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Monday, January 28, 2008

Om No!

File under: Gurubusting and The Siddhi of PR

Holy crap! Fauxru Omdasji goes down on his own website!

(Thanks, Sarloji!)

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At 1/29/2008 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF? I'm confused...was that written by a disciple or the man himself?

At 1/29/2008 10:22 AM, Blogger Zubin said...

Yeah, I'm confused too. Plus I had never heard of this guy and couldn't find much info on him on the net. It's hard to keep up on all the gurus.

But I did find the video page on his site and listened to some of his divine sounds. Miraculously, just like the subjects of the video, my biophysical response showed high amplitude bursts in my left brain's theta range as a bunch of bright white lotuses slowly sprouted out of my forehead.

As I have no pruning shears, whether this guy is a shameless flake or not, he can be my soul's gardener anytime.

At 2/03/2008 5:46 AM, Blogger riptiz said...

Dear friends,
I have been a disciple of dhyanyogiOmdasji for 4 yrs and have just returned from the ashram after receiving shaktipat once again.I was there when the news came of him being betrayed by someone he considered a close disciple and who he had supported and given love to for many years.All monies collected in the USA for the building of a USA ashram have been stolen by this disciple and he has attempted to blame guruji wh has not been in the USA for 6 months so he could not have withdrawn the money himself.Guruji does not live in luxury and the ashram is very basic.The website and passwords are held by the betrayer.For genuine information of the real Omdasji go to The Divine Sound is an amazing recording I have been using for 2 years with great results.I recommend it to all and scientific research papers are to be released soon verifying its effects.
Dave Moore UK

At 2/03/2008 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are you allowed much personal time with this Omdasji? If so, would you be considered wealthy there? Isn't this the fellow who claims to be the successor of Dhyanyogi?

At 2/03/2008 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also a disciple of Dhyanyogi Omdasji and can attest the above saying of riptiz. I have been told enough of things proving the betrayal of this man to guruji.

As for divine sounds - absolutely sincerely it works!

I myself can say my life has been changed since I am his disciple, for better and nothing bad to note about him only deep gratitude.

Does one allegation(not proved) make one guilty? Nowadays everyone can write whatever he likes on net, regardless if it is true or not.

At 2/04/2008 9:25 AM, Blogger riptiz said...

Hi Betty,
Yes, I have spent time with guruji and when I visited him with my students in Nov06 in the UK we sat for about 2 hrs with him as he answered any questions we had.One of my students acted as translator for us.I am not considered no more wealthy than other westerners.Compared to the average Indian I would be considered well off but the cost of living is very low so our money goes further.
Guruji is indeed the successor of Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji who's mahasamadhi is on the ashram.

At 2/05/2008 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

riptiz said...Guruji is indeed the successor of Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji

This sounds very questionable to me, since others have a written will on the issue. I doubt that Dhyanyogi would approve of this guy's perfectly trimmed mustaches. My experience is that where there is smoke, there is generally an asshole smoking a cigarette somewhere. I'd say beware...

At 2/05/2008 1:13 PM, Blogger riptiz said...

Just as a matter of interest does anyone on here actually have experience or knowledge of yoga? Does anyone have experience of anything apart from bad mouthing others? Betty or Jai(or whatever your name is) , Dhyanyogis mahasamadhi is on the ashram and the crowning of Omdasji as the gadapati is well documented.

At 2/05/2008 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

riptiz said...Dhyanyogis mahasamadhi is on the ashram and the crowning of Omdasji as the gadapati is well documented.]

So is his passing whatever can be passed on to Asha Ma. So far no one has accused her of abusing people and pandering to the rich...

It is noted that you believe you know something about yoga that we do not. I'd suggest that this fellow who spent several decades with this omdasji and then got hurt and angry enough to do what he has done suggests he may know something about omdasji that you do not know.

At 2/06/2008 12:18 PM, Blogger riptiz said...

ps you will show me where guruji has been accused of pandering to the rich.Actually Asha has built a brand new ashram in India but I am not questioning where she got the money from nor implying she has done anything dishonest.Actually I simply asked if anyone on here practised yoga or simply bad mouthed people as you seem to be very skilled at it.

