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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sri Sri's Slanted Health Advice

File under: The Siddhi of PR

We were more than mildly disappointed when we encountered this uncritical republication of a health article from an Indian press release service on Lance Armstrong's The article in question is little more than an advertisement for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Art of Living cult, and we find it to be almost dishonest in its claims about Art of Living health practices. For instance:
Elaborating on this, Dr. Manikantan and Dr. Nisha Manikantan, senior ayurvedic doctors at Sri Sri Ayurveda centre said, “Swine flu invades the body because of a breakdown in immunity. Ayurveda offers simple and effective remedies to boost immunity and build resistance. Tea made from Laxmi Taru (botanical name: Simarouba) leaves, Tulsi, Amla and Amrut (Giloy) acts as an immunity enhancer.
First of all, these clowns aren't medical doctors, Lance. And their oversimplification of how the flu works is very misleading. You'll get swine flu with a perfectly healthy and normal immune system as well. While a weakened immune system is more vulnerable, folks get the flu because they lack immunity to a new virus, not because they have weak immunity. But to cast the problem this way allows Sri Sri's shills to hawk their own products as the solution to the swine flu, and that could be more than a little dangerous.

The article goes on to make more completely uncritical claims about ayurvedic flu remedies:
“To counter air-borne swine flu viruses, Sambarani dhoop (loban stems) should be burnt in the house twice a day. Sambarani is a very potent atmospheric sterilser”, the doctors added.
It doesn't take a medical publisher to know there is no conclusive proof that Sambarani dhoop has any anti-viral properties at all in the air. Just because it's too stinky for mosquitoes doesn't mean it's going to have any effect on semi-alive microscopic disease particles.

You wouldn't expect this article to end without a little pranayama pimping by Sri Sri:
Sri Sri also said, “In addition, our mind also plays an important role in our immunity. Whenever we panic and have fear, our immunity level goes down. Practices like pranayama and meditation play a vital role in reducing panic and keeping ourselves calm.”

Independent studies conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (AIIMS) and National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bengaluru (NIMHANS) have empirically proved that practices such as pranayama and meditation boosts immunity at least three-fold, he said.
While we are quite convinced of the many health benefits of meditation and adjacent practices, the last sentence clearly suggests that Sri Sri's meditation products will treble the effectiveness of your immune system. What they fail to disclose is exactly what they were measuring as immune health. Perhaps meditation was shown to increase a certain chemical marker that suggests immune health. This still doesn't mean that the whole system is three times more healthy than it would be without joining the Art of Living cult.

Which is exactly what this little PR stunt is about, to use fear of the swine flu to position Sri Sri as a savior. He does this all the time, usually by showing up at the site of conflict to grandstand in an attempt to better position himself for the Nobel Peace Prize committee.

We watched Lance Armstrong win the Tour 7-times, and podium this year. We are in just as much awe as anyone else, but he really needs to tighten up his editorial policies a bit. As it stands, he's allowed his site to be invaded with the Art of Living virus, an organism that hosts all manner of myth, ignorance, superstition and one man's continuing quest to climb up to worldwide fame on the backs of the poor, downtrodden, and easily duped.



At 10/17/2009 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you sent your comments to Lance as well as published them here. Sri sri is so "busy" trying to "capture" the notice of the world (and the Nobel prize) that he wants his tiny hand and tiny mind in everything possible. Could it be that AoL causes ADD?

At 10/18/2009 12:29 AM, Blogger Free said...

Jody, I usually like your blog posts. But I should say, Malaria treatment has been given to the world in Ayurveda only...

So it is not wrong to say what the doctor said.

Also, could you also please include investigations on some scandalous NGOs and christian organizations in India? I was appalled at what I saw in the villages I visit through a informatics research project.

At 10/18/2009 1:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Homeopathy offers the best cure for many diseases including malaria.Least invasive & not too expensive.

Today ayurveda/herbal treatment runs the risk of poor quality control. Plus large scale deforestation that has left many precious herbs extinct. Add to that stringent diet control , which if not adhered to scrupulously , nullifies the efficacy of ayurvedic medication.

