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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Man In The Garage With The Goods

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For those still interested in the ever-increasingly sordid affair of Swami Nithyananda, we would like to point out that our man in a parking structure somewhere deep in Bharat, Deepam Throat, just keeps coming up with the goods in the comments section of this blog. Here's a sample of some of today's latest:
The State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) sleuths have stumbled upon a personal bank account of self-styled godman Nithyananda with a leading private sector bank in Bangalore in which he has a whopping total deposit of around Rs 32 crore.

The bank has frozen the account at the behest of the CID which is looking into all the financial transactions –– accounted as well as unaccounted –– of the godman who is now under police custody for interrogation.

At least three other bank accounts where two trusts run by Nithyananda maintain a deposit of around Rs 20-25 crore have already been frozen. The CID is analysing these accounts and the sources of the funds. Efforts are also on to trace whether money from these accounts has been transferred to undisclosed banks abroad.
While we were overcome with Nithy fatigue weeks ago, DT is still going very strong, so keep your eyes on the comments section here for the latest in the saga of the sex tape swami.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Straight-Up Pimpin' Swami Nithy

File under: Gurus Doin' Time and Hands Where They Don't Belong

Our turban has now been placed at the feet of the recently-arrested Swami Nithyananda. The man was clearly a superstar womanizer, a veritable Himalaya of seduction as an "enlightened master" employing his "powers" as a lure for the pretty, curvy things he was desiring to ravish.

One might ask the question, why didn't we hear about this sooner? One possible answer: this sex god had each of his conquests sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), one that pretty much covers all the bases:
One clause of the agreement, accessed by TOI, states: “Volunteer understands that the Program may involve the learning and practice of ancient tantric secrets associated with male and female ecstasy, including the use of sexual energy for increased intimacy/spiritual connection, pleasure, harmony and freedom. Volunteer understands that these activities could be physically and mentally challenging, and may involve nudity, access to visual images, graphic visual depictions, and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity, close physical proximity and intimacy, verbal and written descriptions and audio sounds of a sexually oriented, and erotic nature, etc."

It further says: "By reading and signing this addendum, Volunteer irrevocably acknowledges that he/she is voluntarily giving his unconditional acceptance of such activities and discharges the Leader and the Foundation, and anyone else not specifically mentioned here but directly or indirectly involved in the organization, management or conduct of any such programs from any liability, direct or indirect, arising from such activities."
Swami Nithyananda was clearly getting his fill of guru groupie love, and as someone who knows no such thing, we must salute him. But we remain staunchly opposed to the idea that nondual understanding renders one a God rather than just a person who can see clearly that they are not one bit different in essence from anyone else on this planet. Nithy used the idea he was more God than you to fleece and to f**k. Now, he's paying for it with quadruple-interest and his own exposed receiving end.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Swami Nithyananda Is Now Behind Bars

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Despite all his miraculous healing powers, Swami Nithyananda could not make his cellphone activity invisible to the police:
[The swami was] arrested after the authorities tracked a mobile phone having a Himachal Pradesh sim card to establish [his] location, Superintendent of Police, Solan, Prem Kumar Thakur, said.
Now the game becomes: which of the arrested suspects is going to flip first on the others. This saga has only just begun. Get ready for months more of Nithy, his lies, and those who both like and dislike him on your screens.


Friday, April 09, 2010

Itchie Leeves His U.S. Nest, Still Supreme Leader of Dahn

File under: The Siddhi of PR

Dahn Yoga founder Ilchi Lee has resigned from the board of "the group which advised Dahn Yoga and other affiliated entities," in the U.S. He's still very much in charge of his org in Korea, and almost certainly so in the U.S., despite what Dahn recruitment personnel may be saying.

Turban tip to Yogadawg for the link.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Deepam From The Garage

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[Ed.note: This was slipped into our email box late last night. Just when you thought it was over, the Nithyananda onion gives up another layer.]

Dear Friends of Guruphiliac,

In the interest of truth, I am coming forward as a source of information on the empire that was Nithyananda. My name is Deepam Throat, and I suggest you follow the money with me. All of those flimsy charges of "corrupting the minds of believers" are really nothing compared to the possible violation of Indian, International, and U.S. financial and tax laws. Here is the information I have found easily on the web:

According to Lenin Karuppan, who broke the scandal wide open:
The Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, fugitive godman Nithyananda's so-called abode of healing and spirituality, was also the centre of a thriving business which his younger brother, Nithyeshwar Ananda ran. The Nithyananda Imports & Exports company is "registered in the name of Nithyananda's brother and another ashram member."

Nithyeshwar, who is believed to have fled the Bidadi ashram along with Nithyananda on March 2 when the scandal broke, is in charge of all accounts for the Dhyanapeetam's India operations since 2004. According to Karuppan, who was a Dhyanapeetam insider since 2006, "all books, gift article, statues (made of wood, stone, marble and metal) etc are sent to the United States and other countries through this company."

Karuppan admitted he did not have access to all financial records of the Dhyanapeetam. "But I have firsthand information with regards to Galleria department accounts, of which I had direct knowledge, and through my close association with other top department heads and inner circle members I have indirect knowledge.
(Mangalorean April 4)

By doing a simple search, I found a bill of lading for a shipment totaling 17,031 kilograms from Nithyananda Exports & Imports to "NITHYANANDA DHYANPEETAM TEMPLE & CULTURAL CENTER." (This confirms what Lenin was saying.)

The Temple is a non-profit corporation which is not required to file tax records. The weight of that one shipment was over 17,000 kg! This is a shipment from one company registered in India to a non-profit in the U.S. A tunnel, so to speak, of tons of tax-free goods that was resold at exorbitant prices.

There are at least 7 corporations in the US, in California, associated with Nithyananda. A simple search on the California web site resulted in this list:






Why does a simple monk need so many corporations? Even SYDA has only one!

As you can see from this investigation of public records, Nithyananda, Inc., was doing a brisk and lucrative business for at least 6 years. This may be just the tip of the iceberg. Or perhaps the tip of the Himalayas, if you prefer.

Just follow the money. That is all. Meet me here again in the future. I will contact you. Until then, be blissful!


Deepam Throat