At 2/07/2008 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

iptiz said....Actually I simply asked if anyone on here practised yoga or simply bad mouthed people as you seem to be very skilled at it.

The man's own close disciple has accused him of pandering to the rich and abusing women, a guy who has not just sat with him for a few hours here and there. As far as practising yoga, probably most people here have done so for quite a bit longer than you even. Practising yoga is no criterion for judging the quality of anyone. Your guruji is just one in a very long line of "gods" who are not what they present themselves to be. I'm sure you have been duly flattered by your guruji. Is it worth it?

At 5/09/2008 1:22 AM, Blogger thewire_uk said...

I have been a disciple of Omdasji for over 10 years. I know he has great power and abilities to perform Shaktipat. He is a true Yogi, who has gain great spiritual powers through japa and meditation.
I spend a lot of time with him which was great. But I had my doubts too. He played with peoples minds and thoughts and money.
Even great Yogis have fallen, due to there undisciplined behavior, and he is one of them who has fallen from grace. He should be more discipled when he goes aboard (USA and UK), especially with girls. Be careful if you are going to see him and ensure you keep your money in your pockets and your daughters away from him.

At 5/17/2008 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want to meet a group of people who are disciple of Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji?

At 5/28/2008 10:03 AM, Blogger celestial calling said...

Come on, guys! Couldn't you think out something more original? I have read that one who lives up to waist level is lacking creativity. And if you had the knowledge you would know it is impossible in such a case to give good shaktipat. Hmm, then is the Guru who ran after girls, dear friend? Could be just your projection - it seems so. We see in others usually what we have in ourselves. So get free of it!

Aha, or perhaps you've got the old psychological truth that a lie repeated enough of times becomes a truth?

Or if I dive deeper in the problem, I see - the saying "The thief shouts out - 'Catch the thief'", pointing to someone else of course. Shame, dear friend, real shame! As an objective observer I have always noted with Gurus and spiritual teachers, that the close disciples who misuse funds and sex are the ones to first debase the Guru. Loud shouting all over does not change the truth and all have to account for their deeds some day!

If you don’t wish to be with some you walk off. But not defame. Even with an exwife or lover ! All the world knows of divorces… and even spiritual divorces! But then you have been very entertaining.

At 5/28/2008 10:19 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

If you don’t wish to be with some you walk off.

And if they are unscrupulous, you warn other folks off.

you have been very entertaining.

Why, thank you! I do try really hard to be amusing.

At 8/14/2008 4:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 1992 (restated on video in 1993), Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji turned his authority over to Anandi Ma (formerly Asha Ma) and claimed that anyone else making a claim was false and "guilty". I've seen the video. He named Anandi Ma (and no one else) as his spiritual heir. End of story.

At 9/11/2008 3:22 AM, Blogger Dhyanyogilove said...

I will vouch for anything that Dave (Riptiz) and Vladi have said. We are all long-time students of Omdasji, and yes, he IS the Successor of Madhusudandasji.

The slanderers of Omdasji are a group of people who are far into EGO and are upset with Omdasji for not dubbing them some great beings of the His "inner circle" and they therefore have stolen THOUSANDS of American Dollars that they believe themselves to be owed.

These are very sad individuals who have chosen a lower path, instead of following through on the Teachings and GREAT ENERGIES bestowed upon them by the Beloved Omdasji.

As far as Anandi Ma goes: From what I understand if anyone were to meet her, they would find her to be a sickly crone, while Omdasji thrives. I am sure that if anyone were to visit India, they would find all documentation and photographic proof of the thousands of fellow Yogis and students attending the ceremony of Omdasji receiving Gadapati status. Why is it that Anandi Ma is stuck in America and not in charge of the Indian Ashrams? I believe she was banned, but for her sake, I am sure she enjoys collecting lots of American Dollars in the USA.

My life has been nothing but BLESSED since I became Omdasji's student.

