of your reality and sense of safety. The organization is abusive..TTC and DSN are abusive. They can call the abuse "ego-busting" but in a divorce court it would be considered extreme cruelty. I would encourage anyone who has been part of a group like AoL to get professional support when they leave. It will help. I felt like a huge piece of my heart was ripped out when I left but I respect myself enough to know abuse is WRONG and the treatment I was receiving was WRONG and inappropriate (still not happy with myself for having spent $$ to be abused). Please be gentle with yourself and try to find others who have had a similar experience for support as well. You don't need the Art of Lying in your life.

At 8/19/2009 1:42 AM, Anonymous Dada said...

The supporters of AOL, please watch the movie or read the book - THE SECRET.
You will come to know the secret behind the magical power of your Guru.

Its common practice in AOL that whatever is your problem, take a deep breath, remember Guruji and leave it to HIM. or you want to start new business, believe that Guru is behind you and he will make it happen.
What happens is when you believe in some Guru or God, you became certain that the work shall be done or problem shall be solved. You remains positive and due to this positive attitude your actions becomes focused and chances of getting the desired thing, are increased.
So, if things go positive, the credit goes to Guru and if things turns negative, its feed in the brain that its because of bad Karma and Guru has helped you to wash your bad Karma.
So, its Head I win, Tell you loose. Jai Gurudev.

At 8/19/2009 5:46 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

" Look at Mahabharata, Ramayana and you will find examples of imperfect gurus everywhere….they comes for a reason and they do it in their way! Idiots like jody have always been there, their job is to judge them and they do it in their way!"

yes, that's it, when in doubt quote something from the scriptures to justify your own wrong doing...

oh dont worry, gurus have been doing this for ages. infact they are PERFECT MASTERS of it...

oh, how even the word of god has been twisted beyond recognition by the superstitious masses...

At 8/19/2009 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ram,

I am an ex-AoL teacher and YES, I choose not to reveal my name because I am afraid of what the AoL can do to me BECAUSE I have lived many years of harassment and abuse, and because, ultimately, I was threatened by "God" himself when I left. Yes, he threatened me and then he tried to buy my silence. A real Guru would not fear loosing any devotee neither what they devotee may say or do once he/she leaves. There is no need for threat, or imposing any kind of fear, specially coming from a so-called enlightened being. I had years of fear education. He's even called me to privately tell me horror stories of people who left (all had cancer, or committed suicide, or were so miserable - later to find out all of the mentioned people had managed to lead fantastic lives post-AoL! none were dead or ill). Furthermore, AoL environment is such that harassment amongst people, teachers, etc. is encouraged and common. Open your eyes. I was also enamored and a believer many years. In fact, I endured all the abuse and harassment because my faith and devotion for him were so strong, because I wanted to be of service to the world, and because it was constantly said to me it was for my own growth.

Abuse of any kind should not be justified, ever.

The only true knowledge I can grab today is from the old Bhakti Sutras. The distance between truth and false is 4 fingers: the distance between the ear and the eye, between what you see and what you hear.

Apply it to the AoL and you will see you will constantly have your 4 fingers between the eye and the ear!

At 8/19/2009 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All AoL teachers who have quit or thinking of quitting- don't return the kriya tape or other materials given because we EARNED it. Took abuse, paid our way through TTC. Only so that we had authority to earn for him? Is that not "unfair labor practice". If we paid for those courses we should get to keep the money and if we have to earn for him on a 10% commission then the TTC should be free? So don't return anything to this bullshit organization. Use their material and start your own course. Make some subtle changes so that this pathetic SSRS cannot sue you( he loves to do that) and earn for yourself. And your course would not have the bullshit of SURRENDER to the GURU!! And you will be spared of idiots like RAM and greedy imbalanced senior teachers and a manupalating Guru.

At 8/19/2009 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Humble Witness, I am so proud of you! I wish I had the maturity, clarity and courage you have a lot earlier. Instead, I struggled, I justified, I lied to myself and others by convincing myself of stuff that were not true for so many years, regardless of the increasing inner conflicts. The psychological damages that AoL has left me are innumerable. Everyday is a working day towards my recovery. I sometimes feel it is too slow, sometimes I feel I want life to end as it is right now. What He and company did to me, specially, SSRS, have no words. To start from zero now sounds almost like an impossible task. I wished I had that courage to leave a lot earlier. I wish I had the support at that time to see what I see today. Reading the entries of other people in this blog is a relief to me. I wished this would have existed many years ago. Maybe I would have freaked out like Ram, who knows, but it would have served its purpose. I am so proud of you! Feel like giving you a hug! Wish you ALL the best! Spirituality does not depend on whether one is or not in a movement or whether one follows or not a master.

At 8/19/2009 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe there needs to be an ex-AoL group?? For support..It would have helped me feel less alone. Wasn't a teacher yet but wanted to be very badly until I experienced the abuse. Can relate totally to what others have posted in this discussion.
(This is my 4th post as an anonymous poster) Maybe we should start assigning numbers to the anons.
Thank you, thank you so much for your posts. Thought it was just me and that I couldn't recognize The Avatar in sri sri. I know better now. Humble Witness, you will be fine, whole and still loved after you leave AoL. You will, in fact, be happier because you will be in integrity with yourself. I am grateful to you and everyone else who has posted their abusive experiences. Thank you, Jodi, for opening this topic.
As human beings we should not be beggars spiritually or in any other way. Serve the good and leave the garbage and the guru behind. The universe is the ultimate guru anyway.

At 8/19/2009 1:05 PM, Anonymous A humble witness said...

Dear Ram,

I’d like to comment on your post, excerpted as follows:

"…I am inclined to think that it is “you” who has failed yourself and not the Master. I have taken most of the course and I am almost there, as far as becoming a teacher is concerned. I think if that happens, it will be the biggest gift I have ever received…"

I know that from your perspective, if someone has trouble with AoL and leaves, it’s either because there is something wrong with that person, or there is something wrong with the Sri Sri. And I suspect that you are a sincere, devoted, aspiring teacher who cannot possibly fathom there being something wrong with Sri Sri, so it must be my problem (“an outlier”), right?? I know how you feel because I was there once. It’s all part of the brainwashing. I absolutely agree that the AoL local satsang groups are filled with wonderful loving people (like you) and nurturing, well-meaning teachers, but as you move up in the ranks (and particularly at the top), this is no longer the case. Its sad, it’s a tough pill to swallow, but it pays to just OPEN YOUR EYES.

AoL perpetuates the myth that becoming a teacher of its dogma is a wonderful gift, bestowed only upon the most worthy and select few. Sri Sri chooses you to be his soldier of peace, and it’s the greatest honor in the world, right? But the truth is they are printing out teachers like they’ve just invented the press. Trust me, if you have the money and can withstand the abuse doled out at the courses, then you would have proven to them your gullibility, and that is really all you need to become a teacher. The fact is, AoL needs you more than you need them—you are a walking, talking advertisement. If you look presentable and have decent communication skills, you’re definitely in. If you are educated, hold a reasonable position at work, and have some influence, it’s a bonus. If you’re rich and/or famous, score!

All I have to say is pay attention to your inner voice and common sense on your journey to becoming a teacher. Sure, the basic course, and maybe even the part 2s are geared towards helping one increase awareness, but as you climb higher in the ranks, free thinking is discouraged, and blind devotion and becoming a puppet are prerequisites to becoming a teacher. That is how they get you in their grip, and that is how they get you to continue to justify all of the abuse you are made to endure in the upper-level courses. That is also how they get you to defend AoL/Sri Sri when someone speaks out against them. I think the psychology is similar to “Stockholm syndrome”--look it up on wikipedia. There are a lot of well-meaning innocents (participants and teachers) that are trapped in the delusion that Aol is the best thing that ever happened to planet Earth, and Ram, I think those are the ones who have nurtured you over the years and have pasted a beautiful, pristine face over this ugly, corrupt organization. I sincerely hope you don’t become one of them. Anyway, if you're okay with all of this, then by all means do continue. I wish you all the best in your journey...

At 8/19/2009 1:07 PM, Anonymous A humble witness said...

...As for me, Art of Living has grown in my life like a cancer. It started out small and unassuming, but over the years had grown out of control and suffocated anything healthy in my life (i.e. normal friendships, intimate relationships, and passion for my work). Very quickly, it spread into every aspect of my life (both personal and professional) and I became defined by it. I carried this burdensome growth OVER MY EYES for years. Then one day, this forum along with other influences began to cut through this growth, loosening its grip. I began to see the light through the cracks, and AoL for what it really is. Now I am beginning the process of removing it entirely.

Thank you anonymous ex-teachers for posting your experiences and reassuring me that there is life after AoL. This forum has truly been therapeutic for me, and don’t worry, I do intend to rip AoL out of my life all at once like a nasty sticky band-aid to a hairy arm:)

Love and blessings,
A Humble Witness

At 8/19/2009 1:28 PM, Anonymous A humble witness said...

My dear anonymous of 8/19 (10:42AM),

I just saw your post and had to respond. Consider your hug received and returned:)

I was fortunate enough to have some level-headed individuals in my life who loved me enough to call me out on this thing and constantly tell me what they thought AoL is really about. It took years before their message finally penetrated my thick shield of denial--this blog also had quite a bit to do with it. I am so blessed to have such people in my life, and I mostly attribute my awakening to the reality about AoL to their efforts.

I'm truly sorry you did not find the support you needed throughout your time of turmoil. I totally remember the times (not too long ago) when I bore the burden of all the inner conflict about AoL, while defending it outwardly. I somehow managed to cling to my sanity despite the inner and outer revolts going on at the same time. Thankfully, the inner revolt won, I see the light, and I am SO relieved. Its a wonderful thing that you have come to this conclusion on your own, and I wish you all the best in your recovery.

Love and Blessings,
A humble witness

At 8/19/2009 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon of 12.53 pm, it is a great idea to start numbering ourselves and have a concentrated effort to expose this bastard man- SSRS. it should be systematic like ex- TM'ers. i am quite sure horror stories will come out in the open.infact i have told a lot of current aol members of this site.ofcourse they pretend never to have read it. call all those who write here frustrated. but i know this blog is read by them. hopefully some of those will see light and get out before its too late and save themselves of the pain that we went through.

At 8/19/2009 5:10 PM, Blogger Global Purple Orchestra said...

one helluva anonymous thread this. Why cant you guys have a decent blog identity, see chuckji for example, and start writin some stuff on she she? I dont mind scribblin my blog but too much smoke gets in my eyes as the chimney is always burnin here..

At 8/19/2009 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like many of these ex-teachers have failed miserably in their lives and are looking to blame something/someone. When they joined AOL it was their decision, when they got lost it was because they got carried away, and now they are whining , trying to find reasons for their failures, and putting the blame on someone.

These people forgot that AOL is means, not the end...

whenever you have a organization you will have money issues/ politics everything...

Jody: show me a spiritual organization/ tradition which is perfect and I will find faults with it. You are just wasting your time here and giving these whining losers a forum, where they can share their pathetic condition, which is brought on by themselves

At 8/19/2009 7:31 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

You are just wasting your time here and giving these whining losers a forum, where they can share their pathetic condition, which is brought on by themselves

I'm going to assume this is the official AoL position on the matter of ex-members.

This is exactly why there needs to be a forum for those who have survived the gauntlet of deep membership in the AoL cult.

At 8/19/2009 7:59 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

I'm going to offer a bit of advice to AoL. Leave the ex-folks alone. By having a presence here, whether by people in an official capacity, or just freelance defenders, you are only building the case against you. It's best to let folks leave with no hassle, refraining from demonizing them. You are likely to hold on to more members this way.

There's also advice to those thinking of leaving: just stop showing up, but don't make a big show of it. It's best to slip out with a minimum of drama, if at all possible.

Sri Sri, like any person who uses the titles "guru" and "master," can function perfectly well as a guru, simply by serving himself up an object of devotion. In truth, the divine works through the image, not the man. Similarly, AoL has undeniably strived to alleviate suffering in the world, and the Sudarshan Kriya obviously does seem to work for some, and so the endeavor appears both charitable and effective.

But just not for everyone. That's what Sri Sri and AoL need to understand. People are going to move through the org, learning what they need to learn before moving on. In some cases people will stay, but in many they won't. The sooner Sri Sri and AoL get their heads around that fact, the sooner they will become the organization they want us to believe they are.

At 8/19/2009 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"whenever you have a organization you will have money issues/ politics everything"
Yeah thats true yet I think your way out of line calling these ex Aol members losers. I have never been a part of Aol yet when Jody posted the article where your org was teaching wealthy memembers from the West to beg on the streets of India it striked me as an prime example of insanity at its finest. And like Jody said by you coming onto his blog and calling ex teachers and members "losers" your really proving that Aol is a cult made up of current members that have no other goals in life besides promoting their org. It truly is funny how on Sri Sri website it posts all of his awards and stuff yet people that are in his org are coming onto this blog acting like insane people trying to defend this bogous thing you all created. I really feel sorry for you all who think you are onto some quick path towards whatever the heck your looking for through sri sri cult peace in the middle east : )

At 8/19/2009 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon, by the way, neither am I miserable nor frustrated, neither is anyone who has left miserable and frustrated. However, the scars the AoL and SS leave us are deep and unaccountable.

Most of us actually had excellent lives pre-AoL. I had excellent jobs, relationship, networking, etc. I was attracted to the AoL because of its mission. Believing in SSRS and ultimately giving every single minute of my life to him in his goal to "save the world", bring peace to the world. Such crap! How can he bring any peace to this world when he cannot even cultivate an environment of peace within his movement? If he cannot do it with 100 people (yes, because it is not true 20 million people have done the AoL), how can he do it for even the 40% of the population he declares will be "his" during his life time?

I was not frustrated working endless hours, for free for him. I was even happy, believing in the cause. I believed in him. Then as the abuses and unethical practices started and Sri Sri supported or instigated them all, my heart was crushed. Even like that, I made my faith and devotion priority, and endured this many years. I justified everything for the cause, for the seva (that DOES NOT EXIST).

