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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Little Kracki Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

File under: Satscams

After being lambasted in the Indian press for drugging his devotees and making off with their money, it looks like the discredited Kalki Bhagavan and his Oneness Movement are trying to rebrand themselves as the One World Academy, an organization which appears to be run by his son Krishna and daughter-in-law Preetha. The last time we heard about these two, they were summoned to the court to explain their shady financial dealings:
The [public interest litigation] was filed in the Madras High Court in November 2002 and apart from the ‘godman’ and his wife, several relatives including his son, NKV Krishna and his daugher-in-law Preetha were made respondents…

The report goes on to say that of this sum, Preetha had invested Rs 1.38 crore in the acquisition of shares. The report states that in a list that Krishna gave the Income Tax department, he has admitted that he, his wife and their companies and trusts owned as many as 33 vehicles. Giri also stated in the report that he had received gifts worth [over $1,000,000] and that they were mostly from abroad and “that he could not say exactly that they were for the movement”. The donations were further given as gifts to various persons, as loans to various companies and he had also used a major part.
And now, they have a new enterprise, the One World Academy, and lookie who's the "inspiration" for it all:
One World Academy draws its inspiration from Sri Bhagavan, the founder of the Oneness Movement. Our Faculty forever cherishes and acknowledges the unique blessing of learning directly from Sri Bhagavan over two decades. His wisdom and love have touched our lives and we express deep gratitude to him.
Since the media and authorities came and burned his last pasture, the Kracki and his family have just gone and fenced in a new one, and according to a recent tip, they are looking for more sheeple to fleece in Aspen, Colorado.

Too bad Hunter S. Thomson isn't there to deal with it anymore.



At 6/29/2010 12:23 PM, Anonymous said...

Isn't it obvious that they split up because of greed just like the Ambani brothers did? How can devotees rationalise such debased activity and be ignorant to see thru it? As for the drugs, Someone should do a hair and urine test on his devotees, especially the ones that have been 'blissed out' most recently.. That should pretty much reveal the drugs that have been put into their system in the past few days.. I can't believe those nincompoops fall for shit like this and can't tell the difference between narcotics and something that lies outside the field of experience.... Shame.. What all we cover up in the name of religion?

At 6/29/2010 1:18 PM, Anonymous john Christian said...

First some actual truth. I was the in 2007 and no drugs sorry. Second there was a split between the main Monks including Bhagavans son and THEY split from bhagavan. They were not happy that he wanted to return to simple teaching for no money and disolve the movement in 2014. It seems they have been swayed the last years by the "Tony Robbins" effect and as nice and sweet as they may be they seemed to have got lost. THEY split and have created the Organization you mentioned.
Bhagavan on the other hand is giving away the farm, and going back to what the intentional message had been and we all thought was supposed to happen. To become a Deeksha giver now reqiures a weekend and a 125.00 i think and are given all over the country. Bhagavan himself is giving Darshan and teaching by video for free almost daily. In fact in some of his Mukti deeksha events (which was a 5 dollar donation) one could then give Deeksha.
The press in India is on a rampage and in some cases rightly so.
So the TRUTH is despite what you might be reporting it is the main monks that split, created a new Org. and are still charging a lot of money. They claim to still love Bhagavan he has said that they are free to do what they want just not use the Name of the Oneness Org.
So it seem that in this case Jody you have your facts wrong. I had distanced myself from the movent for the last couple of years except to give Deeksha because it reaminas an estatic experience for me. Personally i feel MUCH better about Bhagavan now realizing he pretty much always wanted this just did not want to run anything personally like he now does.
I have recently been more attracted the recieving the Gnan Vidhi, which is intended show us our true selves in a 48 minute process. It is done over three days and has no cost. You can not even dontae as they refuse to accept. The attitude from the original Purush was that one should never charge for spiritual matters as it destroys something. The 3 Purush's have always said i make my own money and do not need yours. It is a humble experience, no Guru or father type to become attached to either emotionally or energetically. A simple, humble process intended to end the search and need for teachers or Gurus.
Many ex-deeksha givers have attended and Christain Opitz 9a one time follower of Bhagavan and now critic) only has wonderful things to say and the shows the opposite to what most gurus say and do.
Jody despite several ego arm wrestlings in the past i have no dispute with you or your beliefs. I would appreciate it very much if you would publish this.
John Christian

At 6/29/2010 1:44 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

I would appreciate it very much if you would publish this.

No problem, John. Duped is duped is duped. Whether is is by yourself, by a flimflam man like Kracki, or by a seductive concept such as "deeksha."

