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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Swami Nithyananda Down For The Count

File under: Gurubusting and The Siddhi of PR

We have to admit a tinge of sadness for the guy:
The 32-year-old said in a statement that he was resigning as the head of his organisation, Dhyanapeetam (Knowledge Centre), and from all the trusts associated with him.

His organisation has branches in several countries, including the US and Europe.

"If required, I will return and talk about all that had happened as an independent witness to my conduct with a clean heart and pure soul and in a less prejudiced atmosphere," he said.

He said he had decided to live a "life of spiritual seclusion for an indefinite time".
We don't think for a minute that it's over. These kind of conditions are perfect for generating a phoenix.

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At 3/30/2010 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why a tinge of sadness?

You know Jody, I have been following your blog for a while, and I do remember reading somewhere you saying talking about Nityananda when the phenomenon (if you can call it that) began.

I remember you saying words to the effect of "this one seems ok, but with he is young and sort of handsome, so it is probably only a matter of time before some sleaze hits the roof"

Boy, are you prophetic or what!!!

At 3/30/2010 9:05 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

I had great hopes for Nithy when I first encountered him. A defender of his became my online friend, so I figured there must be some worth in Nithyananda's gurudom. I thought maybe he'd show the world that enlightenment has a kind of grounded normalcy to it, rather a ticket to a pie-in-the-sky magic gurudom. But he went for the pie, in some ways much bigger than even Sri Sri goes for. When my pal left the movement, I knew it was bunk.

However, I had no clue Nithy was having sex. I didn't really believe the rumors at all until the tape came up. I wouldn't have wished it on him, even though he was clearly playing both sides of a single-sided claim to be a sannyasi.

At 3/30/2010 10:31 PM, Blogger gregory said...

now back in india, and in bangalore, and word from my more senior friends is that this is a political vendetta, includes a land grab (note the political connections of the two maths who will be taking over the property) (india plays very tough like this, in the absence of a consistent court system, anything goes) ...

At 3/30/2010 10:34 PM, Blogger gregory said...

and everyone i talk to about the sex angle says so what?, he never declared he was celibate (things are never cut and dried here, he did not always wear ochre clothes etc, costume is about role and affiliation, like political party uniforms)

all in all, no big deal, apart from the drama, like a film actress saying pre marital sex is ok, will be pilloried, but still get roles ..

At 3/30/2010 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch the hindi movie ' Pratha ' to understand how this godman empire gets built with the knowledge of politicians , police & people mostly superstitious. It is all about money & power.

The criminal taking refuge in a small temple dons the saffron robe. With the help of local vested interests , abducts a married woman , feeds her drugs . Who is groomed to be the Devi Mata giving darshans.

The end is tragic. But that is true of India. These cults are here to stay.

At 3/31/2010 12:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was another dangerous cult which was exposed in the seventies. The cult founder escaped however.

My paternal grandmother's brother an educated , very smart & intelligent man with 3 grown up children suddenly chucked his well paying job , affluent lifestyle etc to join the cult. His children ofcourse did not.

We the young looked upon him with unalloyed respect & breathtaking awe . As he could play bridge , chess , had a very chequered career , lived in Scotland , London; very articulate ; had done many things from driving a train to teaching statistics , mathematics for post grads.And he always bought icecream for us. Plus a thorough gentleman ever willing to assist in the kitchen too. His love for his wife was real not feigned. Who was always well groomed. In those days in conservative brahmin families , applying talcum powder was the equivalent of someone wearing boxer shorts today. He was so bold, would openly hold her hand.

The cult was in interior Tamil Nadu. I was taken by him along with my sisters & brother. The 10 days we spent there were weird & scary.

No toilets.No electricity. Only huts that one crawled into. The cult founder was a muslim with a saffron turban that had a crescent moon. He had two wives. All womenfolk had to cover our heads with a scarf.All menfolf wore similar turbans with a crescent moon.

All his followers had to surrender their gold , money etc to him. He alone sat on a throne. The rest on sand. Someone would be reading out from Siva Sutras whatever & explaining in tamil.

Periodically the man on the throne would spit on the sand. Which was scooped up ecstatically by those sitting nearer & eaten.

Sharia style punishment was meted out to any wrongdoer. It was the same pattern. Siddha medicine , nature cure. His wife had developed cancer. But no treatment. When she died was buried . Her own children were denied access to her in her last days.

