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Friday, July 26, 2013

Update: 85-Year-Old Swami Up On Rape Charges

File under: Gurus Doin' Time and Hands Where They Don't Belong

Apparently, many are all a'flutter in India over the arrest of Swami Ram Tripathi, aka Kripalu Maharaj, in Trinidad and Tobago, accused by a 22-year-old Guyanese woman of rape at the ashram:
In her complaint to the police, the victim alleged that she was raped on Saturday night when she had gone to seek spiritual assistance and guidance from the swami.
As much as we love to bring news of the humanity of the allegedly divine, we just can't seem to get on board with these charges. The dude is 85-freaking-years-old, for Ma's sake! Why would he suddenly decide to try to tear off a piece of unwilling ass? It just doesn't add up... even to our jaded, mud-dwelling little mind.

This situation is developing, but we're gonna go out on a limb and back the Swami on this one. Hopefully the authorities in Trinidad and Tobago will see past the PR value of bagging a major religious figure and allow justice to prevail here.

Update: A reader with firsthand knowledge of the Swami spills the beans:
You don't know this guy it seems. He was already charged with rape a couple of decades ago in India, where the newspapers were headlined 'Bhakta Bhalaat ke'. I have the old news clipping and I know a bunch of people who he's made sex advances to over the years, which is why I'd like to see him pay for his crimes. One woman... told me he tried to rape her... last year. 85? How does anyone know how old he actually is? Seen his birth certificate? The guy's a fraud through and through, he'll tell any lie to get his ends. He fakes language difficulties, he may be faking his 'aged frailty' too.
Well! Once again, the contents and the cover don't match. We guess there's no age too old for a swami to be tryin' to get some.

Special note: Those Kool-Aid drinkers looking to show their support for the Swami should go elsewhere to express it. We're not going to publish the parade of sycophancy that's been coming through here today.

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At 5/24/2007 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a change, I agree with Jody.

Either it is a set up or the swami is a stallion. It is difficult to imagine an 85-year old assaulting a 22-year old.

At 5/24/2007 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't know this guy it seems. He was already charged with rape a couple of decades ago in India, where the newspapers were keadlined 'Bhakta Bhalaat ke'. I have the old news clipping and I know a bunch of people who he's made sex advances to over the years which is why I'd like to see him pay for his crimes. One woman who told me he tried to rape her was just last year. 85? How does anyone know how old he actually is? Seen his birth certificate? the guys a fraud through and through, he'll tell any lie to get his ends. He fakes language difficulties, he may be faking his 'aged frailty' too.

And ask any woman in India which men you have to watch out for with roving hands and eyes, the old or the young?

At 5/24/2007 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I just add a qualifier to my last comment, the woman I know who was grabbed last year by this Ram Tripathi 'Kripalu' in his room at his ashram in India was able to fight him off, because she said he is old and frail. OK. She is a mature western woman. This 22 year old Guyanese girl is a devotee, probably innocent, confused. She is trying to understand how it happened after the fact. Maybe she even seemed to consent to what he did, but obviously there was coercion and mental manipulation. When she says he 'sprayed her with something', maybe that was just perfume to confuse her or sosmething.

Tricksters in India, when they want to get at your money, they always pull out a big bankroll, 'Look how much money I have! It is nothing to me', then they feed you and sweet talk, all to get you off balance.

Even if she consented under duress, isn't that still rape? Obviously she never dreamed he - the great 'godman' - would try to have sex with her.

At 5/24/2007 3:18 PM, Blogger Global Purple Orchestra said...

Chuck ji should be able to explain this phenomenon. Since the swami is mostly his contemporary, we can get some wise kick from his mule.
Chuckji, im nothing but serious, Please tell us, can a '85 calibre
kick so much dust?
Im just curious, if it is possible then i can raise a thing for a long time to come....

At 5/24/2007 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This 'Swami' is trying hard to appear old and frail now, but check out some pics taken just a few weeks ago on his US visit (just before he went to Trinidad) here on his website:

Clisk the links for 'recent lectures'. The one of the children's picnic is especially repulsive.

Go back on the website to view what a playboy he was just a decade or so ago.

At 5/25/2007 7:31 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

semblance s and orchestra said...
Chuck ji should be able to explain this phenomenon. Since the swami is mostly his contemporary, we can get some wise kick from his mule...


Sorry parder I have been away lately cause my mule is down with what they say is "mule jaudice". Otherwise I am in the doghouse at home because Da Free Jack gave unasked for and unwanted shaktipat to my wife's little cockapoo.

Not unlike the situation here. When it comes to unwanted sexual advances I am a Baptist and think the old swami should be rope drug. If he's innocent of charges, the good Lord will protect him and he won't even get a bruise!

PS Am likely to be away for a while do to nursing both mule and cockapoo. I shall return....

At 5/25/2007 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If someone can share more information about this crook please let me know where I can access this information. The people who believe in him needs to know the truth.

At 5/25/2007 3:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I have an article from 1991 in Hindi, which I am not good at reading. It has a picture of this Ram Tripathi Kripalu surrounded by police and is headed 'Bhakta Bhalaat ke', which in my limited understanding means something like 'Holy Rapist' - Bhalaat means rape and Bhakta means devotee saint. I forwarded a copy of that article to journalists covering the court case.

Other than that an American woman I know wnet to this 'Jagadguru' Kripalu's ashram in India last year, lured there by an Indian woman who is a close devotee of the 'Swami'. After some days of prepping she was led into Kripalu's bedroom where he grabbed her in 'innapropriate places' but she was able to struggle free and get out of there. Outside, the disciples told her the Swami's molesting was the pinnacle of his 'mercy', and tried to make her pay a biwentll for the privilege of hisinappropriate services...!

15 years ago I knew some women who went to Kripalu from the west to become disciples, but he told them they would have to sleep with him.

Sorry that's all I've got. But just look at the guy's pics on his website (link above). Doesn't he just look like a playboy crook? How did anyone ever fall for this guy?

At 5/25/2007 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a report of some earlier charges against Kripalu and how he got off:

Many Hindus are enamored of this man, and it is important that all information be gathered and discussed.

Thanks Guruphiliac for providing this opportunity.

