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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another Damn Devi

File under: The Siddhi of PR

Today we visited the website of Sri Maa Lakshmi Devi, where we were confronted with this image:

The "shock" of this woman's "shakti" almost put this morning's Earl Grey all over the new iMac. We'll just never keep up with all the emerging Ammachi rip-offs who offer mammaries full of occluding nonsense to a world rife with infantilism, one that's regressing faster than a diaper fetishist with a bottle full of titty milk and bourbon, thanks in no small part to clowns like this.

Update: A reader has alerted us to the fact that Sri Maaaaa (say it like a sheep says "baaaaa") is the spawn of the handsy-with-the-boysy Sathya Sai Baba, aka the Babaster.


At 10/04/2006 1:10 PM, Blogger CHUCK said...

Wait a minute, Jody. I for one think it's great that less attractive ladies get to be gods. Why should it be that only beautiful ones like that gal from Sidha Yoga that you are in love with get to be gods?

At 10/04/2006 1:18 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

No fair, Chuck!

I never said Gurumayi was God. She may be hot, and I may want my goddesses to be hot, but there's no women (or men) more God than anyone else, regardless of how hot or not they are.

At 10/04/2006 3:58 PM, Blogger CHUCK said...

sri sri 1008 avatar chuckananda maharaj

I was just kidding about you saying gurumayi is a god. But you have to admit that this one isn't all that attractive.

At 10/04/2006 4:17 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

There are better pictures of her on her site. Here she looks like the moon with that round head. Not necessarily a bad thing for a devi to look like, I guess.

My first impression wasn't a flow of blissful shakti, it was of her pushing the viewer away.

The devi junkies are just looking for the next tit to suck, preferably Indian, like Maaaaaaaa here. She'll pull plenty of needy devotees without being Gurumayi hot.

At 10/04/2006 8:04 PM, Blogger CHUCK said...

Still, I can't see how a devi as homely as her can make it in Palm Springs. She needs help with her make up. Her line of bullshit sounds very old too. Maybe she's appealing strictly to the over 60 crowd.

At 10/04/2006 8:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heads up boyees,

This lady is a disciple of none other than Satya Sai Baba (no kidding). Someone I know started asking her pointed questions about one of his scandals, and she avoids all such questions, since Baba is her Guru. She goes by other names as well. This Sai Maa Laxmi Devi thing appears to be the latest.

I like the lipstick in this photo. Paired with the heavy kajal, she can get right in there with Guru Mayi, imo. Both are equally good looking (not).

Tired of all of them.

At 10/04/2006 11:10 PM, Blogger evenstar said...

Ah Jody - you crack me up!

Another great post. Maaaaaaa indeed! Most certainly a sheeptalker if she's of Shrieks Atyas I Buttf@$ker's flock.

Keep up the good work :)

At 10/04/2006 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOw! she has man-hands.... man haaaaands!! scary.

At 10/05/2006 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe she should put her face on a billboard and start a devi harem. That might pull in a few more devotees.

At 10/05/2006 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an Indian settled in USA and I know for a fact that most of the awards she claims on her website can be purchased in India for $2400 each or so.
I clicked around her website and found that all of her "devotees" are americans.
If you show her website to and Indian, he will immediately know she is a fake.

familiarity breeds contempt.

No one in the USA gives a %^&% to the Miss Universe contest. But in India it is extremely hot.

plus of course she is a disciple of sathya sai baba
enough said.

At 10/07/2006 3:02 PM, Blogger CHUCK said...

If she's a disciple of Sly Baba, is homely and has the hands of a man, maybe she ain't a Devi at all!

At 10/07/2006 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jody, check out the new photo of Gurumayi on the Siddha Yoga bookstore site. I'd be surprised if you don't see a resemblance between these two. And this Ma has a thing for hats, just like gurumayi.
Here's the very long link:

At 10/07/2006 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The best part about her is her energy and movement and chanting. Which I enjoyed more than most. Many of the satsangs I went to were dry and intellectual and we just sat still for two hours. So I give her that"

So you're just paying to be in the presence of a charismatic woman. What makes your experiencial more useful than say that of any other masturbatory experiencialists?

At 10/09/2006 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Chuck. This guy looks more like a Davy than a Devi.