Eventually the police cracked down & some gold confiscated. I was living in Calcutta & was excited to see his photograph in The Statesman.

But the cult still exists.

Curiously my relative's faith in his absconding ' guru' NEVER waned a bit. He is still alive leading a spartan life but always referring to him as 'Aandavar' which means God.

At 3/31/2010 12:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adding to my post above.

This relative of mine reminds me of what Jody says often. That even if the guru is a charlatan if the devotee is guileless & sincere will be redeemed.

Among the huge brood of my insipid , selfish & uninspiring relatives alive today , I would unhesitatingly choose this man alone to spend some time with.

He is not a cheat or liar. He is so proficient in Bible , Koran & Hindu hymns etc. A man of few words. But when he talks can really arrest one's attention. He gave us the much needed push to transcend above the ritualistic part & ponder over the meaning behind all symbols , rituals etc.

My parents also liked him a lot. Who were certainly not content with making & eating a lot of sweets & savouries in the name of God.

Unlike other siblings he alone was truly affectionate towards my grandmother. Not just in vain words but in deed. Was incredibly considerate towards her as he alone knew the hardships she had faced being a girl child.

He said it was the lack of basic humane qualities like compassion , empathy etc that made him spurn the rest & leave.

At 3/31/2010 4:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Describing how he got conned by Nityananda, McKeller, in his complaint, said, "I was in the first batch that enrolled for Nityananda's week-long instant enlightenment programme.

It was held at the Los Angeles ashram in June 2007, where I paid swami a fee of $400,000 for the workshop and the enlightenment certificate."

McKeller added, "During the workshop, I felt abnormally lightheaded. It was like as if some strange drug was causing me lose all my senses.

Nityananda performed some fire rituals and asked us to cut a strand of our hair. Then, he put the hair in fire along with something that looked like marijuana seeds.

After the workshop, he issued certificates to everyone claiming that we had attained enlightenment."

McKeller also accused Nityananda of sexually exploiting his American devotees. "Nityananda was fond of pretty girls.

While he was at Sanatan Dharma temple in Norwalk, California, for a two-day workshop on spirituality, he asked me to stand outside the door to ensure no one disturbed him, while he was with female guests," he said in his complaint.

He was reportedly fond of striptease parties with pretty girls.

McKellor added that Nityananda used to eat his meals and rest with young girls in his private quarters at the cult organisation's Norwalk and Montclair ashrams.

The swami had named attractive girls 'flowers' and used to say that they are a must item for his puja.

At 3/31/2010 6:08 AM, Anonymous Stanley Wilbur Krawczyk said...

Now that nithy is down, why don't we focus our attention on an ancient cult that's been terrorizing people and committing atrocities against young children for centuries, and whose current owner has his own country and is worshiped as god on earth? One whose sole purpose has been control and power? One who has over a billion people following them? One that's far far more dangerous than any of these petty nithy-like cults?

Even with the current gay pedophile priest scandals, there's hardly any action against the clergy.

At 3/31/2010 6:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have one thing to say...there is political vendetta in this. I write this comment as anonymous not for the fear of Nithyananda's devotees, but because of the source.. that exposed him They are affiliated to the ruling power in the state, have been in power for 60 odd years in India. There is a pattern to this as in the case of Jayendra Saraswati defamation. In both case there were land/property acquisition disputes involved. The land is involved is worth many millions. When the head of the math or institution did not oblige in giving up the land with a smile, the next step was to spread a 'sex scandal' concerning the swamiji or math head. Finally like when in Jayendra Sarawati case came up for hearing and no evidence found there is silence and not even a report of that. The damage is well done by then ..anyways and the ones that lose out are sincere seekers.

The source which brought out the videotape has a monopoly in TV production and film production. Most actresses in the state are under their payroll or cannot afford to rub them on the wrong side.

While I am not defending Nithyananda's actions but just wish to say there is a fair chance he has been framed and framed airtight.

At 3/31/2010 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well , a lot more first person accounts are getting reported in regional press. On reading one woman's report could not help observing this nithy also has perfected the blame-it-on-America strategy.

" She (X) when asked to massage his legs asked him :-

You being God , how come your muscles ache...

Nithy replied:-

" Very often I slip into samadhi , leaving this body to do a lot of seva to many people...hence the pain. This pain is theirs not mine..."