I was not a newcomer. I was in the inner circles. I am not fabricating because I am a looser frustrated person who never did anything in "the world", like the case of many, or most senior full timers. I finally came to the realization, PEOPLE are the means to the end. I understood the word "machiavelic" with SS. Everything is acceptable in the AoL, including corrupting your values, as long as you achieve your goals. (How spiritual is that kind of education?). And the goal is simply to increase the number of registrations to win him the nobel peace prize and fill his family in riches.

Reading your note reminds me of the general energy in the AoL. I must thank you for reminding me how grateful and blessed I am for have gotten out of that big lie and sick environment. People are threatened, abused, wished ill to each other, etc. You call that fabrications of miserable, frustrated people?

Look closer, maybe you are the miserable frustrated person who has the need to believe and participate in such sick environment. AoL, in fact, is full of miserable frustrated people, scared to death to go out to the world, face themselves, work on themselves. Doing Kriya and meditation, participating in courses once in a while, a weekly satsang is not truly working in oneself.

For people like me who have suffered extreme abuses, despite my dedication and devotion, I find your comment offensive. It is like telling someone who was raped it is all her/his fault.

I just felt raped by you, my friend, like I was, spiritually and psychically raped for so many years while with the AoL, by SS himself and his very spiritual disciples who are so feverish for power and ambition - just mirrorying their master.

At 8/19/2009 8:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jody I think your last post is well balanced and I agree with it mostly.

However I cant see these people leaving AOL with "least drama"...they were doing a drama while they were in AOL and will do a big "drama" while leaving it!

At 8/19/2009 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Jody for such reasonable, sensible and intelligent words.

For many years all I heard was the bad-mouthing of anyone who left the AoL. Unfortunately, from Sri Sri himself, obviously, imitated by his disciples. Every time someone left, specially someone more visible and active, he would gather people to speak ill about that person and then say dramatic stuff that would happen to that person. Or announce in satsangs there was an astrological moment that would create doubts in people and thus, many old timers would leave the organization. "If you start feeling doubts yourself, chant Om Namah Shivaya."

I don't get it, he told us not to seek for astrologers, but then he blames the stars for people leaving him. Of course, my exiting is product of the stars, not my self-love. I am confused, should I or should I not believe and consult astrologers after all?

For years, this kind of manipulation made me feel scared of ever dropping out of the path. I am embarrassed today to admit that I also stopped speaking to those who left. SS taught us not to get together with them - they were bad, bad energy - lies would be said about them, or people or situations would be used to blame the exiting of that person. SS is incapable of accepting any flaws of his leadership or his movement. It is always someone else's fault. Noone leaves because they see dramatic problems in his movement or him. He is perfect. What a joke. There goes his lesson on taking responsibility!

If someone needs to create lies to bad mouth someone who leaves, or threaten people who leave, or create hostility towards the person who left, then, that very person is not very sure of him/herself, I must say.

None of the AoL people now, my spiritual siblings, talk to me. Is that cult behavior? Yes.

Does it not occur to SS and company that people who leave may have their own intelligent motives to do so? Thinking they may be influenced by others or the stars is a way of showing he considers everyone stupid. Thinking they will influence those who are still in, is confirms how weak actually is his movement. Plain manipulation, plain narcissism.

At 8/19/2009 9:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! An AoLer confirming AoL is a drama show! I love it!

At 8/19/2009 10:23 PM, Anonymous Dada said...

A question for ex-AOL teachers :
Is there any commission paid to Basic/Advance/DSN course teachers from course fees collected?
What is commission on sale of Divine Shop products like photos, books, CDs etc.?

At 8/19/2009 11:07 PM, Anonymous Dada said...

I have noticed some serious issues about AOL during the last General Elections in India. That will help to expose their true nature.
How can I post that?

At 8/19/2009 11:13 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Write a comment here.

At 8/20/2009 12:01 AM, Anonymous Dada said...

Jody, I was part of AOL for few time, I have attended few courses, worked as Volunteer, very devoted at one time. But, slowly I realized that It’s different inside than what appears from outside.
Sorry for my English. Now the Election time report -

In last General Elections in India, AOL supported BJP. No problem. But the reason behind this is very serious. The reason was to oppose the ruling Congress lead UPA Government in Centre. Why?

Because Sri Sri Ravishankar was nominated for Nobel Prize, but due to a letter from UPA chairperson, the name of Ravi Shankar removed from the winner on the last minute. The reason for UPA for opposing was if a Hindu Saint gets a Noble Prize, it is harmful for Christian Missionaries to spread their religion in India. UPA head is puppet of Pop and her main mission is to spread Christianity in India.
It looks absurd. How can a person influence the result of Nobel Prize? The nominees are declared officially after 50 years. But, the above story was spread in volunteers by a Very Senior AOL teacher (Rishi)
[This is a proof of how Sri Ravishankar and his organizations are craving for Noble Prize;
and they teach people – Desire reduces Joy, What a hypocrisy?]

I have myself got mail in Yahoo group of AOL that Guruji has asked to support the BJP in coming elections, he had reproduced the full speech of Shri Ravishankar given in Banglore Ashram. But, couple of days after Banglore Ashram officially denied this. (Perhaps they know the consequences if the Congress wins, their tax free status can be in danger, very small people)

A Swami has arranged a program of Satsang in Gujrath, where the candidate of BJP was present, after the program Swami ordered the public to take oath to vote the BJP candidate. The matter was reported to Election Commission of India, and the commission warned the Swami not to do such things. (This news was published in most of the Newspapers)

A senior volunteer of AOL Dr. Madhavrao Pol contented the election from Madha constituency of Maharashtra State. He himself is honest and service oriented person. He contested the election against the mighty leader of Maharashtra Mr. Sharad Pawar. No one can take objection for his candidature, it’s his right. But, serious part was that The Rishi and The Swami has asked the volunteers of surrounding area, to collect money from all for election expenditure, because its part of Seva. Hundreds of volunteers from Mumbai, Pune and other areas gave their 20-30 days time for election campaign. It was also Seva. The story spread was that Dr. Pol shall win the election by the magical powers of Guruji and this is the start of creating The Divine Society. As per my estimate over Rs. 20 lacs were collected for expenditure. No one knows how the money was spent. No one will ask for its details
And you know the result? Dr. Pol ranked 7th in election and got merely 13000 votes. The winner got above 4 lac votes.
If they were serious to create a Divine Society, they would have supported all the clean and honest people in election with out looking at their Party. Because there are some good peoples in all the Parties. They would have campaigned against the goons and criminal all over the India. But, unfortunately they only show day dreams to volunteers, collected their money, wasted their time and result was zero.
If they want to support the Hindu Organizations, why they don’t come openly to support them. On the face of it, its One World Family, so if they support Hindu Organization openly, they will loose support and more importantly money from USA and other countries.

At 8/20/2009 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dada, Basic course teachers get 10% commission while DSN 5%. This is because the fees charged for DSN are a lot more than the basic.Many of these teachers The divine shop is a completely different entity not related to the non-profit. It is a business venture headed by nephew Ajay.

And anon of 7.21 from 8/19/2009. Our lives are not pathetic nor have we failed miserably. Failure is necessary to live a full, whole and complete life. And not fearing failure means living life with a passion. Sure, you can be a fence sitter -as you have, be extremely cautious, in which case you might as well have not lived at all.That seems to be the quality of your life.And that is pathetic. By living with this failure and because of this adversity, we have got to know our own strength and the strength of Aol and SSRS as a guru. This would not have been possible had we simply remained on the periphery(like you).And this "whining" is sharing what we went through with others who are passionate about AoL. We have the character to recognize a flaw and not sell our souls and walk out.Quite unlike the other senior teachers who remain there despite seeing the flaws closely(the newer ones have still not seen the org closely and so have not still evaluated) This shows a spirit that is alive. Yours is obviously dead.

At 8/20/2009 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Part-1 (Basic) Course teacher in USA, I am surprised to hear that Basic Course teachers get PAID 10% COMMISSION!! Never heard that before. Is this the case in India, or where? As far as I knew, in USA, only full-time teachers got paid anything, more like a monthly stipend and not a commission. All other part-time teachers, organizers, and sevaks are volunteers. However, details are not available. I did hear that some DSN teachers in India were paid commission.

At 8/20/2009 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In India ALL teachers of the basic course get 10%. Full time teachers are paid a monthly stipend as well. Volunteers for seva or the organizers of a course are paid by accumulating good karma-:))

At 8/20/2009 3:15 PM, Anonymous ellen said...

To the anon who posted:
"still not happy with myself for having spent $$ to be abused".

Please don't give yourself grief over this. Your trust has been comprehensively betrayed. Betrayal of trust is probably the most painful emotional experience humans endure.
Focus your anger on the betrayer who manipulated your trust and don't prolong the abuse by beating yourself up over it.
Good things can come out of such an experience, wisdom, maturity etc which will be worth the effort.

At 8/20/2009 7:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Five months in AOL,my family and I have done the Basic Course, two advance courses and the Blessings Course.

I was taken up by the Basic Course,my teacher keeps in touch regulargy and encourages me to attend the follow up sessions. I now realise that the follow up sessions are for promoting other courses, we are practically emotionally and mentaly harrased to attend the Advance Courses. I signed up for the Advance Course and after that was told to attend another Advance Course so that I would be eligible to attend the Blessings Course. The teachers and volunteers told me that the teacher from India was blessed by Guruji and that it would be a blessing for me to attend his coursem Gullible me signed up for the Advance course.

After the advance course I was told that I was eligible to attend the Blessings course which rarely happens and the Swami who would be conducting the course is so precious. Calls came in the wee hours of the morning prodding me to sign up.

I signed up, looking back it is really a blessing because it openened my eyes to a lot of untruths and exaggerated claims of AOL. The Blessings Course teacher said that earlier requirements were 4 advance courses but now Guruji wants more people to be blessers and to heal the world as such the requirement is only 2 advance courses and from 6 days reduced to 3 days.

There was nothing spectacular in the Blessings Course, first day was talking about desires and dissapointments,some meditations, streches - there is a name for this series of yoga poses which the teacher said has been devised by GUruji and supposed to be very powerful, being an yoga practitioner I did not see any power in this very basic poses.

On the second day we talked about our fantasies, did some stupid play acting, looked at the sky or nature and did a so called meditation, more stretches again.

On the third day we did a meditation on the LAM sound, told to lie down with eyes closed and then someone comes around and asks us to talk about our desires and dissapointments. The person then places something soft on the forehead and says that she invoked the energy of Guruji in every cell of our body.

Then we shared experience,morning session over, afternoon another meditation, experience sharing for over one hour and some crap talk for another hour and the whole class were made blessers.

Where was the healing?Many participants in the course had major health issues, cancer, leukaemia etc how can a sick person bless and heal another.

I returned home with so much of doubts and wanted to find out more about this organistion. When I googled anti AOL/Sri Sri Ravishankar found this blog.

This course is indeed a blessings course - it opened my eyes to the true nature of AOL. I am poorer by $1500 but I now better and wont get conned again.

I am out of AOL - thanks to this blog.

I also realised that there is no criteria to become a teacher cos my second advance teacher said that we should all become teachers within the next six months. Teachers are being churned out - some of them are absoutely dumb,some are mentally unstable, how can these people change anothers life.

I was told that Guruji has his own private jet. Can anyone confirm this?

My mission now is to let more people know about this blog and realise how money minded and commercial AOL is

What a narrow escape for me.

At 8/20/2009 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only in India 10% commission.
Indian teachers have always been treated better. Wherever they went, they got VIP treatment. As to Western teachers going to India ... not the same.

I taught many years ... I did not get ANY commission of any sort! Should I ask for reimbursement?

At 8/20/2009 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:24

1. You are right, I did not live at all. I lived the AoL. AoL is not life. It is just a title that has the variation of the word "life" in it. It actually sucks the life out of you. My experience, the experience of many.
2. My spirit is not dead - I left the AoL! Being in the AoL is death. I have never ever felt so alive and real!
3. The so-called outside world is full of genuine spirituality and lovely people who truly care for others despite their beliefs - obviously not your case, nor that of most AoLers. "Truly care" means, truly cares - akarma yoga - no Nobel Peace Prize, no prices, no double names, no wanting to reach numbers to publish in the media or boast to some political leader. Akarma yoga.
4. You see people leaving or doubting as whining. Interesting. Which means, anyone who thinks differently to you is stupid. In that case, OK, you are right. I stopped whining and I am stupid! I took responsibility: I left! I stopped justifying crime. I rather be stupid than dead or living a life of lies. I had the courage to see, do you have the courage to see? You still need the security doti. Very cute. I used to too. I understand. I don't judge you. Hold on to the doti. He has very pretty expensive ones. You have good taste.
5. Wrong! I was NOT in the periphery. Not at all! That could have saved me. You are very cute! Thank you.
6. Another mistake: teachers, we did not get any commission. In fact, we often put money from our pockets, even full timers. Not Part 1, not Part 2, not Sahaj. DSN got 10%. But of course, Indian teachers always got better treats. Explanation given to us: their parents would never accept otherwise that they gave up their brilliant potential future (maybe we, non-Indians did not have potential brilliant futures or our parents simply did not care for us like Indian parents do? hmmm).
7. You sound precisely like that person who said not accepting more abuses is an indication of weak faith. Very healthy, very normal, very spiritual - but only under AoL psychology. You would be surprised as to how many senior teachers have doubts and want to leave but are afraid to. Get a little out of the periphery and closer to the core, and dare find out. They obviously don't trust you enough to tell you their deep feelings and thoughts. My dear, a lot of senior teachers want to leave, have doubts, and no longer agree with many things, and are scared to death to leave. If you consider yourself a senior teacher, and you don't have those feelings, listen, that is not an indication of the rest. Yes, you are not the world. I'd like to say you are, but you are not.

Anon, I like you. You are definitely cute, not loveable, but cute. Thank you for reinforcing my decision of leaving. I don't miss the roughness, intolerance and aggression that most AoLers project while preaching love and one world family. "We love only those who believe what we do! True spirituality!" Great sense of belongingness!

Thank you for making my day!

At 8/20/2009 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:24

Question: if a man beats up a woman, his spouse, should she not recognize the flaw and walk out? Would that be considered selling out her soul?

Would staying indicate the strength of her husband and her loyalty towards him?

