Guruphiliac: Guru Takes a Lesson From a Don

Monday, March 14, 2005

Guru Takes a Lesson From a Don

File under: The Great White Botherhood

Multi-deity channeler Elizabeth Clare Prophet is continuing on a decline wrought by the ravages of Alzheimer's Disease. Or is she? Various current and former devotees aren't so sure, according to an article published by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Revered as the "Messenger" for pretty much any deity her devotees believe are in heaven, Liz is probably most famous for claiming that the world was about to end in a nuclear holocaust in the late 80s, resulting in gun charges against members of the group as well as charges of polluting the local groundwater around their underground communal bomb-shelter.

Faking your dementia may allow you to deflect the anger of a few thousand bilked devotees, but if it didn't work for ‘Oddfather’ Vincent "The Chin" Gigante, why would it work for the 'Oddmother' of one of America's most notorious New Age cults.


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