At 12/26/2008 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sai Maa is pure love and compassion.
I spent quite a bit of time with Mataji when I lived in Colorado and I suggest with my whole heart, anyone to go sit with her and feel the grace of our One True Creator.

God sits at the tip of our tongues.
Each thing we say is a line in the book of life that we each write.

Please use your tongue to uplift and not divide.

If you do not find God, or whatever God is to you, in Sai Maa and the teachings, then simply go elsewhere.

But there is no need for negativity.

Love and all else is.


At 5/05/2009 4:15 AM, Blogger Krishna said...

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. She holds the promise of material fulfillment and contentment. She is described as restless, whimsical yet maternal, with her arms raised to bless and to grant her blessings.
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At 1/21/2010 12:36 PM, Blogger Petit77 said...

I larned while spending some time with Sai Maa that she has an energy about her: Love, Speak with love, Act with love and Think with love. That about sums up her work and intentions.

Whether you beieve in her or not, keep in mind that karma does in fact exist, and speech builds negative karma just as actions build it. Be careful.

At 7/20/2010 2:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buddhist Proverb ~ When the student is ready, the teacher will appear...

If you have found your teacher, or if you choose to be your own best teacher, that is a beautiful thing. To malign another's teacher or path is not... we all find our way through this life on Earth the best way we can so let's be supportive of one another on this journey.

To all who find their way here in search of the Truth - follow your own heart and trust that you are guided on your journey.


At 6/08/2011 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sai Maa is a fake I knew her for over 10 years. She preys on the weak the way all fake guru's do. She is despised in India and cannot even go into the country. She personally destroyed my family. She is greedy,money and power hungry. There isn't a kind bone in her body. She claims celibacy and makes her closest devotees follow the same and then she has sex with her students who are married. She is particularly fond of breaking up marriages and keeping the men close. She is a scam artist and a con and a close kin to the other false guru Tilak. Beware all stay away from this cult. I am grateful I got out. To protect my family I must remain anonymous.

At 2/20/2012 8:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband left our marriage to follow his divine path with Sai Maa. I agree with the last post about Sai Maa breaking up marriages. Although he said it was not her doing, he followed her example of leaving her husband and children. Does anyone else have a story of losing a spouse to this cult?

At 1/04/2013 4:52 PM, Anonymous Heart Centered Scientist said...

Most of this is so false. I am a scientist by trade so have a very cynical nature. I first heard of Sai Maa many years ago and approached her teachings with that mind set. I have sat with many guru's and teachers and I must say that Sai Maa definately has something that others do not. I do know that many who follow Sai Maa want her to fix all their problems instead of practing what she preaches or they blame her for things that happen in their lives. If you make an experiement of your life from using her teachings you may be suprised what you see. I probably know the people who commented about their husbands leaving them because of Sai Maa. To that I say you need to look deeper and see how you create your life. You are responsible for what you have and don't have nobody else. As far as those who say that she is not beautiful, you have not seen her in person. Plus, I missed the day in bible class that said the most holy are beautiful. I think that Moses was probably not in the most beautiful people in desserts around Isreal, but I don't know because I wasn't there, were you? To call a person names and make judgements says more about you than about them. Too bad for you because maybe if you opened up enough to see for yourself, maybe your life would be enriched. Maybe it wouldn't but you will never know by saying what you say here. I feel bad for you. To be completely upfront, during my time with Sai Maa there were several years we were really close. I could be very bitter and turn against her for not being close any more. I could blame her, but what does that prove. Nothing. I had to look within myself to find the answers. It is not pretty or easy - but necessary to move forward in this lifetime. For those who say she is not accepted in India, that is absolutely false. I have traveled to India Sai Maa during the years we were close. During those times, we sat with the most respected spiritual leaders in India and they were very respectful to Sai Maa. Not only did we visit them, but they often would visit us and just sit in meditation or around a yagna fire or what I really enjoyed - laughing and playing like kids. As a scientist, I can only say I did approach Sai Maa with an analytical eye and I found the opposite of what was said before. Too bad for you that you are not open enough to experience because even though the friendship I had did not last forever, the knowledge I gained was amazing.

At 1/04/2013 6:21 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Sounds more like hero worship and a need for confirmation and positive mirroring than authentic spirituality to me.

