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Monday, March 08, 2010

Nithy Leads India's Lewd Godmen

File under: The Siddhi of PR

Look who made the top of the list of naughty (and some downright nasty) gurus:
In the complaint filed with Chennai City Police Commissioner T Rajendran, Lenin, who claimed to be an inmate of the ashram in Bangalore since 2006, said the swami used to lure young women devotees claiming that he was the reincarnation of Lord Krishna.
That's Kreepalu (Kripalu) Maharaj's conceit. He's number three now.



At 3/08/2010 2:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I went for one of the Nithyananda shows in the US.
Nithyananda paid special attention to my husband - asking questions etc? His man friday "Bhaktananda" told him stuff like marriage is an impediment to spiritual realization etc. Needless to say, they did not take to me since I was asking tough questions about some of the stuff they were spouting - what on earth is Ananda Gandha? If woman is so bad howcome all the sapta rishis had wives? Does Nithy know Sanskrit etc? How can Nithyananda be descended from Patanjali when Patanjali was born in modern day Af-Pak?
I was told that I had a big ego and the usual crap. They did not succeed in making me feel small though :)

My husband started listening to youtube videos etc.

When we went the second time, we took a family friend along who understands nuances of Hindu dharma and is a devotee of Ramana Maharishi and Amma. Based on his interaction he told my husnabd that this guy Nithyananda might have 1-2 sidhis but in no way is enlightened. Infact he is a phoney.

Thankfully that put a halt to further visits. I am not surprised by this actress episode at all.

At 3/08/2010 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact Kalki bhagawan is missing says this list is lousy and a big BS.

At 3/08/2010 6:47 PM, Blogger hippie said...

I too experienced Nithy siddhis first hand. I fell into deep meditation and lost body consciousness in his presence. That never happened to me before.

I believed he was enlightened (whatever that means) since he claim it. I soon see the cut-throat money-grabbing nature of his business. It took me longer to realized that it was a fraudulent scam.

At 3/08/2010 10:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hippie ,

As Bhagavan Ramana repeatedly clarifies dhyana is our NATURAL state , what we already are in without realising it. Too many weird concepts about enlightenment constitute the big hurdle.

Losing body consciousness happens in dreamless sleep. In dream you not only create a new body for yourself but also space , more people , sound , materials etc.

Listen to Tatva Bodha ( Tamil by Sri Omkarananda or English by Sri Paramarthananda followed by all their discourses ) for getting clarity.

Paraphrasing what Omkarananda says:

" When someone tells you this is hibiscus flower , would you reply I believe it is hibiscus , but how do I REALIZE this is hibiscus ?"

Ramana Bhagavan says " ...already there is too much of imagination...why sit & visualize this & that.."

Read Aadi Shankarar's Drk drsya vivekam. (Seer-seen) Without the Seer can anything be seen ?

At 3/08/2010 11:54 PM, Blogger hippie said...

Thanks Anon for your knowledge and insights. After I see Nithy's cut-throat exploitative fraudulent scam of a business, I don't care for his movement even if he is indeed enlightened.

Who needs an enlightened godman if he can't be a decent human being while he is in the human body.

I don't much care for enlightenment any more, seen too many abusive "enlightened" masters/gurus/gods/avataars.

At 3/09/2010 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hippie ,

Best , without travelling & spending extravagantly, read what American Nome has written on Advaita Vedanta. The very site is so exquisite. So is His lucid presentation.

To learn any subject be it mathematics , botany , horticulture we learn from normal competent qualified Teachers. Like normal people. We don't let them grope around to get transmission of knowledge. Ditto with Vedanta.

At 3/09/2010 9:24 AM, Blogger hippie said...

American Nome?

Nithy did more evil than just groping around. He had cheated many of large sums, destroyed careers and families, ruined many lives, he was so abusive that there were suicides in his Indian ashram.

At 3/09/2010 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hippie ,

I know how it feels wanton betrayal of trust & abuse. It was x ananda not nithy. But their modus operandi is the same.