Would going to the police or telling her friends considered "whining" and not fully have lived her life? having dead spirit?

Self-love, is selling out ones soul.

So you mean to say, it was all her fault! Interesting. That is typical criminal mind-set.

Typical SSRS way of thinking too. He is perfect, the rest, they are losers and/or deserved it. Not seeing the greatness in him is crime. You are a great disciple. You should be promoted. You would make a perfect TTC teacher! They all think this way! Tell him you are ready for the next step!

At 8/20/2009 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dada, you are right. SSRS is againtst Christian movement in India (elsewhere too). He also does not like Muslims. And yet he preaches one world family, claims to practice religious tolerance. I now see it is one more tool to get publicity and more followers, specially from the West. AoL is clearly a conversion to Hinduism in disguise. You are also right, he is very focused in getting the nobel peace prize. What has he done though truly to deserve it? So many people are doing amazing stuff without the intent of getting such prize. His wanting for more fame and prizes makes me suspicious of his status as a master and enlightened. We should all write to the Nobel committee. He has people working very hard in Norway to get more visibility and support. He has been saying, year after year, "this year we will get it." You are right. He wants to take over politics in India. He has people stationed in different places, working on their political careers. He says AoL will take over governments of several countries, definitely India, even the UN. He wants to take over the world but not for peace, peace is his selling propaganda. Are real gurus so obsessed with fame? I wonder.

At 8/21/2009 8:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow,i never knew that a few caustic comments could generate such passion...

but its good to see people questioning their involvement in these modern day cults...

At 8/21/2009 2:00 PM, Blogger CHUCK said...

wow, I never knowed that some ass hat shoutin "FIRE" in a movie house could cause so much passion!

Dont your realize that folks have given their hearts and had them crushed, not in some puppy love fashion but all the way down to the soul! Mayhaps you have nebver loved and therefore do not understand this here passion!

At 8/21/2009 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are facts, not whinings :

I am an AOL teacher. I have contributed a HUGE amount of money to AoL (and its various programs) in donations over the past years. I cannot reveal it for anonymity. To me it is HUGE, and most people would think so. I am not a rich person, this is my hard earned money. I maxed out credit, and neglected saving anything, or spending on myself, to make donations and take courses. Most of my vacation time also goes to AoL. Besides that, I have helped/supported many AoL members in many other ways, monetarily or otherwise.

I have also organized and taught numerous Part-1 courses and brought many people including my friends into AoL. I have never benefited monetarily from these course, actually I have put my own money for all this organizing. Some of them have taken multiple courses and some of them have gone on become teachers too. Most of my friends now, are people in AoL and yes, I don't have much of a life outside of AoL. My social life revolves around AoL. Many of my older friends and even family I have left behind in my path in AoL. I have broken or neglected all these older connections.

I have taken *literally* all the courses in AoL, multiple times. I have had a number of really deep spiritual experiences in courses. I have no explanations for them. I have felt the deepest tears of devotion. I have had experiences of total nothingness. Otherwise I would not have gone so far in this org and made such donations. I never made the donations expecting anything, actually in AoL donations are not publicized at all. I made donations (Guru Dakshina, etc) out of gratefulness to Guruji, and also because I thought I was making a positive difference to the world in this way. I still hope that I have, though now I have doubts.

I came to AoL out of my own curiosity about meditation, and pranayama, and continued because I felt that there is something real here. I still feel that that is true. There has probably been no other org in the world that has taught yoga, meditation and pranayama to so many people in the world across so many countries. In that respect it is unique and unparalleled. The numbers may be exaggerated, but even without the exaggeration it is huge. I have personally met people in AoL from so many countries. Something about it definitely works for many many people. I cannot put a finger on what it is.

I believe there is nothing unique about me and the above is true for many other people too.

I feel hurt by all these allegations against Guruji and also against senior/full-time teachers and Swamis. I am shocked to learn that senior full time teachers and Swamis make a lot of money out of teaching. The understanding given to me was that these people do it out of their devotion to Guruji, and to the Knowledge (Bramha Gyaan) and they make very little money. Also I am surprised to hear about the political activities or ambitions of AoL in India.

I also see a deep difference in AOL teachers from India and teachers from USA. Teachers in India are treated like kings, and teachers in USA are, well, just like anyone else. This does not seem reasonable to me.

Anyone having any information about abuses in this organization, please make it public, anonymously. Please also make it public if you have contributed monetarily or otherwise to AoL. Any information about how much senior/full-time teachers make, and political activities/ambitions of AoL will also be good. Please state it as factually as possible, while maintaining anonymity and untracability. Take care of yourself.

At 8/21/2009 5:15 PM, Blogger CHUCK said...

anonymush said...There has probably been no other org in the world that has taught yoga, meditation and pranayama to so many people in the world across so many countries.

That there is the same load of hogwash your older cousins in the TMO used to tell ourselves to justifry all the arrogance and ugly heartedness and low morals exhibited by Maharishi and all his big headed henchmen! She She's tactic of cloning his own guru's operation but acting like his had heart in it worked great for a while. He got as rich as Maharishi hisself... Now the chicken shit is comin home to roost!

At 8/21/2009 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 10.02 and 10.16 - Hey !!!! I'm one of you!!!! Read my post carefully, it's a reply to anon 7.21 who has said that those ex- aol writing on this blog have failed lives!! And not only do I thik you're cute ,I think you're lovable too!!

At 8/21/2009 8:03 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I am really enjoying this thread I think the one fact is that sri sri is charging a lot of money for spirtual courses that were giving to him for free during is upbringing. I do not feel it is right to charge money for spirtual discourses ect.. I am very happy that my spirtual practice is not one I have to contribute to through financial means. Peace :)

At 8/22/2009 4:03 AM, Anonymous ellen said...

To all the AOl anons who feel that they have gained something so valuable from this organisation whilst also seeing the profiteering and duplicity of the organisation itself:

Anything that you have gained has been through your own efforts. It clearly has value to you so keep it and celebrate it. Reclaim your ego at the same time and you will never need another guru for the true guru is already inside you.

No honest guru/teacher would attempt to enslave your mind and wallet.

Whichever creator god or no god you believe in, you were created with a discriminating faculty of mind. 'Oneness', if it really is oneness, includes the discriminating mind, so make good use of what is given. 'Oneness' includes the ego. 'Oneness' means that NOTHING AT ALL is excluded.

Keep the good stuff that you have found by your own efforts but stop enabling this fraud to continue deluding and destroying the trusting minds that think he has something of his own to offer.

He has NOTHING going for him except a monumental business scam operation.

At 8/23/2009 5:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This email is an example of the dishonesty that runs in the AoL. Worse, this is the kind of "education" SSRS is giving the youth. 1. lying is OK as long as you reach your goal: no need to really even know how to play the guitar; 2. the hurry to reach the youth (young people are more influentiable and easier to manipulate. The psychological damages, thus, will be greater too); 3. getting into the Guiness book of records is considered a "very spiritual event."

Reach your own conclusions.

"(...) I write to u because we need a little help for promoting a big event with Guruji in Dortmund Germnay on the 27 June 2006 Guruji wants to take the Gunnes Award putting on one stage 3.000 guitars and string Instruments.

So we are :
- inviting all countries
- creating a way for partecipating BROADCAST with a webcam from your own country
- promoting the event in other events (like festival of guitars or whatever...)

For this reason at the moment we got the possibility of be present into a World Guitar Day in Wroclaw Poland 1 May 2009 in which there will be 2,500 guitars playing and other 7.000 people playing broadcast from their own countries.
I will be on stage and the organizer will give us the opportunity of having a space for AOL in which I will show the viedo of Silver Jubilee Orchestra and Naad Brham (1.200 sitars). We will have the oppportunity of give personal invitation to all the partecipants with the register forms.

The organization asked us only to find few countries in which AOL people (5-10-15 people... As many as u can... Even few...) will take an appointment at a certain time of the 1 May 2009 for playing the song "Hey Joe" of Jimi Hendrix in front a webcam ... NO NEED TO BE PROFESSIONAL... It is only a symbolic presence... Even people that has neve plaied can leard 3 chords on guitar... The thing will be easyly done in few minutes.

For Guruji event it is a big opportunity and we will use this as a test for the future Broadcast event in Dortmund... This is a way we can use many times that will allow all the world to be with Guruji in all big events all around the World.

The song this time will not be "spiritual"... But the purpose will be VERY SPIRITUAL ... We will be able to touch many people in only few minutes!!! :) Teh Polish event is very big... After the broadcast ther ewill be the concert of Deep Purple!!!
Guruji expressed told that we need to invest in such events to reach youth!!!!

We will appreciate even small help. Please organize with even small groups (Yes+ groups, CLP, YES, ...) or send this email to the AOL people or musicians that u think can do this.
Jai Gurudev"

At 8/23/2009 12:11 PM, Anonymous a humble witness said...

Dear Anonymous 8/21 @ 2:34,

I really appreciate your sincerity and desire to know the truth. I am also an AoL teacher and have posted my story in recent entries. Like you, I have taken every possible AoL course (most more than once) and have spent a lot of money on donations to the foundation and its various causes out of gratitude. I felt so inspired to organize more courses and spread the “knowledge” after hearing all of the course participants’ deep experiences and having some of my own. Eventually I became a teacher. Sri Sri and the foundation had won my heart and my trust. After a point, I ignored my doubts and common sense, believed every story I was told, and followed every instruction out of blind faith and devotion. Meanwhile, my personal life suffered--I slowly lost most of my non-AoL friends, nearly lost my job, and devoted every ounce of spare time and energy to organizing and attending various AoL courses and events, and bringing up an AoL community in my area.

Only recently I have begun to awaken to the realization that Sri Sri and AoL are a big fraud, and I have since decided to move on. I have been reading quite a bit about AoL from online sources, and I have found the following in particular have helped me put things into perspective:

Additionally, if you want some proof of AoLs unethical practices, even the wikipedia entry for Art of Living is very telling. Despite what we’ve been told, the revenue from courses conducted in the US does not go towards trauma relief, as excerpted below:

“According to the tax return filed by the American chapter, AOL Foundation had total revenues of $5.5M (mainly 3.5M from course fees and 1.7M from public support ) and expenditure of $3.6M from July 2006 to June 2007. Net assets at the beginning of July 2007 amounted to $7.7M. No direct reference in this tax return is made to humanitarian relief and training programs conducted directly or through IAHV, although cash allocations including foreign grants of 0.95M are included in the above reported expenses. [11] “

Also, AoL makes a number of unsubstantiated claims regarding the effectiveness of Sudarshan kriya against certain illnesses, and the degree to which the technique has been accepted in universities. You can read about this in the “criticisms” section.

I suspect it might take a while for the truth about AoL to come out and for there to be undeniable proof of its corrupt practices and misleading marketing scams. Until then, I guess we’re just going to have to rely on our own personal experience and inner guidance to make a decision about our own involvement in AoL. The foundation has been built on the shoulders of well-meaning, innocent individuals who want to make a difference, like you and I. I’m pretty sure that once I leave, there will be someone more than eager to step in and take my place. But at least I would be acting in accordance with my own conscience and remaining true to myself.

I wish you all the best…

Love and Blessings,
a humble witness

At 8/24/2009 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

humble witness, it seems you are very clear: you are leaving ... but when are you really leaving? why are you still there?

At 8/24/2009 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the Teacher of aol who talks about various " spiritual experiences" " nothingness ".

There is nothing new about it. Read Lord Tennyson's Letters where he writes about such a state/experience in his own words.He did not hanker after self anointed avatarhood for that.

Ravishankar has been clever enough to recycle, make a mish mash of Yoga Vaasishtam, Ashtavakra Samhita,Patanjali Yoga Sutras etc claiming he went into a retreat for 10 days and " discovered " whatever.

A Gentleman who had known Ravishankar & his father's business told me ( before they floated aol & kriyas):

" Today if Indian Bank's ex chairman is behind bars for alleged financial misdemeanours , ravishankar & his father are no less responsible for it".

Why are people in India not asking the right questions cutting through shibboleths of " charities&donations"?

Due credit ought to be given to free thinking people like Jody, Yunus, Stuart,ontheotherhand,Betty,Chuck and so forth.

Indian ex teachers and gullible followers are such tardily reluctant whistle blowers.

Because corruption and erosion of ethics are so egregiously institutionalised in our country(India)I doubt he would ever be penalised.

At 8/24/2009 4:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" The beggars, it turned out, were well-bred professionals told by their instructors to go "lose the ego" by begging. "

LOL...So it is the ego (or egoes??) of the instructors that guides the ego of the followers to go and lose it...the ego. Again it is the ego of the followers that decides to mock beg and scream jaigurudev in unison.

Am reminded of Ramana Bhagavan who perspicaciously points out the thief can never apprehend himself. It is the Police who alone is empowered to do it.

May Saints preserve our Original Aadi Shankara and His Teachings!!!

At 8/24/2009 6:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Aolites
There is nothing special with THE AoL knowledge. The teachers and your guru are rather harmful to mans spiritual quest. They create a belief that THIS knowledge is very unique, very precious and thereby effectively hinder, prevent people from searching on their own (finding other sources).

Everything has to be validated through the AoL-outlook. Those who lingers in the claws of SSRS manipulative fingers (read: Siddhis) will not be lead anywere. With a straw down your wallet, you will all become brainwashed, soulwashed and full of garbage. The Sudarshan Kriya doesn't allow too much noice!!

Last time I saw him, it was like looking at a mad-man - he is so full of himself, talking about conquering the world.

Look at his face, look very closely. Ask your self why you never dare to ask those questions that you are burning to ask. His environment does not allow it, doesn't encourage healthy, normal critical thinking (and questions).

If anyone is in doubt, simply leave wholeheartedly for a good while.. If you miss him so much after having read other sources of "knowledge" with an open mind, then by all means - fall into his ams, praise him even more, - don't see that annoyed, disapproving, bored look on his face. Don't believe me when I say he slanders people, laughs at "you" behind your backs.

Don't you see, your minds are full of accumulated spiritual AoL "garbage" and unhealthy ways of thinking.
It is a pity. Please wake up!!

At 8/25/2009 12:33 AM, Anonymous Dada said...