At 5/27/2007 8:46 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

Is this the same horsed faced fellow who has a horse faced woman disciple named Didi who goes around braying a bunch of dogmas about how this old koot is the one and only the best and the biggest knower of God in the history of the world? This Didi doesn't seem like a very nice gal to me. I happened to meet her and she gave me a piece of chocolate that was mildewed as prashad! At the time I thought, this nasty brawd looks enough like her guru to be his own daughter. Now I'm thinkin maybe that is the case... Seems to be that deciding to live in a fairytale world of Krishna dancing with gopis can end up making you crazy.

This disciple of his with his big barn ashram in Austin must be shitting his britches with the bad publicity! Can't say I ever liked him either. Looks too much like a cousin of mine over in Stephen's Creek, Texas, all beady eyed and full of his own righteousness.

At 5/27/2007 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a history of defamation campaigns against Kripaluji Maharaj. A case from 1991 was thrown out of court before it even went to trial. It emerged that the girl in question was from a rival organization who was annoyed that so many of their followers were defecting to Shree Maharajji's Satsang so they concoted a story. The judge declared that the girl was lying. The 2007 case is a last ditch attempt to defame him, it will also be thrown out of court quickly. By the way, it's totally untrue that this girl is a disciple of Shree Maharajji and it is notewardy that doctors who examined her in Trinidad have concluded that she is a virgin.
Still, there are some ugly-hearted people who will find fault with him even when this allegation is proved to be false. Not even Krishn could convince them otherwise. No one actually believes this allegation, and neither should you. The people here who are critising him are from Iskcon; they are posting the same kind of comments on other boards. Iskcon people tend to hate this Guru because of the number of their members who have defected to his satsang.

At 5/28/2007 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

His Followers Believe That He Is incarnation of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
'We have being doing some research on this Swami ever since this story broke loose, and I humbly beg the Hindu community around the world to not pass judgment on the Swami Ji, or become to sentimental about this incident…for all Hindus are not without sin, and some are extremely untruthful, exploitive and deceptive. As a Hindu I can relate to that He is known in India as Kripaloo, his disciples are associated with a very large Temple in Austin. called Barsana Dham, this very Swami was accused over 20 years ago for having an affair with a 13 year old girl in India, and it was published in the Indian news papers, be it true of false we do not know. However, we are already beginning to hear in Trinidad that it was a set-up, that might be so, but the important thing to do is to listen to both sides, obviously something has gone wrong, and we should keep in mind the old Indian saying, "always remember what ever you hear 1% is always truth, so lets take that one % and work with it, the truth will always come out in the end. Please remember the nation of India eyes is upon us' K.J.Singh Texas

At 5/28/2007 11:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well "anonymous I believe the "allegations" because I personally know many young girls and women who have had similar experiences. I do not belong to any other group and my intention of posting this is that I feel the Trinidad girl is very brave to "go public". As for the previous cases in India its alleged a great deal of money was paid out to get the leader out of India. With so much money and so many influential contacts and gullible followers at his command I suppose he thinks he's infallible.

At 5/29/2007 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After hearing about this....My heart aches for Maharaji!!!
I just came back from Barsana Dham, Texas...and spent time with My Loving Guru...Kripalu!
This Girl obviosuly wants some kind of Publicity, and she doesnt even know how much SIN she has created upon herself!
Her story doesnt even make NO sense.
Maharaji has a VERY strict schedule...and NO one enters the masters room without permission, and Nilu his assistant is always there! Does the girl think people are stupid?
Maharaji only displays true love for Radha, and Krishna, and is here on earth for 1 purpose only...To help lost devotees find God again He is the greatest of all, and without a doubt in my mind he will be fine. Maharaji is like a celebrity....Any kind of publity goes...whether good or bad...Its very sad to say....
This Girl has inflicted so much pain on our Master....Karma will soon reach her...
To All Devotees or Maharaji...STAY STRONG!!! this is just another Hurdle we have to get by, but never leave his side...because you know in your heart...He would never leave ours!

At 5/29/2007 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it in the human psyche--not just Indian or Hindu--which makes some people believe they are God and other people believe they need the help of these human gods to even be decent humans? This blog exists in part to help us understand our own nature. I appreciate Jody and others here for putting a stick in the eye of people like this old swami who has created a false belief in people, thus abusing others and his own self at the same time--since he then is also trapped in the illusion he has created. Even if it has not been proven to everyone's satisfaction that he has abused a number of young girls and women, it is certain that others of his ilk have.

What to do? Should we abandon all spiritual concepts because some humans run amuck? All I know to do is keep going---using what little I know to come alert to my own simple existence and be as helpful as I can to others around me.

At 5/29/2007 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

chuck said...Is this the same horsed faced fellow who has a horse faced woman disciple named Didi

I have also met this Didi and found her very dogmatic. This was some years ago and she seemed to be saying that she alone had been given permission by this Kripalu to spread his teaching. Now I see that the swami who has created Barsana Dham in Austin, Texas is also publicly acknowledged, probably because of all the money he has... Now I'll bet he is sorry to be linked to this old womanizing self worshipper.

At 5/29/2007 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A case from 1991 was thrown out of court before it even went to trial." ???

"Following the complaint, the police came to know of at least two earlier cases of rape in which complaints were not registered, public prosecutor Prashant Sathiyanathan recalls.

The police filed a common first information report (FIR) against the swami putting together all four cases of kidnapping and rape allegedly committed over a period from 1985-91, Sathiyanathan told IANS.


The high court, before which the prosecution has preferred an appeal against the acquittal in 2005, had the swami deposit his passport, restraining him from leaving the country.

Later however, the court allowed the swami's application seeking permission to go abroad citing ill-health. The case awaits final hearing for which the date is yet to be fixed, Sathiyanathan said."

Acquitted in 2005 from a 1991 case? Hardly 'thrown out of court'! The creaking semi-corrupt Indian 'justice' system.
Ill health? Yeah right.

Bad Karma falls only on this devil man, serial abuser of so many women and young girls. Those who are brave enough to stand up to him and his fanatical followers deserve our greatest respect and gratitude.

At 5/30/2007 5:08 AM, Blogger Abhijit said...

Hi Satya, Can you also send a scanned copy of the 1991 report 'Bhakta Bhalaat ke' to me at Similar report is translated in English and is available on web. Hope justice will prevail.