At 6/29/2010 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>"I have recently been more attracted the recieving the Gnan Vidhi, which is intended show us our true selves in a 48 minute process. It is done over three days and has no cost"<<<

Hellooooooooo. I can offer you this for nothing..right here and now! no 48 minute process, no 3 day special treatment, just takes a "moment": sit there wherever you are; close your eyes (if you like), what is present? what has always been present?
that's it!

just a word of can chase deeeeeeeeeksha or "diksha" can think you are receing "gnan vidhi" or becoming a "jnani"; you can pay through the nose with money or your integrity or years of your life chasing experiences that amount to nothing much in the end...the choice is always "yours"..but, hey, it's already there in the "chemical" 9 months before we are born (as Nisarga would say)...or not...boy, beliefs are a real tricky thing, aren't they?

seen too much

At 6/29/2010 3:46 PM, Anonymous skillfilledfelon said...

To become a Deeksha giver now reqiures a weekend and a 125.00 i think and are given all over the country. In fact in some of his Mukti deeksha events (which was a 5 dollar donation) one could then give Deeksha.

I have recently been more attracted the recieving the Gnan Vidhi, which is intended show us our true selves in a 48 minute process

What is this? a pr campaign? Worse than telebrands on TeeVee.. Sounds like coke issuing a public apology after pesticides were found in their drinks... Little does he realise all he has done is acquired a vocabulary from these fools and is using it to fool himself.. If getting fooled is so easy, no wonder ppl "realise the self" in 48 mins

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At 6/29/2010 8:57 PM, Anonymous John Christian said...

Ok well Jody i see your folks are still mouth breathers. I thought i would try to correct some lies, deceptions, be nice and see if there was civility here.
Why the hell did i think evolution had hit sites like yours? I love people who write as anonymous. Easy to be an asshole when no one knows who you are. If your trying to be non-dual it helps if you actually get it other wise its just more shit pouring out of your empty head. You wouldnt know the truth if Ramana bit you in the ass clearly.
The other ass clown is just an ass clown, so have fun being stuck in the mud of ignorance. Pretending to know more than someone else without having any proof or knowledge is junior high.
You can have your haterade stand back kids.
And this is an open invitation for Deesha, civil debate, sharing a beer or an ass whooping what ever you like. But not on this silly ass site.
John Christian
Salem, Oregon
You can reach me here i will check back in the next day or two before moving on to the next accident. If you would like to take me up on any of the above let me know.
Oh and Jody please post this!!

At 6/30/2010 1:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi John,

The drugs that the Indian media were talking about were used during the processes prior to 2007. The last process that they had used “layhem”, which according to Kracki is just a mild herbal diuretic, was in 2004. I was there for one of those processes and I have done my share f experimenting with drugs to know the high created by the “layhem”. Everyone in the batch were all having magnanimous experiences which were all drug induced. I then attended the process in 2005 when they had stopped using “layhem” and you should have seen everyone in my batch. Nothing, Zilch, no experiences. Everyone, including myself, were all wondering what happened to the grand experiences that we had during the previous process? When we asked the dasas, they applied mind games to get us to think that the fault lay with us.

You may think that the people who are raising their objections to Kalki Bhagavan don’t know squat. But my friend, I had been attending all the processes from 2003 till 2007 right from the time they were having Mukti Yagyas to the Deepening process. I have had personal darshan (one on one meeting) of Kalki as well as Amma.

It was only in 2006 when I was seriously self enquiring that I realized what a fool I was and that the Oneness movement is a scam. I then stopped all association with the movement and even stopped meeting the people who had become my social circle. I started making new friends and rebuilding my life.

In 2007 some of these “friends” started hounding me about the Deepening process. I said to myself “Okay may be I could be wrong about Amma Bhagavan. Let me go for the Deepening process with an open mind”. I did go. It was the same as all the other previous processes. I then knew for a fact what the scam is.

I know you will ignore what I have written. Just like others who are still with the movement. It takes courage to admit to oneself that one was a fool to believe the crap pf the Oneness movement. You have to rebuild your life as your social circle gets built around people associated with the Oneness movement. All this can only start with self integrity. I am not telling you what to do. You have to decide for yourself. I am just telling what has happened to me.