My instincts were screaming. Yet the saffron robe , rosary beads , charities & donations industry like annadhanam , goshala & the powerful devotees repeatedly brainwashing. His unmarried woman devotee , a teacher in a school , a post grad was typically the docile saree clad , flowers in hair. I spent months not able to believe what I saw with my own eyes .

There was no one I could even ask. In India saffron colour is that influential. Later I came to know most were in the know. And they actually enjoyed physical intimacy with him.

Ramana Bhagavan ALONE rescued me.

The wounds refuse to heal as he is very much alive , unpunished & much more incredibly violent & arrogant. I lost plenty of money. That the money I gave for his charities he spent for buying his lover's house , the honey , rose water , saffron , nuts , raisins etc I carried for Temple Rituals he diverted to her house gorging on them sprinkling on icecream , rose water for beauty treatment etc. So painstakingly I pieced all together. I gave him lots of electronic gadgets which he said were needed in his ashram.

It is one bizarre story. His full moon puja , this puja that puja Sabarimala pilgrimages all such a colossal sham.

The truth is I NEVER went to him. My terrorist husband ( arranged marriage) dragged me to him calling me an opinionated arguementative wife pleading to him to discipline me.

At 3/09/2010 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a Nithy follower but have been watching recent events with interest.

Please somebody tell me what the difference between siddhis and hypnosis is? In the context of people experiencing so called "energy transmissions" from such fraudulent "gurus"? Because i have to be honest, it is really bothering me to have to explain such things.

At 3/09/2010 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latest news:

nithy won the trust of some film studio owner in Bangalore. Started living in his house carrying on blessing business. Wanted to lure his pretty daughter in law; said giving water (tirtha) to a holy man in midnight would confer special blessings on her. He spiked that water with God knows what. After drinking the womenfolk ( he had by then gathered many women around) became drowsy started dancing to music played doing "ananda dance". When some of them found they were pregnant , aborted ; faced with a choiceless choice became brahmacharinis massaging & servicing him. It was when we attempted to confiscate the very studio the son discovered him a swindler in saffron & threw him out.

Unfazed , he had a supply of people coming to him for troubleshooting. He has forged documents & stolen many acres of land belonging to poor villagers citing bad karma washing abracadabra.

Deja vu ....yawn.

At 3/09/2010 10:27 PM, Anonymous hd said...

"Please somebody tell me what the difference between siddhis and hypnosis is?"

Siddhi - Some form of spiritual or psychic power. Some people 'feel' a guru's energy just by sitting in his/her presence. They call this 'energy transmission' and people often confuse this as proof of the guru's enlightenment.

Which is where 'hypnosis' comes in. The more expectation you have of 'feeling' something, the more likely you are to have an 'experience.' It's more of self-hypnosis, you have to be willing to surrender. That's why stage hypnosis works so well. The stage hypnotist has a very strong (energy) presence and knows how to impress his audience. He picks volunteers from the audience that are more susceptible and he is quite successful in getting them to cluck like a chicken.

Now the guru sets up his hypnosis sessions very carefully too. No detail is missed. He's a rock star! He wears special clothes, sits at the head of the class, surrounds himself with loyal fans, has the proper lighting, environment, music, chanting. Keeps the followers uncomfortable (physically, mentally emotionally) thereby making him superior to them. He eyeballs them, he lectures them and mixes untruths in with obvious truths so people don't question him. Oh yes, and he requires people to surrender to him!

So, siddhis? I really doubt they exist. Show me one guru who has performed a true psychic ability outside of devotee subjective storytelling?

At 3/09/2010 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typo correction:

" It was when he attempted to confiscate the very studio..."

hippie ,

Sorry for confusing. His name is Nome. He is an American. My mother tongue being tamil my sentence construction quite often is somewhat not that propah:)

At 3/10/2010 12:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY believe in Lenin Karuppan telling he was threatened by ashramites.