At 1/25/2017 12:12 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I knew it!! She isn't even allowed back into India. Sai bastard Baba raped and sexual predator,has criminal sexual assaults charges. The claims you make are absolutely correct. It is so easy to fool these people into thinking about pure love, enlightenment, letting go. This fraud criminal psycho just copies Deepak Chopra and you can tell she is a fraud. Hope that others can see the truth.

At 1/25/2017 12:22 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I feel so sorry for you. The Indian government is very corrupt and a few rupees can buy anything including wiping out a criminal record or murder. She has ashrham in India and there are several so called self proclaimed spiritual leaders hence the Hindu religion is polytheism. So inform yourself first. As far as loosing a spouse yes the marriage is troubled this is why people look elsewhere, but this sai Maa actually practice black magic including animal sacrifices to obtain what she wants. Even in her website if you go under sponsor you can see where if you make a $1800 monthly payment you can choose from package such as hlid you want advancement in your career, love in your marriage, for $5000 your entire coorp will be blessed. Bullshit. Really. Why don't you go to the same place this criminal Sai Maa is. Marry her and be with her forever. She looks like the devil,childmolester.

At 1/25/2017 5:30 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

True. Same story here

At 2/22/2017 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can say without a doubt that the Sai Maa Organization is a sinister CULT ! And I stand by that 100%

This organization is run by Sai Maa who’s has a tons of property in the US, she has been running a Ponzi scheme for years making Millions off the backs of innocent people and getting away with it cheating right under the governments nose when it comes to taxes and money .
Each person that works for her gets an allowance of money and each person is a disciple of Sai Maa, they do what ever this lady wants and will kiss the floor that her feet walks on, and I mean kiss the floor, they are her humble obedient slaves. They each have a photo of her on there cells phones that comes up every time the phone rings and pray to tons of photos and gifts from this insane sick woman. They believe Sai Maa to be a divine being worthy of worship. Its totally madness !

Sai Maa with the help of these people have for many years ruined and the lives of tons of people and families that fall for her Ponzi scheme. Its a Cult that splits people up with brain washing and Hitler like disciplinary acts of aggression . There are many disciples from New York, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Florida, etc. All of them are geeky nuts who put on a show all in white to get people in and twist peoples minds that they have huge problems and that Sai Maa can fix there problems quickly.

One of the main leaders who has been with the organization is “Swami Parameshwarananda” along with other main disciple of Sai Maa “Lucinda Hale Hanover “ “Shree Devi” “Oakley Ogden” “Jonathan Mitchell “ “Lalita Shree Dasi Brahmacharini “ “Anantananda Das Brahmachari” “Doug Fisher” “Reiko Dewey” “Mohan Das Brahmachari” “Dayananda Brahmachari” “Becky Morrison film producer” “Santoshdas Satuababa” “André Mounoussamy Jayendra-Das” “Joe Mitchell” “Laura Fontaine “ “Sheila Furth” “Harry Waranch Lmt” “Nicolas Viennot Sai Maa’s Son” “Jivananda Das Brahmachari” “Carla Sadoff” “Lela Henderson” and the list goes on !

A good couple I went with to Naples Florida with for the Journey of Profound healing had a horrible experience. It started out interesting but quickly turn very dark. During the session the couple that i went with had hard questions for Sai Maa about there future and things they wanted in life. My friends wife was told by Sai Maa spoke to her privately and said that she felt the man she was with was not right for her and that she should flat out leave him and come and travel with her and the organization and promised her the man of her dreams. My friends wife quickly found this somewhat problematic and told me about it. I know this couple very well and they are both a very loving and caring couple so it seemed strange that Sai Maa would recommend this.

Her husband told me when he spoke to Sai Maa she seemed to really hate him and even tried to put him in a bad light saying she could see problems for him and that he should accept what difficulties would be coming his way soon. It became clear to all of us that she was clearly trying to divide this beautiful couple. After we did research and ask many friends that went to Sai Maa what was there experience, almost all the people we spoke to found the entire journey and experience horrible and felt they were being sucked into a real Cult where everyone that was a member was watching you constantly and trying hard to brainwash you to spend more money and keep tabs on you everyday.

These people and Sai Maa are a disease, any life with anyone who is a member of this Cult you are basically signing your name to be in the circle of Sai Maa who will en fact control you and always be in the way of any real good future you think you may have. She will take your life and your children away from you.

Sai Maa needs to be banned from the country she is a danger to the people – especially easily influenced youth.

