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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Inside The Wacky (Yet Hott) World Of The Raelians

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ReligionNewsBlog has published the titillating account of a news reporter who recently infiltrated a Raelian "sensual seminar" in Barcelona, Spain. Among the revelations:
Rael is surrounded by his "angels," a "harem of 30 to 40 very pretty young women who have sworn in writing never to spurn his advances and to protect him, with their lives if necessary, from all kinds of aggression," according to "May," who asked to remain anonymous.

After lessons in the group philosophy, there follow a range of games where participants frolic around blindfolded, girls disguised as boys and vice-versa, in a series of erotic shows on a dance floor.

"During the day they get you to caress each other and to make love in the evening. Many are seduced by it all. The most bizarre thing is that almost all of them really believe in this stories of extra-terrestrials," she adds.
We believe Rael picked the wrong place to hold his seminar. Barcelona is one of the hippest cities in Europe. The geek and nerd quotient is certain to be much higher elsewhere, say in Los Alamos, New Mexico. We're sure he'd pull twice the number of dating losers there. The trick will be to get the Lab's scientists to believe the UFO nonsense. But we suspect if they're having regular sex with multiple partners who are actually attracted to them, they'll probably be ready to believe just about anything.


At 9/23/2005 3:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just FYI, I went to one of the Raelian seminars and while there are plenty of loose women and lots of nudity, that don't by any means mean you're going to get laid (if you are a guy).

Oh wait, there was one guy there who was getting laid a lot, named Rael.


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