Eventually he forced himself on her telling " this is the latest American way of doing it."

His accent being tamilish he pronounced it cookie sex for a quickie. The headlines scream cookies.

At 3/31/2010 9:30 AM, Anonymous Sachin said...


The cult that you are referring to is MeiVazhi Salai and is in Pudokottai Tamil Nadu . One of my relatives was also its member .The cult has its own fanatic followers but it is slowly dying except its few fanatic followers .

At 3/31/2010 10:49 AM, Blogger hippie said...

Anon - what was the name of this 70's cult of your uncle?

Cult religious fervor seem to excuse all greed and total lack of simple human decency!

Not allowing children to have access to their dying mother? How old were the children at the time? Is this even legal?

At 3/31/2010 11:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sachin ,

You are right. Meivazhi Salai it is.

hippie ,

The father was over loyal to his 'guru'. Hence adamantly refused access to their mother. The children were adults by then.

You know how it is in most families. The wife/mother does not have much of a say. I still can't figure out how such a sharp & intelligent person fell for such a cult.

At 3/31/2010 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @6:39 AM ,

No way can you compare Sri.Jayendra Saraswathi with nithyananda.

JSaraswathi did not run away. Now all the witnesses are confessing they were threatened to testify against Kaanchi Shankaracharya.

nithy has been telling only lies & more lies. Called it morphing only to admit soon he was practising tantra sex in samadhi.

That many hindus are willing to defend nithy is the most shocking truth. No wonder he is so unfazed.

At 3/31/2010 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most dailies published in India are just tabloids and can be childish in gossip and page 3 matters spill over even to headlines on first page.

This one on nithy. A bollywood film actor's recount on his visit to nithy. Ofcourse published before the scandal.

At 3/31/2010 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latest Evidence

"There he found Nithyananda misbehaving with “innocent women” stating that he was incarnation of Lord Krishna and beautiful women devotees were his gopis. He would try to hug and molest them. Some disturbed women devotees stopped visiting the ashram."

At 3/31/2010 5:57 PM, Blogger hippie said...

I read on the Deccan Herald:

".... took away people's life savings, including $400,000 of his bank deposit and physically abused ashramites. ....."

This Nithy is a bigger FRAUD than MADOFF.

At 3/31/2010 6:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Web link for complete letter from Nithyananda's biographer:

Very Interesting

At 3/31/2010 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Gregory,

You are wrong. Nithyananda always said he was a Nithya Celibate. So, now you are giving excuses from him.

Even his biographer said "The first qualification of a guru is satya, truth and honesty. I do not know about others, but Nithyananda had always told me and a close group in the early days how he was not a man or a woman, how he had no chakras below the anahata; how he was beyond sensory pleasures and that he was the quintessential brahmachari and sanyasi."


At 3/31/2010 7:35 PM, Blogger hippie said...

Nithy is not 32. He has a fake age and fake papers.

An LA ashramite accountant was in the same village school as Nithy. In 2007, she said that Nithy was her senior in school. She is now in her mid-30's.

At 3/31/2010 8:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The phoenix has indeed risen: if the three latest videos released today on youtube are anything to go by.

At 3/31/2010 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing is ever going to change in India. Such charlatans have always existed & will continue to do so.

There is a spot in Rajasthan where accidents of two wheelers took place. Soon it turned into a shrine being called " bullet baba mandir ". Since then many halt there offering a bottle of liquor for an accidents free ride.

At 4/01/2010 6:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

see ya nithi and dont come back and if possible take the rest of the frauds with ya!

At 4/01/2010 7:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The 32-year-old said in a statement that he was resigning as the head of his organisation, Dhyanapeetam (Knowledge Centre), and from all the trusts associated with him."

that shows some decency i guess, but as the article says, who knows how long it will last.

At 4/01/2010 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jody. You have now agreed in our comments that you had no idea that swami was having sex till you saw the tapes. Yet, you have been plublishing all kind of comments about Swami sexual apetite much much before this controversy began. That means you had been spreading lies all this while. Doesnt this make you and your blog dishonest ????

At 4/01/2010 9:11 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

That means you had been spreading lies all this while

Nope, it means I was making jokes at his miracle-mongering, gold throne-sitting, putting his picture above Ramakrishna's, God-faking ass.

At 4/01/2010 10:06 AM, Anonymous Meera said...