At 5/30/2007 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy has brinwashed my sister. She has started hating her own family.

At 5/30/2007 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been reading all the comments. Not suprised to see that there are a couple which completely support this Swami. He makes his disciples believe that he is no lesser than the Lord Krishna; and this sleeping with his female disciples is as similar as Lord Krishna's flirtations with thousands of Gopis!

How do I say this? Because I was a part of this organization for a long time (5 yrs) and know quite a lot of the insides that remain hidden from the common eyes. The atmosphere there within is full of secrets that most people do not know about. I repeatedly used to see women go into his room during the resting period in the afternoon and at night; but it was justified as for massaging the Master's feet!! It was when he tried to sexually eploit my OWN mother on one instance, that his past history was confirmed. I no longer believe in his path nor his organization. It is nothing more than mockery of true Spiritualism; he loots his disciples by asking them to give up the luxuries in life; whereas lives in extreme luxuries off his devotees offerings. And he is nothing more than a perverted sex-machine - you have doubts that he can perform at 85!! he performed some 17-18 kama sutra postures with a young girl a couple of years ago. she herself claimed so and was apparently in love with him. you'd further be suprised to know that it was the gurl's own mother who took her to the master. that is how deeply his disciples are blinded!

you may doubt this information... but i have been there, seen it and known everythin about it... thats it!

At 5/30/2007 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't believe this Swami and his gang. He definetly did this and he has history of doing this. The whole organization JKP is corrupt and their teaching has lots of hypocrisy in it.
They come overseas to collect money in the name of temples & hospital building. But the reality is that all the money goes to buy luxaries. The orgnization force you to give money and creat fear on you.
I am glad he got cought this time.
If he is a real Krishna's incarnation why don't he disappear from Trindad and appear in India. If he has divin body he should not show aging and sickness.
This all acting to get out of the rape case.

At 5/30/2007 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading these horrible comments from you people i see that there is nothing in this world that will shut you up long enough to listen to the truth. I will have you know that you are all sick and one day your karma will come back around to you and you will realize what sins you have done saying these things.For your information i have been with Maharaj Ji for almost 14 years- and yes i am young, beautifull and by your standards the first person he would pull into his bed- but no. I havent slept with him or been asked to-neither have any of the other members of this oraganazation- this i can tell you from experince.This is because he doesnt sleep with hi devotees, it is all a bi myth. I have been serving Maharaj Ji for a long time and i know alot more about what you call "the inside" of his mission than you, but i will tell you he doesnt have sex or any intimate contact with girls. It is all a lie- those friends of yours who have said that they have had sexuall contact are just dreaming.The closest anyone has gotten to Maharaj Ji is pressing his lotus feet. I personally have asked Maharaj Ji if he does anything like this and his relpy was no- if he did have sex with girls he would have told me and i am sure he would have already done it with me. So there you have it- ask any true devotee of Maharaj Ji and you will get the same awnser- this is ALL a lie. Shri Maharaj ji is not a sexuall asuallter and you should cut off your tounge for saying anything of the sort about him.This is a great example of how corrupt some peoples minds are. He is here for one perpose and one perpose only and that is to save us.
All of MaharajJis devotees stay strong, that is all we can do.

At 5/30/2007 6:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are also a very unfortunate family who happened to come close to him,( not that close) and his organization. We visited his place in India .All they want is money. Barsana Dham , Austin Texas also now known as “JKP” JAGAD KRIPALU PARISHAD. The whole organization is crook and corrupted, they control your mind, you are not allowed to share or talk to anyone! Two weeks ago same Kripalu, fragile sick ,ill old man who was in Barsana Dham, Austin Texas enjoyed his visit thoroughly he danced with people sat on the Elephant. Barsana Dham devotee's claims he has divine body and he behaves like 10 year old boy. He is so strong. Also, Kripalu will be minting money from his followers in the name of seva. His main motive to visit Barsana Dham, Austin, TX this time and 2 years ago was to collect money for his own luxuries. He will go to visit people’s home and ask to pay $12k, $10k--- SEVA--- every morning devotees will touch his feet and each time they are asked to pay $100.00!and many more way to make money. OH! he is disgusting and making lots and lots of money from these brainwashed devotees. These swami's are minting money from innocent people. Barsana Dham swami Prakashanand also has so much anger and egoistic personality. He preaches to leave your family and ruined many good families we know. JKP’s president’s name Sureshwari left the organization and went back to her home town New Zealand, no one knows how and why and they kept quite. Swami Prakashanand is the one who tell every one Kripalu Maharaj is GOD and he is CHAITNYA MAHA MHAPRABHU. Shame to even say that he is a incarnation of RADHA RANI,. This has to come to an end and we beg Trinidad’s court and judge to pay close attention and do whatever takes to make judgment on his current & past shameful actions

At 5/30/2007 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was an insider in this organization and this man and this organization is totally fraud. Kripalu (Ram Tripati) is sex obsessed and routinely fondles women disciples who have been tricked into it. He is no Hindu, Christian or anything else ... just an egoistic man that exploits very good, well meaning and sincere seekers for God!! The head of his organization in Trinidad (Didiji) had to close her operations in Oklahoma as she was involved in such activies herself!

At 5/31/2007 12:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not know, what is true and what is false. But, let me ask some of the people, who are posting their comments here, that their own mother and sister have been targetted. If the writer is a legitimate son, what are you waiting for, that someone from the heaven will come and punish the culprits. Remember, for a son, Mother's ijjat is the most coveted thing own earth. She provides you the identity, that you are the son of so and so man and woman.

Gentlemen, whosoever, is writing about their Mother's and Sister's ijjat being targetted and if you feel, whatever you are saying is TRUE, we would expect you to act in the most powerful way. Otherwise, you will not be regarded as a Man, a Son, or a Brother. The Choice is yours.

Indian Spiritual World is getting maligned by all this postings and talks, if there is any truth, don't just talk, ACT.

And if you are UNTRUE, don't even dare to make such postings on Mother and Sister.

The world is watching, the culprits will be bashed. Rest Assured. But, if anyone, is also writing half truths and untruths, will also not be spared. Better, keep yourself prepared with all the facts. In this close connected world, someone will definitely reach you and ask for the facts.