There is Rudrapooja program is conducted by AOL at different places. (Its for Lord Shiva).
If you want to attend the Pooja, its free. If you want to become host (?)and take Sankalpa ( a wish to be fulfilled)its charges are Rs. 1000.00, 5000.00 and 10000.00.
In 1000.00, you get Prasad of Rudraksha blessed by Sri Sri. (actual retail price Rs. 50-80)
It is claimed that, the Vibration of Rudrapooja spread over 15-20 km and the total area is Purified.
and whoever takes the Sankalpa, his wishes are fulfilled within one year.

Now, how to test the Vibration Factor? No one asks the teacher. In next days, newspapers there are regular news of crime, accidents etc. then What is purufied? only Lord Shiva knows.
I have seen many people,including myself, whose wishes are not fulfilled. No one asks the teacher. If 20-30%, wishes fulfilled (by whatever reasons) They becomes Marketing Icons for Next Pooja. The ones whose wishes are not filfilled are brainwashed in such manner that, they blame their Karma or lack of faith.

At 8/25/2009 5:43 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

the Rudrapooja program in itself is not fake because it involves lord shiva, and he is known to grant wishes easily...

so anything to do with lord shiva cannot be fake...

At 8/25/2009 8:06 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

When I spent my 15 years as a TMer and TM teacher, I always used to hear Mugharishi subtlely warnin us that he was a scoundrel and that we should get the hell away! But we didn't listen to the warnins and only heared what wanted to hear! The man had us all by the balls of our own relentless greed for "spiritual knowledge", ie personal power and specialness. He was laughin at us to our faces and we still couldn't see! This is what I see his butt swishin clone, She She Ravi Skunkard doin... He dresses up rich folks as beggars to show them what they will become if they stay with him and still they pay to stay!!

At 8/25/2009 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dada: you are so boring!you sound like a 3 year old complaining his parents(which, in this case, would be jody)

Humble witness: i don't understand your infatuation with anonymous, why are you finding him cute and lovable and sometimes just cute and not-lovable, make up your mind! if you are still young and single and if you find me cute as well(coz i am anon as well) we can date and stuff(jody please let this pass, don't ruin my chances of getting a date this weekend)

People: You all have doubts..there is no such thing is "genuine doubt", doubt is just a symptom of low pranashakti, i can bet that most of you are not sadhnating well..

check it!

At 8/25/2009 10:36 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

doubt is just a symptom of low pranashakti

Actually, doubt is grace in the form of an ability to think critically, something that Sri Sri and AoL must extinguish if they are to maintain an active membership.

At 8/25/2009 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to believe all those stories about SSRS being the right hand of Mahesh Yogi. His favourite boy. The boy he was waiting for. The one who would change the world. I believed all those stories about how he left because everyone in TM was jealous of him. So much envy they would do stuff to him (stories used later to justify whatever abuses we went thru with an ending line: if he could go thru it, you can too. See how beautiful it made him and where it took him. He is doing the same to you). I used to believe Mahesh Yogi bad mouthed him when he left because he was jealous. I used to believe he cognized the SK in 10 days silence. We were told he was a teacher of TM, even the organizer of the Siddhi programs.

He said he came up with SK because after so many years, he realized even with meditation, people suffered of depression and were not fully joyful. So many AoLers are stressed and depressed with SK and meditation! Read their contributions in this blog! They are even full of rage and don't realize it because they have been told they are only about Divine Love. He said he would create an AoL different from TM, and that those problems in TM, the hierarchy, the politics, the abuses, would not exist in his organization. It seems they are a lot worse than in TM. At least Mahesh Yogi did not base his movement in the devotion towards him!

In recent months, I have encountered different sources who have given me totally different versions of the stories I bought.

He was just a pundit. One of the many boys. Mahesh Yogi did not privilege him neither was he one of his closest secretaries. Just a pundit boy. He was not even a TM teacher. He never underwent the TTC. He did not organize any siddhi courses. Noone really envied him that much. He was just a pundit boy in the outer circles. SSRS hated Nankishore (spelling?). He told horror stories of him. Maybe he was jealous of NK instead because he really was close to Mahesh Yogi?

Maybe Maharishi's warnings were correct. It takes one to recognize another.

Noone can confirm really if he went thru 10 days silence. First courses taught by him, as he left TM, did not include any SK. He just sat there, in silence, for many days, which made people have more curiosity. Indians have the education of respecting anyone they are told is a Guru. So, hard to really tell how real everything was back then.

Of course, he needed more than just sitting with people to make money. Maybe that is how the SK is cognized ...

I do the maths and something does not make sense in his stories, nor the 10 days, nor the SK, nor nothing. It just does not fit.

TMers out there: Can you please confirm these stories? Do you know if he really taught TM? if he was M's right hand? if he really was the head of the siddhis program?

At 8/25/2009 2:40 PM, Anonymous a humble witness said...

Ah yes, Anon of 8/25 @ 10:14 AM, hiding behind anonymity to poke fun at fellow posters and ask for dates. I feel bad for you if that is the only way you can score. I can see you’re a true AOLite zombie, recommending sadhana to cure doubt. It seems to me that you are delusional and the one in need of more “sadhnating” as I never called anyone cute or lovable in any of my posts. Get your facts straight!

A humble witness.

At 8/25/2009 2:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>"You all have doubts..there is no such thing is "genuine doubt", doubt is just a symptom of low pranashakti,"<<<

so the Buddha having "doubts" about the efficacy of severe austerities before turning away from those practices is a 'symptom of low pranashakti'"? lolololol! too funny!
seen too much

At 8/25/2009 8:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Ok I am just going to throw it out there this is the way I see things. The earth that we live has been around 4 to 5 billion years, man has been around a fraction of that time, there are people that have achived heightned enlightnment or a spirtual awakening the buddah for example. The problem I see with people like Sri Sri is that instead of contributing freely to humans ability to have an spirtual awakening or enlightnment he has turned it into a buisness and once he gets a newbie they are taught to achieve this heightned state they have to do various things such as pay money for advanced discourses ect ect. I for one do not believe that people like sri sri are going to in anyway speed up what I am looking for in life which is peace good health and freedom from the bondages of society. He may very well have something to offer an indvidual yet I would rather wait for someone that offers his teaching for free such as friends who have taught me things or family members and do not want a penny from me. It just seems kind of silly that people like sri sri use excuses like well the cost of this and that is high thats why we charge so much lol. To conclude I am not planning to go anywhere anytime soon and it looks like the earth we live on is doing fine been hear for a while why should I find the need to jump into orgs. like sri sri and others when through simplify the process of living life I will be able to find like minded indviduals who may have just as much to offer free of charge peace :)

At 8/25/2009 10:20 PM, Anonymous Dada said...

Dear Anonymous,
8/25/2009 10:14 AM

Happy to note that some one from AOL is reading my comments and getting irritated, because you have not answers to my facts. (or complaints, as you say)
After leaving AOL, I am feeling free, happy and much nearer to the Almighty.

Hi Jody,
SSRS is getting popular day by day, by whatever reasons, now 100+ posts for this thread.

At 8/26/2009 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Immensely grateful to Jody and the plucky others who post their unbiased opinions. There is virtually not a single blog other than yours that has the guts to take a realistic scrutiny of this guru business.

To the aol teachers and allied samadhi freaks selling nothingness.

Sri.Ramakrishna Paramahamsar took a look at the sky when he was a young boy.The sight of a flock of geese (or stork )taking flight across the rain laden clouds sent him instantly into Samadhi.How much money did he have to pay for that?

He(Ramakrishna)once saw a female acrobat's feats at a circus and with breathtaking admiration said:

" It takes tremendous one pointedness of mind to achieve this...what yogic power...."

All great art, be it Leonardo da Vinci,Mozart,Beethoven,Milton,Blake,Wordsworth,Kalidasa,Kamban--all magnificent forms of creativity came from their being in that state of Samadhi.

Take a look around this beautiful world, breathe fresh air, go for long walks or cycle,sing,listen to good music whatever.That is the best way of stress busting.

At 8/26/2009 3:24 PM, Anonymous an observer said...

"You all have doubts..there is no such thing is "genuine doubt", doubt is just a symptom of low pranashakti, i can bet that most of you are not sadhnating well.."

Sustained hyperventilation actually kills brain cells. As a result I guess one can correctly say that any doubt of any magnitude can eventually be removed if SK is performed until that part of the brain is completely dead.

I believe the above quoted statement should not be taken lightly. There is much to read into this. It has deep roots in history. This has been the very mentality used in India by the upper parasite class throughout history to subdue hundreds of millions of Indians into 'acceptance'.

It meant "If you are having trouble accepting the current order (caste system) - your extreme poverty and your lower class existence - or doubting its legitimacy, go meditate until you convince yourself"

So, today, people like Ravi Shankar promote these drugs on people to keep the old order alive and even export it to the West.

A genuine leader should trouble himself with his people's problems even if the obvious solutions conflict with the traditions. Has he ever openly criticized Caste System? I even read he doesn't understand the significance of global warming.

Not that I take him and his pathetic philosophy seriously, but at least, having influence on so many of his native people, he should take some responsibility and address some real problems and offer real solutions, instead of drugging them into submission and into a delusional state.

At 8/26/2009 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone(Or a Big%) needs toothpaste to brush in the mornings, similarly the modern day like now needs some stress relieving techniques, some quietness(silence), social group that readily available to mingle with... AOL and its techniques genuinely plays a good role in this aspect; Part I course certainly has techniques that will help any(Most) individuals, Advanced course again is a nice getaway and helps relaxation especially for those who are really keeping busy. There is something called sri sri yoga very beneficial as it comes with some theory as well besides the practices and Padma sadhana of DSN is fine as well. The techniques offered by AOL are pretty decent and I would suggest any person reading this blog to go and take these courses. Trust me there is nobody waiting there with the fish nets to bind you in the organization rather understand they are doing things in the org per their beliefs and connections, get the benefits and don't get attached too much to the Org unless u really... wish to.

Now the other side:
(1) Don't spend too much time doing sewa for the org and if you have volunterring mentality and do something it is ok to get involved in the activities.

(2) Definitely extend your gratitude to the Guru as he formulated most of the course techniques and sequences, however avoid the Guru god business. There are siddhas(People with some miraculous powers) in this world who has gained a number of siddhis(classified in to 8 types), so at the most SSRS can be classified as a siddha of some sort.

(3) AOL Org does some service activities and the course prices in comparison to most other organization is reasonable, spend with care and with in your means.
Not many can deny the benefits the course has brought to people, but not worth spending money course after course just because the organizers keep announcing and calling you for the courses.

(4) Make sure your family, friends and work is given more priority to AOL or any other spiritual activities. Some frustrated ex teachers and AOLers fail to understand this basic thing which is sad.

(5) u Don't need a middle man playing a GOD for u - Spend your time reading scriptures from different religions ; start with bagavad gita, bible, quran.. and look in to bagavatam, upanishads, patanjali and other yoga sutra texts.. Seek for yourselves enlightenment or whatever. AOL is like a restaurant feel free to go and try their menu once in a while you don't have to become a employee there.

(6) Clearly the churches and the missionary mentality to convert the whole world in to christianity(Blind faith on someone called as Jesus christ - A Great siddhar in my opinion worshipped by the huge masses in the world as GOD!) is what has driven SSRS and indian gurus to market themselves to preach their side of religion or knowledge in this manner. While we clearly know most churches/preachers do take a market share of peoples time and money in a more organized way, SSRS and other orgs in my opinions doing similar thing in a smaller scale.

Bottom line is feel free to take the courses , however be cautious not to get stuck in AOL or any other organization.

At 8/26/2009 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the above Anonymous.

Clearly you must be an aol member doing damage control. Carry on , as that is your wont.

Spare me this kind of spiel that Jesus Christ never existed; hindus are under threat(sic).

This is not the forum to dwell on missionary propaganda and the like to deflect us from the crucial thread.

Hindus have this gargantuan delusion that they are all saintly descendants of Vedic Rishis whereas others are not.

Spare me historical documented facts whatever. Look at ground realities of today. here and now.

As Ramakrishna Paramahamsa encapsulates:

" An almanac might say on such & such a date there will be rain; nevertheless , by wringing that almanac not a drop of water is going to be produced ".

Psittacinely blustering " hinduism is the greatest...." tantamounts to that.

At 8/26/2009 6:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometime back Jody had posted Sandhya Jain's writeup from Organizer about the ills paguing hindus of today.

It is worth a rereread by smug hindus. Instead of coming up with quotations from Scriptures non internalised.

At 8/26/2009 6:45 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Lol is this sri sri himself or second in command, no doubt PR for sr sri out fit check out his statment this person left
" AOL is like a restaurant feel free to go and try their menu once in a while you don't have to become a employee there."
From ex teachers and others it seems a far cry from a free buffet yet I have to give u props for your clever pros and cons making it look like ur neutral even though ur hoping a newbie will read ur post and not the hundreds of others on Jody's website that paints a clear picture that sri sri org. is a corrupt and disorganized org. that I would not touch with a ten foot pool peace in the middle east :)

At 8/26/2009 9:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all do need to brush our teeth, but how you brush it and what toothpaste you use make a difference.

I used to say those things to my students too. But the funniest thing has been to experience absolute joy and inner quietness ever since I stopped doing SK and leave the social group. In fact, when someone commented I always seemed so happy, I felt something off, and then realized it is because for so long I was taught to attribute any of these qualities to the sadhana or His Holiness. What was I to attribute this joy now? Myself? Wow! What a wild idea!

There is where you can find the difference between a true and a false guru. The reminders about Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar are great.

The techniques killed my brain cells, even my health, like our observer here and many other contributors stated. It removed my capacity to think critically and ultimately, to discriminate. The "holiness" and his manipulated knowledge took away my own power over my life, among other things. The social group abused me, themselves and everyone in their space.

Of course, one is responsible for "buying the package", but for many of us, we went in with the most pure and honest of all intentions and desires. And for the younger clients that they are so feverish to catch, they are too young, inexperienced and vulnerable to see beyond the god-like figure that SS declares and promises.

At 8/26/2009 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the anon with killed brain cells- I am a practising MD in US and there is no data in medical literature which suggests that hyperventilation can kill brain cells. Infact, sometimes we induce hyperventilation artificially in case of brain injury.