At 11/12/2008 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that this man has some abilities,even the gentleman who has exposed him admits it.
Does having these abilities make you a better person ? Are you a better person for receiving shaktipat or are you the same person who just happens to have spiritual experiences ?
How many of you have taken the time to speak with the former disciple, or have you just made up your mind that he is wrong due to your association with Omdasji's supporters. It is crucial to listen to both sides of the story from the people involved directly. This former disciple spent many years and thousands of dollars on Omdasji; and money never seemed to be the issue all these years; so why did it become an issue all of a sudden for him ?
Why have all his close disciples & financiers from the USA & UK disowned him ? Why is he not making any trips to the USA & UK to the new disciples homes; perhaps it is because there is no money available from them and, perhaps he is scared of the law and being incarcerated, why does he not want to face his accusers. He is such a great yogi, why is he so afraid to visit the USA or the UK again. If he is such a great yogi why does he make fun of Gay people behind their backs. I bet the gay disciples didn't know about this!!! He is also stating that he has received certificates from the Mayor and other officials of San Francisco, why does he not have any photos with these dignataries, he seems to have photos of everything else including his coronation as the "Emperor of Yogis", perhaps these certificates were obtained for him by his former disciples due to their political connections in San Francisco, perhaphs the Mayor has never even heard of Omdasji and doesn't even know of his existance( call the Mayors office if you doubt this).
Perhaps everything that comes out of Omdasjis mouth and that of his cronies including neela who is nothing more than an internet scam artist guru; is designed to create an illusion of truth for those still involved with him.
Maybe everyone involved with Neela should ask her some questions as to why her Husband beats her for associating with Omdasji(ask her if she will let you speak to her husband)(I can guarantee that she will not), this poor woman needs genuine help; and not just sexual comfort from Omdasji.
My comments may hurt the faithful; but you owe it to yourselves to investigate the truth; this way if I have written things that are false; then you can have 100 % faith in your guru.
Former disciple

At 11/12/2008 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omdasji promotes on his website, Certificates of Honor that he received from officials in San Francisco.
Those of you that are convinced of Omdasji's authenticity, should contact the Mayors office in San Francisco; so as to determine if his certificates from the Mayor and City council were given to him based on Omdasji's work or given to him due to the political connections of his former disciples.
Gavin Newsome the Mayor & Fiona Maa from the city council have never even heard of Omdasji.
Please contact the Mayors office if you think that this information is incorrect.
This bit of information is to lead people to the truth about this scumbag.

At 11/14/2008 9:27 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

Jagdish Patel of San Francisco, CA used to host Omdasji at his hotel. He chose to betray Omdasji because he felt he was not getting enough recognition to feed his ego.

Whether the Certificates from SF Mayor & Administration are authentic or not is irrelevant. Being that Jagdish was Omdasji's host and interpreter, it is only obvious that Jagdish was the one who made the connections between Omdasji and the Mayor in the first place and nobody else.

Jagdish and his cohorts who used to host on a legitimate basis as Omdasji's students/disciples decided to "seize complete control" over the site and now use it to slander the very Teacher Omdasji who has bestowed many Blessings upon them. Check out for current ACCURATE information about Omdasji.

As far as Jagdish's notations that all of the other students and disciples in CA, TX and other parts of the USA and beyond all believe in Jagdish's claims are COMPLETELY FALSE. SOME may believe it (which is their own sad problem), but many of us do NOT give Jagdish any credence whatsoever. We all continue to learn and grow through the Teachings and Blessings of Omdasji and His Chosen Teachers.

At 11/14/2008 9:47 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

I forgot to add the fact that it doesn't matter what ANYONE says about Omdasji's validity or not. The only thing that matters is the major positive experiences that me and my life partner have on a regular basis. This includes seeing/feeling the presences not only of Omdasji, but that of His Guruji, Sri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji.

Some of you that follow Madhusudandasji's Teachings through Asha probably never considered the fact that we that are students and disciples of Omdasji also love and revere Madhusudansji. Why else would He be present at many of our Meditations and even in our "Dream" states? Perhaps you have not had these experiences yourselves and therefore did not consider that others might and it blows all the slander out of the water?