Been There Done That

At 6/30/2010 2:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi John,

By the way, about the spilt of the acharyas from Kalki Bhagavan. This is just a scam. In the financial world, if a company wants to raise money through securitization, they would normally create another entity called a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). This principle is used by the Oneness Movement. When the press in India started making noise on the money making scam, they just created a split and claim that the money has been taken by Kalki Bhagavan’s son and acharyas. Then kalki Bhagavan is free from the accusations. When the fervor in India dies down, then the son and acharyas will return back saying that they were sorry for splitting and then Kalki Bhagavan will say that he has forgiven them and will portray that he is divinely forgiving. Just wait for a few years. Am I a Soothsayer? No, I am just using the tools that the Oneness Movement uses on people in the movement back on them.

Been There Done That

At 6/30/2010 5:05 AM, Anonymous said...

You wouldnt know the truth if Ramana bit you in the ass clearly.
Pretending to know more than someone else without having any proof or knowledge is junior high.

Deja vu.. that was gonna be my reply.. And for the record, no one is pretending to know 'more'.. I don't even know what the hell that's supposed to mean.. we just know the exact same things that others know and any average man can deduce the facts from it.. On the other hand, u jumped straight from blind apologetics to deciding to be holier-than-thou... Condescension is a sign of avoidance.. Clearly, rational discussion is out of the window in service for blind faith..

With Regards,
Ass clown

At 6/30/2010 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why the hell did i think evolution had hit sites like yours? I love people who write as anonymous. Easy to be an asshole when no one knows who you are. If your trying to be non-dual it helps if you actually get it other wise its just more shit pouring out of your empty head. You wouldnt know the truth if Ramana bit you in the ass clearly."<<<

I am SO sorry! I can see from your post that you really have attained a high level of impersonal awareness and atman prem. Maybe you are right, after all. If Deeeeeksha (the new improved version of diksha) will result in the level of understanding that you exhibit here, how could anyone resist signing up?

seen too much

At 6/30/2010 8:49 AM, Anonymous John Christian said...

Actually i appreciate very much what you have to say. if you were the first anonymous writer i wish you would have written what you just said. It was respectful, intellegent and sounds like you have actually been there done that. Im not sure why you had to start with assumptions about me, especially if you do inquiry but be that as it may.
I have heard the stories and you are very correct about very few reaching higher states despite what is claimed after 2005 (although i know of a couple including a personal friend that has has a stable state for many years).
As i said i have almost no contact with the movement ecept for the recent mukti deeksha and 64 deeksha process which frankly created a very high state...for a day or so.
I also stated that Self Inquiry has been my mani path for several years and i have seen and talked to many who have found simple peace through this process.
The only reason i would attend the gnan Vidhi is that there is no cost and all of the writting are very Non-Dual based. If there is a process to show me deeply who i am regardless of whether it is this Ganani Purush or Charlie Hays, Papaji, Brad warner or who ever i will take a shot. I will not pay another cent for "enlightenment", and even though i still love giving deeksha (the very high state i get and am able for some reason to give others) it is just that. And Bhakti is part of my Dna but so is critical thinking.
As i mentioned Christian Opitz was one of my referals, and he is very much not into the Oneness process and gives great examples of this teacher as just that:a humble non guru who excepts no money, and seems to be able to give people the same experience that one seems to get when they call off the search.
Anyway i was just pointing out the incorrectness of the article and why. Not defending. And it sounds like you and i are pretty much on the same page.
Either way the fact that you were able be civil is greatly appreciated even though i feel no need to come here often and absolutly no need to relive my past victimhood and continue to perpetuate the mind myself, i have NO problem with what you said. At all.
In the past i have offered to give Deeksha to people because for some reason it comes through me very strongly. I do not continue something that is not validated. I do not know if Bhagavan has anything to do with it or not and really do not care.
And ofcourse i have no illusions of it giving people or myself "enlightenment' or helping to call off the search.
Good luck with your inquiry i would like to hear what it has brought you
#Please post Jody and thanks#

At 6/30/2010 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"JohnChristain said....

man, u sure live up to your name.
hallelujah, god almighty, sheesh, wheeze, jeez, jesus....

see i got there in the end

god almighty, save us from this christian

At 6/30/2010 8:46 PM, Anonymous John Christian said...