I would like to reply to the Anon who said something about Nithyananda's age. It is true. My friend Mr. Chakravarthy, who was his schoolmate at SPIC Nagar Higher school, Thoothukudi, Muttayyapuram, said to me surely that the Swamy already turned 36 last month (March). He knows this Swamy. Chakravarthy is currently 37 and he said that he is senior to the swamy by a year only.

At 4/01/2010 2:08 PM, Blogger hippie said...

Why did this Nithy has to pretend to be a celibate sannyasis monk? Osho didn't pretend to be celibate, thus no one would bother to tape his bedroom activities.

Nithy's crime isn't sex. It is FRAUD: Cheating devotees out of their life savings, and abusing brainwashed ashramites who didn't know how to get away.

At 4/01/2010 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deccan herald Report

Biographer ‘disengages’ from godman, disciples quit
In factional war, Nithyananda’s Los Angeles ashram disintegrating
Chandan Nandy, Bangalore, April 1, DH News Service:

Three days after self-styled godman Nithyananda, now a fugitive from the law, reportedly 'resigned' from all positions in his cult organisation, the multi-million dollar 'healing-spiritual' empire in the United States is imploding.

Nithyananda's biographer ('Glimpses of a Master', republished as 'Nithyananda' Vol 1) Ram S Ramanathan, formerly Swami Advaithananda, has "disengaged" himself from the godman. Speaking to Deccan Herald, Ramanathan, who runs a business in Singapore, said he was "disenchanted" with Nithyananda.

In an open letter written to all disciples, Ramanathan, who has admitted to have given the status of "master" to Nithyananda, says: "Nithyananda spoke to me some days after the March 2 exposure.

He did not deny that what was portrayed in the so-called sex tapes was untrue. Even with an ordinary man these would be serious charges meriting criminal investigation. In the case of a spiritual master these are unforgivable."

Ramanathan says: "Many of us put him on a pedestal and found him wanting. That was not his fault but ours. We were fools. All of us who have now disengaged and left Nithyananda and his mission did so because we are honest. It is enough that we had thus far believed foolishly. We do not wish to lie to others as many others are still doing."

Ramanathan has reiterated that “There is visual evidence that the sex acts were with sensory pleasure and with lust, evidence that these acts were not limited to Ranjitha alone but extending beyond to other men and women, and proof that ashramites/ brahmacharis/ brahmacharinis were expected to be part of tantric sex practices based on documents that they signed.”

Sources in Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam and Life Bliss Foundation, the two organisations in India and the US, respectively, that form the core of Nithyananda's venture, said the fight between senior devotees at the Los Angeles ashram and the Vedic Temple is out in the open.

According to them, since the Nithyananda sex scandal went public and after the godman failed to convince his devotees that he was not the man secretly filmed in a compromising position with a Tamil actress, two groups opposed to each other were formed. One group is in support of Nithyananda while the other is opposed to him..

The latter group is now questioning the very basis of his so-called enlightenment and healing programme. Several senior devotees like Sahajananda, Sevakananda and Jyotirmayananda, as well as their spouses, have quit the Nithyananda cult.

The US operations are headed by California-based Bhaktananda, alias Gopal Sheelum, a former client consultant for Oracle, who is at present in India along with Nithyananda, providing his “master” protection.

The "implosion" and the factional war at the LA ashram was the result of a meeting held there following the return to the American city of an influential non-resident Indian (NRI) who turned against Nithyananda despite being a close devotee. Former devotees familiar with the developments in LA told Deccan Herald that this NRI, a doctor by profession, was convinced of Nithyananda's involvement in not just one but many sexual indiscretions. The NRI has now launched a movement to expose Nithyananda in the US.

At 4/01/2010 10:06 PM, Anonymous Tru said...

Okk, my last comment wasn't posted, I dunno if I broke some of the rules.
The main thing I was trying to say is that after Life Bliss Foundation showed his "last statement" he released atleast 5 more videos, I don't know if I have the desire, time, or stomach to watch all of them.. Saw the first few mins for "scandal or sensationalism" he does his evil laugh in the beginning. The "cult or culture" one is quite entertaining, he keeps saying to forget his form but is using it to drive his points into your brain.

