Guruphiliac: Disgraced Yogi Shows Up At Yogaville

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Disgraced Yogi Shows Up At Yogaville

File under: Hands Where They Don't Belong

Yogi Amrit Desai—a guru who couldn't keep it in his pants—is returning to the scene of another's transgressions, Yogaville in North Carolina. Founded by the other guru who couldn't keep it in his pants, Swami Satchidananda, current and former Yogaville residents are freaking out a bit over Desai's coming to teach his Amrit Yoga at a weekend retreat there.

Between the two scandalous gurus, Desai has at least admitted his mistakes—after getting kicked out of this own ashram. Swami Satchidananda, on the other hand, took his contriteness to the grave.

Desai solders on with 15 or so close followers after losing his ashram and $155,000 salary; and Satchidananda's legacy lives on, sans the acknowledgement and apology some of his abuse victims still seek.

The moral of this story: if you refuse to fess up, you just might get away with it. Alternate moral: don't teach celibacy if you can't keep it in your pants yourself.


At 4/21/2005 10:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When it comes to celibacy and their own carnal dalliances, legions of gurus have gone down the do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do path.

I might be mistaken, but I think Desai only outed himself after being pressured to come clean.

I was once told that according to the Vedas, "sin would avoid an enlightened being like deer avoid a burning mountaintop."

Given all the allegedly enlightened gurus, some with seals of approval from other allegedly enlightened gurus, either these liberated gurus were no freer from temptation than lesser beings, or they weren't enlightened.

Then, again, maybe one can play the 'Crazy Wisdom' card and dismiss the 'tantric' exercises as a boon for the good of the voluptuous female devotees, Cough!

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At 3/04/2015 3:28 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

You don't even know where Yogaville is, why should anyone listen to your judgement????


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