Well if you really want to have fun with my name...It was not my birth name. I was re-born with this name at age 8. My initials are JC. Both my first name John and my middle name Michael relate to God as son and gift of.
High level of impersonal awareness?? Words. Thoughts. Concepts. All equal empty bullshit. I am what i am right now. I know i am not in control and i know you are not either. There is no controller. I know this too.
It is what it is. Why i would be drawn to such a negitive site makes no sense if looked at as if had some control. I show up. I defend some position knowing full well that my position is as much bullshit as is every other one. No one right, no one wrong. No one in fact.
Make of it what you will because none of it matters. If your feelings are hurt its on you. I could say dont read something you dont like if it elicits such hostility but then i would be saying you had some control which i do not believe.
At least i own my emotions, actions, as they are, as they present themselves. No more no less.
Just life being lived. Some "good" some "bad" neither real.
John of the Cross

*Jody you know dude...please post bro*

At 6/30/2010 9:08 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

John, I appreciate you coming here and taking the time to defend what you know is true. Indeed, I've never said that deeksha didn't work. On the contrary, it works very well. But rather than be the result of an unknown, unseen power emanating from one person to many, I believe it's simply a matter of permission giving. We subconsciously give ourselves permission to have an experience as the result of having the idea we will get one, or that there is the potential for one. The model here is akin to faith healing.

Once Kundalini gets Her groove on in us, we are on our way, regardless of which guru or teaching we are following. It doesn't have to be holy, or even spiritual. But what it undeniably is, is neurological.

So, "Kalki" is riding a kind of wave that exists neurologically, the tendency to generate our own mystical experience, but taking the credit and the dollars for himself. It really does appear to be a flimflam, John, despite the fact you have been so successful with it. :)

At 7/01/2010 2:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I may sound like I preaching and if I am, then I apologize. But what I am sharing is necessary to highlight the point I am trying to make.

The Yoga Vasistha is in very simple description about a person telling a story and a character in that story telling another story and a character in the second story telling another story. This is basically what people normally go through and this is more pronounced in spirituality and even more so with the Oneness Movement.

We are given a story by the Oneness movement. We then create a story in the story given by the Oneness movement. We then create more stories to build around the stories. But when facts of life happen, those stories come crumbling down.

There was a lady in our group who used to attend all the processes. She was also responsible for bringing in a lot of people for the basic 3 day process and for the Maha Deeksha process. As a result of bringing lots of people, the Maha Deeksha process was free of cost for her. She also was selected to attend the special classes held by Kalki Bhagavan himself. She was a principal Deeksha giver at that time.

When she came back after the special classes, she told everyone that Kalki Bhagavan had given her the ability to read minds. She maintained this claim till last year when her daughter ran away from home with her boy friend and got married. This may not sound shocking but it is for Indian families. Now this person claimed that she could read minds and yet she could not read her own daughter’s mind. You should she the embarrassing life she is living now. She was given a story by the Oneness movement. She weaved many stories to that first story. But when her daughter ran away from home; all those stories came crumbling down.

I was there when Kalki Bhagavan told a person in my batch the exact date when his self would disappear. It has been 4 years since then and the man is taking out his anger on his staff in the office.

John, you may have seen only the candy floss side of the Oneness movement’s results. I have seen the worst. I have just given you some of the horrors that people now have to live because of the Oneness movement. The face of the Oneness movement presented to westerner is all nice and pretty. But the face shown to Indians is quite another. When I had disassociated myself from the Oneness movement I stopped attending all the talks and programs. After a year, I just went to attend a talk by one of the senior dasas that was to address all the participants of Maha Deeksha process. In that talk, the dasa knew I had disassociated from the movement. He said “we know who the people who are trying to discredit us are. We know how to handle them”. It was not what he said, but the tone he said it. It was a menacing threat. I wasn’t doing anything to discredit them. I just stopped giving my time and money to the Oneness movement. Did that need the threat?

I was talking to one of the acharyas and told him that I was reading the teachings of Ramana Maharishi. Do you know what he told me? He said that I should take all those books and throw them in the garbage. The only thing I need to do is hold on to Bhagavan’s feet.

I had really enquired on what the Deeksha was doing. I saw that the mind was creating the experiences.

I am not sore about the scam of the Oneness movement. I have found what I was searching for using the teachings of Ramana and Nisargadatta and some of the scriptures like Yoga Vasistha. In the process of finding myself I understood what the Oneness movement is about.

Been There Done That

At 7/01/2010 8:50 AM, Anonymous John Christian said...

You could be very well right. What is given and recieved was already there i believe and i agree with the activation of kundalini it does what it does and takes us on our way as you have said.
Yes for some reason people have always commented about the Deeksha i give. But i always had good results with reiki and other energy stuff and have had alot of major Shakti events. I have pretty much shakti running at all times but it has not always made my experience a pleasent one. I am still awaiting the major Kundalini push though.
In the end i think if we met we would be closer in philosophy than you might guess. And thanks for just discussing and being pleasent. I really mean that.