That X ananda who I confronted ( I am not computer savvy or professionally qualified , am financially dependent on my terrorist husband who dragged me to that X ananda. Even now I don't know much about use of cell phone. So he was kind of gloating over my wretchedness) threatened " even a drop of tea we will not give you when you come here next time". His ashram is atop a small hill a Lord Murugan Temple. He is quite capable of literally tossing me down & killing. None not even my husband is going to bother. I KNOW them all.

One poor young guileless villager called Anandan with no paying job who would stitch the saffron upholstery for his chair , saffron loincloth suddenly died. Everyone said " he drank poison & committed suicide ". Who cares in India ??

Subsequently , that woman kootchicooing devotee has been measuring his pelvis & making his saffron loin cloth , robe etc all with special expensive material called woollywoolly. Most often he would drive to her house ( yeah he has an expensive car. I was one of the suckers who contributed as he said it was a dire need to cart stuff for annadhanam from Chennai metropolis , karnataka , Vellore town blahblah & yes annadhanam is a mighty smokescreen. Lots of already well fed rotund keep eating to their gills so it suits all; they get an one way ticket to alleged heaven with so much punya gathered ), both of them devouring maggi noodles , puri kurma , cauliflower plantain fritters , aviyal ,fried pappads , murukkus , icecream etc...watching raunchy rompings of karishmakapoor govinda etc etc. The money I contributed for his alleged "goshala , annadhanam " he spent on buying not just her house but also a 45 channels beaming high tech tv launched those days.

I can never prove. He never gave receipts. Always said " I am Lord Muruga , she is can you question God.." ???

Just as SSRS has hiiiggghhhly qualified chartered accountants to fudge , he also has. Plus he is diabolical , can hit , kick with brutal force. Has done it. NOBODY bothers in this GODFORSAKEN india.

At 3/10/2010 1:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God for Canadian authorities.

That x ananda with his mastery of alleged siddha ayurvedic herbal abracadabra forcefed for many years (through another qualified siddha doctor one of his devotees) lots of drugs telling everyone he was " disciplining " me the opinionated. Nothing could have made my husband more ecstatic.

I was carrying on like a petrified zombie. When I went to Canada for a short trip a carton full of those drugs he sent as I ran out of supply. All labelled siddha/herbal).

The Canadian port authorities tested them & destroyed them all. The naive zombie I was speechless when they told me over the phone:-

" They are all banned narcotics . Not inocuous herbal medicines as claimed..".

I called the local Canadian Police. Started telling my life story as I wanted some corner of this earth to live freely.

My diabolical husband , a big corporate honcho CeoCfo is several steps ahead. He yanked me out of Canada to his den brandishing medical certificates & reports alleging I am blahblahblah.

At 3/10/2010 1:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Swami and the Sister - an interesting article.

At 3/10/2010 2:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


There are lots of these faux peddlers of moksha/enlightenment in the guise of tantra chakra blahblah who ASSERT the male penis is (sic) Shivlingam & that the female pubis is (sic) Sri Chakram/Aavudaiyaar etc etc. And brazenly feed narcotics , drugs to the guileless via prasadam/tirtham that disable one's discerning intellect.

And that by screwing & screwing aiming for multiple orgasms all get catapulted to mokshapuri instantly. The hathayoga pranayama peddlers also do that. Why would hemamalinis, mallika sherawats etc etc go to babas ???

Those looking not for hedonism but success in professions like bharathanatyam , carnatic music , promotions , vanquishing of perceived business rivals the WHOLE lot promote these toxic scoundrels muttering artha , kaama & thus moksha..Yippeeee .

Gorement of india is GODFORSAKEN. Will do zilch to crack down. As the MPs , MLAs need them. It is so PATENTLY obvious.

Reiterating brilliant Churchill , today also this so called vandaemaatharamaatribhumipitriskymerabharatmahaan is as non existent as EQUATOR !!!!

At 3/10/2010 2:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also , many idiots imagine , just living in Thiruvannamalai guarantees you instant moksha. And insist ROTFL....Bhagavan has said so. And hence the " rape of Arunachala to rapes & sodomies , looting , murders , AAALLL get overlooked by this Benign(sic)idiot called Arunachala.