Ayurveda itself classifies diseases broadly into two categories. Those that are curable and those one HAS to suffer.

Ramdev recanted later after making claims he could cure everything including AIDS.

Prevention is always more laudable than cure. DDT is still not banned in India. Hence even breast milk has traces of DDT it was reported.

Harvesting of kidneys of gullible , adulterated polio vaccines, eye drops that lead to blindness , botched up operations, you name it , all of it is a given in India with no accountability or punishment.

Ravishankar wants to hog the limelight by repeating his claims. His sycophants ensure he wallows in his delusions.

At 10/18/2009 9:31 AM, Anonymous Ayurveda said...

Dr Manikandan and his wife Dr Nisha are certainly not epitomes of the ART OF LIVING. Dr Nisha is so grumpy, she hardly smiles and Dr Manikandan is true and true a hen pecked husband as revealed by inside sources. She hates living at the ashram and does not agree with a lot of things SSR says hence the long and unsmiling face.Apparently SSR told them to enrol their only son in the Ashrams school and Dr Nisha was not too pleased about it.Wonder why his nephews have to study abroad - travelling business class, wearing branded stuff and living like dukes when others are advised to send thier kids to the ashram schools.

To give credit where it is due, both of them are good doctors, guess they have no choice but to echo everything big boss says.

At 10/18/2009 9:38 AM, Anonymous Vikram said...


While the rest of your analysis was spot on, it behooves you not to make flawed statements like "these clowns aren't medical doctors". If they are Ayurvedacharyas, they went to 5 years of Ayurvedic medical school; they have studied western anatomy and physiology for 3 years at the same level as us regular MDs, are knowledgeable enough about western pharms to use them responsibly and successfully in practice when needed, and are physicians in every sense of the word. So yeah, they make some weak claims - big deal; Big pharma regularly uses deceit and insidious marketing strategies to push toxic drugs onto the unsuspecting public, despite their knowledge that they can kill or harm. There is huge conflict of interest in mainstream medical research. Don't even get me started.

I wouldn't be wasting my time studying Ayurveda and gleaning valuable insights about using a different model of the body and mind than the mainstream accepted one, if it was all hot air and placebo effect. Science is a lot more fluid and subject to the observer effect than the religion of modern academic circles you are subscribed to would have you believe. I used to belong to that religion. I am glad I can be a free thinker and examine what's true for myself now.

At 10/18/2009 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>"Homeopathy offers the best cure for many diseases including malaria.Least invasive & not too expensive."<<<

Um, this is a case (imho) of the pot calling the kettle black. As someone who has had extensive experience with homeopathy (including treatment by one of the "big" names on the West coast), I would have to say that homeopathy does not "cure" much of can alleviate symptoms and, in combination with other "modalities" (that word! lol), it can help lessen symptoms,but cure? I don't think so....neither do many friends and family members who have spent thousands of dollars being treated by well-known homeopaths for diseases that happen to have the amazing capacity of "migrating" into a whole new group of "underlying symptoms" which then have to be "treated" by the homeopath...resulting in a lifetime committment to homeopathic "treatment" with little result, if any . From personal experience, I'd have to go with Ayurveda as the more effective "modality" but I wouldn't rule out Western medicine if I needed a heart transplant.
Maybe if these "modalities" worked together instead of sniping at each other, patients would benefit. Tui Na and acupuncture are more effective (in my experience) than homeopathy but you rarely find a Chinese medical practitioner making grandiose claims or talking about "curing" things...but that might just be an East Coast perspective?

older and wiser

At 10/18/2009 11:47 AM, Anonymous Woo woo said...

Speaking of Homeopathy, this satire is just awesome (also covers new-age woo)

At 10/18/2009 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. I notice that you moved Bored Guru from "Endorsed" to "Like". Any particular reason? You were all praise for him in the past. Why the sudden change of heart?

At 10/18/2009 1:03 PM, Blogger cw said...

"Homeopathy offers the best cure for many diseases including malaria.Least invasive & not too expensive."

Death is the final "cure".