At 7/01/2010 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>"Once Kundalini gets Her groove on in us, we are on our way, regardless of which guru or teaching we are following. It doesn't have to be holy, or even spiritual. But what it undeniably is, is neurological.""<<<

I think it's a good thing to remember this, Jody. There is a reason why gurus, teachers and traditions warn against the misuse of "powers". If you, yourself, are unclear, easily enraged, defensive, arguementative and unbalanced, imagine what you are passing on to those you are "giving deeksha" to. I read an interesting anecdote about Nisargadatta. Apparently, David Godman had been asked to give a talk on Ramana's teachings in New Delhi. When Nisarga found out, he had Godman repeat the talk and, although he found nothing to disagree with, he told Godman, "be careful talking about enlightenment unless you are enlightened". Godman says that was the last talk he ever gave, despite being the translator of many of Ramana's talks, a long time devotee and a regular at Nisarga's place. I really respect the care with which he approached the whole subject.

seen too much

At 7/02/2010 6:06 AM, Anonymous said...

Once Kundalini gets Her groove on in us, we are on our way, regardless of which guru or teaching we are following. It doesn't have to be holy, or even spiritual. But what it undeniably is, is neurological

So true... When that happens, it shakes us from our familiar modes of seeking comfort from experiences so much that it doesn't matter whether it is a spiritual or a sexual experience. But we cannot talk about it and make a business of it.. Passing experiences from one person to another is of no use, whatever it may be, especially Deeksha... It is not about obtaining experiences for a 'me'.. How can someone give you the experience of the end of the search? Its absurd... Moreover, these frauds have distorted the experiential truth of so many that went before by co-opting it to their cult. Kracki has done this shamelessly by hacking stuff from Ramana, jk and ugk, distorting it to such an extent that it is appalling.. When I saw a video where his devotees were defending the media expose, everyone is explaining the 'truth of their experience' and really they looked like unstable goofers who had chosen the best vocabulary from the krack-whore's mix to explain their self-induced experience, which is what makes me suspect the drug theory strongly, because those innocent idiots really seem to believe in what they were saying.. The power to experience inputted ideas as truth is really increased manifold in the temporary illusion of the absence of barriers (the barrier being the unreal materiality of the idea tiself), similar to drugged states... That's what makes me feel both sorry for them and angry at them, but ultimately makes me realize that they are at the same crossroads as us (belief/non-belief) and it is the krack-head who needs to be shot for exploiting people's investment in belief itself

At 7/03/2010 4:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I think it's a good thing to remember this, Jody. There is a reason why gurus, teachers and traditions warn against the misuse of "powers"

absoulutely, and for the fact that 99.9% of the gurus who have declared themselves gurus, should not be, for the very reasons above.

At 8/11/2010 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good new folks is Krishna has lost all of his money and this new movement 'One World Academy' gets about 10 people every time they do event. krishna is a phony. There was a deksha giver named Mahu who wanted to get married & they cut him off and never talked to him again. Krishna thinks Oneness means about him. They made up horrible rumors about another deksha giver, Ranji telling everyone she was stealing. amanda orders everything he can on Amazon!!! How spiritual is that!! Krishna has homes all over the world and businesses from Oneness money. I really hope they go to jail, they have all admitted to taking money from movement they just say it was a gift!!! Whatever! I hope they go to jail.

At 11/23/2010 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only good thing the so-called Kalki Bhagavan seems to offer is the drug he puts in the drinks of his followers.

At 7/31/2011 4:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

awaken india:
Please chk my vid abt the fake godwoemn who calims that she is god @

At 12/01/2011 11:43 PM, Blogger maria cecilia said...

from southamerica I was too into kalki bhagavan´s scam since 99 to 2006, including the leyham thing in sept. 2004. Just wish all the sweet young dasas in their "samadhi" or "ananda" states have realized so far what is all about, specially Acharya Samadarshiniji who I hope is safe and free today...

At 6/01/2015 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked for Krishna he is a big phony…only cares about his self and money.

At 4/24/2020 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So why are these people still able to draw thousands of people in to their online meditations now? I have read about the tax raids last October but only in Indian news media. Nothing in the United States. They continue to draw in many, many Americans.

At 4/24/2020 6:47 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Americans are stupid. I know. I am one.

At 4/24/2020 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am American, too. I have spiritual beliefs and gave had spiritual exoeriences. But I am truly bothered by what I have read about this tax fraud case and wish it were more publicly acknowledged in American media.


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