Guruphiliac: Swami Sodomized By Sex-Crazed Sadhus

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Swami Sodomized By Sex-Crazed Sadhus

File under: Hands Where They Don't Belong

A freshly minted swami has found ashram life a little rough, as in rough sex—the unwanted kind. 24-year-old Swami Harinayan had accused the sadhus of the Sokhda Harinarayan Muth of torture and sodomy in a call he made to family members, pleading to be rescued. But after they arrived, Harinayan decided he'd rather stick it out with the sodomizing sadhus, leaving his family perplexed and accusing the ashram of blackmail and brainwashing.

Perhaps the Swami has found his true calling as a bottom for a bunch of dirty old men fronting as celibates. We imagine that once the initial shock of being molested by the "holy" men wore off and the Stockholm syndrome set in, it wouldn't be so bad for an individual predisposed to such activities. And who knows? Perhaps he can receive the truth by way of repeated meat injection. If not, he could always fall back on a career as a rent boy in the States. We hear that tasty 24-year-old ex-swamis are hott in the Castro right now.

By way of [Cult News]


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