It's a shame you're so willfully ignorant and uncaring.

At 10/18/2009 1:05 PM, Blogger cw said...

"I wouldn't be wasting my time studying Ayurveda and gleaning valuable insights about using a different model of the body and mind than the mainstream accepted one, if it was all hot air and placebo effect."

Specious reasoning right there.

At 10/18/2009 7:20 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Why the sudden change of heart?

No change of heart. I did a bit of housekeeping and saw he wasn't updating the blog anymore. I know he's still going his thing in India, but I figured since he's let it lapse I'd move it over.

The Bored Guru is still tops in my book.

At 10/18/2009 8:49 PM, Anonymous Vikram said...

Chris, care to explain what's so specious about my reasoning?

At 10/19/2009 4:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vikram, your long rant made you sound a lot like Deepak Chopra - Big Pharma, body-mind, observer effect.

This is not an issue about western or eastern medical practices and following one or the other dogmatically. I, for one, would rather be treated (and have my loved ones treated)by remedies that have been proven to work through various controlled experiments, randomized double blinds etc. If Ayurveda, Homeopathy pass those tests, then its good enough for me.

Common sense and the scientific method are not eastern or western principles - they are universal.

This really boils down to a difference between verifiable evidence and anecdotal babble.

At 10/19/2009 9:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>"Speaking of Homeopathy, this satire is just awesome (also covers new-age woo)"<<<

LOL! this was very funny! I wish there was some way of projecting it on the wall of my local health food store...

At 10/19/2009 9:37 AM, Anonymous Dr. Rajesh Padke said...

Ayurveda is a pretty extensive system with its three-humor, nadi and chakra based paradigm of healing. There are many herbal cures western medicine has adopted from Ayurveda (Guggulu for cholestrol control for example, ashwagandha as a sedative). It is no bogus stuff. That said I am no sri sri fan. He is one among the many gurus trying to capitalize on the huge market for Ayurvedic drugs through his Sri Sri Ayurveda non-profit company (the profits supposedly goes to charity - meaning Sri Sri and his chelas opulent lifestyle and real estate deals).

The biggest problem with ayurveda is quality control and research. With every two bit guru claiming to be an authority it is very difficult to enforce quality control. However there are many good and well reputed companies like Himalaya, Baidyanath, Arya Vaidya shala and Dabur who are known to deliver quality ayurvedic drugs. Many of these companies are a hundred yeard old. They have done several double blind studies on ayurvedic drugs like Triphala, Guggulu and many others have published them in peer reviewed scientific journals like Nature etc.

Just because of some charltans like Sri Sri you cannot dismiss a whole body of useful knowledge like ayurveda.

At 10/19/2009 9:45 AM, Anonymous DesiDude said...

Jaibihar is not a credible new source here in India. I'm not a Sri Sri fan by any means but you could at least track down the research papers Sri Sri is talking about before attempting a critique.

At 10/19/2009 6:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe this is not a discussion on whether homeopathy or ayurveda works or not. I understand this is about how Sri Sri takes advantage of people's vulnerability to achieve his ambitions, and how, thru false propaganda he manipulates people, promising them cures and miracles, when in fact, it is all a fraud.

Although Dr Mani and his wife may be good people, and underwent 5 years of training, I must say, they are not such good effective doctors, like many of the other doctors on campus. It is a fact, however, that many ayurvedic doctors, even in house doctors, have diagnosed many AoL teachers with serious diseases caused by unhealthy life styles... yes, stress. It is also a fact many of his teachers, specially the old timers, are sick and spend a lot of time and money in doctors and treatments. Like it is a fact many doctors have urged Sri Sri to take care of his teachers and put them under serious treatment. Or another fact, that upon hearing these alerts, advised by professionals, he has disregarded them because "there is no time."

There is no time to achieve his ambition to conquer the world so that the whole world knows him as God himself (not even the son of God). The one who preaches health and well-being does not give and does not care about the health and well-being of his own disciples.

