Guruphiliac: Dahn Hak Be Damned

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dahn Hak Be Damned

File under: Satscams and The Siddhi of PR

Julia Siverls is the gal who was Dahn Haked to death in the Arizona desert last year:
From another set of documents, a different picture of Dahn emerges. In a 109-point civil complaint, nine of Julia's brothers and sisters allege that Dahn masters "forced and coerced" her to practice their brand of yoga, ultimately compelling her to attend the deadly yoga retreat. They charge that members of Dahn laced her food with drugs before leading her on a grueling mountain hike, during which, despite indications she was struggling, they denied her medical care.
This is old news that keeps hanging around and has now found its way into New York's Village Voice, where new details have emerged about the tragedy:
The sheriff's deputy noted that the group "did not appear to be carrying a large amount of water, and it was already very hot at 9:30" a.m. It was this detail that stunned the Siverls family, since the 911 call hadn't come in until 4:30 p.m. "That means all day long she was suffering," Alephia says. "That's what is really unbelievable, that this organization that preaches love would allow someone to suffer to death."
It doesn't look so good for Dahn in the U.S. anymore. The suit being brought by the Siverls should see to that, along with all the bad press Dahn's been getting since Julia died last year. Seeing how they arrogantly deny any culpability in her death while they forge ahead with their satscam, we couldn't wish it on a more deserving group.


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