Guruphiliac: The Bobby Meizer Machine

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Bobby Meizer Machine

File under: Real True Gurus

We met the enlightened Bobby Meizer as Donald Brewer, one of the denizens of Sarlo's GuruRatings forum. We immediately became "Donald" groupies, doing everything we could to emulate his style of communication. We're like that sometimes.

Then one day "Donald" revealed himself as Bobby, a character we appreciated but didn't pay much attention to. But because he was so good as "Donald," we were able to take it in stride that we had been so unfailingly duped. As a con, it was a keeper.

Bobby has provided the world with the electronic guru and oracle: The Bobby Meizer Machine. Ask him (by way of it) anything you want. You will get an answer (of some kind.) Guaranteed.

Pause for a moment to enjoy his incredibly stoned-out image before you enter the cyber-sanctum and learn the truth by Bobby, techno-satsang style. Yo.


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