Guruphiliac: Ramdev Gets Rapped By His Guru

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ramdev Gets Rapped By His Guru

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In a serious blow to his credibility in the face of a growing scandal, Swami Ramdev's guru, Sant Muni Yogacharya of the Haridwar-based Navshakti Yogpeeth, called it on the Swami for being a commercializing shill and offering poor products. Says the guru's guru:
“The medicines which Ramdevji sells [are] not of good quality. If he becomes a yogacharya to earn good money, then he is not a true yogacharya. This is wrong,” said Sant Muni Yogacharya.

“His lessons of yoga are not correct. A person needs at least two to three years of rigorous lessons to learn the true art of yoga. But Ramdevji teaches the same in just seven days!” he added.
We imagine Sri Sri Ravi Shankar watching all this with a hint of glee in his eyes as he anticipates the Swami's fame and accolades falling his way if and when Ramdev gets creamed in the inquiry. No eyeball lightning duel required.

Seeing the doom of their livelihood rise up like a tsunami has got the rest of the ayurvedic world in a tizzy:
Ayurveda practitioners in Allahabad have come out in support of the view that there is no harm in using human bones and animal parts in traditional and alternative systems of medicines.

These practitioners claim that the use of animal bones is permissible in Ayurveda medicines and its use was also mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic literature.
Human bones as medicine. Maybe more calcium than a glass of milk, but not the all powerful remedy these superstitious clowns believe it to be.

The Swami Ramdev scandal is looking more and more like a referendum between modern and ancient medicine in India. As much as we're for the exposure and destruction of superstitious belief in the realm of spiritual culture, we can't help but think that perhaps deer balls really do allow humans to have a ball when they ball. But we draw the line at using cow's urine to treat cancer. It's a slippery slope, and the next thing you know they'll be using rat poop to treat eating disorders.

Wait a minute... Maybe we're on to something here...


At 1/08/2006 2:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


My blog Gudia, a Muslim girl and Ramdev ji, a Hindu male !! is on how the society defines the "weak" and who becomes the underdog !

Do you know Gudia ? Gudia is an Indian Muslim girl who died this new years eve. As we sat watching Pranoy Roy hand over the "Best Indian" award to Sonia, the fireworks from Japan to Park avenue and Bihar on advertisements instead of crime alert, Gudia died. Gudia died of multiple organ failure at an Army hospital. [...................] But for lip service none of the pro wife feminists and bleeding heart leftists did anything for Gudia. Neither Brinda Karat, nor Teesta Setalvad, nor Arundhathi Roy or her comrades who bleed for Iraqi children or Kosovo's babies and collateral damage all over the globe, worried about this poor Indian Muslim.[...................]

Now to Ramdev. If you notice Ramdev ji, A Hindu Swami, has been hit and plastered all over. Ramdev seems to be from the other unfortunate half i.e. Hindu Male of India Just as muslim women are being tossed about by the powerful, so are Indian Hindu men tossed about.

Be it Kanchi Shakaracharya or Ramdev, or Narayan Murthy or Advani, they are symbols of hope and achievement in their respective spheres. They are symbols of faith and were Ikons of Hinduism. These very men are under attack today.

why Ramdev ?

more at


At 10/09/2010 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TherearenumerousPeople designating themselves as Gurus and exploiting thetender sentiments of the gullible common people till they areeither involved in scandale or caught with LANGOT/LUNGI>PANTS downd.This has been the story of many of our revered saints/gurus.People know well of what Chandra Swami,Indira Gandhi's Spiritual Advisor Prabhudas Bramhchari(?),Acharya(?)Rajnish (I knowPersonaly till he ran away from JABALPUR after getting frustrated in failure of carnal desires) and sevralothers.Ramdev's medicinesare of questionale ingradients/qualiy and I wonder if they can stand medical standards and hygiene in process.It isdoubtful if the people involved in manufacture and processind are clean and haverequisit pharmaceautical qualifications.I leave it to future as the truth will finally come out one day.


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