Mother, Sister, Daughters are those part of the eternal society, who have always been targetted and oppressed. But, the power of this Feminine Shakti is enormous. Devi Durga, Kali, Mahamaya,... they can torment, any Masculine Power at any point of time. Feminine Power, wake up. In the name of rape and accussations by whosoever, the Masculine Power is enjoying the episodes on media.

Don't allow the women folk to be brought into the bedroom everytime, something goes wrong. You may be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Atheist,... all wake up. We all have Mothers, sisters, daughters in our families. Let's not allow our most important part of our family system to be targetted, either by men of any part of society, or even media for their cheap business motive.

We expect, people to act more sanefully and come out with the Truth and ACT... Don't just talk from the closet of your cozy room or office cabin...

At 5/31/2007 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jody said:

Special note: Those Kool-Aid drinkers looking to show their support for the Swami should go elsewhere to express it. We're not going to publish the parade of sycophancy that's been coming through here today.

Jody, I do not understand it. If you are not going to publish the other side of the story, half the fun is gone.

I urge all the bloggers here to revolt against Jody's gag order, which is sure to turn this blog into a sterile monologue.

In the words of Rig Veda: Let noble thoughts come from every side!

At 5/31/2007 6:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the last, patronizing posting about mothers and sisters and ijjat and all that -- how utterly arrogant of this poster to think that people who have the guts to face evil in the eye and disclose what happened to their mothers and sisters -- would do so because of any other motive, than fighting this blot on decency and spirituality.

If we are disclosing what happened to our mothers and sisters -- of course it's the truth!!! We don't need a lecture from the side-stands on what we need to do now.

At 5/31/2007 11:17 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

If you are not going to publish the other side of the story, half the fun is gone.


This blog is about my fun, FF. And part of that is denying Kool-Aid-poisoned sycophants their braying about whichever flimflammer they happen to bow to.

At 6/01/2007 12:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We like the spirit of yours to come out with the TRUTH on Mothers and Sisters. We are not trying to say, you are saying Untrue. But, we are just trying to point out that even after someones Mother and Sister being targetted repeatedly, these culprits are moving scotfree and may be how many of Trini like cases have gone unnoticed.

If people like you, who have faced the brunt and also knows the truth in details, do not act fast, many more Mothers and Sisters will get abused (may be unnoticed) in future.

So, dear friend, please do keep on writing all the TRUE FACTS, but, the prime necessity is to courageously take on the culprits and let all the people, who felt abused "come together", than showing their discontent individually from different parts of the world.

The culprits and their organizations are extremely strong to nip-in-the-bud any individual attempt to fight back.

I am sure, this will require a lot of courage, as your or someone else's Mother and Sister may be questioned in public. But, for the larger interest of the society, courageous people like you, need to take firm actions. Let know, in these forums, if you may require any kind of assistance.

Rest assured, the world will be with you. We look forward to your next drastic and major step.

At 6/01/2007 1:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kripaluji Maharaj in one of his pravachans did say that Mahapururh (saint) come to earth only for rebukes, allegations and humilation. It has been proved right by ill minded people. Whosoever is invloved in this deserves nothing but pity. God Krishana in his veses has said that I can forgive a person who does something wrong to me but the person who has done something bad to my worshipper or my saint has no remedy or forgivness entitlement. But, Kripaluji like other great saints have the capability not only to suffer this humilation but also forgive such offenders. May god have pity on accusers. Anyone who has gone through life histroy of Shri KripaluJi maharaj or has attended even one of his discourses or Kirtans, or has read even one page of his great literary creations (granths)would not even dream of any such accusation. History is witness that all saints, Prophets, and God worshippers have been subjected to such humilation and accusations but time and again they have been proved to be greatmen. It is so sad that when our saints are alive they are accused but when they leave they are worshipped. May God give right wisdom to people to know what they are doing.
I have been a follower of Shri Maharaj Ji and I could be accused being biased but my challange is anyone who wants to know truth should spare sometime and attend any Kirtan, discourse or read any book by shri Maharaji Ji even by way of CD/VCD and ask any one who has been to him (even if once) they decide what is right and what is wrong.
Mind it that having followers in crores he has not made any one his shishya (disciple) till date. He was awareded title of Jagadguru 50 years ago by a consortium of 500 renowned scholars of Kashi which no one else has got in last 700 years...
Anyway, people would sooner or later realize this and then it could be too late

Jai Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Manoj Sachdeva

At 6/01/2007 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All organizations are corrupt. Regardless of the founders noble motives, all religious movements and assemblies become corrupt!

No matter how great the texts and the teachings, unless you are not willing to stand on your own two feet and face the truth directly and discover it yourself without leaning on ANYTHING ... you will NEVER get anywhere.

Got there ...

At 6/01/2007 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you people are so stupid. you only try to talk shit about shri kripalu ji. do you know half of it. shri maharaj ji never raped no guyanese girl in trinidad. the fact is that there are upcoming elections in trinidad and for those of you who have a brain you might know that half of trinidad is indians of hindu religion and the other half is other cultures mostly blacks christians. the opposing party of non-indians is trying to put down the hindu community in everybodys eyes so that they can win the elections. and also one of the most richest people in trinidad is a great devotee of shri maharaj ji and they're trying to put down their beleifs by making these accussations. if you know about the past accusations that were places of shri maharaj ji you would know that the medical exams revealed he was a VIRGIN. proving he has power over everything and everybody. there is a reason for everything he does and for you people to run your filthy mouthes like you are is just harming yourself as your committing namapradh against a great guru. all great guru's and incarnations of god that come to this earth have been talked shit about by brainless low lives like yourselves. what you really need to do is get your facts straight before you say such things. he is not a criminal. he is such a merciful man and this is been so clear through all his actions and evrything that he does to help his devotees. you dont know the first thing about shri maharaj ji so before you go writing more crap about Him you should do your research a little better. oh yes and i forgot to add that the reason that they took it to the media was to really put down shri maharaj ji and this girl who claims to have been raped is not even a devotee of shri maharaj ji so why would he even try anything with some one who is not even a devotee. when you see the end of this case and see that shri maharaj ji is compeletely innocent then you losers can feel stupid for wasting your time writing crap about shri mahraj ji.
Radhey Radhey
P.s. dont 4get to stop running your mouth or at least get your bloody facts straight. like i mean he is an 85 year old man. He would have to be taking Viagra in order to get horny in the first place buddy. Talk about you people being IIIIIDDDIIIIOTTSSSSSSSSSS!!