Also seems like these vids are made about 3 in the same day or even 1 right after the next, but they're uploaded at different intervals to make it seem like these are his realizations after deep thought when even after his so called "last statement" there are 2 more vids in the same outfit, composure, background, chair, etc. I dunno I really didn't watch them but just from the main still... so ya like it was all planned.
k just my humble 2 cents for now..

At 4/02/2010 1:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @8:14 AM ,

What was wrong in Jody publishing others' comments about nithy's dubious credentials ?

They have been proved right. You should be cheering Jody actually.

At 4/02/2010 1:35 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

It would be a mistake to cheer me for this. It's sad that Nithy was having his hands where they don't belong. Many people are crushed by it.

This has only been about making fun of characters who want you to believe they are more God than you.

But I have to say, Nithy's historically-precipitous fall sure looks like an example of whiplash karma from here.

At 4/02/2010 3:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Meera 4/01/2010 10.06am - how can nithy have studied at Thoothukudi, Muttayyapuram when he claims to have been born and raised in Tiruvannamalai? Doesn't sound right.

At 4/02/2010 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" whiplash karma ".

Absolutely. There is not a trace of remorse in him. That is galling.

At least the other priest Devanathan pleaded guilty & is behind bars.

At 4/02/2010 7:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This has only been about making fun of characters who want you to believe they are more God than you."

actually far from being god, some arent even human. imagine willfully setting about defiling a place of innocence and worship and that too with the intention of duping hoardes of innocent people and that too making a shed load of cash in the bargain.

they arent even sub-human

they are con-men of the very worst kind

conning the most sincere and innocent people out there.

At 4/02/2010 3:12 PM, Blogger gregory said...

now in tiru and learning more .. the dmk leader, karunidhi, has a daughter, selvi, lives in bangalore .. wanted the property next to what she already has, which is swami boy's ashram .. daddy has the tv station which was the one that aired the sting ..

they play tough in india ..

this is what someone told me, i have no effing idea ..

i do like the two california blondes i met in the hotel in bangalore who are soooo done with swamis ..

as you know, i dislike the bloody followers far more than the bloddy swamis ...

the drama is educational .. little black and white here, not like americans think

At 4/03/2010 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is all about what a guru should not be.

The Truth is........

"Masters are here
Neither to console
Nor to protect
Nor shelter
From the ever-blowing winds of change

Just a lamp that kindles
Another in me
A trigger to find myself
Anchor within
And ride the waves of change
To flow along

At 4/03/2010 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gregory ,

It takes two to tango. The credentials of our politicians is known to us. Because we so supinely accept that as a given , our state is in a sorry state.

However , where Spirituality & Religion are concerned we ought not to let the same rot set in.

Incidentally that tv station belongs to daddy's rival; recall daddy has floated his own. All in the family. Daddy cannot crack down effectively as he tangoes with jaggis etc.

At 4/04/2010 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Truth is........

"Masters are here
Neither to console
Nor to protect....."

oh wise one, oh wise beyond wise, how merciful art thou words

do enlighten us ignorant morons art thou talking of saints or art thou talking of a hitler type leader?

what is the difference between good and evil?

compassion you moron

for without it, a genius brain degenerates to the most depraved crimes!!!

At 4/04/2010 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankly, I'm disappointed that Nithy chose to run and hide rather than courageously address his public. How refreshing would it have been rather than to give into shame about the "dirty" sex and instead tell everyone that he did it and liked it -- just like all of us do it and like it. After all, he said that he was here not to get you to believe in his enlightenment but realize your own. I find it way more scandalous than giving in to his very natural desire to make it with a gorgeous babe (who wouldn't? and is making love such a godless act? please!) that he missed a golden opportunity to inspire a genuine sexual revolution in India, which that country desperately needs. Come back out, Nithy! And fight!

At 4/05/2010 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We Indians let all kinds of disasters to happen . And wantonly refuse to wake up.

Everyone knows Holy Arunachala is the very Parameshwara Himself ! How could we let crooks establish their empires there ??

One is rendered speechless & pretty humbled on reading about Ramana Bhagavan & various other Sages' lives & conduct.

Today , our ancient Temples are lying in disrepair or desecrated.

But crooks like nithys , jaggis , ravishankars , puttaparthi babas etc have been so narcissistically engrossed in building ghettoised empires for themselves. Posing with open palms seated on golden thrones , feet on golden seats.

Instead of taking a hard look at their own insatiable greed & lust for power obfuscate by crying wolf (sic) "church is behind this destruction of indooism".