I think everyone needs to mind their OWN Spiritual Paths, as we will all reach Enlightenment at some point or another. Trying to defame one Teacher or saying one is better than the other is a waste of time. We all have the Free Will to believe and follow who we wish.

At 11/16/2008 12:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jagdish did what he felt was right, after being close to Omdasji for many years. He committed himself to Omdasji, has Matthew mentioned, he hosted him when he to the USA and looked after the well being of Omdasji while he stayed in the USA.
A lot of people who's had Shaktipat from Omdasji maybe had wonderful experiences and feel that he is someone special which is fine. But how many people who have commented here had actual spent time with Omdasji? No one has spent more time and understood how Omdasji works then Jagdish. The truth hurts and that's what Jagdish is exposing here. He had experienced first hand how Omdasji manipulated people for his own gratification and wanted to warn people.
The supports of Omdasji will obviously deny any knowledge of this due to their lack of experience and time spent with Omdasji.

At 11/16/2008 1:02 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

A lot of people who's had Shaktipat from Omdasji maybe had wonderful experiences

The only thing that has to do with Omdasji is that he looks and acts enough like a space daddy to get people to give themselves their magical shaktipat experience.

At 11/16/2008 5:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not harbor ill feelings for the ‘former disciples’ of Omdasji. I have only cordial relations with all. Why drag me in their slander?

I teach those who come to me about right living as per the principles taught to me by Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji and his successor Dhyanyogi Omdasji. These are the basic principles of spiritualism as taught by all religions of the world and all the Saints and Seers since time immemorial. Those who walk this path of Kundalini meditation do so as they are convinced by their personal experiences of improvement in self and life.

Many types of people come to Omdasji. Some come for spiritual reasons and others for mundane material things. Such people seek to have better homes, hotels, jobs, divorces, a woman and children and some for the fame (and the fallouts) that comes with associating with a Great Guru! The true disciples of Omdasji seek him for spiritual blessings and not for money, sex and fame as the former disciples seem to be obsessed with. Perhaps that’s the reason why they are “former”.

The creation of new websites of Omdasji and success in research of Divine Omdasji Sound Meditation seems to have sparked jealousy in many. Pitiable!

The Mayor and officials of San Francisco are responsible authorities and will not hand over Certificates of Honor or Name a Day in honor of Omdasji because of mere political connections though your blog seem to suggest otherwise. The power and efficacy in Omdasji’s singing is proven by the research done by eminent scientists and scholars. Refer to for the scientific research data and conclusions.

Omdasji does not need to justify meeting every ‘famous’ person by having a photo with them; if so, his portfolio will be full of famous people rather than the preaching of spiritualism. He had already left USA for India when the Honors were bestowed on him and the Certificates were sent by the Mayor’s Office through their representative.

All translations abroad were done by the “former disciples” as Omdasji does not know English. That speaks for itself regarding the information about what Omdasji was supposed to have spoken. Omdasji has many gay disciples who are close to him and who are doing well in their spiritual progress. Let’s ask Omdasji’s gay disciples. They are smart enough to judge who their ally is or otherwise; if they need to be instigated by someone else; this someone else is insulting their intelligence.

Devashi, I was introduced to you once and we exchanged no more than formal greetings. Yet you slander me baselessly. Were you present when my husband allegedly beat me for being a disciple of Omdasji? Or did you pimp and/or also participate with Omdasji in the sexual orgies that you speak of them? I follow my path with my family’s permission and blessings. Take care of what you speak. You lay yourself open to legal suits. I am a respectable person and lead a quiet peaceful life and don’t speak bad or wrong of anyone. Your statements are reckless and defamatory towards me and my husband. He is a worldly man and will not think twice before taking legal restitution for such irreprehensible actions. I, on the other hand follow spiritual teachings and can forgive “for they know not what they do”.

Since the past two years Omdasji had told repeatedly that he did not wish to go abroad for some time and work for the people in India. His last few trips abroad were to bless those souls who yearned for Light. Knowing this truth, bruised egos of ‘former disciples’ have reacted in worst possible ways.