Again the Sai Maa Organization is a sinister CULT!!!

At 5/01/2017 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across Sai Maa through an encounter with my Twin Flame last year. If you are not aware of what a Twin Flame is, google it. I met my Twin outside of Sai Maa but I found out after our First Date that Sai Maa was coming to town in Philadelphia a few days later, and she invited me to come along. I was interested in learning more about my Twin (who I was not consciously aware of at the time), I figured what harm could it do? So I paid a couple hundred dollars for a weekend event to meet and listen to Sai Maa.

First you have to understand. I was an Atheist for the most part. I believe in Love, but I was NOT looking for Spirituality. I was not looking for Enlightenment. I was not looking for answers and I did not feel as though I needed some mystical help. I literally went to this event because I was invited by a romantic interest. What I found was much, much more surprising. There in a hotel conference room was 400 other people who it seemed were there for spiritual guidance and teachings. I was very surprised at how many people were in attendance to this event. I was there and had a chance to listen to Sai Maa answer questions from there crowd. She gave good answers for the most part and talked about how everything in the mind is a choice between Fear & Love. I thought it was interesting that she had followers who had been with her for YEARS but still had the same questions to ask her and still had not found answers for what they were seeking. Then somebody asked about relationships and Love and Maa's EGO came out and answered this question. She actually ridiculed some of her followers that came to her expressing their gratitude about their new relationships or partners and she did not like this one bit. I thought that was strange since she is preaching about Fear vs Love. Why would a being of LOVE not like when her followers get into a new relationship... Unless of course she likes her followers to be brainwashed by her teachings and approval. I learned a couple little bits of wisdom from Maa and overall was feeling as though the teaching was good, but then I heard the Lie of All Lies. MONEY is Energy. What? Money is Energy? That would imply that people who are poor have less energy than others. How is this woman teaching equality and enlightenment while also preaching money is energy? BULLSHIT. Money is energy is a lie that rich people tell themselves to make themselves feel better. Money is an illusion.

Nobody who is Enlightened believes in MONEY. NOBODY. Nobody who is selling spirituality has truly found spirituality in order to find true enlightenment you have to remove all the fears from your mind, however that is only the starting point. Real enlightenment comes from having a Pure Heart. Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they will SEE GOD. Buddha gave up all his riches to find enlightenment. Finally I heard the Scam from Sai Maa. She was Selling PRAYER STICKS that you sign and put your name on and she would throw into a fire at a later date. She claimed that this prayer stick in the fire would change your life forever and add to your destiny. That my friends is the oldest scam of all time called, The Rain Maker. Pay me money and I will pray to make it rainI had a chance to meet Sai Maa before I left the retreat and I looked into her Soul and saw the Desire in her Heart.

At 5/01/2017 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your mind it is all a choice between Fear & Love. In your heart it is all a choice between Love & Desire. When you make all your choices out of Love you no Longer have desires of the flesh and attachments to the outcomes of said desires. The Buddha taught this of course and so did Jesus. Her teachings to go into the Heart are correct if you are making choices out of Love, however she is preaching EGO & DESIRE. This is the opposite of Love. Ego and Desire are the 7 Deadly Sins of the Heart, the most sinister of all being GREED. Sai Maa is a Greedy person who is looking for control and followers to worship her. People who are truly enlightened embody VIRTUE and not DESIRE. Of course this was not in her teachings at all.

Unfortunately for me, my Twin Flame did not see this in the same light as I did. She has dedicated years of her life and Thousands of dollars to Sai Maa from her Family. She has all her products and does the conference calls and prays to her Alter of Sai Maa. She was hoping that she could introduce me into this and that I would join her, but that was not the case for me. I saw this as the cult that it is and I told her no I can’t do that. I tried to explain my position to my Twin Flame but all it did was infuriate her more. How dare I claim to be of equal spiritual knowledge of her "enlightened" guru? I was consciously aware of myself and what I needed to do, when it came down to it. I told my Twin Flame NO to all her desires for changing me and whatever "help" she thought she was giving me and said I cannot be around this person. The fact that I did not align with her spiritual teaching caused her to become afraid of me and run away. The silver lining was that through detaching myself from this person in all aspects, I actually cleared my own Chakras and found self-realization or what Hindu call "enlightenment". My Twin Flame had some vision of a perfect relationship exactly how her heart and Maa's heart desires. That is not how love works. Real love it just IS and has NOTHING to do WITH MONEY or what another person can do for you. Unfortunately she will most likely spend many years of her life deceived until she finally figures out that she has been wasting time, energy and money on a cult that does not care about her personally, but the money that she provides. I wrote this message out of Love to share my story. I think about my Twin Flame daily, but I realized that I already shared my lesson with her. Now it is up to her to wake up to the reality that she has been living in for years. I feel sorry for her because she is not aware of it and simply living inside of a lie. It might take 10 years before she figures it all out. Sai Maa and her followers are definitely a CULT and it is all about duping people for MONEY and claiming enlightened spirituality.