So , in short, you can collect your noble prize this year for your amazing research.

to the anon- who brought caste system in picture- I am sorry to say but you are venting your anger in a wrong place. I can understand your frustration, but unfortunately thats how things are

At 8/26/2009 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" u Don't need a middle man playing a GOD for u - Spend your time reading scriptures from different religions ; start with bagavad gita, bible, quran.. and look in to bagavatam, upanishads, patanjali and other yoga sutra texts.. Seek for yourselves enlightenment or whatever. AOL is like a restaurant feel free to go and try their menu once in a while you don't have to become a employee there."

How obnoxiously sanctimonius:( sounds exactly like multiple repetitive syndrome ssrs.

A lot of carnatic singers invariably proclaim they are doing nadopasana & that when they close their eyes and sing Thyagarajar's Keerthanas of Sri.Rama immediately merge into the very Rama Himself.A lot of people believe it too ! Including myself who learnt the truth in a lacerating way.

As many who have left aol assert , it is indeed very traumatic to get over the realisation you have been wilfully & knowingly taken for a ride.

Thank God for Ramana Bhagavan who with laser like precision pulverizes this delusion:

" Those Saints ( include all Meera,Namdev ,Kabir,Muthuswamy Dikshithar all of them) poured out what they Received.DID NOT sing and ensnare The Almighty".

Thank you Anonymous above for your remark on Ramakrishna.

At 8/26/2009 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who was He that said " Physician , heal thyself "?

It is time one understands the limitations of Prana as Pranayama & hatha yoga touting has reached disquieting proportions as the panacea for all ills.

Aadi Shankara in Viveka Chudamami( transalted into English titled *Crest Jewel of Wisdom* by an European/American) brilliantly negates prana as INERT ,despite its powers.

" When you are asleep , your prana is not even aware of a burglar sneaking into your house ".

Swami Vivekananda also warns one's internal infrastructure of values is very vital; purity of food that is intaken by all the senses not just what we shove into our mouths.And much more.

Where Ramana Bhagavan warns against plucking a single flower or leaf , we have this 'smile- please- nithyananda' destroying God alone knows how much of Mother Nature!

At 8/26/2009 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree with what an observer says.

Yess, sustained hyperventilation takes its toll on you. Thank God, I am not MD/MRCP. As all these cocksure doctors, researcers,scientists are notorious for making violent U turns with no accountability.

At 8/26/2009 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To our practicing MD here: "Killing brain cells" is a saying. You actually imagined the cells being killed like you imagined literally how the breath goes from throat to naval, tip of the nose? Hollow and empty? Relax. Don't take it so personally! Use your practicing MD skills to research more about the fake half-way done researches published by the AoL, as advised and reviewed by other professional practicing objective MDs who are professional and practicing researchers in important international medical institutes. But chill. What happened with all those techniques and teachings that help you control your emotions and be "peace and love"?

At 8/27/2009 1:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Of course, one is responsible for "buying the package", but for many of us, we went in with the most pure and honest of all intentions and desires ".

No Anonymous. That is an outrageous lie.

Many schoolteachers moonlight as aol teachers FORCING the students to do the kriyas luring with promises of better percentage of marks, no failure in exams etc.Which is very unethical. Considering the already pressure cooked trauma all of us go through in indian effete education system.

Those doing management courses have to compulsorily do it wherever ssrs's clout reigns.

Many indian bosses coerce ( yes yes with good intentions paving the road to hell)their subordinates into doing it.If not some compulsory attendance of some guruji's bhajan sessions,etc.Including Ammachi.

Non compliance is interpreted as insubordination with denial of promotion/increment and subtle ways of victimization.This has been going on for years. With not a single person protesting except Jody to my knowledge.

I recall many beauty contestants took skriyas course to " carry themselves confidently in swimsuits". Why do these gurujis invariably send mixed signals preaching " morality " through some other orifice?

My son was in a college in Tamil Nadu where ssrs sent bollywood actress Nagma to initiate all into * pranava upadesam plus kriyas*.And the college categorically warned those not taking the course would be failed.

That outraged me enough to literally yank him out asking him to quit India for good.

I never regretted my decision.Much later I stumbled upon Jody's blog serendipitously.

Indians a whole lot of them are consistently supinely apathetic towards many such serious issues affecting us.

But conveniently blame Saturn/Mars/Kaliyuga etc for the state of affairs in the world.Or whine America(sic) is behind everything.

Trust us people to provide such pathetic burlesque relief((

At 8/27/2009 3:38 AM, Anonymous Shantaram said...

Thanks all for the article and comments. Techniques like sudarshan kriya can certainly help people to relax and get into a peaceful space for meditation and clear up energy pathways. If the technique doesn't work for some they can drop it and pick up many others which suit their constituion. For some rare beings there is no need for any technique at all. The technique itself can be a barrier. Essentially it is all about Being in the moment and in a peaceful space. It is the constant state of becoming of acheiving more and more either spiritual or material that takes us away from our being. Running after meditation techniques, gurus and advanced, super advanced courses can take us away from our natural state.
TM was touted by Maharishi Mahesh as the be all and end all of meditation at one point. Many of the disciples of Maharishi now have come up with their own techniques as they find TM was limiting. Same will happen to the techniques they teach after some years. Self knowledge and awareness is the key. No technique can help if there is no self knowledge or awareness. That is the reason all techniques are limited. The real guru teaches the limitation of these techniques and focusses on the essential.

At 8/27/2009 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck says:

"...of our own relentless greed for "spiritual knowledge", ie personal power and specialness."

Precisely. You have correctly diagnosed our flaw.

Btw, I savour Chuckji's 'unchaste' style.That is exactly what these charlatans deserve.

At 8/27/2009 11:24 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

To the MD first of all ur arrogance and ego is noted, second don’t you belong to the same profession that not only one hundred years ago had a 95 percent death rate after surgeries and amputations? Any how I don’t need to have an MD its common knowledge that hyper ventilation does cause problems peace in the Middle East :)

At 8/27/2009 1:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In India, Sudarshan Kriya and Art of Living is heavily promoted in colleges, whether through Art of Living Course or the YES!+ (Youth Empowerment Seminar), or UTSAV, which is the same thing in a different package. People think highly of meditation, pranayama and yoga in India, even though they know very very little about it. Young people are either attracted to these courses by their own inquisitiveness, or encouraged to take them by their parents, teachers or peers, or even famous movie or sports personalities who act as brand ambassadors for AoL. Often youth teachers are very charming, smart, trendy and attractive, armed with the latest gadgets, jargon, blogs, and music from the US to attract the kids. USA is a big craze in Indian youth. Prices are quite affordable for middle class youth.

It is also said that Pranayama/meditation/yoga from AoL will increase concentration, lead to better relationships and health, improve appearance, and many more such promises which appeal to the youth (entirely unrelated to "conventional" spirituality - as kids are not that much into spirituality). This happens in probably hundreds (or thousands) of colleges across India, from the elite institutions down to the most ordinary colleges. The AoL brand name carries enormous value.

If it is really true that Sudarshan Kriya and associated practices really affect the brain adversely, as some people have suggested here, then the consequences will be really bad for all these thousands of students. The only solace is that most of the participants never follow up on the practices they learn, so nothing happens to them. But the few who innocently try them out sincerely may really suffer if SK is indeed messing up their brain, as is alleged. It makes (some) people relax in the short term, either by changing the brain chemistry for a short while or through auto-suggestion, but what does it do to the brain/memory/intelligence if practiced every day for years altogether?

At 8/27/2009 1:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider the following statements that have been told to get people to take the course:
- Tell people in the basic course, at the end: "Did you enjoy and appreciate the course? Did you get some benefit out of it? Everyone has FIVE people in their lives who trust them. Just tell these five people to take this course. Don't give them any reasoning, just tell that its a great course and ask them to do it."
- People whose entire family have done the course are treated with more respect. If your entire family has not done it then you are not yet completely into AoL, and are somewhat inferior to those whose family has taken it, or is into it very much. You are encouraged to use any means to get your family to take the course, including Blackmailing them, paying for them, threatening them, etc.
- Desperate organizers often end up pleading their friends and family to take the course, even paying for them sometimes.
- Treat the Ashram as HOME. For many people the Ashram is more HOME than their real home. Even if they have to PAY to stay there!
- I have seen cases where people who turn up to do the course, but cannot pay up, are either asked to come up with the money, from any source, or turned away. Officially there is supposed to be scholarships for people who cannot pay, but I have never seen this used. Even the money that is collected by local groups as scholarships for people to take courses is rarely used for that purpose.
-Knowledge is supposed to be different for different people, i.e. beginners are told one thing and old-timers know otherwise. As you spend more time in the org, you get to know more and more.
- People are encouraged to say anything to get people to sign on. It doesn't matter, once they come for the course they will be taken care of. I know of people who have taken their paralyzed relatives to the course, hoping for a miracle (which has not occurred till date).
- Have no fear when talking about the course, you are always taken care of.
- Dont worry about your own needs, you just do work for AoL, get people to the course, and your needs will automatically get taken care of.

Just as a footnote, all this feedback is being given by AoL people with tremendous fear and difficulty, not because of what AoL people will do to them, but because of their own beliefs and concepts that if they do any harm to a holy man or a holy or good cause, tremendous harm will befall them out of the bad karma that will come to them as a result. No one needs to tell someone from an Indian heritage that if you harm a holy man (or cause) you or someone you love will suffer from cancer of will break a bone, or something like that. This is already ingrained and imprinted firmly in their mindsets. So speaking out is truly difficult.

At 8/27/2009 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" not because of what AoL people will do to them..."

Anonymous that is a LIE. You are ex or yet to leave whatever aolite. But simply because you are hindu, you are defnding hindu ssrs.

That is perjury.
Let communal prejudices not mar Justice.

At 8/27/2009 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In fact Chuckji alone is very correct.
"..."...of our own relentless greed for "spiritual knowledge", ie personal power and specialness."

Hence Anonymous don't attempt to obfuscate with your crafty concocted theory about the hindus belief/fear yadayada.

At 8/27/2009 4:19 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

No disparaging of Hindus or Indians allowed here, although the ideas and beliefs are up for discussion.

At 8/27/2009 4:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I understand that. But that is how people in India judge.he is hindu guru/ brahmin after all/if christians pastors can live so flamboyantly why not hindu gurus... and so on.Am not making it up.Everything seen through communal or casteist colours.

Simple right/wrong rules taught by our parents...have we forgotten to calculate 2 plus 2 equal four??

At 8/27/2009 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idea or belief is that if one speaks out against or otherwise does anything to malign an enlightened master, or his spiritual mission to help people, then one will suffer the unpleasant Karmic consequences of that. Even if the said master is not enlightened (as advertised), even ex-AoL and the blog-owner here has acknowledged that AoL and SK does help many people who take to it. There is nothing Eastern or Western about this belief (of not harming good causes), of course. Its quite common in all cultures. Just the wording may be different. As you sow, so you reap.. and so on and so forth.

This is specially the case because one is not sure of the alleged issues anyway. Anonymous allegations on a blog don't prove a thing, so the question of doing justice really does not arise, as one is not sure. Justice can only be done when there is real proof. Even if there is proof, it has to be balanced with the good-doings of AoL, i.e. the teachings and practices which (as acknowledged) are doing good to many people.

So why speak out when one really is not sure of the negatives of AoL, and perhaps maligning will adversely affect one's karma balance? This is not a minor issue for a person who believes in Karma.

Forget about Hinduism, casteism, etc...(pro or anti) don't confuse the issue/readers here.

At 8/27/2009 5:17 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

The idea or belief is that if one speaks out against or otherwise does anything to malign an enlightened master, or his spiritual mission to help people, then one will suffer the unpleasant Karmic consequences of that.

You've just described a component of the folk theory of enlightenment, that to confront a guru is a great sin, as it would be the same thing as confronting God Himself. That is nothing more than mere superstition. Sri Sri, enlightened or not, is just another person. Anyone, enlightened or not, is just another person in the end. They are just as subject to all the forces and whims of the universe as anyone else. There is no special risk in criticizing them, regardless of what superstitious folks want to believe.

However, like most big-time gurus, Sri Sri uses the folk theories to promote himself as a living God, and to both attract new converts as well as discourage members from leaving or speaking out. In the end, it is all hogwash, despite the importance some Hindus may place on it.

At 8/27/2009 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are stating facts & opinions. Not conjecturing.I am categorically not into theology.

Thank God I am no lawyer or judge or anyone with an axe to grind.

Let me say ssrs is answerable to Ashtavakra & Vaasishta & Patanjali.

Why should the mention of such a noble word Justice agitate you?

ssrs always bleats " choice is yours blessing is mine"

May ssrs be hoist on his own petard !!!

At 8/27/2009 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In fact , those who hold ssrs in regard for whatever reasons, if afraid of karmic boomeranging, there is a simple remedy. Do skriya.That is what ssrs prescribed for your access to peace. So why fear?

You have nothing to fear.You aolites know very well we have no tangible, verifiable proof. You have the mighty ssrs empire plus all kriyas in your quiver.Lots of money in charities & donations.

Scream jaigurudev. Most of you or all of you have lost your egos also.Wallowing in nothingness.

It is winwin always for you.

At 8/27/2009 6:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in Rishikesh for an Advanced Course. There were almost 500 participants present in the Kalikamliwala Ashram. Among those present was the Baroness of The Times of India group- Indu Jain. One day,during the evening satsang SSRS sat on the podium along with some Heads of Ashrams and Mutths of Rishikesh.They were his guests. These guys were "Saints"and Swamis (I'll bet they are also as hypocritical as SSRS.My laison with AoL makes me disbelieve ALL such guys). Halfway through the satsang , SSRS told all of us to turn around and sit with our backs facing the stage. He asked us to continue with a bhajan. When that got over, SSRS chickled asking us to turn back again. He said he wanted to show his guests how obedient his followers were, that even if he asked us to do something this foolish, his following would simply follow his commands-no questions asked. He had used all of us to prove his point and superiority to his guests.
So, all those in AoL, how can you trust such a man? He will only mislead you for his gains. Wake up AoLites!!

At 8/27/2009 10:35 PM, Anonymous Dada said...