Omdasji has traveled all over the world several times since the tender age of 15 and his “former disciples” were not his sponsors most times. If you care enough for a face on confrontation, please sponsor his travel, I am sure Guruji will take the time to appease your troubles. Or visit him here in India and speak to him face to face. Threats over the phone or vague accusations on blogs or hijacking sites and writing slander seem to be the only recourse left to the “former disciples”. Not a face to face confrontation!

Omdasji is a Param Guru. He is like the Ganges. People bathe in the Ganges and leave their filth in her. And then label her filthy!

Dhyanyogi Omdasji is a realized Guru who sees the beauty of the Soul in all beings and not their minds and bodies, even in his former disciples, and their fall from grace fills him with anguish. When there is a fall from Grace, all Dharma leaves and the lives of such persons are filled with anguish and anxiety which they appease by indulging in violence and senseless actions.

I consider it way below my dignity and absurd to even answer the improbable and flimsy accusations against Omdasji or myself.

It’s a free world. Each of us has a right to walk our own path. If anyone does not like Omdasji please go and live your life as you wish. You came of your own accord and go when your time beckons. But on the way don’t hurl filth at others. Remember when you hurl filth, your hands and clothes get dirty first!

Peace to all

Disciple of Dhyanyogi Omdasji and follower of ONE of the MANY paths to Light

At 11/16/2008 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Namaskar Devshi,
I have sat in your house and company and spoke to you personally and frankly I am surprised at your judgements, but each to their own.Having been a students of Neela before she even knew of Omdasji I can categorically state that her teachings are no different now to what they were when she was solely a student of DhyanyogiMadhusudandasji.She still teaches the limbs of yoga which so many others seem to only pick out the bits they wish to practice.She is no internet scam artist and as well as being my teacher is also a personal friend as are her mother and family.I have only ever been shown kindness in their company and guruji's.I was also shown the same kindness and hospitality when I was in your company in both Wigan and in Bolton for which I am extremely grateful.It saddens me therefore for the stance you take now but you believe you have your reasons and I do not sit in judgement of you.I continue to try to practice all limbs of yoga and hope that others will study them and practice them also.
Dave Moore

At 11/16/2008 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matthew is a good man and is doing what he beleives to be right from the knowledge he has of Omdasji.
I defended Omdasji for many years myself based on what I knew about him and it took me over 20 years to find out about his true character; even though I spent much much more time with him; than any of his present supporters.
I am not saying that Omdasji is not able to give people experiences through shaktipat, it was the experiences that kept me from wavering in my faith, but I am emphatically saying that his character, actions and motives are definitely not that, of what one would expect of a so called great Yogi.
As for my ego; if Matthew thinks that it is out of control; then who am I to argue with him.He has met me and spent a little time with me.
But I would invite Matthew and all of Omdasji's recent disciples to meet some of the opposition in order for them to fairly evalute the facts.
When you only hear from one side, your opinion is only one sided.
If you are being told not to talk with us then guess what?? you are being stopped from discovering the truth for yourselves.
I didn't discover the truth for such a long time because a rift was created between all the disciples by Omdasji. Everyone was told negative things about everyone else behind closed doors, resulting in that we only confided in Omdasji and did not communicate with the other disciples.
This is how he managed to keep things quite for such a long time, and obviously the females concerned,who were taken advantage of sexually were scared to come out and tell the truth fearing what people would think of them.
Thank god a few of them plucked up the courage to come forward.
I had great experiences but, I value truth much more than experiences.
Again Matthew and other disciples are good people, but I urge them to communicate with the opposition if they are in search of the truth.
The truth is not always what we would want it to be.
God bless you all and I pray that you all look to the truth for guidance.

At 11/17/2008 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The blogs here make an interesting study. It seems that the former disciples of Omdasji in USA (in conjunction with the Mayor of San Franscisco???HUH ???? as implied by Jag) and UK have been deliberately defrauding the citizens of their countries by promoting a Guru they call Bogus and Scumbag. A case must be registered against them and not against Omdasji! Did it really take them 20 to 25 years to know that the man was a fraud?

