Guruphiliac: Ex-Ramdev Employees Snitch

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ex-Ramdev Employees Snitch

File under: Satscams

We anticipated this. Hell hath no fury like an ex-employee sacked:
One of the former workers, Chandra Pal Dubey, gave a new twist to the controversy alleging that horns of "Barasingha" (antelope) were brought into the factory, powdered and laced with the medicine. A charge that could invite action under Wildlife Act.

Dubey said his job was to weigh the sacks containing bones and powder them. He said two quintals of powder was made on an average per day in the pharmacy.

The firebrand CPM leader brought the ten former employees, four women and six men and produced them before a press conference when they too alleged that human skull, bones and animal horns were powdered and mixed with the Ayurvedic medicines produced at DYP.
We should note that this seems perfectly acceptable to the practitioners of ayurvedic medicine. But there are significant public health concerns at play. We're not pathologists, but shouldn't it be possible to spread virus- and prion-based disease this way?

Some in India claim it's all a plot underwritten by multinational drug companies. But a Communist Party leader at the forefront of the inquiry makes this rather unlikely. Or horrifically hypocritical. Or maybe just practical.

The world has certainly witnessed stranger things than a Marxist politician in bed with the lions of capitalism.


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