At 4/05/2010 3:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's some talk that the Swami likes men too...

At 4/05/2010 6:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We Indians let all kinds of disasters to happen . And wantonly refuse to wake up."

i agree with most you say except the above. it's got nothing to do with indians, more greed and power.

and greed, power and ignorance have no colour.

At 4/05/2010 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankly, I'm disappointed that Nithy chose to run and hide rather than courageously address his public.

True. i caught up with some of his videos which appeared to be clarifications, or interviews regarding the scandal. In most of them, he talks very little of the scandal but is only once again selling his meditation or products or giving his "radiate enlightenment" shpeal.

It was clear, he was averting the topic. His usual clever, suave talk is gone. These videos come across as desperate face-saving, and pretending that nothing happened. Like the one of some chap who will be flying to the US tomorrow, and "all your US devotees wish to know should they carry on with their meditations that you gave them. What message do you have for all your US devs?" WTF ???

I was amazed to read the post of Ramanathan (Advaitananda) leaving him and giving a press release. That guy was a big fish. And the others too, who left with their families. Courageous of Ram to come out cleanly and honestly. Hats off, Ram, if you are reading this !

Gopal Sheelam - a nice chap I remember - protecting Nithy!!!! Well, it's a strange world.

And what's with this new word "indooism" instead of Hinduism, I keep seeing on this blog ?

At 4/05/2010 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what's with this new word "indooism" instead of Hinduism, I keep seeing on this blog ?
-------above comment-----
That shows the unfathomable depth of frustration set in someone which was not addressed for many decades similar to someone who suddenly found laxatives to loosen up the constipation of many centuries.

This one does the dishes around mylapore household and now found this laxative space. Its all part of the uncontrolled display of a verbal diarrhea of an iyer breed, which had close encounters with some *indoo guroo* in her bedroom upon some promises now vomits like a lunatic.

But she has lot of truth in what she says just that when a laxative works you just dont care what you shit and upon whom you start betting on the next round of diarrhea like asking some stupid question "who is the next indoo guru to fall?"

People either are blind like the ones who still support nithy or like this who wish everyone must go to hell.

At 4/05/2010 10:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon writes " it's got nothing to do with indians, more greed and power ".

It is we Indians who are so atrociously self congratulatory forever talking about what a great civilization we are yadayada. Our conduct today is not quite becoming of that.

Regarding paedophile in churches at least they are not in denial calling it hindu conspiracy. Look at us. Togadias to malhotras are in violent denial.

Anon asks " And what's with this new word "indooism" instead ..."

Sheer disgust makes me write that.

At 4/07/2010 3:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember when Nithyananda's father passed away - Nithy declared him to be realized, and there was a huge celebration (one detail I don't wish to mention!) and Nithy's mum happy not mourning (not allowed to mourn????). N was talking of - have you ever seen an Indian wife happy when a husband has passed away i/o mourning.

N had a samadhi installed in a location in Tiru outskirts where an ashram was to start.

Now with all this, and Nithy's own "enlightenment" in question, one wonders if the Father's enlightenment was a sham, too.

At 4/07/2010 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is we Indians who are so atrociously self congratulatory forever talking about..."

may be or may be not but look around greed, power and ignorance is not limited to india or indians

cult leaders are only one of many evils in the world

in that case what about the church and the scandals of child abuse and paedaphile priests?

At 4/07/2010 6:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon writes "Anon asks " And what's with this new word "indooism" instead ..."

Sheer disgust makes me write that."

pal, if you are filled with so much disgust for your own race i suggest you quit posting here

indians and india are not the only evil, there are many other atrocoties going on in the world, i suggest you save some of your "disgust" for that too.

At 4/07/2010 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding paedophile in churches at least they are not in denial calling it hindu conspiracy. Look at us. Togadias to malhotras are in violent denial.

---- above is the comment---------

They dont call it a hindu conspiracy because it IS NOT a hindu conspiracy. Hindus do not feel threatened by the christians actually but by the pseudo hindus such as your noble self. And what you forget is the fact that you are a classic example of a hindu who who who claims that hindus are in denial. Are you in denial ? If not then be proud of the fact that Hindus are not all in denial but more than half the indoos are infact against hindus. You seem to forget always that your noisy gab is a hindu gab finally from alwarpet.

while nithy is a SOB he does not represent the core hinduism and more people who support him now are from west because they think whats so frigging bad in sleeping with a woman?