At 11/17/2008 2:43 PM, Blogger thewire_uk said...

Neela, few things to clear up here:
"The true disciples of Omdasji seek him for spiritual blessings and not for money, sex and fame as the former disciples seem to be obsessed with. Perhaps that’s the reason why they are “former”."
Not sure what was on your mind when you wrote this but we weren’t all after money, sex and fame from Omdasji. We all gave up our time, energy and our own families to be with Omdasji and look after his every need when he came to visit the USA and UK. Under no circumstances did anyone ask Omdasji for money, sex or fame!

“The creation of new websites of Omdasji and success in research of Divine Omdasji Sound Meditation seems to have sparked jealousy in many. Pitiable!”
Not sure again what was on your mind (again) when you wrote this, but why would anyone be jealous of this accomplishment?

“All translations abroad were done by the “former disciples” as Omdasji does not know English.”
Let me correct you here again, Omdasji DOES understand english and can speak English too.The only reason why he says he doesn’t understand English is because he didn’t want the ‘westerners’ to pester him with questions all the time.

“Since the past two years Omdasji had told repeatedly that he did not wish to go abroad for some time and work for the people in India. His last few trips abroad were to bless those souls who yearned for Light. Knowing this truth, bruised egos of ‘former disciples’ have reacted in worst possible ways.”

Again, I think you got your facts wrong again. Omdasji looked forward travelling abroard, cos it helped him relax and get away from the troubles he was facing in India. Programmes were arranged for him before he came to the USA and UK for people to benefit from the Divine Sound Meditation and Shaktipat. Why would this bruise the egoes of the former disciples? A lot of disciples had given up time and energy to ensure very thing went smoothly and Omdasji was looked after.

At 2/08/2009 4:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just come across this website and I have found to see that someone has written a blogg using my name without my knowledge. I want to apologise if anyone was offended thinking that I wrote the previous blogg as it wasn’t done by myself. I do not wish to be involved in any matter to do with this topic. Devshi

At 2/08/2009 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Namaskars Devshi,
I have been to the ashram recently over the new year and stated that I did not believe that the first post was made by you but was made by another.I am happy to see that my thoughts were correct.I stated that we had spoken at length in Wigan and Bolton as we had a common interest of martial arts and I said it did not seem in character as I believe you to be an honorable man.You have restored my faith.
Dave Moore

At 2/08/2009 1:15 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

You know what, folks, the point is that nobody is more God than anyone else. If your guru expects you to believe otherwise, he is a fraud.

At 2/09/2009 3:15 AM, Blogger Matthew said...

Yes, thank you Devshi for the clarification.

Thank you Dave (and Vladi) for sharing the great experiences with Our Beloved Omdasji a few weeks ago. I have only had the chance to check out some of the video and photo footage sent. AWESOME!

Jody, while you are correct that we are ALL aspects and a part of God (and God is a part of each of us), we ARE all at many DIFFERENT LEVELS. For this reason, there have been many Great and Blessed Teachers/Gurus that have been made available to Humanity, so that we can all rise up. Guru Omdasji happens to be that Teacher for me and I will always be grateful for Him, as many are grateful for their relationships with Christ, Buddha or otherwise.


At 2/10/2009 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jody, I think the point is that someone has been writing lies and slander about someone and claiming it is by another.It does not give much credibility to their original posts or say much for their integrity.If their claims are true then they don't help their case by taking these actions.
Dave Moore

At 2/10/2009 9:09 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...


Vedanta tells us that all your levels are belong to Maya. As long as you are chasing levels, you aren't seeing the truth that's sitting at the end of your nose (figuratively.)

At 2/10/2009 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So all the claims made against guru's on here is maya?

At 2/10/2009 10:28 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

So all the claims made against guru's on here is maya?

Everything except the claim that the Atman is immanent in every moment of our existence, and that levels have nothing to do with it.