Talk to the hiiiigghhhhhly qualified. Will mutter " all brahman , everything brahman..."

No wonder Shakespeare warns:-

" The devil cites the Scriptures to suit.......".

At 3/10/2010 9:16 AM, Anonymous Nitya Bose said...

I am not computer savvy or professionally qualified , am financially dependent on my terrorist husband who dragged me to that X ananda

Its hard to believe you cant use a mobile phone or you are even a computer illiterate for that matter. Why, I even doubt if you are a woman but some one under the guise of a woman trying to add masala to some insipid matter. Your language tells that you are educated and certainly know how to use a computer, obviously you typed all this at ease, and when you gossip about fradulent accountants, it shows you know more than what a gullible woman supposed to know. You are not a gullible house wife you want to project yourself. Stop bulshitting here...

At 3/10/2010 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This hubris filled pompous india thumbs its allegedly VEDIC nose , thumping its allegedly VEdicSanathanaDhaarmic chest crowing AMERICA to CHINA & PLUTO --all are stupefyed by the discovery of water in moon by great indian hiiiighhhly qualified scientists etc for the firstest time. Like bollywood actors always coming firstclass first;(

I dare not deny for fear of being branded unpatriotic.

Then how come this "dear one & all...sadasivasamarambaam" blowjob studananda has not been found within India. Forget the moon.

John Cleese (with Mike Myers) with his genius can work on this to weave an unforgettable whodunitcomedy !!!

At 3/10/2010 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There the quack psychiatrist hounds me.

I always insist most indians are consummate idiots. And this anitya has proved me right again.

If typing comments ( God Bless Jody for letting me post without blogger id !) on computer makes one a computer savvy person well....I leave it to the readers to judge. No wonder IITians are such hiiigghhhhly qualified morons licking the feet of avatards.

At 3/10/2010 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ranjitha's alleged "interview" on mobile by kumudam reporter makes me puke. As kumudam , vikatan all these media houses ( except for plucky Nakkeeran) were actively in cahoots with him. So much is at stake. Do you think there are people out there whose hearts bleed for helpless Ranjithas & more such traumatised victims in India:((

Many of his spiritualised "contributions " in tabloids like kumudam , manasae relax please , kadavai thira katru varum were ghost written.

More truths of his strategies:

Whatever hugs & embraces he bestowed on womenfolk as blessing/healing were all meticulously video taped. He later sat watching , analysing each one's body language , whether they squirmed or were pliant enough. Accordingly he worked on them.

To the pliant he said " your healing is progressing speedily. So let us keep doing it with more zing; to the shy said there are blockages in your chakras...give up doubting guru....".

A request to nityaCOCKSUREIDIOTS:

You ought not to alight on my "bullshitting".

At 3/10/2010 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware !!

indootvavadis RSS are into toxic charade of denial. Now they have this indooorajiv malhotra who has been living in America nicely becoming superrich ,interviewing nithy ( the gall of nithy winking & calling aall a " pure lie " in that video)

rajiv malhotra is one pompous anti American forever whingeing indooismisindanger ...onceuponatimeweall lived so aaapppileeee till the White Man came booohooo . Yeah , he is founder of some Infinity Foundation , alleged philanthropist , fawned over by RSS , indootvavadis , all IITians , IIMians firmly ensconced in America/Australia enjoying all comforts , good quality of life etc but because of this identity crisis their fav pastime is America bashing , Christianity maligning. Once upon a time he so vociferously promoted SSRavishankar. After Amarnath hindumuslim riots , turned anti Raviravishankarshankar asking " art of living or art of appeasing " duh.

I am so gratified the holier-than-thou indians & the avatards they apotheosize are getting caught with turgid moooladhara....ROTFL...

R malhotra's wordy papers are potent tranquilisers. After reading just a few can sleep like a baby:))

One RSS sanghi chartered accountant xenophobic swadeshi one who called ssrs " an avatar " is very close to rajiv malhotra.