In areas seriously affected by Swine flu, he has insisted meetings and courses should go on, despite the governments alerts to close down public places and gatherings. It seems all he cares is his reputation, his numbers, even if he has to sacrifice children, thru ART Excel courses, and the YES plus population - 18 to 35, the population swine flu attacks the most.

He claims he is protecting everyone and those who do the courses, nothing will happen to them.

At 10/21/2009 9:35 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I tried to find the article on Lances website. I actually am involved with an org. that lance started. And am trying to understand since I couldnt read the article if this was something that Lance believes in or if he is part of the Art of Living movement. If anyone could clarify if Lance is part of the movement or if he approved the bogus article it would be much appreciated.

At 10/22/2009 2:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon@6:43 PM is right.

This is not about homeo.However homeopathy has worked for me & my child.

Where a paediatric surgeon insisted on operating , a homeopath cured him within a week.

At 10/22/2009 8:52 AM, Blogger Global Purple Orchestra said...

If AOL is ready to change from ayurveda to 'pot'ted cultivation on a large scale, I propose to be its chief PRO/CEO/CEE/COO and I will donate 20 acres land with about 50 pairs of hands to rub the resins right from the word go. My humble thinkin is the golden weed can do lot more good than all the homeo, allo, psycho, socio paths rolled together. Hell with Guruphiliac and all the comment leavers. WTF with you guys?

AOL can graze in greener pastures and getting people to a newer high. Times they are a changin' and SheShe should realize this as his top agenda and it gets sheshe gets even closer to snatchin the nobel peace price.

We would export around the world and make more money than the friggin BPOs and kriyas can. Retailed in every state of US too, at white house and especially at dimebox TX, where my buddy workin in a mule shed needs some weeds for his own agein and achin old body.

At 10/24/2009 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Jody.the tulsi, giloy,lakshmi taru cure prescribed by sri sri ahd been a generally reccomended treatment by topmost ayurvedic doctors in india. Infact an infusion of tulsi(indian basil)or even the thai and italian versions of basil boiled with lukewarm water has been used in asian medicine for centuries especailly in india. If you think am joking why dont you go read the charak shamitha(an ancient herbal medicine book)so whatever His Holiness is saying is right and existing in india . As for teh yoga like surya namaskars and all they help in boosting the immune system of people belonging to certain age groups.@ Jody i have seen some aol followers actually doing good service by adopting slums and villages and collecting old clothes and cash for flood relief. I have also seen chain smokers and druggies who after going thru the course be clean for numerous years . Im not against or anti sri sri but i dont favour it too much either its just taht there are organisations witha lot more crap inside of it like ISKCON or something which is growing by leaps and bounds. But i ahve to say that the Indian Guru's and Swami's have been successful in reviving and keeping alive the vanishing traditions in India,promoting tourism and of course the ancient indian techniques of yoga so what if there is a little controversy here and there?even sects in other religions have controversies ?why dont you expose how the missionaries are doing mass conversions in india ? when ppl like ramdev and sri sri actually protect hinduism?
why are you you anti the indian gurus who are spreading the ancient wisdom around the world?isnt this the age of globalisation?what about teh pope who openly instructs his cardinals to convert heathens ? and why do teh roman catholics follow the words of the pope as the gospel truth? even the vedas , the words of enlightened hindu masters(i cannot comment on whether sri sri or ramdev are just masters or enlightened beings)are the vedic truths for hindus. Even the great Bhuddha is a hindu and the buddhism is actually a hinduism without caste. If ur so anti baba ramdev and sri sri atleast tehy indian and doing good for indian culture and tourism. why dont you rant about the dalai lama who is tibetan and living in india and making truckloads of big bucks by conning indians to do vipassana yoga and using indian money to fund the lifestyles of his tibetan refugees living in inda??

At 10/26/2009 12:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon@ 12:33 ,

That is exactly what Jody says. Be it Ayurveda or Patanjali's Yoga Sastra , Ravishankar or Ramdev did not discover anything.

They are recycling , patenting & marketing.How can you justify such patent greed?

Hinduism as is loosely referred to is Eternal Dharma(m). Brahman or Aathma is uncreated. Where does the question of "protecting" it come ?

