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Monday, January 16, 2006

The Maharishi's Mad Money

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We get the feeling that the S.S. Flying Ass has hit a huge iceberg (in the form of their captain's increasing senility) and is a rapidly sinking ship... after reading about the Maharishi's latest get-rich-quick scheme. They're selling "World Peace Bonds for Poverty Removal" now, 10 trillion dollars worth. That's more than the combined GNP of most of Europe.

If you give them enough money, like $1 million euros, they're guaranteeing a 15% return on your investment, in only 3 years!

They say they're going to do it with
"export-orientated organic crops for which there is a large demand, a growing demand.'' The only way they're going to get returns like that is to grow organic drugs, like the whole world's supply of them.

As you'd expect, the pros aren't buying it:
"A 10 to 15 percent interest rate is almost impossible to guarantee,'' says Werner van Bastelaar, a spokesman for the Dutch securities regulator AFM in Amsterdam. "The amount of $10 trillion looks impossible. All in all, any investor wanting to put their money in this should really question whether or not it is too good to be true.''
Obviously, the Maharishi has totally lost it. Or has he? Could this be a sinster plan to force the Maharishi's own currency, the raam, down the throats of those insane enough to actually invest in this madness? You might think so after learning that the Maharishi's point man is
Benjamin Feldman, the guy who invented the raam:
In 2000, he became the finance minister of something called the Global Country of World Peace. In 2002, his group introduced its own currency, the raam, for use in Roermond, the Netherlands, and in Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa.

"The raam is a key element in the programs of his Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to promote a balanced world economy,'' it says in a 2002 press release on the Web site of the Maharishi Open University. The press release also refers to constructing 3,000 so-called peace palaces in the world's biggest cities, and establishing "affiliated organic farms'' near each city.

"The raam is a key element... to... establishing organic farms." And what a great way to introduce the raam to the world economy: fleece hapless investors for 10 trillion and then pay them back in funny money.

What's the mad old man going to try next? If they don't stop him soon, he's going to take the entire TMâ„¢ empire down with him. It sounds like it's time to put the Maharishi out to pasture.

We suggest locking him in his "love pod" with a couple dozen young groupies and let him live his last days in the idyll of his former glory as guru to the Beatles. It's the most humane thing to do for all parties involved. Except maybe for the groupies.


At 1/16/2006 10:51 PM, Blogger Steve said...

A few years back I talked to a friend who was a student at the TM place in Iowa. Even back then a few years ago he was describing the Maharshi as going senile and losing it. And here he is still running the show. They wanted to replace him back then with somebody and I thought by now it would have happened.

He graduated with some degree in herbs or something like that. He told me a lot of negative stuff that went on there, which I can't remember now. But it had to do with scams, lies, milking people out of money by selling them unnecessary herbs, concoctions, etc.

It actually depressed me listening to all these bad things they were doing. He has distanced himself from them, and thinks of them as a cult. He did say however, that he did learn some genuine, authentic things there from the program, but also there is a lot of shady stuff going on there too.

My one visit to Vedic City turned me off. Every room in the buildings had pictures of the Maharshi plastered all over them. It was idolotry in my opinion. Way over the top worshipping of him.

So from what my friend told me, this latest news doesn't surprise me. I am just amazed at how many followers he still has, even with all the negative stuff around him.

At 1/17/2006 8:38 AM, Blogger Liberated Fred said...

I'm a long time 'ru which means I spent most of my life in the TM organization and you are correct, MMY has been going mad for a long, long time. His schemes get stranger and stranger. One the public doesn't know about is that starting about 13 years ago he was seeking funds to bring Vedic Pundits over to the US for a large meditating course in Washington, DC. They raised quite a bit of money from the brain-washed, er, fathful rank-and-file and no pundits. This pundit scam is pulled-out every few years to generate a few million that then disappears into the black hole of an Indian shell corporation run by one of MMY's nephews. They even built housing in Fairfield, IA for the pundits and they STILL haven't come. The amazing part is that they could start another pundit fundraiser tomorrow and they still could collect quite a bit of money. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

P.S. In case any ru's read this post, I'm a Gov and still do my program and have wonderful results! It's just that MMY is crazy.

At 1/17/2006 9:24 AM, Blogger facedog said...

I remember hearing Maharishi say that he had given his teachers everything they needed to continue "if I were to go crazy." Did anyone else hear this back in the sincere 70's?

At 5/10/2006 1:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have worked with and for Maharishi for 1 year. 2nd I couldn't because there were too many scams, cheats and hippocarcies. I am an astrologer and have studied at Sanskrit university and am quite emotional with the subject. But I found that Maharishi just takes name of Veda and Vedic stuffs for making money. Behind the curtain (I was just next door to Maharishi in Vlodrop) every crimes is being performed in shape of Natural Law (???) From Gold trasport to person transport everyhting is being inside Maharishi's peace palace. The wonder was that I was replaced with a translator in consultations just because I refused to prescribe un-neccessary Yagyas for dogs and parrots. I also couldn't forget the translator, who was badly beaten by Maharishi's people at vlodrop, just because he talked with a client..... I am surprised why people are so blind to join Maharishi while NOONE of India joins Maharishi without need of a salary.The most important crime of maharishi is that he brings people form India on tourist visa and here lets them work for money. Later the person gets problems.


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