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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Invincibly Wacked

File under: Wackadoo Gurus and The Siddhi of PR

Have you noticed there have been less hurricanes this year? Hey! What about those gas prices coming down! Things seem to be going better in Lebanon, don't you think? Boy, the world is a much better place now, ain't it?

You have the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his ass-bouncing "yogic flyers" to thank for all that, according to Invincible America, another of the Madharishi's many world-domination PR schemes:
Today is the 5th day of the third month of U.S. national consciousness rising to invincibility, as indicated by the following press reports, which continue to reveal the dramatic, 180 degree turnaround in the fortunes of the nation...
But what about that rising inflation? The civil war in Iraq still kills hundreds of people a week, and the sectarian conflicts in India and Sri Lanka still rage unabated. Never mind all that, folks. They don't talk about those problems until they can claim to have solved them.

The Madharishi taking credit for all the good things happening in the world is about the most infantile thing we've ever observed a big-time guru do. It's like a six-year-old announcing they've saved the world because they asked Jesus to help. The guy must be a blibbering idiot with a bib around his neck to catch the drool that falls out of his mouth with these ludicrous pronouncements of world saving.

It's another brilliant demonstration of mass stupidity. You've got to give the doddering old nut bag credit for finding the dolts who follow him in this nonsense. The wackjob and his merry band of reverse butt trampolines have followed through with his world take-over insanity. Too bad it's been about as effective as a bunch of ass-bouncing clowns can make it.


At 10/01/2006 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't a comment, it's a recommendation. The following is a good resource if you've not yet stumbled across it yourself:

Evaluating Spiritual and Utopian Groups:

At 10/02/2006 8:01 AM, Blogger rama said...

Hullo! Taking credit: I am reminded of this story. A man on a train was hanging his hand out, holding a red cloth. Co-passenger finally asked him: why are you doing this? He replied: Don't you know, I'm ensuring that no elephant hits the train and knocks it over. Man says: But hey, tehre are no elephants here. The gy says: See, its working!

For another version of the same teaching, with more resonances, see my recent post "Eat no stones"
Best, rama

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