But its the media(run by foriegn hands but staffed by indoos) and police all run by hindus who took nithy for a task.

Why do you keep cribbing even after this castration by media and other indoos?

At 4/08/2010 3:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pal, if you are filled with so much disgust for your own race i suggest you quit posting here


she is not a male but middle aged woman who ran in to a "indoo" swami hankering with fantasies like a lot of them out there do. Either the "indoo" swami rejected or abused her and almost always turn disgustingly imbalanced in their views. Its like the woman get laid by a stranger man because she is angry with her own husband. This charcter is angery with "indooism" because it did not fit her fancy and now she wants to declare the entire hindu world is so terribly wrong, just by sitting in some bylanes of mylapore. What her little mind did not comprehend is that she gets exposed by her own coraking in this space.

This is yet another classical case of vengence and biting below the belt of a ignorant self.

Some women remain just crazily selfish and ignorantall their lives.

At 4/08/2010 5:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon says "Sheer disgust makes me write that.

yh i have the same reaction everytime u post here

quit pretending to be indian cos u aint, u r just a very angry boring individual

At 4/08/2010 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"she is not a male but middle aged woman who ran in to a "indoo" swami hankering with fantasies like a lot of them out there do. Either the "indoo"

prob this swami ran after yor wife

At 4/10/2010 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"she is not a male but middle aged woman who ran in to a "indoo" swami hankering with fantasies like a lot of them out there do. Either the "indoo"

prob this swami ran after yor wife"

pls nice anon, ignore my above comment...

i think you are so right in your observation about this idiot!!!

At 4/11/2010 1:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you are so right in your observation about this idiot!!!


She is not just a idiot but a educated south indian cunning woman. You will find this type in any satsang gathering happening very easily. They will be pandering the guru to such obnoxious standards and only thing they would want is the "energy" of their guru..and you see ogling sitting so close to the guru then when he responded to another woman in line then this one feels cheated. So the pandering cunning woman turns to be protagonist suddenly. Hiiiiigly frustratedand hiiiigly depressed, start slinging mud. None of these women folf unfortunately come out in open because they wanted to suck up energy of the guru originally. But pretend to be like victims later. Same this "thirudi" here, has had such sucking energy encounters in the earlier days.

At 4/14/2010 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what would have really happened.
1.Ranjitha brought in the high tech camera for documentary and tried to capture the video of her with Nithyananda. The quality of video tells it is not an ordinary camera. This is how it passed the 7 layer security and camera got into the bed room.
a.Twist 1 – Lenin was helping Ranjitha to carry camera around in ashram and also to keep in Nithyanand’s bed room (Indian drivers normally do). He purposefully turned on the camera when he was also asked to plug-in to charge the battery. He got the video recorded which he used to burn it as CD. Lenin black mailed Ranjitha first which got into the ears of Nithyananda and zero would have told heroine that ‘I will take care’ but then villain, now hero escaped and made the video to public. Once video is in digital form there is no way you can hide it via bribery. So Nithyananda went into Samadhi without settling down the matter with Lenin. This is why lot of calls came from Nithyananda to Lenin.
b.Twist 2 – Ranjitha herself switched on the recording and black mailed Nithyananda for money. He sent the money through Lenin to get the so called ‘Documentary’ from Ranjitha. Lenin was eager to see master’s documentary and accidently Lenin saw this video, called Ranjitha and everything follows as in Twist1.
2.Now both Nithyananda and Ranjitha are in trouble.
3.Ranjitha gave the statement (or assume) that it was her seva to master to avoid ‘Rape’ charges against Nithyananda else she will be investigated for the bribe money if she claims she was abused. Ranjitha's stand tells me the whole story is 'Twist2'

How to investigate this scandal:
1.Pull out the call history of all three Lenin, Nithyananda and Ranjitha.
2.If there is a call from Lenin to Nithyananda or Ranjitha on the days after the recording. Lenin was looking out for some money. Or will know all those involved in this scandal.
3.If there are calls from Nithyananda to Lenin on the days after the recording. Nithyananda was looking out for settlement (not money though – else we will not see this video).
Out come:
1.Nithyananda will not be arrested because this is the only video that exists. Court will see the video and say there is nothing illegal. He will have to shut down his business in India.
2.New master will emerge from some place. Same people will start following the new master.
3.Lenin will be forgotten after 1 year. He may also get into legal troubles and no one can help him.
4.Nithyananda will emerge again as a spiritual master claiming he washed all his dirt in Himalayas, walked 9 years to Tibet and went to Samadhi under a Zen master. He will start teaching Zen tradition in America starting 2016. (Let me predict something ;-) for fun). No pubic appearances in India though.
5.Ranjitha will change hair style and will be in public and no common man will easily recognize her.