At 6/01/2007 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Request check on the link:

"not only was that 22 yr old girl being raped, but also 3 other married women. there were 5 ppl in all who went for "darshan" those 4 girls, & the 22 yr old girl's brother. plus there was a woman workin with de so-called swami who made the girls shower & remove thier jeweleries b4 metting him where they were raped! it's not stated in d news, but they were drugged. i just hope & pray that she wins her case, & may that bastard be punished."

At 6/01/2007 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the fabricated allegations towards Jagadguru Shree Kripalu ji Maharaj in Trinidad

Dear Friends,

Jai Shree Radhey!

The disciples of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj across the U.S. feel compelled to release this statement regarding the charges that have been filed in Trinidad against our beloved Spiritual Master.

The allegations are false and will be simply and conclusively disproved. As this is now a judicial matter, these facts will be revealed in court as the legal system of Trinidad mandates. For the people responsible for fabricating this unfortunate and defamatory scenario we can only feel pity that personal greed and political ambitions have driven them to such a terrible and hurtful act of trying to defame a great spiritual leader and shake the faith of Hindus in their Divine religion and greatest Saints.

We also must point out and condemn the misrepresentation of facts and bias shown against Shree Kriapluji in the media. It is an unfortunate reality of our time that sensationalizing situations to increase readership has become common practice. The reporting of this event has been irresponsible and opportunistic, and shows a disturbing lack of journalistic integrity such as: omitting key facts, slanting others, using partial quotes out of context, neglecting to mention conflicting and contradictory allegations, instead highlighting inflammatory remarks and completely uniformed opinions. These initial biased media releases have generated even less informed yet increasingly biased writings being posted online.

In response to this, the outpouring of support for Shree Kriapluji we have received from so many of you has been heartening. It is unfortunate however, that some have been so easily manipulated into passing judgment on such an important and revered Hindu leader with only a capricious allegation of an unknown girl, instead of giving him even the basic presumption of innocence anyone should receive before a matter is settled in court.

This small and insignificant event will not leave a mark on such a Divine personality, who at 84 years of age continues to untiringly work to uplift humanity towards the goal of life, God realization. Unaffected by the media attention, Shree Kriapluji continues to grace the devotees of Trinidad with his satsang, Divine guidance and spiritual teachings.

Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj has spent the last six decades selflessly serving society. In 1957, Shree Maharajji was awarded the title of Jagadguru, the highest religious title in India, by the Kashi Vidvat Parishad, the most learned body of religious scholars. Since that time until now he has been establishing ashrams, temples, schools and charitable hospitals, traveling throughout India enlightening the tens of thousands who throng to hear his discourses and personally looking after the spiritual welfare of his followers.

He is adored by multitudes around the world whose lives have been positively transformed by his guidance, his association, and the practice of his profound teachings.

It is with unflinching faith that we remain in his service and dedicated to spreading his teachings throughout the world,

Barsana Dham Ashram Management Committee:
Sushree Diwakari Devi
Sushree Prabhakari Devi
Dr. Harish Parikh
Kishori Das
Jaresha Auxier
Raj Goel

[Note: some media are referring to Shree Maharajji as Swamy Kripalu Maharaj or Swami Ram Tripathi, etc. His official title is Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj.]

At 6/02/2007 4:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My family has been destroyed as a result of this man.My wife is brainwashed and sees only him in her heart.She has also been neglegent to our 19 month old son.Swami Maheshwarnand has been seen networking and even touching women in coaxing them into their cult.I am sorry what happened to the 22 year old guyanese girl,however I pray that justice will prevail so that no other women or families will be caught in the wrath of these people.How could a holy man who claims to be a manifestation of lord Krishna be accused in an act which is so disgusting.The divine is never put on trial.The divine demolishes all negativity.The divine never has a character of such.My innocent son has to pay a price because my wife was listening to the word of the lord and became intoxicated with the fantasy of sleeping with Kripalu.I will live to see him suffer the consequences .Every cry my son makes as he is away from his father ,kripalu will suffer more.every tear I drop when I see my son in pain,Kripalu will go further in the dungeon of hell.God's work is sure and everyone is responsible for their happiness and god can never die, but one day Kripalu will die and may his soul never find a resting place.

At 6/02/2007 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a skin specialist based in Delhi and know Maharajji very well. He is a true god incarnation and believe me all the accusations against him are false. You should know that Trinidad doctors who have examined the accused have found that she is still a virgin. so all the charges against him are baseless. please exercise restraint and get your figures and facts correct before accusing a person you do not know anything about. The facts of the matter are widely publicised and it is now clearly known that the accused is a virgin, so there is no question at all of rape.

At 6/02/2007 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

freefall said:

If you are not going to publish the other side of the story, half the fun is gone.

Jody said:


This blog is about my fun, FF. And part of that is denying Kool-Aid-poisoned sycophants their braying about whichever flimflammer they happen to bow to.

Just curious. Is this Vivekananda's version of Ayan Rand or Ayan Rand's version of Vivekananda?

At 6/02/2007 8:50 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Is this Vivekananda's version of Ayan Rand or Ayan Rand's version of Vivekananda?

Search me. I don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

At 6/03/2007 12:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Past History of the Guru:

It's a question to Barsana Dham Committee.

You are trying to say that journalists are misinforming the public. If that is so. Why not you come out with the true story about all the allegations in 1991 and onwards, cases happening since 1985. The cases belonging to three girls, two mature girls, and a 12-13 yr old, Hema, Meera and Sulakshana (these names also appear in some books, available on the internet and possibly available in the market, as well). Cases are still pending. A large section of the society is still fuming. Journalists are definitely keeping track of all of it, not for sensationalising, but, to tell the truth to the world. If your Guru and your organization are Clean, then bring out the facts, everything clearly. The Society demands an answer from you all.

The cases have been on for last 16 years. Police, Jail, Interrogation, Supreme Court, High Court, passport confiscation,... so many things have happened. Society demands the truth from you. Society will not believe you, just if you say that everything is alright and nothing has happened.