I like your comments.

At 8/27/2009 10:47 PM, Anonymous commonsense said...

I have been following this thread for a while, and I feel compelled to comment on the physiological effects of SK. I have an advanced degree in biological science (yes, a real science degree, not like Sri Sri’s), and I have also taken the AoL course. After reading recent posts, I scanned the literature regarding hyperventilation and its effects on the body. I found numerous articles reporting harmful effects of hyperventilation, contrary to what our “practising MD” of 8/26 has implied. Even a cursory search for hyperventilation on Wikipedia reveals all of the many harmful causes and effects of hyperventilation before stating near the end:

“Although it seems counterintuitive, breathing too much can result in a decrease in the oxygen supply to the brain. Doctors sometimes artificially induce hyperventilation after head injury to reduce the pressure in the skull, though the treatment has potential risks. [2]”

If you are a layperson and want an unbiased overview of what hyperventilation does to the body, please visit the wikipedia site:

To summarize, hyperventilation excessively rids the body of carbon dioxide. Low carbon dioxide causes blood vessels to constrict, and constricted vessels carry less blood and oxygen to the different parts of the body (including the brain). This is a condition known as hypoxia. And it doesn’t take a practicing MD to realize that starving cells from oxygen causes their death. So yes, hyperventilation can lead to the death of brain cells.

Hyperventilation is also associated with panic disorders—it can both be a symptom of a panic attack, as well as induce panic attacks in some who are particularly susceptible. This was confirmed in my own experience years ago when one of my friends took the part 1 course. She could not get through her home kriya practice without getting an anxiety attack. Even after she called the teacher and explained what was happening, he insisted that she continue with her practice and that it was just a sign of the stress leaving her. Thankfully, she eventually just quit doing the practice and she was fine. The following link will take you to the abstract of a good review article that reports on the link between panic disorder and hyperventilation:$=relatedreviews&logdbfrom=pubmed

This information has greatly disturbed me, and I can’t believe such an unnatural and harmful practice is done regularly by so many. Who knows what effect it could have years down the line? All I can say is please take the time to educate yourselves before doing a practice that feels or seems unnatural, even though the immediate aftereffect might be pleasant. This is no different than doing drugs.

At 8/27/2009 11:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" This is no different than doing drugs. "

PRECISELY. Absolutely spot on the entire post!

Also most ( would of course coyly deny particularly Indians( yes Jody Indians as they are perennially holier than thou branding all the rest in the world as decadent, horny whatever I know I know all are not like that exceptions prove the rule.) opt for hatha yoga & pranayama for its aphrodisiacal dizzying non stop/multiple orgasms whatever.

Iyengar another such yoga guru is quite knowledgeable as the rest. That Iyengar repeatedly told on indian tv channel:

The WHITES yes he emphatically said that despite his earnest attempts to LOL...." spiritualize " them were only interested in sex sex sex.....

And talked about positionssss.
Which country is overpopulated???

I plead not guilty.

At 8/28/2009 1:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


My intense anger is only towards ssrs & such charlatans.Who are never going to face any enquiry.

I empathise with the victims because I too was equally taken for several such rides.

I am writing in a frenzied manner because why nobody ever warned us about the dangers like statutory warnings? Why always brought God's Name? Because only then we would be conned for sure.

The instinctive feeling inside something is not ok but who to ask...I am bringing in the name of America because we read at least the culprits/wrongdoers are never exonerated.

Here in India they are further apotheosized.And blame us the mutely indignant victims with the well worn previous karma papam, your evil proclivities..etc.

It is seriously a dangerous brain washing cult.

And casually shrug offering us pathetic limp solace:

" Don't worry all Brahmam all atma part, whole...."

At least you in the West reach out alerting others with good intentions.

Here in India...forget it.

At 8/28/2009 5:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Anonymous who writes:

" In India....for years altogether " has stated the truth.

If we only we could jettison this fetish for political correctness.

I am from an orthodox brahmin family.My father & paternal grandparents guarded me like Bruce Lee.No dance class, no music class, etc. There was a reason which I came to know much later as in a frenetic chaotic too many parasites infested family , not even 5 mins to have a heart to heart talk with your own father in privacy.

But my father Bruce Lee suddenly died of heart attack.And everything got messed up.

Music/Dance divine art no doubt. But Teachers alas are not necessarily so. Sexual abuses, unsavoury conduct, premarital,extra marital, incest you name it ---all have Aaaaalways existed in India.Which was why the strict No.

But everyone has the right to make choices/ nature finds its own way/indescretions of youth etc etc.Life moved on chaotically then as now.

Whatever faults we highlight today in Christianity also were there among hindus also (ok indians) sigh) always.

Why Indians/hindus take your pick raise a hue and cry in all fora America/West take your pick is solely responsible for exporting all these bad bad hedonism. Never allowing us to live in a nanosecond of tranquility.

When our children want to marry for LOVE ( now Love is something ,this is my own perception based on my own close encounters with my own brood of parasitical ill wishers cloaked as well wishers/relatives take your pick so please hindus don't bludgeon me to death as I am long dead embodied brahman pure existence consciousness bereft of Bliss though (paradoxical) ....sigh...totally alien to them yes Love.

So when our children want to marry for LOVE why not let them Live & MAKE LOVE ( Oh yes that is another extremely vital issue) ? Why intimidate with dire threats like Vedic Vishnu will get angry, because vedic dharmam will collapse etc etc......

What religion will their children belong to? world will come to an end... And I know very well most hindus are truly persecuting people like us with quotations again.

Why are hindus sedulously creating a chimerical illusion that they would be denied Hindu God's Grace/benediction whatever?

Learn from America/West please.Respect everyone's boundaries .

At 8/28/2009 6:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recall ontheotherhand with ardent sincerity pretty much summed up all that we are discussing again now.

Told ssrs threatened " i could destroy you " fixing him with baleful glare that OTOH despite his will just could not move & stood riveted. how ssrs spread a red cloth in midnight ( truly blackmagic) sadhnating like HiranyakashipuVichitraveerya.Ordained he should never touch yoga vaasishtam, ashtavakra samhita without ssrs permission as his brain would get addled.....

Why OTOH was alacritously threatened in this very blog by fellow aolites? Now suddenly posturing as whistle blowers.

Fugitives from Justice ofcourse.

ssrs & father's TAFE inventory scam, truck businessscam, chit fund scam pretty much everything we came to know only in this blog through him/her/it.

See for yourself how much ssrs expanded in inverse proportions.Only two days ago somebody told me ssrs is not celibate. WHere or who is the wife then?

Who is guilty?

At 8/28/2009 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question- is SK not "controlled" hyperventilation? So not harmful? Also, the home practice is very short, could that also be harmful? And in AoL they recommend a long kriya only once a week, so how can once a week harm? Two back to back kriyas happen only in the basic initiation course. I know many participants feel spacey even after that, atleast till the end of the course. I ask these questions though I am a teacher but cannot get answers to these from AoL. Because AoL has doctors of high positions supporting SK.

At 8/28/2009 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon said "Btw, I savour Chuckji's 'unchaste' style.That is exactly what these charlatans deserve."

OMG,Even the horse has a Fanclub,
now i've seen it all.
Anyway anon is the only one who can understand the horse called Chuck. Hope they get it together.

At 8/28/2009 1:58 PM, Anonymous commonsense said...

The term hyperventilation is loosely defined by wikipedia as the act of breathing faster than necessary, and it can cause lightheadedness, tingling/numbness in the limbs, dizziness, headache, and sometimes fainting. This pretty much summarizes the definitions given in the medical dictionary, perhaps a more reputable source (link is pasted below).

In the medical literature, when studies are done using “controlled hyperventilation”, the actual amount of CO2 exhaled by an individual is measured by a capnometer and respiration rate is controlled to achieve a set amount of CO2 exhaled. So I don’t think SK falls under the category of “controlled hyperventilation”.

But keeping semantics aside, breathing 30+ breaths per minute for 3-4 minutes is enough to induce panic attacks in individuals with panic disorder. This is called the “hyperventilation challenge test”, and is commonly used in such studies. So let us use this value of 30 breaths per min for 3-4 minutes as a way to quantify hyperventilation.

So is SK equal to hyperventilation? Does it involve breathing 30+ breaths per minute?

Well, lets take the home practice of 20+40+40 breaths (=100 breaths) X 3 cycles of this (=300 breaths total). My AoL teacher instructed 10 minutes of breathing in the home practice, which comes to 30 breaths per min on average over the 10 min kriya. And that is if you strictly adhere to the guidelines. In the class, I have heard many around me breathe much faster and for much longer than instructed. As for the long kriya, I have been told the total breathing time is 30 minutes, but I do not know the average number of breaths per minute. Perhaps I’ll attend a session and find out.

Also, SK does fit the description and symptoms I have found for hyperventilation listed above. That is, SK does involve breathing faster than necessary, and causes lightheadedness, numbness, dizziness etc. (from my own experience and that reported by others).

So to answer your question anon of 8/28, I believe yes, SK IS hyperventilation, and it IS harmful according to my own quick investigation of the literature. I have pasted some links to my sources below:

I am not an MD, but I am pretty sure that any kosher MD would advise against voluntary hyperventilation due to its known harmful side effects (please see my recent post for details). I do encourage you all to ask a doctor you can trust if you are in doubt.

Good Luck!

At 8/28/2009 8:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" OMG,Even the horse has a Fanclub,
"now i've seen it all.
Anyway anon is the only one who can understand the horse called Chuck. Hope they get it together"

ROTFL......such priceless farty deduction can come only from an indian brain. Told ye......

Aiyo paavam .....I meant literary style Your Thundering Thighness !

Ahh! Dogs of War....Veera Marthaanda Bhairavarae Kudharithuppuga......

At 8/29/2009 6:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ellen writes:

" Whichever creator god or no god you believe in, you were created with a discriminating faculty of mind. 'Oneness', if it really is oneness, includes the discriminating mind, so make good use of what is given. 'Oneness' includes the ego. 'Oneness' means that NOTHING AT ALL is excluded ".

Appadah ! This patent truth so self evident, these evil black magic charlatans weave some kind of spell with empty verbiage of words, throw in lots of quotations from Sacred Scriptures , burn some cheap incense, sit on a throne or pedastal making suckersss like uss genuflect/lick These scumbags don't even acknowledge graciously our namaskarams but grab the mandatory offerings, money, sweets , expensive chocolates, nuts, flowers and toss the SAME back at us .

We the silly exult and coo "i only got this big piece of whatever Ah i am so blessed...some even hold our cheeks planting saliva filled kisses when I entreat " please I want Moksha (yours truly)i am truly fed up disenchanted with this charade called life , chuckling hehe kedakkum kedakkum kuduthaen indha pudi ( here i have given through my kiss it will work ) My God ! So galling.I was such a gullible grovelling idiot putting up with all kinds of violent exploitations as expiation (prayaschitta) for my pile of sins.Where are the sins? How can these thugs see my so called sin when without looking at a clock can't know the time even....

This modicum of common sense I did not have.None of the so called caretakers bothered to bust my stupidity.

Proves all done WANTONLY with MALICIOUS GUILE.....Is this llllovvve??

Javed Akthar raised the right question which ofcourse dindubinduinduhindu goons called indoomuslim animosity whatever.

useless indooos.

At 8/29/2009 11:07 AM, Anonymous God is a DJ said...

Bhastrika pranayam is hyperventilation too. Done supervised or in moderation it isn't harmful, but if overzealously done one can suffer physical harm - it is extremely catabolic.

Nithyananda's "chaotic breathing" segment of his meditation (the term and technique cribbed from Osho) is pretty risky as well, especially if done vigorously as recommended.

At 8/30/2009 6:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That you find many MDs in high position support the SK does not mean a lot. In any case, there are not that many important MDs in the movement, and the only 1 or 2 really important MDs have left the organization in bad terms. I have met many renown MDs, not affiliated to AoL in any way, who work in international research institutions finding the published researches on SK inconclusive, incomplete, unprofessional and lacking objectivity. We need to assess the information given to us with intelligence, not cheerleading enthusiam, the one taught to us in TTC, DSN, basic courses. SSRS and company tend to rank up numbers and use information in manipulative ways. It is also not true SK is good for everyone. I have had many students who have not benefited from the practices and some even ended up undergoing medical treatments. We were trained to not pay attention to these accounts or, instead, tell them they were "eliminating, detoxing, purifying, unstressing." The problem was with them, never with us, our techniques, etc. The best reference is the many teachers, specially senior and full timers, who suffer so many health problems. Even many AoL ayurvedic doctors have shared how shocked and worried they are with the many teachers they find in serious health situations, and that, when telling SSRS, he would ignore their warnings. Moreover, I know of teachers, myself included, who went to SSRS to tell them doctors have asked them to take a break and look into their health, and instead of showing concern or care, he replied there is no time. How many of us have sacrificed our health, thinking it was for the greater cause, when it was only for his selfish ambition? The irony is we all preached and promoted health, joy, peace, things that were not taken care of indoors. In any case, after a period of time, even that joy, well-being were feelings we trained to say we felt all the time in order to sell something.

At 8/30/2009 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Btw , somebody told me aol has their own marriage bureau & that marriages can and should take place only among aol members.

A similar cult is Krishna Premi in Paranur in Tamil Nadu.Some say their guruji has 6/8 wives.You dare not ask any question as he is considered Lord Krishna Himself by the followers.Mostly very influential & rich iyengar & some iyer brahmins.

Agreed , his Bhagavatha Pravachanam is uplifting. But that is due to the inherent potency of Srimad Bhagavatham. Instead this narrator gets apotheosized.Rest follow.All these vital information I gathered over a protracted period .

In my interactions, I have found indians purposely never give you all relevant , pertinent inputs upfront. His mission is also the same--charges exorbitant fees for pravachan(discourses) but as everyone else claim all these go towards holy projects( temple buildings/renovation, dairy farms, and so on. All very noble I agree.

BUT , when they (womenfolks including his wives,his daughter inlaw has taken over as he is old) are perennially clad in nothing short of expensive silks, diamonds , living not that austerely ,( they have some luxuriously equipped vehicles with high tech gizmos etc) everything runs downright contrary to what our Aacharyas prescribe.