Now vote for Twist 1 or Twist 2.

At 4/14/2010 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for investigating Nithyananda's activities and putting this website. I am working for a private detective and security agency in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Out of my interest I have come up with some findings after watching the video and also listening the interview of Mr. Lenin.

A SWAMI should never invite a female to his room for any reason. Be it for help or do seva :-) .

My observations with a detective mind to know how this operation was done. No Indian Police officer will listen to me :-(. So please put my comments in your website. This is an attempt to bring out the whole story of this sting operation as we all know now that Nithyananda is not a SWAMI.

1.Body language in his private bed - No swami/yogi will lie on bed and use spoon to eat food. He is another young guy who lives materialistic life.
2.The way in which he gets up from the bed tells me that he is just a young man who is really in sexual hang over (a.ka. Samadhi).
3.Bottom line, he is ordinary person with some brilliance who read lot of spiritual books at early age when others were going to school and college to support their family. This guy made money quickly and others were made to believe that he knows everything (GOD)

Lenin :
1.Look at Lenin's face when he says "Ranjitha was not involved". He is lying. Watch English as well as Tamil interview.
2.Lenin's body language tells me that he is not a person with lot of courage to break thru 7 layer security and get into Swami's bed room.
3.How come Lenin got to know there will be sex that night/day? If he was not sure, his camera should be rolling for hours/days in ashram!! Which camera can stay for that long?
4.Ranjitha is taking the initiative to do all activities and also blocking Nithyananda when switching off the lights. He was not forcing her at all. May be she likes Lights on when turned on!!
5.If there were more of such CDs, why exposed Ranjitha alone first?
6.If no one knew about this operation, how Nithyananda got to know this guy has a CD.

At 4/14/2010 11:39 AM, Blogger hippie said...

Even if Ranjitha helped to tape videos. I can understand why Lenin need protect her safety and tell a white lie on TV - he may gave the truth to the police.

Can't blame Lenin/Dharma for a white lie on TV to protect Ranjitha. He needs to tell the truth to the police.

At 4/14/2010 11:47 AM, Blogger hippie said...

This shows that Lenin is not a pathological liar like Nithy, hence his body language showed when he used a white lie to protect Ranjitha.

Pathological liars can lie convincingly (Nithy did) and pass all lie detactor test while lying!

At 4/14/2010 8:56 PM, Anonymous ellen said...

'He will start teaching Zen tradition in America starting 2016(Let me predict something ;-) for fun). No pubic appearances in India though.'

Cynical old me thinks this one the most likely, though his pubic appearances are the least likely to cease.

At 4/21/2010 2:53 PM, Blogger hippie said...

Nithy is arrested!

At 6/29/2012 5:01 AM, Anonymous Sikander said...

Hello Jody, My name is Sikander from Chennai, India. I read your post here along with comments. While reading the comments, i came across someone (At 3/31/2010 12:01 AM, Anonymous said...) commented about "Meivazhi Salai".

To give few facts, My father is a member in "Meivazhi Salai" and i know better than what "Anonymous" or "Sachin" would have known as i've been brought up there. I am currently living in Chennai and you can see my professional detail here (

Hello "Anonymous" and "Sachin", you guys have to correct your thought process. Don't get me wrong, you really need to. I'll help you in that by clarifying you certain facts about "Meivazhi Salai". You can reach me


At 1/19/2015 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Sachin and Anonymous,

Your comments about Meivazhi Salai is totally wrong. I am third generation Meivazhi follower living in USA. There are 69 different cast belong to Meivazhi Salai and we have our own holy scripts written by our Guru. Any one who reads will know the real value and realize the benefits of Meivazhi. Meivazhi has several lake followers throughout the world. Do not close your eyes and think world is dark! Be careful in what you are writing...It clearly shows your ignorance with other peoples feelings.


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