Guruphiliac: Mata Daya's Rule Turns 50

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mata Daya's Rule Turns 50

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The month of March marks the 50th anniversary of Sri Mata Daya's appointment as president of the Self-Realization Fellowship, or SRF. Wrested from the hands of Donald Walters, Paramahansa Yogananda's more likely successor, Ms. Daya alone has guided the fortunes of the LA-based group since the day she kicked Walters out in 1962.

Walters went on to found the Ananda community, which has an interesting history of its own and is locked in a bitter conflict with the SRF over control of the Yogananda legacy.

We say why not just lock them in a room and let them work it out with the lightning bolts that come out of their eyes. The one who will inevitably lose will be shown to not have the Master's blessing and thus justly deserving of the loss of their leadership.


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