How much did Ramakrishna or Lord Krishna charge?

We accuse the missionaries of land grabbing by building churches in India. These Indian avatards have been gobbling much more land within & abroad conning the gullible.

At 10/26/2009 7:26 AM, Anonymous Dada said...

Ravi Shankar is trying to get Noble prize in Peace for last 5-7 years, but not successful. So, now he want to try in Medicines.
Give him once. Otherwise he will start to talk on Physics.
I agree with comments of Anon -10/24/2009 12:33 PM - Indian Ayurveda, yoga and knowledge are greatest in world.
People like Ravi shankar trying to take the advantage of growing awareness.

At 10/27/2009 12:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" why dont you rant about the dalai lama .....of his tibetan refugees living in inda??"

Comment posted above.

It is Indian establishment that allows him such privileges. NOT Jody:))

Lots of Indians are anti China. Hence such prejudiced idiots mollycoddle Dalai Lama ( you know cutting one's own nose to spite one's face logic)

I would not be surprised if Ravishankars & Ramdevs bestow bonhomous hugs on Dalai Lama. They are all equally shrewd & self centred giving it a seeming patina of ' service ' ' culture preservation ' yadayada.

At 10/27/2009 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hinduism as is loosely referred to is Eternal Dharma(m). Brahman or Aathma is uncreated. Where does the question of "protecting" it come ?

You don't get it, do you? They're not protecting the Atman, they are helping keep alive the always-relevant principles of Indic thought in present times. It doesn't take a genius to see the moral and spiritual decay among modern Hindus, in a little over a century.

How much did Ramakrishna or Lord Krishna charge?

Bringing some dead and gone folks into this discussion serves no purpose. Have you heard of the phrase "we get the leaders we deserve"? Well then, along with our politicians, we deserve the spiritual businessmen who have come to characterize modern Hindu revival efforts. Sri sri, Nithyananda, Ammachi etc etc.

We accuse the missionaries of land grabbing by building churches in India. These Indian avatards have been gobbling much more land within & abroad conning the gullible.

Again, you demonstrate your ignorance. The Christian subversive influence goes far beyond "land grabbing". It is a systematic and crafty ruse to destabilize a country which is now the last bastion of non-Abrahamic religion.

Mind you, when I say religion I include almost every facet of Indian culture which has kept the subcontinent from falling apart in the midst of such chaos as we see today. Just look at our neighbours: Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, and you will hopefully realize how critical it is to keep the flame of Dharma alive, even if it involves use of capitalism.

Read what Dr. David Frawley, an American, has said about the importance of Swamis needing to conduct parivrajaka yatras in modern India (tours on foot through villages and rural areas). It is an age-old practice (Shankara did it, so did the Buddha via his bhikkus) to remind the vast uneducated lot of simple spiritual truths.

Nithyananda has done so recently in south India. Yes, he enjoys the adulation, but at least somebody is taking the initiative in modern times. We don't have a Shankara in our midst now, and it is not the time of Shankara anyway.

At 10/27/2009 11:35 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Nithyananda has done so recently in south India. Yes, he enjoys the adulation, but at least somebody is taking the initiative in modern times.

That big ego monster is as much a fraud as Sri Sri.

At 10/27/2009 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon@11:33 AM ,


That you consider Ramakrishna P/Aadi Shankara as (sic)" dead & gone folks " body-mind-individuals that are time bound betrays what an atrophied intellect your Ravishankars & allied hindooism- is -in -danger' avatards have fostered.

Imitating Aadi Shankara reminds me of the greedy woodcutter story.

Why impertinently bring in Christianity or any ity/ism for the ills of political chicanery & appalling standards of ethics in our country?

One can invent any number of Gods , creeds , myriad ways of worshipping. BUT , the rules for salvation/enlightenment/realization/whatever is the SAME for all in the world. Be it hindu,muslim,buddhist,christian,agnostic,atheist etc etc. That is annihilation of ego/individuality.

Jody (without any trace of pedantry , voluble quotations, silly smile , seated on a pedastal, serenaded with jaigurudevs) had beautifully captured it as " deconstructing ".