At 2/10/2009 2:06 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

So, Jody, would you go to a thief, a murderer, a Terrorist, a heroin addict or a Satanist for your spiritual learning? I would hope not! For while, YES, they are a part of God, they are not awakened to this fact and choose to act in their lower natures.

Thankfully, there are those who are available to help lift up Humanity both Individually and as a Whole.

The bottom line is that you and anyone here does not have to believe in Omdasji. All that matters is that those of us who Love and Learn from Him or other Teachers have that right and it is nobody's business who we choose, for you have the same right not to choose and go with someone else. There is no reason to spread slander and libel. That is not only wrong-thinking, it also adds to one's negative karma.

All that aside, we will ALL eventually become enlightened, one way or another. Some are choosing a quicker path.

Be Blessed.

At 2/10/2009 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like someone had used my name to apologise for what I had written in the blog previously. Under no circumstances do I apologise for what I had previously stated. I standby what I had written.
Dave; as you stated, I am an honourable man; no doubt about it, but I stick to what I said and belief. Don't be fooled by some else posing as me to apologise for what I wrote from the bottom of my heart.
Dave you are also a good man & your thoughts are based on your experiences of Omdasji. My thoughts are also based on my experiences of Omdasji. My thoughts are different because I have had negative experiences of Omdasji. I am honourable and not a liar just like you, but I have made a statement based on my experiences as have Jagdish and others who are also good people.
Again your experiences of Omdasji are real, just as our experiences are real; they just happen to be different.

The Real Devshi

At 6/18/2009 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@dhyanyogilove - How dare you use the word 'love' and then describe ANYONE, let alone a saint like Shri Anandi Ma as a "sickly crone"?

You disgust me.

At 8/11/2009 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is only love and truth when dhyanyogi love & gang thinks it is. I don't see any ego in this guy, he doesn't have his head shoved up his ass, his gurus head is shoved up dhyanyogiloves ass.

At 6/08/2011 2:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shri Anandi Ma is the head of both the ashram in Nikora and the ashram in Bandhwad - where Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas spent sixty years. Shri Chabiramdas turned over the ashram to Her in 2011.

Omdasji stole the Hansol ashram while Guruji was in America.

How dare you call anyone a "sickly crone?"

At 6/10/2011 2:49 AM, Blogger Matthew said...

Believe whatever you wish. It has no affect on me. I feel nothing within but love, peace and security due to my faith and the continual Blessings I receive from my Guru Omdasji. If you can honestly say the same, than good for you.

At 6/14/2011 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats an amazing siddhi to have. Stealing an ashram before you have met dhyanyogi or been to the Hansol ashram.Real time travel.

Chabilramdas was appointed by Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji for taking care of the herd of cows – wash, milk, feed and clean the cowshed- at the temple of Bandhwad. When Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji went to USA, the servant took over the place as his. These facts - that Chabilramdas was appointed as caretaker of cows by Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji and his taking over the ashram are made in writing by the Chabilramdas himself and can be verified by anyone who takes enough trouble.

Chabilramdas has now handed the Bandhwad temple over to Anandima. This information is given in Anandima’s magazine DHYANANIKRUPA date 20/1/2011 in Gujarati and is public information. The declaration in the magazine made by the Mahants invited for the function clearly states that Anandima is now Chabilramdas' successor. She is NOT the successor of Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji!

At 6/13/2012 12:19 AM, Blogger Pranav said...

Of course it tates that Anandima is now Chabilramdas' successor because that is required to transfer ownership of the ashram. There is no dispute over who is Guruj's successor since he stated it himself 2 years before passing and it is documented on video. The transfer of the ashram, the building of the ashram in Nikora are all independent of the passing of the lineage. Ma herself stated that Guruji never believed in bricks and mortar and all the ashrams built after Bandhawad ashram were the decisions of his followers including Ma and Omdasji. There is another disciple who was given permission to give Shanktipat and there may be others, but officially Ma is the only direct lineage holder and Guruji probably wanted it that way for a reason.

