Guruphiliac: Sweet S.A. Teen Still Amadoned

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sweet S.A. Teen Still Amadoned

File under: Hands Where They Don't Belong

Sweet South African teen Diane McMillan is still in the clutches of that wizened old sex monkey and UFO guru, Amadon Amadon, aka Steve Arden. But apparently, she has been speaking to South African magazine Saturday Star by email with some decidedly unkind words about her own father. That set Ian McMillan to setting a lawyer on the magazine, which decided to forego the publication of an article about their emails with Diane. She eventually did call her parents directly, but sounded subdued during the very short conversation.

In a related note, it was revealed that an ex-South African cop, in congress with an Oregon policeman, was able to rescue another sweet teen from the pervert's grabbing hands. The unnamed teen, who was 16 when she ran away, was believed to be held against her will as she offered no resistance when rescued. She has undergone extensive counseling since to help her recover from the sexual abuse she allegedly suffered on Amadon's farm in Oregon.

It seems that old Amadon Amadon likes his sweet teens with accents. Clearly he prefers a gal he can push around and feel power over. We imagine he fancies himself quite the stud and manipulator, which isn't exactly a tall order when dealing with women over 30 years younger than he. Plus, they don't require as much alcohol to be put in the "mood" as older gals usually do. It tends to blunt the horror of their having to deal with his boozy bad breath and handle the man's shriveled little winkie—which undoubtedly has its own function issues.

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