That is exactly what Aadi Shankara does.

Indians keep pontificating sanctimoniously on Dharma(m). Close the book of quotations and look around. A country that is so incorrigibly corrupt.Where politics is criminalised.Where there is virtually no law & order(which we shamelessly justify calling it "happy chaos") Where many of the so called 'gurus' are liars, cheats, embezzlers but well connected as non profit NGOs, flanked by lynchmob. A country with a capital called rape capital. But has the gall to blame everything on Christianity or the rest of the world.

Most Indians I have come across are either super arrogant or full of mock humility. It is very rarely I find normal people among us.

At 10/27/2009 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Prophet comes to establish any ism or ity. Buddha did not establish any creed called 'buddhism'.

The very mention of Buddha evokes the word 'ahimsa' in us. But His Holiness Dalai Lama eats meat , fish etc. Many Indians still have not given up slaughtering of animals in many Temples.Asia's largest abattoir is within India.

Chandogya Upanishad says God in His Incarnation as a Prophet/Avatar tries His best to uplift & liberate. However the madding crowd can never be saved in bundles. Hence it is His Glory alone that remains Eternally Indelible.( loose paraphrasing)

At 10/28/2009 12:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Just look at our neighbours: Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, and you will hopefully realize how critical it is to keep the flame of Dharma alive.."

Thank you for the comic relief.

India has been importing pulses (lentils that are crucially a must for us) from Myanmar(Burma),Canada,quintals of sugar from Australia that we are so fond of maligning as (sic)"racist" to satiate our festivals alone besotted demand for sweets , cow dung from European countries , onions from Pakistan last year.

In the seventies , when an Indian minister was asked how he would tide over grain shortage(wheat) pat came his reply:

" Not to worry. Our wheat reserves are in Kansas State ".

I am not making it up/joking for effect. We are great manufacturers cum exporters of cricket , bollykollytollymollywood movies & vainglorious bluster.

Our music composers have long been lifting from Latin American , Carribean etc but claim they "just have to look skywards to get inspired".

Internet & satellite tv have been very good levellers. Also potent busters of great indian hubris.

At 10/28/2009 10:49 AM, Anonymous kamal said...

@ anonymous : india isnt the last bastion pof non abrahmic faith and will enver become a complete bastion of abrahamic faith either buddism in many countrie sin asia like japan,thailand,burma,bhutan,cambodia,are stae religions and even the worlds largest populous nation nation tough communist ha sis largely buddhism.
again @ anonymous this is the age od ism and ity's and thats why the thought of buddha is called buddhism altough majority of the hindus do accept him as an avatar of lord vishnu
about the sri sri's and ramdevs patenting indian traditions well it neds 2 be done just like some crazy american wanted 2 patent turmeric which is indian. so what today everything has some or the other controversy. i know many insiders in aol and i have heard that many teachers etc have been diagnosed with health problems like cholestrol etc even before becoming teachers and noe turning 2 ayuurveda because its a better form.
hmm i have it from some one in the inner circle that sri sri neither cares or wants the nobel he is just working selflessly for world peace well then again am an outsider
Deepak chopra, bharat thakur also teach meditation infact in dia , on ndtv lifestyle ther is a weekly programme featuring deepak chopra on how 2 meditate and achieve peace arent sri and ramdev also teaching 2 attain inner peace thru yoga? what about sadhguru jaggi vasudev?as for the slogan "jai gurudev" in india even a bhakta of the great shirdi sai baba uses it . it simply means victory to slefless unattached mind over the pettey materialistically attached mindset thats all.precusse

At 10/29/2009 7:55 AM, Anonymous Betty said...

Interesting in the US to hear Christian evangelicals blaming Eastern philosophy and so called New Age thinking for the downward turn of Christianity. Meanwhile in India, Hindu fundamentalists blame Christians, with far more reason, for their own loss of ground. The US Christians seem to forget how they have embraced full tilt capitalism as a religious tenant and now we are all enslaved in debt and jobs have been exported to save money for the wealthy few at the top of the pyramid. This is what is exported in the form of Christianity. What is exported to the West from India are the same kind of money grubbers dressed as Gurus. All evangelical religionists, from West or East, that seek converts are vampires looking for new blood because their original supply has been used up or become tainted.

