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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ramdev Roars Back

File under: Satscams and Backroom Gurudom

With the support of many in India's political sphere, Swami Ramdev is on the attack:
Baba Ramdev questioned earlier tests which detected human remains in medications supposed to be his manufacture. Denying a label containing an incomplete list of medication ingredients displayed by [CPM leader] Brinda was from his workshop, he said that there was no proof that the samples were from his workshops.

Without naming the CPM leader, he said that the allegations against him were a conspiracy instigated by multinational corporations as revenge against his pro-Swadeshi stance.
We believe he's claiming that the multinational corporations are intimidated by Ramdev's anti-corporate stance, so they've hatched this plot to discredit him by getting a communist leader to be a co-conspirator.

Besides sounding like a classically awful movie plot, it's the perfect dodge for the DVD guru. If the medication sample containing skull and testicles can't be definitively connected to Ramdev's operation, he's pretty much off the hook.

As they say... developing.


At 1/17/2006 1:34 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Hey, just discovered that this website sports a link to Kali's Child. Isn't this Kripal dude himself a guru (as in "teacher") who wangled a PhD with a thesis on a Bengali monk wihtout knowing a word of Bengali?

Dr. Kripal is not a guru. He is a professional scholar with a Ph.D. from a major research university who teaches at another major research university and publishes with major university presses (Chicago, California, Oxford). As for the language training, he formally studied Bengali for seven years and lived in Calcutta for a school year studying nothing but the language. He has read and re-read the Kathamrita in Bengali for the last two decades.

It looks like it's time to stop smoking from that propaganda pipe, comrade.

At 11/20/2006 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting thoughts ...

this thread on yoga forum is interesting


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