Guruphiliac: Dera Baba Goes From Pot To Flame

Friday, August 03, 2007

Dera Baba Goes From Pot To Flame

File under: Gurus Doin' Time and The Siddhi of PR

Gurmit Singh Ram Rahim really blew it when he dressed like one of the fathers of Sikhism. Folks in the Punjab take their patriarchs' fashion very seriously, throwing the Baba into a world of legal hurt and a lot of hot water.

Well, the Baba just went from the boiling pot directly into the flame. Busting for disturbing the sentiments of the Sikhs after widespread riots broke out as a result of his sartorial stunt, the guy is now facing rape and murder charges:
Ranjit Singh, who at one time was a senior dera member, was shot dead when it was discovered that he had submitted some information to the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee relating to the Dera Chief molesting and raping his sister, who too was a follower of the dera. In addition, the CBI also included 10 other testimonies and some forensic science evidence that suggests that the revolver used in Ranjit Singh’s murder belonged to Kishan Lal, a senior official of the Dera.

The other murder case in which Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s name is included is that of Sirsa-based journalist Ram Chander Chatterpatti. Chatterpatti was murdered after he published details of the wrongdoings of the Dera Chief. This case also includes proof against other Dera cult leaders as well.

The third case of sexual harassment and rape is the strongest in respect to the evidence as one 33 year old “Sadhvi” personally testified in front of the CBI and alleged that the Dera Chief had personally molested her in 1999. According to the testimony of “Sadhvi,” the Dera Sacha Sauda headquarters in Sirsa is home to hundreds of women followers and from time to time, the Dera Chief abuses them to fulfill his lustful desires.
Hey, he sounds just like our pal Kreepalu!

It's hard to see exactly what is going on here. The Baba is either getting railroaded by a Punjabi bullet train, or he's a major contender for the title of the creepiest and most criminal guru out there. Perhaps it will come out in the trial, although his chances of getting a fair one in a state that arrested him for dressing to impress seem pretty limited, if they even exist at all.

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At 8/03/2007 7:54 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

It would have been more appropriate if the fellow had dressed up in a hog costume and gone on all four hooves through the streets eating shit and wrastling with sparrows for pieces of wonder bread!

At 8/03/2007 10:32 AM, Blogger Mukesh said...

It's more appropriate if i reply you taking evidence from the pages of History. Whenever truth fies high, the negative power becomes jealous of it. It is true in case of all the Perfect saints be it Hindu Saints like Kabirdas, Ravidas etc. Sikh Guru like Guru Gobind Singh Ji when he had to shift from one place to other, one fort to other. It is also true in case of Christianity; Jesus too suffered terribly due to the tortures of mischiefmakers. But it is true that truth eventually shines and will do.

At 8/03/2007 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saints are generally made "perfect" by the passage of time and by the imaginations of people who want to believe somebody else can do their inner work for them or give them something--like money, relationships, children or health.

A true saint will never be "perfect", neither will they pretend to be god, demand money for their teachings or for darshan, have sex with children, molest women, enslave their followers with fake beliefs of any kind.

At 8/09/2007 7:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hey, he sounds just like our pal Kreepalu!"

Hey, can you provide a contactable reference to verify that claim?


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