These are treasonous scum.

Now whatever I have written is my opinion. Am categorically disinterested in engaging in rebuttal with any indian. Period.

At 3/10/2010 5:29 PM, Anonymous Always said...

wow..finally ranjita is just a dedicated masseuse. So do you agree that she is not part of the sting operation? Infact she is in love with nithy. This is a cruel world.

At 3/10/2010 6:19 PM, Anonymous Always said...

Now I begin to really admire Ranjitha. she is indeed a sweetheart. What nithy could not say in public she has the courage to say....Bravo ranjitha !!!!!

At 3/10/2010 11:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do remember she is also one of the drugged women victims/devotees. With a disabled intellect , this consent can NEVER be considered "informed consent".

Wry irony being , the pious pundits , cognoscenti , chatterati are always ready to crucify the women with their (sic)kaliyugwomenaresluts mantra.

But the 12th std ONLY Lenin Karuppan in his interview states the naked truth. That most of them were not even aware of invasion of their bodies ( thus got impregnated etc). He is such a noble person .

No wonder indoos are panicstricken. They have been bludgeoning one & all screeching ONLY indooos (& indoooism) are noble descendants of vedic rishis.And that all christians & muslims are oimaa so (sic) bad.

Would any sane person probe into a crime with this much rabid communal fanaticism ?

I would not be surprised if rajiv malhotras & such indooism saviours theorize an indoogodman's prick is holy enough to purify the sins of alleged lesser mortals.

What a dangerous brainwashing tactic. Keep quoting you are not the body only pure brahman. Then screw around blaming the very Lord Krishna Himself.

Let us assume Ranjitha was desiring this 'renunciatemonk'.

This sthithapragnya urdhvarethas sublimated born hoooolyshoonyashooonyaasi pongapundit dhongee could & OUGHT to have impacted the way Sri Dattatreya redeemed Pingalai.

No wonder ministers like ND Tiwaris alone are destined to be elected by us the so called people.

At 3/11/2010 12:56 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

If you want to share videos, put them on YouTube.

At 3/11/2010 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting facts about that Princeton University pompous alleged philanthropist rabid hindu fanatic rajiv malhotra unctuously trying to cover up nithy's thundering loins:-

After odiously dwelling on theological mumbojumbo to establish indooism's supremacy over perceived threat from non existent American/British/Australian colonialism he did one howlarious volte face.

Said Jesus Christ was born with brown skin & features , hence belonging to hindoos but stealthily appropriated by the Whites:))

Ofcourse lots of indians respond with yourockman , hatsofftoyou...That is all these sycophants can come up with if not wilful profanity & smutty comments like nityaboses & atlanticblues.

At 3/11/2010 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another nithyananda oil massage video is out on the internet, check youtube

At 3/11/2010 1:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That oil massage is too heart rending to watch.

Ranjitha looks so exhausted ; this scoundrel is so cruelly demanding. Notice how her eyes dart towards the clock when he is not looking, how she forces a smile while massaging each & every finger as he suddenly looks at her.

My God , it is so obvious she is his slave sans any rights.

This lecherous f****r bearing the entire weight of whole world , can't he massage himself ? Notice how he eagerly strokes himself down there before she enters.

And what a fidgety restless samadhi he is in just aimlessly fiddling with a book. Most revolting.

Anyday , a Dawood Ibrahim is much more noble, preferable to such samadhiscum of india.

At 3/11/2010 9:44 PM, Blogger hippie said...

Nithy kicked out of Kumbh Mela....

At 3/13/2010 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In in an interview with Dhanya Rajendran of Times Now, a day after claiming he would stop “experimenting” with anything unacceptable to society from now on.

“I believe I do not have any lust.

“100 per cent I am sure that I do not have any need for [an]other person.”

is it possible that the Swami's video was morphed. Looking at the oil massage video, it appears there was no sexual motive.

At 3/17/2010 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

above comment

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...forever....


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