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Friday, May 13, 2005

The Editor's Other Music

File under: Real True Gurus

We'd like to bring your attention to "Come to Realization," a repository for the spiritual picking, strumming and chords of avid guitarist and knower of the Self, Bruce Morgen. A brush with the psychedelic perspective brought him to self-realization in the 70s, and he's lived as a householder ever since. Making his living as a freelance writer, his words ring as notes true and clear in several of the Yahoo Groups we belong to. For instance, from tonight's discussion in GuruRatings:
[Self-realization] is even less intellectual than an entire weekend watching NASCAR and imbibing the entire contents of a just-tapped cold keg. Not a thing, not a feeling, not even a phenomenon. Neti neti. Jai Ma. Jai Guruji.
It was Bruceji's kind mentorship and tutelage some years ago that helped us settle into our own truth. We've stood in battle many times together against the occluding nonsense which pervades spiritual culture like an infection of ignorance. We find him the perfect example of a self-realized person living in the world, paying his family's bills and "dispelling darkness" in cyberspace in his spare time, entirely for free.

Those looking for an extraordinary example of plain, old ordinary self-realization would do well to peruse Bruceji's musings. It's the only kind of self-realization there ever really is.


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