Lastly, I have to agree somewhat with Semblance above. Medical use of marijuana could be one of the best and safest tools available to the common man/woman to deal with deadly diseases that drug companies are trying to get rich off of.

At 10/29/2009 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

kamal ,

Spare me this turmeric patent rant please. Indians without ascertaining all the facts react hyperbolically.

Presuming holier than the holiest Indians prevented turmeric & neem patents , how come not a single Indian felt outraged enough to object to this absurd patent of Ravishankar ? The raving , ranting anti patent Vandana Shiva genuflects like a limp sycophant before Ravishankar. He has discovered nothing but the same bhastrika , ujjayi yadayada.

Deepak Chopra peddles " pizza topped with baingan bartha " (ethnic cuisine ) for the gullible.

I find Jody & other comments here far more enlightening.Seriously.

The industrialist Mallya who was literally hounded by Ravishankar to become his ardent follower was recently found to be a tax defaulter for several millions. Such is the impact of your overglorified gurus on their disciples.

In an interview on tv this aol Ravishankar said:

" I never demand or ask for money.It just pours ".

Does not make sense at all.

What is even more galling is , the much respected Swami Dayananda also attended his ostentatious birthday bash. Plus felicitated Pattabhi Jois ( who could not restrain his hands).

In an interview with Andrew Cohen, Dayananda has badmouthed Ramana Bhagavan. Yet recycles & presents His Upadesa Saaram , Ulladu Naarpadu. All of them do seva , yes lots of seva & seva. That is exactly what Christian missionaries also are doing.

An American had the courage to question Mother Teresa about her associating with Haiti's dictator(Doc) plus tainted money etc etc.

Are all hindu gurus saintly ? With such dubious credentials they have the temerity to harangue on Dharma(m).

Bhagavan Ramana was approachable by ALL. Including animals & birds.

Without advertising , He attracted Whites , Christians , Muslims, children, Atheists etc etc.

These contemporary gurus grant special darshan to VIPs.

No wonder Chinmayanda said about Bhagavan:
" He is The Original. we are all Traders ".

At 10/29/2009 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despite overwhelmingly disturbing evidence against the dubious puttaparthi babaster , Indian govt has not prosecuted him.

These indian godmen are today's formidable , crafty Untouchables.

After being abused & conned by charlatans , at last I feel really FREE ! I pray " Oh God ! please save me from godmen."

At 11/29/2009 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you guys anti Art of Living or anti Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?

I don't know what drives this blog but every time I have looked at it. It makes me feel sick because of hatred and anger thrown at Art of Living and Sri Sri. At least Sri Sri is doing something good to the world promoting human values but what are you guys doing ?? You guys are sick and promoting hatred, jealousy and anger. Please get your facts right before writing against Sri Sri at every opportunity.

At 1/10/2010 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anon said...

Just so you all know, my only faith is toward money and to myself = Now that this is clear, let me post my comment. While you might have started this blog initially after being disgruntled with some practices in the AOL community, 1) it merely points to your stupidity that you believed so far and let others brainwash you. 2) if you are thinking you are doing a big service by running this blog, you may be partially right; but only partially. Instead of being a venomous rant with the repeated use of the word cult (that is your opinion), you might present a more balanced analysis of the AOL movement. 3) Any religion in the world acts like a cult, any corporation acts like, most nations act as one- so unless you are being a super libertarian, it seems weak that even this blog of yours might be to just make money and get traffic. By the way check out this company called HemisphereX Buopharma, it is run by one of your "real medical doctors", whose company conducts double blind trials etc. That is not to say that Aol/Mr ravi shankar are not repackaging and selling available knowledge, but there is nothing wrong in it. They do NOT ever claim that they invented all the things. Except for Sudarsan Kriya- which does seem unique although having similarities to other stuff, they never claim that all stuff is original.

nyways, if you visit my blog, click on some links - I will ask without any shame.


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