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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kracking Up Families In India

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The Bhagavan Kalki is cunning. He cuts a very low profile in the mediasphere while his cult festers like an open sore of the soft skin of Mother India, and anywhere there's a New Agey™ community in the West. His speciality, besides playing God (if God were a failed insurance man turned religious flimflammer), is cultivating ridiculous amounts of slavish devotion in what we can't imagine to be anything else but India's equivalent to American white trash. A distressed member of a Kracki-infected family relates:
I have been intensely troubled by the reach and scope of this scam. This fraudster calling himself Kalki, first said he was Bhagwan. Then they made sure, young boys had to join and become monks before they crossed the age of 19. That way he got a lot of middle class family boys who never got to finish their education. Even should they want to get out of the rotten system, they will have nothing to look forward to. My sister and her husband would have had a bread winning son in their midst now and would also have been happy and contented, instead of worrying about where they will live etc.

After that "Kalki" changed his mind. If you ask me, you can make out the scam, the many times this organisation changes rules so it can squeeze the "devotee" or the duped ones royally. So now, he raises the age bar. My niece also joins.

First the monks shave heads. And wear white. Then they are told they can wear normal dresses. So my sister and her husband go around buying clothes for the children, paying for their keep, paying for "darshans" and "Kalki" employs them to propogate his false status and powers. Suddenly an "Amma" appeared on the scene. Kalki gets to be happily married and live with his family. Not the poor duped monks. But their hallucination is strong.

My sister does all sorts of funny antics, wears white, doesn't read newspapers and acts high and mighty about having "arrived" spiritually. Such a woeful charade. Nothing has changed, problems have increased.

All the family which had this "divine" enlightenment, must have taken some strong drug filled stuff, because all of them had serious health problems after that. But they keep paying up to "Kalki".

A whole family's life is changed and it doesn't seem to be for the better. If you can no longer rationalize and "think" for yourself, it can in no way be a better life. The effect is like drugs, or some awful connection. The teachings have always been there in our spiritual texts, why does society need a fraud and a "presence". Such folly.
Such unmitigated evil. Truly, the blackest soul on the planet is the Kracki. He has perverted Vedanta to enhance a criminal enterprise, and he's leading hundreds of thousands down a primrose path toward a future of world-Krackidom that's just not going to come.

We look forward to the day the whole thing implodes. May those who got involved get uninvolved safely, but we've got a feeling it's going to be very, very warm where the Kracki and his co-conspirators are headed between lives.



At 3/21/2008 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better watch out, Jody, 'cuz they might send India's most powerful tantrik to snuff you out:

Be vewy vewy afwaid!

At 3/25/2008 6:11 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

All these frauds in the name of religion cheat simple innocent people, in one word they are criminals, this is not the only instance, i did come across tantriks who took lives of kids in the name of offering to God, they should be given the same treatment by the law, but as always evil wins so they always escape.

At 6/11/2008 4:56 AM, Blogger Aspiration said...

Could it be that you missed out on something, Jody? When I was in India just now, I saw posters for the opening of the Deeksha Temple everywhere (I was in AP about 200 kms away) Soon I heard of a tragedy, obviously the posters drew too big a crowd, the organization couldn't handle.

From 'The Hindu'

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday when the preliminary ceremonies for the inauguration of the temple—‘Kalki Bhagavan Deeksha Peetham’--were under way amid a huge congregation of about four lakh followers of the Kalki cult drawn from different parts of the country, including some from abroad, converging at the complex having arrangements only for half the crowd.

According to initial investigations, the stampede occurred when the thirsty devotees, in the absence of any proper facility for drinking water, pushed and jostled with each in frenzy at a water point.

In the resultant melee, many persons, including women, aged and infirm were pushed and trampled upon by the surging crowd, leaving five persons dead and more than 100 injured.

From 'Newindpress'
CHITTOOR: THE toll in the stampede at the newly constructed Sri Amma Bhagavan Deeksha Peetham and Oneness Temple at Bathalavallam in Varadaiahpalem mandal, rose to six with three more persons succumbing to injuries late on Wednesday night.

The police registered a case under Section 304 A of IPC against the trustees of Sri Amma Bhagavan Deeksha Peetham, which was closed down after the stampede. DIG Sujatha Rao and SP Lakshmi Reddy are camping in the village to oversee the investigation process.

Official statement of Kalki webpage:

The police registered a case under Section 304 A of IPC against the trustees of Sri Amma Bhagavan Deeksha Peetham, which was closed down after the stampede. DIG Sujatha Rao and SP Lakshmi Reddy are camping in the village to oversee the investigation process.


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