At 5/09/2017 12:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous you preaching the truth about Sai Maa 100 % correct, nobody who is Enlightened believes the MONEY is ENERGY but this Trickster and a Fraud is fooling gullible Americans. She controls minds and money of millions. She has ruined thousands and thousands of lives to enrich her own bank account!! Her followers or devotee student are bright young people that are being scammed by this so called divine Fem supreme being who is a fake and poses deep and psychological damages to all the followers and students in her Cult organization. Yet some people just don’t get it, let alone the parents of her student devotee followers. I also knew a few of her followers and yes they suffer from the traits of serious personality disorders. They have messed up relationships and can barely keep a relationship, they listen to Sai Maa and tells them which relationship the should pursue in there life and which they should break up with, she Conflicts Relationships. I have seen husbands and wives go through divorces because of the deranged woman. She can barley sit down calmly and have a real conversation with without looking to her followers to tell her the words she is missing when talking to an audience. People that think Sai Maa is some supreme fem Goddess are in serious need of help . And YES she likes her followers to be brainwashed by her teachings and approval. Its all about CONTROL & LIES for the woman. And less we forget GREED !

Sai Maa knows how to tap into that market, or that is, turn on the tap to cash in. She is fooling the Rich, She is fooling the Poor, She is fooling celebrities She is fooling hard working people who are struggling to make ends meet and put food on there families tables, she is even fooling educated people. I was also there and saw the same thing you are saying Anonymous and yes Real love it just IS and has NOTHING to do WITH MONEY or what another person can do for you. Sai Maa is setting up people and there relationship for a huge fall so that she can control weak minded people. People who lost loved ones, people lost in life under stress, people who lost loved ones to drugs or suicide, people who are down and out, these are human beings who are suffering yet she finds a way to crush them and devours them to make them her obedient slave. But there is more to be said about this movement and even more stories with evidence to come out for sure about the deep and psychological damages she has created.

When she talks about shifting gears and changing your perception because the world around us is changing and we can create oneness consciousness by coming out of the program code of slavery. She really means the total opposite, she wants us all to be her slaves.

I’m so happy to finally see people talking and taking action against Sai Maa and her Cult organization, I wish there were more sites like this, i did just find one called
Anonymous and everyone on this site tell your stories here as well and this site but please tell your stories and how you have been impacted, ripped off, hurt or in pain from the sinister cult organization .
Speak Up and Be Heard !

At 5/20/2017 12:31 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Sai Maa is Tirckster and a Fraud !!
This is an American organization run by Sai Maa that reeks of straight out deviousness! She is fooling the Rich, She is fooling the Poor, She is fooling celebrities She is fooling hard working people who are struggling to make ends meet and put food on families tables, she is even fooling educated people. She is not an authentic spiritual healer she is a fraud, she is a fake self-proclaimed god women who has en-fact committed crimes in the name of enlightenment. The community of Sai Maa are crooked destructive thieves with idiots who promote a fake Guru who reports to be the fem supremacy Guru who on the surface appears to be very benign but underneath that surface she promotes cutting off ties with family members & friends. She has ruined thousands and thousands of lives to enrich her own bank account!

She is a dangerous narcissist woman who is self-delusional in grandiose fantasy’s of omnipotence. The fem supremacy Guru Sai Maa is a False Guru & has ruined thousands of lives. These people need to be exposed and brought to justice asap and gullible people who have faith in such characters, actually need someone to show them the truth and help them. Her corrupt influence runs deep along with her pursuit of profit. Sai Maa is a Greedy person who is looking for control and followers to worship her. People who are truly enlightened embody VIRTUE and not DESIRE. Of course this was not in her teachings at all.
You can see all the photos of what is going on here


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