Kaanchi Paramacharya has repeatedly exhorted the brahmins to give up silks as silkworms are killed for that.When I asked someone he was stunned & replied:

" how dare you , they are all the very Krishna ,Radha, Lakshmi etc etc themselves.This very thought in your mind is a sin & you are going to suffer ".

Know what, charges for a discourse in Mylapore would be fivefold more than in some interior village.

Reason: " mangoes , milk, coffee (in short sumptuous meals) everything cost more here "

Everything works like a vicious circle.Someone will go to a soothsayer/astrologer.Or forcibly dragged as in my case. Depending upon their financial clout remedial measures would be trotted out. One such is arranging Bhagavatha Sapthaham/bhajans/discourses or any soirees as long as words like holy sathsangs(sic) are bandied.

Recently in my *washing of sins routine* I was handed over a list in which this was included.

That is how I came to know.I chucked the list and feel relieved.

At 8/30/2009 12:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous :

" The irony is we all preached and promoted health, joy, peace, things that were not taken care of indoors. In any case, after a period of time, even that joy, well-being were feelings we trained to say we felt all the time in order to sell something ".

So poignantly put.

At 8/30/2009 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:

" if they do any harm to a holy man or a holy or good cause, tremendous harm will befall them out of the bad......
or something like that "

But the crucial truth is these deluded demons are anything but HOLY !

govt of india is never going to bestir itself a wee bit as most politicians (all parties included...there alone exists unity) have a nexus with these fake gurus. In downright corrupt india , tax scrutiny can be waived only with this nexus.

For quite sometime like chauvinistic indoos I also thought , indians were sharply vertically divided as pious hindus and wicked muslims.

Thank God for Islam ! How else would fumigation take place?

Recall ssrs has indian police & army personnel also under his sway.One of the brain dead devotees claimed ssrs with his kriyas spread all over the world would ensure that people spray only water guns .Thus replacing real weapons . And thus would ensure peace.

This is as scary as Jim Jones cult. ssrs *brahmin* status further fortifies his invincible arrogance.

At 8/30/2009 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iago like , with persistent obstinacy aolites solicit every normal person to join & try skriya in public places.

While walking in a park , I was handed over a brochure to join & I told I have no stress for which that brain dead zombie (yes because he is IIT engineer in a middle management position )replied:

" As long as you are wearing a watch , you would not know its weight.When you remove it, you feel unburdened.Likewise , only after you do it, you will access hidden toxins in your psyche....Many reluctant like you after doing exclaimed , the 60 kuwaiti dinars we gave is pittance.We want to give more....we have worldwide branches Poland , Argentina....."

And blabbered further about ssrs featuring in CNN , UN etc. His wife a teacher in a local school also aol advanced teacher shepherding herdlike all the wards into kriyas.

At 8/30/2009 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Even many AoL ayurvedic doctors have shared how shocked and worried they are with the many teachers they find in serious health situations..."

This was a given. It is only the genuinely ill that need medication.
Whereas aol teachers conduct *nadi shodhana* feeling the pulse with just the right amount of bemused concern and sell so called ayurvedic(sic)drugs charging quite exorbitantly.All go to charities spiel.

Who knows what kind of narcotics are filled inside the capsules? To give just one instance ashwagandha is a potent aphrodisiac (an adaptogen also right , nevertheless) that I found several bottles in one aolite's house.

Things have come to such a sorry state seems , we are facing choices filled destruction.Either at aol , or in the hands of allopaths with their vaccines , organs harvesting , polluted water, contaminated ,adulterated food, spurious drugs.

ssrs has craftily introduced ayurvedic cooking courses abroad.Endorsed with syrupy tributes from many professional women doctors & housewives.

Introducing the same in India on such a lavish scale would be like carrying coal to Newcastle. Or maybe he has. I don't know. Such a diabolical CHEAT.In my eyes he is one colossal consummate Terrorist.

At 8/30/2009 10:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have my doubts about AOL and SK, but there are some experiences I cannot explain, so I am posting some if them here so that if someone has any scientific or psychological knowledge of how this happens, then they can explain it. I myself have a masters degree in science and work for a technology company, so I want to know how this works:

I have had senior AOL teachers give me a blessing by placing their palm on my head (my eyes closed) (loose contact - not sure if there was any contact at all), and a surge of energy fills me from the head and in the entire body. Immediately I've experienced my entire body filled with a high energy vibration for the time when the blessing is going on (Palm is on my head). I felt this high energy surge into my body like a vibration. My body itself was not vibrating, it was like all the cells or atoms were suddenly internally vibrating. I remain in a high energy state for a few days after this, though the vibration feeling goes away when the blessing is done.

This has happened to me twice in AOL courses. Once it happened when I just approached the teacher at the end of the class and asked for his blessing. The other time it was part of a process in a course. I was not expecting it at both times. I doubt if any suggestion was planted or anything like that.

At other times when I have taken blessings from other teachers, or others, I have not felt this vibration or energy. Sometimes I feel a warmth, which is similar to the warmth that I feel when taking a reiki treatment, but not the intense energy vibration that I felt at those two times. The vibration I felt during those two times was much more than what I felt in the reiki that I have taken.

Can someone explain how this can happen? Please don't suggest Shakti path or any Shakti business. Any other ideas. I have a feeling that there is a rational explanation to this experience.

At 8/31/2009 1:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Click on the above link & listen very carefully to one Dr Usha Peri of aol selling ayurvedic cooking (22 mins)

Am reminded of what I read in a book by Otto Jesperson:

Instead of breaking an egg if I were to " teach " (like ssrs)

with the base at one end & the apex at the other make an aperture ensuring the shell is emptied of its contents....

I don't live in America. But the talks create an illusion all these pious indoos are under siege. If so, why are they tenaciously ensconced in America??

Indoos preen they are all vegetarians. NO WAY.

Most of them are not. Asia's largest abattoir is in India.

The world has been moving ahead imperceptibly.YET instead of looking at the ground realities they are analysing the past. Without realising they don't have the same gravitas as say a Ranthi Devan or Sri.Ramakrishna Paramahamsar.

At 8/31/2009 1:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the same link it is sheer torture listening to one rishi.nityapragya on " current religious divide in india ".

Culture vultures.Most of us hindus celebrate a plethora of festivals only to gorge on lots of varieties of food. Period.

At 8/31/2009 3:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon said: Anonymous said...
Ahh! Dogs of War....Veera Marthaanda Bhairavarae Kudharithuppuga......

Zzzzzz. snore
Nice to see, you speak the same language as your Horsey Lover.

At 8/31/2009 3:21 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

anon said ..."Appadah ! This patent truth so self evident, these evil black magic charlatans weave some kind of spell with empty verbiage of words, throw in lots of quotations from Sacred Scriptures , burn some cheap incense, sit on a throne or pedastal making suckersss like uss genuflect/lick "

i couldnt have put it better myself!

At 8/31/2009 4:22 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

anon said - "ROTFL......such priceless farty deduction can come only from an indian brain. Told ye......"

can we stop having these kind of racist comments please?

i find them esp offensive since i am asian too but on all and any thread i post on, it has always been about breaking thru superstition, blind faith and devotion...

not once have i made a comment pro ignorance, abuse or superstition ...

quite the opposite actually...

so pls stop stereotyping us all...

At 8/31/2009 8:57 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

some anonymush head said..."Thank God for Islam ! How else would fumigation take place?"

In the same vain I'm guessinwe could say, Thank God for disease and pestilence! Thank God for buzzards, ticks, chiggers, and poison oak! Thank God for the hate filled mullahs who talk cult brained young people into blowing theirselves up for the glory of Islam's sick god! Thank God for Islam that makes some women wrap up from head to toe so they won't forget they are the property of a man! Thank God for Islam!

At 8/31/2009 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course there is a nexus between these Gurus and Politicians. India earns a substantial amount of foreign exchange from these Gurus.Because of which Indu Jain of Times of India had even asked that this be declared a spiritual industry so that they could receive huge amounts from tax reductions/grants/subsidies. The Fimance Minister Chidambaram turned down the proposal as this "industry" was too fragmented and not transparent enough. SSRS has her(Indu Jain) in his fold. However, she visits ALL gurus and this "spiritualism" is just a money making scheme for Times of India. And have they made a lot!!

At 9/01/2009 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Chuck I meant Islam with reference to corrupt India alone.

At 9/01/2009 1:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

quackers ,

I certainly don't like the levity with which you referred to Chuck (who has his heart in the right place). Inappropriate & not very decorous too your comment.

An apology would have been better.Instead you raise the well worn racist card. It is truth/honesty we stand for.Not your presumptuous prejudices.

At 9/01/2009 1:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Zzzzzz. snore
Nice to see, you speak the same language as your Horsey Lover."

Gratifying to hear that. He has ever been gracious. Chew on that. Might whittle down your hubris a teenyweeny bit after 100 janmas !

At 9/01/2009 1:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An overwhelming number of Indians cannot absolve themselves. As a Hindi movie * Halla Bol * shows very explicitly what a criminal ssrs is.

At 9/01/2009 5:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you don't like Art of Living,you are free to give your comments.
But, AOL is not representative of Hindus or Indians.
NO need to say anything about Hindus or India. If you cann't understand the tradions and culture, just shut up. If you want to point out some negatives, first look into yourself.

At 9/01/2009 6:02 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

for all gurus who abuse and say it was for your own good, and for anyone else who actually enjoy following such a "master"...

book yourself into an s&m dungeoon, you'll get all the pain, and you'll also be told, "it's your own fault", you'll also get some kicks and kinks out of it...

if that's your thing...

and if thru pain enlightenment is found, you might just get that too...

and boy, what a way to go...!

At 9/01/2009 7:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Ramdev became a household name with his yoga, Sri Sri too wanted a share of the limelight thus he came up with his own brand of yoga, Sri Sri Yoga. People who have attended these sessions say its so basic and boring.

Now in AOL anyone can become a teacher, more so an yoga teacher, in a grand time of nine days and a few hundred USD you are certified as a Sri Sri Yoga teacher.These teachers have no inkling about yoga,how do they correct a students posture when they themselves are half baked. What irks is how AOL promotes Sri Sri Yoga as the most comprehensive and best yoga as their discipline of yoga incorporates the Gurus profound and sacred knowledge.

In the end its all about the money.

At 9/01/2009 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the Anon ignorantly wrote these in the above comment " in a grand time of nine days and a few hundred USD you are certified as a Sri Sri Yoga teacher." ;

I am not AOL fan or whatever however when people like you make such false, uninformed and hatred statements without finding out truth based on someones comment feel ashamed of yourself for writting stuff like this.

FYI: There are 2 parts in sri sri yoga - The part I requires almost 4 weeks of intensive training and you don't become a teacher. For the grads of Part I who wish to participate in part II needs to meet certain criteria and not all those who attend part II which goes on for another 4 weeks and at the end not everyone is made the teacher only the people who aready qualified to do majority of the postures and with good teaching abilities.

In my opinion AOL has good techniques to offer , but don't get in to guru worship unnecessarily.

Great to see few intelligent ones in this blog already warning others not to generalize people and their behaviors using a country, race or religion or their backgrounds. I am sure you can find huge number of ignorant blogs catering to those audience, please stay with the subject in hand here.

At 9/01/2009 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"ROTFL......such priceless farty deduction can come only from an indian brain. Told ye......"

What is in our brains is still a million times better then what is coming out of yours

You ought to see how you come across

Ugly aint the word.

At 9/01/2009 12:43 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Ok, folks. This isn't about Indian vs. whatever. This is about greedy gurus who foster personality cults to enrich their families. It happens everywhere, not just in India. The racism is now over here. Comments like the above will henceforth be deleted.

At 9/01/2009 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous asks:

" Can someone explain how this can happen? Please don't suggest Shakti.... explanation to this experience."

Once I was admitted in a hospital owing to violent retching & hammering headache. Could not even speak a word. I still cannot forget her.

A Romanian nurse called Aura ( have to mention as there were a lot more nurses & doctors too) walked in and looked after me. Her very presence and touch were very soothing. I attribute it to her inherent compassion & unfeigned concern.

Further I had to be given a particular fluid which is very inexpensive. None of the nurses why my own husband (hindu I am also hindu) would not part with the money. (he was hemming & hawing got to attend a meeting very busy)

She went down , purchased it with her own money , fed me personally never leaving my side till I was discharged.

Borrowing Somerset Maugham 's summing up in Salvatore " goodness...sheer goodness "

At 9/01/2009 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is one so called ayurvedic hospital/spa in Mylapore Chennai. promising cure for incurable diseases.

Only NOW after some woman complained to the police how she was swindled & conned , gruesomely shocking truths are coming out.And now lots of former patients have started coming out with their complaints.

That he had been feeding tiger meat and stuff like that calling himself Raja Vaidhya Parampara.

On being arrested he has the temerity to say :

" It is Saturn (7and a half year Saturn)that is the cause of all this. I will come back and resume my practice ".

At 9/01/2009 4:57 PM, Anonymous ellen said...

'I have my doubts about AOL and SK, but there are some experiences I cannot explain...'

I personally prefer the other anon's explanation of 'goodness, sheer goodness' which is probably true in the instance you relate and the nurse who was so kind.

However a skilled person does not have to be good to induce such feelings, try this explanation for starters:

and look on you-tube for some skilled magicians and hypnotists such as Derren Brown and Penn and Teller.
Of course we all produce our own feelings, a skilled manipulator has just cottoned on how to make us produce those feelings and then takes the credit.

Personally, I venerate the mule (not horse)--by far the sanest creature amongst us godbotherers.

At 9/02/2009 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are now asking for money for the Palestine project. In an email entitled: "Fundraising appeal for Palestine initiative." I can't but think this is all for propaganda and in his attempt to get more solid facts to earn the Nobel Peace Prize. There are so many regions affected by conflicts, yet, as a former teacher, I can say, SSRS does not care for all affected areas, unless it brings him some publicity. Iraq, Tsunami, ... they were all big names for him to capture pictures, video footages, some citizen award somewhere, something to mention in a publc talk, but nothing that meant any major work or real results, except we all, like him, kept repeating the stories like parrots. Why does it feel so crooked? Why does it seem they are using the tough situation of some poor people for selfish purposes?