Most of these incidents are alleged to have happened within your own places, or devotees' places and among your devotees only. External public never went and asked you what sense or non-sense is going on inside. But, now, your own people have brought these issues to public, to us. Now, you owe a detailed explanation to all in the society about what you say is TRUTH.

Had you not been a public organization, we would not have bothered to ask you so many things. But, your organization has so many followers and you are still working among public to preach and bring them to your path, which I am not questioning. But, if negativities also remain at large, in your organization, then it is the duty of all the responsible citizens to bring out the truth. No people would like to send their Mother and Sister to your organization, if such issues remain unresolved and a mystery. I hope you understand, we stay in a civilized society.

So, kindly answer to these queries, rather than maligning Journalists and all common people, who are showing discontent on media against you.

Media stands by the TRUTH and if you actually make proper effort and come out CLEAN, MEDIA will definitely stand by you to say to the public, that you are a morally correct organization. There is no threat to the common public.

May someone from Barsana Dham read and answer.

At 6/03/2007 1:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just want to tell the people around the world who are trying to tarnish image of Maharaj Ji, that if you spit on sky, it falls on your own face.
So just first think how many times you all have raped your wives, cousins and try to do eves teasing to an unknown girl, or for the female part , how many have slept with how all dirty shit mind for the obsession to sex,which is the most henoius act of today's world.......if i would have not been preached for Krishna Bhakti and to have the learning of patience, I also could have also wished you all, the filth around your organs, with each microrganism itching and stabbning you with pain.
But I ask forgiveness to my Master for even thinikng bad about you people, because you all are the ones for whom Maharaj Ji, has given his every being.
My Guru is still showering Naam Sankirtan's and preaching disciples.
HE will continue, because no doubt HE is is too high to be reached by abuses or insults..infact I sometime doubt that HE maybe amused by all this talk which is going around.
Someone of my Guru brother said that people are inflicting pain on HIM.
But just for my bother and sister's, i want to tell that no, HE can never be hurt by such things, even if HE to be insulted in front of whole world....HE is always in state of Mahabhav, and whatever we see HIM doing is , done by HIM for service to HIS Lord Krishna.HE will fight the case for our happiness only.
BUT...........definetly , HE will be very much pained to see us pulled to this trap....for HE has worked through years with us to mould us to Krishna Bhakti...So all of us just please do Radhe Radhe.....speak up whenever you find this crap on the net.

We are HIS Servants..and we must voice oursleves that whatever shit is written by so called insider's is also another lobby of frustrated mother father or brother..who cannot take that anybody from their family leave their side and do GOD 's devotion..because true that Maharaj Ji says, that we are not to love world, just perfrom duties.

Anyway...all of you rascals( supporter of that bitch) ...we are here..not to protect our Guru.....(Becuase The SUPREME does not need protection from us creeps)but to tell you that some day May God bless you too.

At 6/03/2007 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radhey Radhey!

Since ages people have blamed Saints and tried to defame them. It should be no surprise if they did it to our beloved Shri Maharaj.

People have not spared Shri Krishna, what to talk of saints.

Lets not pay attention to such lowly minded people and be immersed in the Divine Love as our beloved Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj haqs taught us .

Boliye Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj Ki Jai

Jai Jai Shree Radhey!!!!

At 6/03/2007 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: The misrepresentation of facts and bias shown against Shree Kripaluji in the media

Posted at:

Dear Committee Members,
You or your guru has no legitimacy of this title. The title in Hindu belief is full and final once for all for Aadi Shankar. No more.... So, do not bluff the public. He may be a Jagadguru only for blind devotees of Sect run by your fellow beings.

On fabrication....

I am making charges now and i have done it on internet before. Not fabricated but real and I am the sufferer of your guru.

Your guru is running a institution to convert young minds in to sanyasee forcibly. They use the weakness in mind these young people have to get them in trap. And see the teachings. Does Hindu religion or Krishna tell any child to start abusing parents, disrespecting elders for the guru. A real guru will throw such a person having disrespect for mother out of his fold. And here your network is all out to teach our childe that the mother and relation you have now are innumerable repetitions. True they are as per Hindu mythology. However another preaching and more powerful in same religion is Mother is the Real god, the first guru.

Shame on you people to have such a Guru and Such a blind followings. Krishna preached us to live fully and always immersed in his pure love. We believe in Krishna and his purity and not having sex a kripa of guru or his Leela.

You blind people call every thing as Leela. It is but of Krishna not of this fraud call Kripalu. He has made our lives miserable.

You people cry foul when some things like this gets out. Every one will believe {including me} that a old man of 85 can not do this. However, what is an old man of 85 doing every day by trapping young minds and preaching wrong philosophy is also a sin. A greater sin as he does it misusing the law and religions sentiments of millions of Indian people, in India or abroad.

Do you want to see - I can show you for real few more Guru, whom their chelas believe as Krishna and in much more revered manner than you. They can not accept that their guru is not krishna just like you. And all of them are contemporary.

So, do not guard your guru. We can not do any thing as law has no provision for parent to control the way of life of their children. But we can definitely create a system that will at least stop some more to get in trap by bringing in real teachings of krishna on fore.

Please keep off from trapping young girls and boys.

Or let us come on an open platform and discuss what krishna means and where is the logic in most things your fellowmen are out to spread in this society.

Have humanity and serve humanity. You do not need to make anther sect in name of Krishna.

Please prove the legitimacy of your Guru. One conference naming him is not enough. There has to be existence of a valid system to do so. You are misusing the conference confinement.

A Jagadguru is accepted so by a majority and not merely by one sect. We renounce this act and we will see this gets in to a movement to get your gurus wrong doings reach people at large. So, you can raise this rhetoric, it is of no use.

You are able to misuse this just because people at large are not concerned what one sect is doing. You are a happy lot till all the families whose children have run away from their fold to Kripalu fold are not united and one. You can only enjoy your happiness as there is not law to book your deeds of such wrongful misguidance of youth and misrepresentation of Krishna’s teachings.

You can talk to me direct if you want I am all out to reach every one who is a Krishna devotee but in full sense.

