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Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Wages Of Sin

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At 3/04/2010 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder whether I can sue him in the US? I gave close to 80K for this idiot and the only en'lighten'ment I get was a lighter wallet....

Anyone know if I can sue this guy and the group that surrounds him for Cheating and mental agony?

At 3/04/2010 1:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 3/04/2010 1:34 PM, Anonymous Indian Citizen said...

What law has the swami broken that entitles the state to prosecute him? If we allow governments the power to control what citizens do in their own bedrooms, then this country is doomed. What will prevent the local mla goon who has a beef with a private citizen to do the same and barge into someones bedroom and ask to register cases against him. No one will ever know and that private citizen could be you or me. We all know what will happen then. However much anyone disagrees with swamis bedroom peccadillos, we the people need to send a message to our politicians that trespassing on individual freedom by misusing the law and the legislative pulpit will not be tolerated. The lawmakers think that they own peoples personal lives. Our lawmakers dont understand that we are a democracy now with a constitution and fundamental rights. They are stuck in a raja maharaja mindset. Prosecute him by all means if he violated property laws. However, if as you claim, its public property, what were you and your local officers doing all this while. It doesnt take a genious to figure out that they were being paid off by the swami to not do their duty and safeguard public property. They should be prosecuted too. We have hypocrites representing us all around. But we are ultimately responsible since we elect them. Strong rejection and condemnation by the public of such dangerous trends is the need of the hour. Use this comments section for your opinion

At 3/04/2010 3:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally a famous channel like BBC picking the news up, for some strange reason only few regional channels in India made a news out of it in India while the big Media players stayed out of rajasekarans news(no more referring to him as "swami" "nithyananda" "Paramahamsa").

What can be better media than youtube unbelievable following for nithyananda scandal stories.

Topping the most viewed in youtube at positions 11 and 15, give them a push and it could reach 1&2;

But the winner is clearly the nakkheeranwebtv channel in youtube topping 300K hits already

Here is another takeover opportunity for srf, aol, isha and other orgs. You have a huge customer base of rajasekarans followers literally may be wondering what to do next and where to hide themselves, reasonably brainwashed followers available for immediate takeover similar to corporate takeovers when a company goes down. Besides their course rating goes in Thousands of $$$$ compared to others.

At 3/04/2010 5:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anyone know if I can sue this guy and the group that surrounds him for Cheating and mental agony?"

80K$ or 80K INR?

Suggestion is to have a discussion with the likeminded and impacted members in your nithys group first and consult a lawyer and get a legal opinion. Only thing is it could be a long process to get any compensation. From India stories are slow and steadily started getting published on different people coming out and sharing theirs to the newsmedia and these are normal innocent low middle class people who have lost big bucks.

At 3/04/2010 8:04 PM, Anonymous hippie said...

Hi Indian Citizen: This fake swamis had defraud many thousands of donors of big sums of money. He also defraud taxpayers by by claiming tax-exempt charity status while running a cut-throat scam. These are crimes in both USA & India.

He also marketed enlightenment (inner awakening) programs for $6000 $8000 USD promisng enlightenment which he cannot deliver. This is criminal FRAUD.

The sex thing is a scandal for a swami monk. It serves to warn devotees and the public that he, NITHYANANDA IS NOT WHAT HE CLAIMS TO BE.

He is a fraud...and a criminal cheating too many of their money.

The law may not be able to prosecute him for the scandal. It can prosecute him for FRAUD.

At 3/04/2010 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To those of us with any sense, you'd think the Nithy scandal would awaken all the devotees to the guru scammers out there.

But, alas, Anonymous is prob right....the Nithy followers will simply jump ship and hide out in yet another ashram. sigh...

I can just see the top gurus licking their chops now. Fresh meat a'coming!

At 3/05/2010 12:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indians mostly hindus turn defensive projecting everything as Christian conspiracy out to malign indooism yadayada.

It is a patent fact Indian politicians all of them be it bjp , congress or xyz enjoy a cosy relationship with such charlatans. These dubious ashrams are money laundering front & opportunity to have irresponsible promiscuous sex.

Why are many baying for the actress's blood ? Don't we know our indian ministers' credentials , their business in financing of movie industry . their control of media ?

At 3/05/2010 1:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A comment from blog dated Saturday, October 31, 2009:

"Nithyananda, may I ask what you talk about when the attractive ladies bring your meal and stay in your quarters for sometimes four to five hours? You must chew your food very slowly. Perhaps you were getting nourishment, but I think you might have gotten dinner and a show. We know someone who has seen all these ladies come and go in your quarters, and if ever called to testify in court, under penalty of perjury, this witness would name all of those ladies. You’re quite a stud for an enlightened renunciate."

Well, the video simply cleared all our doubts.

Why are the Los Angeles people who are primarily responsible for idolizing and bringing him up to his present status quiet now?

At 3/05/2010 1:33 AM, Anonymous Karuppan said...

I hope my favourite actress Ranjitha is not penalized for not fault of hers. The swami can go to hell for all i care. I idolized her and i learnt about love from this all time favourite song of mine:

In the song the hero says Mouna is veda - that is silence is ultimate knowledge. I wonder why she fell for this chatterbox Nityananda.

At 3/05/2010 1:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad that Swami Nithyananda has made us Indians hold our head high and put the name of Tamil Nadu and India on the world map. Thanks to BBC for following the story and taking the story throughout the world.

Only Swamiji took to practical teaching of the Sutra in his lab to impart more knowledge to his disciple.

Isn't practicals better than oral teaching?

Jai Swamiji.

At 3/05/2010 1:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jody ,

In the following thread " ....caught boinking" the comments are missing. Could you please fix the glitch.

Predictably , now this conman called Rajasekaran is going to be shielded by ruling party as bjp makes it out as assault on hinduism. Even lecherous kripalu is getting labelled a ' jagadguru ' by media((

Seriously Jody , but for plucky you who has a clear grasp on Vedanta & Ramakrishna's Teachings , who pioneered this gurubusting, I would have been thoroughly demoralised.

At 3/05/2010 3:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I initially started reading books on osho [4 yrs back]. Later I got the "talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi". Even though I heard about Maharshi, I never attached any respect to him,[I usually dont respect anybody who associates himself with empty rituals].

After reading ramana's material and seeing the youtube videos of osho, I started my spiritual seeking. I somehow "fell" in the trap of nithyananda during this time. Eventhough I have not lost any money, I lost my emotional and spiritual seeking.

The difficult part now is to ignore the recent past and continue my spiritual seeking. It is very difficult with this kind of memory in your head.

I guess, I need to learn from mistake, be it professional or be it spiritual of be it family life.

I hope to learn my mistakes.

At 3/05/2010 9:12 AM, Anonymous AnandaCoconut said...

Hi Anon who want your donations back. I think all those who contributed big money need to get the government to freeze his funds here. It is probably being move right now.

India had freeze his accounts it seems. Please discuss the issue with your lawyer and other big donors and do something fast.

At 3/05/2010 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going to ask my donation back. I will give it to someone else but not these fake people...


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