At 6/18/2012 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dave

Please send the following reply either in your name or in anonymous name of Johndas or Haridas :-) The facts written are true and now I have all the videos with me - including that of Yogi Samrat and the Gadipati ceremony of Guruji where Dhyanyogi makes Omdasji the Guru of the lineage. Dhyanyogi's caretaker is Bhargav - the man with beard who spoke to us in the Gadi Room of Guruji. We have met him and his wife and sister at ashram

Guru is all

I am white and I move with the disciples of Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji since past 12 plus years. I have read different accounts of successors and have checked personally to see what is true. I met the caretakers of Dhyanyogi in whose house he lived for over 12 years of his life after his return from USA and heard what they had to say about the heir and successor. They were very clear – it is Omdasji.

The public records, newspapers and videos taken of the successor ceremony show many high ranking government officials, ex chief minister of Gujarat, religious and social leaders witnessing the event of Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji passing on his seat of power to Omdasji in presence of many thousands of people.

Regarding Bandwadh, Chabilramdas was a cowherd and a caretaker and still is. He has himself given this in writing to the court stating his salary too for taking care of the cows and ashram. How can a caretaker make another person the heir to the seat?

I met many people in India who have been given power of Shaktipat by Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji. Some have it in writing and for some it was an orally given power. Some were also given the authority to write books in the Guru’s name. Their families categorically state that the Guru had made Omdasji his heir and successor. The power of giving Shaktipat and making someone heir and successor are two different things.

I have discussed the issue of heirship with Dhyanyogi Omdasji. His stature is that of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Swami Nityananda and other Siddhas of India. He does not indulge in lies, rumor and gossip and such things do not disturb him. He made a simple statement: each of us know what the Guru has told us. We must be true to our Guru. We can state anything but ultimately what the Guru wanted for us is the only thing which is true and which remains. Let each ask his own inner self what is true or otherwise. He who is not true to his Guru cannot be true to anyone.

Anandi Mas exposure to USA and internet helped her to make the first public declaration on net. The declaration made by Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji in front of many thousands of witnesses and media is the final testimony of the Great Master as he transferred his power and authority in full to Omdasji. I have seen videos of later ceremony where AnandiMa sits in a corner and she is not permitted to sit next to the Guru. Her declaring that her husband gave fire to body of the Guru in the end is utter lie. There are hundreds of witnesses and photographs which show Omdasji giving fire as he was legal heir and Gadipati of lineage.The ashram in Hansol was built by Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji's own hand and the land was donated to him by the Gujarati Government.

I am convinced of the truth and only one truth exists. It is for each of us to find the truth. Those who spread lies must remember that Karma is a harsh taskmaster and the biter is bit in the end. Those who spread lies and rumors and mislead others must remember that rules of karma are applicable for all without exception.

At 9/13/2013 7:33 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I am brand new and want to experience meditation n shaktipat by a guru. Can someone explain to me the positive/ negetive experiences in this process? Real experience es, life after shaktipat, risks, do n donts, where can this be had, time required, practice to sustain, increase in sprituality, enhancment and value addition to routine life, ability to intigrate back into routine life, business, marital and social life including sex and other pleasures of life. All I could hear so far is critical .....what positivity can I take from any side of this group......

At 9/26/2013 2:19 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Shaktipat is nothing more than the suggestion that something is transferred from guru to initiate. Really, it's an essentially empty gesture made pregnant by the placebo effect. Just take a class in Vipassana instead. You'll get all the benefits of meditation without having to put out any money or believe in any nonsense about the power of the guru.

At 10/12/2018 3:54 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I received Shaktipat initiation from Anandi Ma, at the time known as Asha Ma, who was acting as a proxie for Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas. There was no question that he was the Guru - his presence and blessing were unmistakable. It was a deeply profound and life-changing experience, that I would recommend to any sincere spiritual seeker. I am convinced of Anandi Ma's absolute sincerity and integrity. She did not want to be a Guru - all she has done has been in service to Shri Dhyanyogi, and the Shaktipat she gives is the real thing. I also had the opportunity to meet Shri Omdasji in America, and I was impressed that he too had been empowered to give Shaktipat and serve in Shri Dhyanyogi's name. May all beings be happy, and attain to liberation.


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