Jai Sri Krishna , Radhe Radhe

At 6/03/2007 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't doubt any of the charges put on this man. I was a regular at Barsana but after a similar incident happened to a close friend ... it was a big blow. We approached the Swami heading Texas and he had nothing to say about it except that if the Jagadguru thought what he did was right, then it's right. These guys are taking advantage of our faith and they're sucking up our cash ... and in some cases ... getting their wishes with the women.He's flippin married with five kids and he preaches about God! It's hard to believe, but seeing as this isn't the first time its happened, it's not something I doubt. And how the hell do you even know his age? I've seen him: he isn't no old and feeble man you should have pity on. I've met him in person from went I went to India and it didn't look like he'd have trouble dealing with a woman in her twenties. Barsana's been trying to protect its image ... but we can't let it work. Justice has to be done; not only for this 22-year-old, but for the others who've given up their beliefs after receiving such a big blow.

At 6/03/2007 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a regular at Barsana in Texas for over 10 years. This "Jagadguru" isn't as decent as he shows to be. I don't doubt he did this. Why? He's done this before ... not once or twice ... but numerous times. He's married and got kids for God's sake and speaking of God ... he's a flippin' Jagadguru! And he's committing these lowly acts. Open your eyes. He's taking advantage. I've had a similar case happen to a friend ... a close friend ... it was a big blow. We couldn't believe it at all! We'd been with the organization for nearly 10 years and then this!? We took it to the Swami at Texas and approached him about it. All he had to say was that if the Jagadguru thought what he did was right, then it was right. They're taking advantage of our faith! We stopped going there. My friend ... she completely gave up the belief. Me? I'm starting to doubt if there really is a god up there, because if there was, He wouldn't let something like this happen: He wouldn't let someone who's spreading knowledge about Him try to bed a bunch of women who are believers and followers. This guy ... how the hell does anyone know he's 85? And I've seen him ... I've been in the same room with him ... but thank God that there were a bunch of other's at the open door that he didn't do anything. He isn't as weak and feeble as one would imagine a said 85-year-old to be. I swear he looked younger than my 70-year-old grandpa. He couldn't have been more than 60 when I met him 5 years ago. But hell he looked much younger. Open your eyes and see what is being covered up here. Barsana's obviously gonna try to protect it's image and there will be bastards that won't believe any of this "crap" but it's happened before and if it has, than why can't it happen again? Me and my friends, we used to consider Texas like a second home. It's nothing but hell now ... nothing but hell.

At 6/04/2007 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know who's circulating the misconception that the 22 year girl is a virgin but here's the ball by ball report from the media in Trinidad. Nowhere was this mentioned.


A Guru who arrived in Trinidad last week to give religious discourses (sat sangh) throughout the country on Hinduism has been detained in connection with the alleged rape of 22-year-old Guayanese woman....
For more see

At 6/04/2007 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems from your writing that you and your friend are both women/girls and your friend faced some very disgusting situation with Jagadguru, in the recent past. What makes us feel disgusting that even after taking up the issue with the Swami at Texas, Barsana Dham, he just concluded that Jagadguru is always right. Is this a Blind World?

I am feeling ashamed that I being an Indian and a deep believer of Indian Spirituality, that, you people (Indian or may be Americans) are facing such disgusting situation from Indian Spiritual World.

I am sure Barsana Dham Committee is reading these messages. Jagadguru's own devotees (long time devotees) are alleging against the Jagadguru on similar assaults as the case of Guyanese girl.

TO THE WORLD CITIZENS: Whether Guyana case is true or false, whether Court gives a favorable ruling to the girl or Jagadguru, we do not know. But, in the name of Spirituality and Spiritual Preaching, these malpractices and immoral organizations has to be stopped. Let general people come up and raise their voices. In the name of Spirituality and without any proper governmental regulation, some of these crook organizations are making merry. Minting money, making sexual assaults, brainwashing young flustered kids, girls and boys... Shame on these organizations.

As an Indian, I cannot tolerate this garbage, non-sense organizations. Indian Spirituality is greatly uplifted. And may all my fellow Indians, Americans and seeker of God from other parts of world find the right Guru. And also help others, that they do not get into the trap of some fake and criminal Gurus.

Let all raise your voices loud and clear in all forums. Let the media, journalists, Govt and Legal bodies take note of it and try and pass resolution. Expose these crook organizations.

At 6/04/2007 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! this thread has been quite a revelation of Indian sexual attitudes...incredible!

At 6/04/2007 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have already posted a comment, but I felt that one was written with too much hate. I've cooled down and want people to know how I feel about this without having to hear about personal enmity, though I will include my personal experiences in this one as well.

With everyone saying different things, it's hard to tell who's right and who's making up a bunch of stuff. Being a regular at Barsana, I was a strong follower of the Jagadguru. The Swami at Texas considered me and my friends his granddaughters. My friends and I loved going to Texas: it was fun and there were all these great people there ... so nice. But I also remember my parents constantly making out checks to the organization. My grandparents noticed this too, and they questioned the temple. Although they lived with us and joined us often, they never became members. They believed that the temple shouldn't charge it's devotees to be members, after all, they were preaching about God, and money doesn't have any relevance to God. They had a point, but both me and my parents ignored it and supported the temple with complete faith. Then, about five or so years ago, the Swami at Texas told my parents and close friends of ours that the Jagadguru had almost completed the temple in India and advised us to go as it would've been a great chance to meet the Jagadguru himself as well. My dad couldn't get leave from work, and neither could my friends' dad. So it was me, my mom, my two friends, and their mom - all girls. My friends and their mom stayed in India the whole summer while my mom and I were there for only 2 weeks. We had a very brief meeting with the Jagadguru ... just enough time for one of the preachers to usher us in, let us receive his blessings, and usher us back out. We left, but my friends were there still. (I think you should know that my friends were Christians prior to becoming what one would call "Krishna bhakhts" or Krishna's devotees.)When they came back at the end of the summer, they told us about how the Jagadguru had sexually approached them when they'd gone to meet him. This came as a shock and it was a little hard to believe, but we knew them too well to doubt what they said. We took our case to the Swami at Texas and all he said was that if the Jagadguru thought what he did was right, than it was right. We couldn't believe him. We stopped going there. If my friends had wanted, they could've just as easily filed charges against him, but they didn't, showing us that this poor girl isn't doing this only for publicity. Why do people think that just because he is a Jagadguru, he is untouchable? That he is a saint that is beyond human desires? He is still a human regardless of his preaching ... and no human is above these worldly desires. My friends completely lost faith and they don't believe anymore. I'm not too sure myself: It's hard to believe that someone who spent their whole life preaching about god to us, turned out to be like this; but that's the bitter truth. My dad found out that Barsana has been sending out frantic emails trying to convince its devotees that this is all bull and is trying to cover it all up. If they think that their Jagadguru is innocent and that the girl is just doing this for publicity, than they shouldn't have much to worry about because they have God on their side and supposedly, God always sides with the Truth: "Jeet hamesha sach ki hothi hai". But in our corrupt world, where Justice has no room to stay, where all that matters is money and power, that may not be the case. Hopefully, for the sake of this girl, the Jagadguru is brought to Justice and punished for the crimes he's committed: not just this one, but for the numerous ones that have gone overlooked or have never been brought to court for the sake of the millions that blindly follow this Krishna organization. Please, it's not completely impossible for a man to do such a thing, especially if he lives in a world like ours today where such things are common. Do not let Wrong prevail against Right. Please, open your eyes and see what they've been trying to cover up and deny for all these years. If you are a devotee, I understand it will be hard to accept such "nonsense" but I was in your position less than 5 years ago, too, so I know what it's like. But you have to side for what you think is right and that doesn't mean that you choose sides based on money, power, or blind faith. God is God; even He sees the wrongs being done with his devotees. This guy will end up being punished by God anyway: Why follow him blindly when it is obvious that he has committed many wrongs and has gone against all that he stands for? That's all I have to say about this. Thank you to the anonymous that believed me and supported my words; I hope there are more ... for the sake of the women that had to face such humiliation against their spiritual leader.