At 9/02/2009 11:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is Saturn (7and a half year Saturn)that is the cause of all this. I will come back and resume my practice."

Sounds too familiar. SSRS has been warning in satsangs all over the world that many old timers will be leaving the movement but that it is because we are going through an astrological moment that creates doubts and if you are not strong enough, it will put you out of the path. To which he tells people to chant Om Namah Shivaya when this happens.

First he tells us not to believe in astrologers but then he warns us of an astrological moment causing problems. Should we or should we not believe in astrology after all?

It shows how he thinks people are stupid. It is not our intelligence or our gut feelings or our core values that make us see and not agree any longer with the incoherences, the lack of ethical practices, etc.

Such wicked manipulation. And if that was the case, I thank the stars for letting me see what AoL and SSRS are really about! Long live the stars!

At 9/03/2009 1:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if all the unethical practices, lies and manipulations that are occurring in the AoL are also results of star influences!

The difference between an inspirational leader and a narcissistic leader is the latter does not ever recognize any mistake nor feel ever any remorse. I think we got a match here!

In any case, I wonder what spell he put on the chanting of om namah shivaya. He clearly is not concerned for those leaving nor those still there, but only on the numbers on his chart, his reputation, and his narcissistic ego, which is getting too big in any case.

Should he go beg in the streets maybe?

At 9/03/2009 8:45 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

anonymouse said...Personally, I venerate the mule (not horse)--by far the sanest creature amongst us godbotherers."


I thank you good buddy or budda as the case may be for takin up for my mule, Da Free Jack! But here I must warn you that the mule is not as pure farted as he seems to be. As the one and only disciple of Free Jack, I can tell you I have done seen it all... The knockin down of fences to get at innocent shetland ponies! The attempts to promote hissself as an spiritual authority and an oraphice for folks just so they'd bring him mollases balls! I've seen the boy crush an innocent field mouse under his hooves as casual as you or I would kill a flea or a tick! The mule is a rascal and not fit to be venerated as such! Still, I am unable not to love the critter... I am much like the devotees of She She and others who caint bare to loose the love they feel for their masters, who would ignore sins and insults to brush the grass burrs out of theri tales! Does this win me any credit with Da Free Jack? Not a bit... The boy goes on shitting in his own bed and I go on cleanin it up...

At 9/04/2009 5:30 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

anon said "They are now asking for money for the Palestine project. In an email entitled: "Fundraising appeal for Palestine initiative." I can't but think this is all for propaganda"

oh dont worry if you think that's bad, prem rawat's organisation is now accepting "loans" from devotees to arrange his speaking programs...

and prem rawat constantly does fundraising events too...

i think they went to the same school in india too, probably explains alot...

i tell ya, these two could be brothers, 2 peas in a pot, or 2 pisses in a pot, take your pick.

At 9/06/2009 6:12 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

anon said " Those Saints ( include all Meera,Namdev ,Kabir,Muthuswamy Dikshithar all of them) poured out what they Received.DID NOT sing and ensnare The Almighty".

how lovely, thanks anon

At 9/07/2009 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THank Ramana Bhagavan!!!

Not me. I was the perfect idiot.

At 9/11/2009 7:41 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

yeah, thank him, whoever he was.

At 9/13/2009 12:37 PM, Anonymous betty said...

Interesting how people even make gods of great seers like Ramana. Making a god of Ramana Maharishi only diminishes him.

At 9/13/2009 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So many comments and posts on Ravi Shankar, but not one on the man who claims to 'cure' homosexuality and millions of his followers blindly believe him. He's even bought an island on bonny Scotland and is making it into a cheap Yoga curry island. I wonder whether Jody's afraid of this guy's mobs too.

At 9/13/2009 2:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gave six years of my youth to the Art of Living as a volunteer and was exploited by the teachers as a tool for raising more funds and getting more and more people in their courses. The Art of Living TTC seems to turn ordinary Yoga practitioners into these missionary type machines who are ever hungry for more and more people's souls. Anyways, I was thankfully (and that is hindsight) kicked out of my AoL group when I started questioning the feverishness of the teachers (and one teacher in particular) in getting more people to the course,the immaturity and egoistic behaviour of most of the teachers,and the increasing fanaticism, and idol worship of Sri Sri. I was also pissed off when AoL teachers did not let me introduce the members of some well-known charities working in the area of health and education to the AoL members as they thought this was 'taking advantage of AoL's name to make money'. Also the fact that I personally experienced no connection between a vegetarian diet and Yoga (I've been doing Yoga since last 15 years,I eat all kinds of meat in moderation but that has had no adverse effect on my physical and mental health )was a big reason that I moved on very quickly from this organization. Of course I do regret that I was such an emotional fool to have been sucked into this organization and could not keep myself limited to practicing the techniques taught in AoL. Based on my experience of AoL, my advise to others would be to try the courses if you want to, the techniques are good and they work alright, but keep yourself away from the machinations and clutches of their organization.

At 9/15/2009 12:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

betty writes:

" Interesting how people even make gods of great seers like Ramana. Making a god of Ramana Maharishi only diminishes him ".

Call Him Seer/Jnani/Avatar/God/Guru I have absolutely no problem in accepting Him as precisely That.

Ditto with Chandrasekara Bharathi of Sringeri or Kaanchi Paramaacharya or Seshadri Swamigal, Arunagirinaathar and the like.

How on earth can this (sic)'diminish' Him???

" Guru Saakshaath ParaBrahmam " is the unambiguous emphatic declaration of the Vedas.

At 9/15/2009 12:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous@2:11 ,

Vegetarian food is the ideal choice for everyone because no animal gets slaughtered. Even the animals bred & killed are all mostly vegetarians.

Any pain inflicted on any other living creature invariably boomerangs on us. Particularly birds & animals are much more sensitive than humans to pleasure & pain.

Plants also have life yes. But the relative awareness of life is less; mostly it is the produce that are harvested. We can & ought to cultivate more such vegetation.

No animal is asking to be eaten up just as we would recoil at the thought of becoming someone else's meal.

Jesus Christ Himself advocates vegetarianism in Gnostic Christianity which reads exactly like hindus' Sanathana Dharmam.

At 9/15/2009 9:49 AM, Anonymous quackers said...

" betty said...
Interesting how people even make gods of great seers like Ramana. Making a god of Ramana Maharishi only diminishes him."

i was wondering who ramana bhagwan was. ramana maharishi, a great soul. indeed, if he were alive i think he would have objected to the title of god. i think he was much too humble for that, as true saints often are.

At 9/16/2009 9:30 AM, Anonymous betty said...

anonymous said, "How on earth can this (sic)'diminish' Him???"

It diminishes him because so called gods and avatars are a dime a dozen. To be an avatar now is to be used as a fund raising technique. It seems that no matter how highly educated people are, they still want to believe all their problems can be magically solved by someone sitting on a throne, dressed to kill. The shopping mall type gurus like Ammachi, Sai Baba, and the hopeful avatars like She She and Nithyananda, know that they will not reach their financial goals by being mere seers. They have to be actual gods to get the cash. Since Ramana Maharishi is no longer alive, he is being used in the same manner by the spiritual entrepreneurs who are capitalizing on his fame.

At 10/04/2009 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cut my spiritual teeth in the TM movement. Becoming a teacher in 1973, attending Maharishi International University (MIU) and graduating in 1978. I was a Governor of the Age of Enlightenment I was on Maharishi's Purusha program for a year and lived in Fairfield, Iowa for about ten years, attending program regularly in the golden dome. I've been involved with SSRS for the last 15 years or so. My experience? Well, there is a tremendous amount of bullshit in any spiritual movement. You have to discern the real from the bullshit. I've had tremendous experiences from the TM and the TM-siddhis program. And for me, that is the important thing. I'm involved with SSRS from the edges. I attend group kriyas occasionally, but nobody would dare harass me to attend more! When SSRS comes to town, I always help set-up his room and volunteer to do things and I love it. For me neither Maharishi or SSRS are "frauds" I experience both as powerful gurus, radiating Being. I've had very deep, very personal spiritual experiences with both Maharishi and Sri Sri so I can not dismiss them as frauds, because they're not for me. But I also won't defend them or deny what other people's experiences are with them. I feel bad for the AOL teachers who have posted here. Use some discernment. Bring your complaints to SSRS. Speak honestly to him. You have nothing to lose, right? Your conflicts offer you a huge spiritual opportunity. Don't just jump to another guru thinking that this one will be "okay" for you. The exact same thing will happen again. Notice how "perfect" gurus only exist in the past. Work this stuff out in the spiritual context where you find yourself now. Maybe this means leaving SSRS. I don't know. But don't for one minute think that SSRS is some sort of fake. Bitch, moan, complain, no problem. But you have a real guru with him. But this brings up the question, can someone only be a guru to certain people? That is he's a fraud to one and a Sat Guru to another. Hmmm?

At 10/04/2009 10:33 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

neither Maharishi or SSRS are "frauds" I experience both as powerful gurus, radiating Being. I've had very deep, very personal spiritual experiences with both Maharishi and Sri Sri

That is all 100% on you. Because you believe in these people, you project the "radiating Being" on to them. Being doesn't radiate, it's 100% here, all the time, at full strength. But because you believe it radiates, you internally generate an experience to accommodate the belief.

It's a maxim of this blog that very bad gurus can work really good for the right people. Another is that any "power" the guru appears to possess is brought by the devotee. The guru is just a screen upon which you project your own power.

At 10/04/2009 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes you think we were teachers who walked out without discussing the issues with SSRS many times before we decided to leave? What makes you think that those who have left are wrong, weak, cowards and he is perfect? What makes you not wonder if in fact we all, at some point, or in many occasions faced him with all the issues, and could have been, instead, let down, sometimes betrayed, sometimes manipulated, sometimes set up, sometimes accused wrongly, sometimes even threatened by him? Setting up his room and getting the candies does not entitle you to consider yourself so close nor knowing the real person and the real things that happen behind the scenes. Maybe he is a fraud. Why not. Maybe it is all bull shit. Why not. Ask yourself how come so many people share such similar stories of abuse? Why would anyone invent such stories that carry painful and traumatic emotions? Maybe he is a fraud and he is bullshitting people like you. Hmm?

At 10/04/2009 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Speak honestly to him. You have nothing to lose, right?"

You obviously have never done that, right? Regarding serious issues that involve deceit, sexual abuse, illegal transactions, unethical practices, lack of accountability for "his employees", lies, etc.

SS does not like honesty. He does not take it well at all and he does not like to be challenged. You don't know his angry, revengeful side, right?

At 10/04/2009 11:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apropos comments of Anonymous@9:19 & such similar footsoldiers into damage control overdrive :-

You revere ssrs ; so continue to worship him , period. An overwhelming number of hindus including certain Vedic Priests mulishly defend ssrs citing only one reason , that " he is preventing conversions ( to Christianity/Islam)". Forgetting , that the end does not justify the means.

Anyone who has internalised Vedanta ought to know several Gods or several Truths or several paths to God/Truth don't exist; never existed. Hence would not be intimidated by 'conversions'.

Among hindus in India ssrs wears a hindu mask. While abroad dons the 'secular' hat. In Gulf countries sways & sings along with his sister Bhanu & zombiesque followers:

" Allah..hoo...mere man me dil me Allah...hoo...."

Extremely crafty and fiendishly manipulative.

Wherever he senses crisis brewing , you can find ssrs capitalising on it, peddling his kriyas & abhorrently uninspiring recycled sermons as he is hell bent on Nobel Peace prize.

Went to Sri Lanka after the massacre distributing turmeric , holy ash , kumkum etc.

Went to Chidambaram Natarajar Temple " donating utensils, stove etc " getting crowned & worshipped with more ardour than the Lord Himself.

The devotees effusively promote ssrs claiming he " cures diseases....his spiritual revolution is stormy....yadayada..."

I find no difference between Ravishankar and Benny Hinn.

At 10/05/2009 8:42 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

There is one difference... They say that Benny Hinn likes the womens not the mens!

At 10/09/2009 7:29 AM, Anonymous Dada said...

Latest news:
Obama wins nobel prize of Peace.
and Our Dear Sri Sri miss it again.
Poor guy.
Better luck next time.

At 10/14/2009 7:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This makes me sick already. It is so much BS. All he wants is propaganda and food for his narcissistic ego!

"Millions around the world have experienced freedom from stress and the tremendous healing benefits from taking various Art of Living workshops. It is incredible how the body can heal itself once the mind is calm and deeply rested.

We are creating a new blog to archive the amazing experiences of people from all around the world who have received incredible healing not only for their body but also for the mind.
So many of these powerful and life transforming experiences go untold, yet by just sharing our own experience, it can be a spark of inspiration, and a source of hope to so many others.

Let us be that spark of inspiration, and send in our experiences to:"

Millions is too many. "millions, the biggest, the greatest ..." blablablablabla.

At 10/15/2009 10:46 AM, Anonymous Su said...

Happened to stumble on this website accidentally - love it!

I am actually thinking of a career as a 'Guru'. Respect, Love, Money what else do we want in life ;)

As far as AOL is considered, I took the course 5 years back in San Jose. The breathing techniques were good and I have felt the same with other yoga practices that I have tried (for free)

The discussions were inane to say the least. It was not at all intellectually stimulating. What was disappointing was that the room was filled with educated people. More than 50% of these scientifically inclined minds were buying into this bs without questioning.
That was one of the saddest things I have seen - all the intelligence wasted ..
But kudos to AOL and its marketing for being able to convert the educated class into zombies !

At 10/21/2009 11:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for propogating 'Art of Living', although in a negative way. Love and hate are two parts of same coin. That's how Ravana got enlightened even though he hated Ram and plotted agains him bitterly.

All the best to all the brooding fallen angels.

Jai Guru dev

from a byestander

At 10/26/2009 7:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually you are Ravana(s)
fooling common people by stories of miracles, stolen knowledge from Osho, Krishnamurti etc., false claims of adopting villages, claiming super natural effects of Sudarshan Kriya. Selling costly Ayurveda, books, photos.
You are cheaters.

At 7/07/2017 5:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SriSri is a wannabe Avatar.Thats the problem.


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