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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Guruphiliac Heads For The Hills

File under: Notice to Readers

Here at Guruphiliac, our temple is the wilderness. We live near it and revel in it as much as is economically possible. We're about to embark on a multi-day worship trek, so you may notice a pause in the posting frequency until early next week.

However, we've arranged for a guest blogger to enlighten and entertain you, (if he figures out the content-management interface.) So check back every now and then over the next few days, and thank you ever so much for reading. If we make it past the wolves, bears, mountain lions, Gila monsters and rattlesnakes, we'll see you again next week.


At 5/19/2005 5:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!

At 5/19/2005 8:40 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Hey Sara, thanks.

We'll say hi to any big cats, dogs, bears, lizards and especially our favorites, snakes if we see any.


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