At 6/05/2007 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am from Trinidad and whatI saw on the media i know that the swami is a fraud.He was seen dancing at a house program earlier,and when the police held him he had to hold on for support.He speaks English fluently, and in court he didn't know a word.

At 6/05/2007 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was devoted to him and gave him and his Texas rep everything. They took it!

He then tried to lay his hands on my wife, but she resisted. His dishonesty broke our hearts!

We left the organization and have been fighting them since then.

At 6/05/2007 8:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This happened to me !!!!

I was a believer of the Maharaji until I was in a room with him asked to press his feet and he started fondling my friend's breasts and she started sexually touching him. When I saw this, I was in total shock and the preachers said this is Gopi Bhao. All the women with him have slept with him. He is a sick old pervert and he can pretend very well in front of the people. This guy needs to be stopped immediately.

At 6/05/2007 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Everybody, who have written soo many comments from their heart (broken hearts). Let me put a few words:

- Have complete faith and trust on God Almighty. His justice is always clinical. If you are Hindu, you may have read the philiosphy of Karma in Srimad Bhagavad Gita. So, never ever lose heart. If someone does any wrong, will be punished inevitably, be it me, you or Kripaluji or God Himself.

- Common people like many of you and myself always look for solace and find them in spiritual world. So, we go there with complete faith and also receive lots of solace, warmth and happiness. And like many of you, give away the best part of your wealth and life in the service of such spiritual bodies. But, someday, the evil may strike and you find out the dark side of such spiritual bodies (not always for all spiritual bodies). MAYA, God's own supernatural energy strikes and Spiritual Preachers, Gurus, and their devotees start acting like insane and irrationals. Your TRUST and FAITH gets completely broken. You cry out in deep agony and pain. And in such state, you actually become more rational. You never ever speak an UNTRUTH in such situations. You always say the TRUTH from core of heart. but, you find that these spiritual people, whom you trusted even more than God, are telling lies, faking, and even branding you, a liar. You find that these so-called big people in spiritual world, can so easily speak lies. Remember, "big people speak lies more often than common people."

Don't get surprised. The Philosophy of Karma, also says, in addition to having complete faith on God, we must also do our duties completely, and with trust in God. God will announce His justice faster in those cases, where, the abused people also makes their own efforts, with vigour and trust.

So, the Guyanese girl case, or the unfortunate Father's cases in India against the Jagadguru has brought so much awareness among common people on Jagadguru, that many have started probing, including law and media, about the legitimacy of this organization. So, in any case, just a few courageous people (who felt abused), have brought in so much awareness among the public. Imagine, if all those who felt abused, also become active to bring out the cases in proper way, then, justice will just be a stone's-throw-away. With Faith and Trust, if we all do our duties, the results will definitely follow.

See, how devoted the blind devotees of Jagadguru are!! They are sending "parrot" mails chirping the same words. Many of them are not at fault. They are just doing their duties for their Guru with complete Faith. But, why should you lose? You also have God on your side, who never makes a wrong judgement. If Blind Faith people can work with soo much courage and volition, why not Open Eyed people like you, (who faced the real Truth) will just make some meek attempts. Remember, God may punish "you" for not trying fully to fight the culprits. No emotions. God is pure rational. So, gentleman, whose wife is being targetted; madam.. whose friend is being targetted.. young Husbands, whose wives are being targetted and little child facing the agony; Guyanese girl and three other married ladies, who faced a perverted world in the Holy Man's room,; the mature sisters who have had sexual intimacy with the guru for several years (may be with blind faith in the name of Gopi bhao); or the father of a young kid, who was targetted sexually by the Guru......... If you all come together, how can justice be far away. Remember, Justice from Court of Trinidad or India or USA is not the last justice... Whatever the result from these courts, always keep on fighting till you find the lasting justice from GOD.

All of you are God's own child not of any Guru's. So, don't waste time, your eternal Father/Mother will always assist you, Their kids, when they make a real worthwhile try. And the world is with you all.

At 6/05/2007 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lady, what you said makes our blood boiling. Yes, we know that Kripaluji is always surrounded by girls and women in his personal room. Pressing the feet and massaging is something that we hear frequently and all the blind preachers and devotees consider that a very spiritual work (of a Disciple towards the Guru). Should I laugh or cry??? What actually is happening is something else.. Breast fondling, sleeping together and all those acts which these blind preachers and followers feel Krishna used to do with HIS Gopis. In the name of Krishna, I warn everybody, not to feel a spec of negativity on Shri Krishna. He never did what this ugly fake false Preachers and devotees are calling as Krishna's Gopi Bhao. Krishna's Gopi Bhao is almost impossible on this earth (full of MAYA) by common people like us and even for Gurus. One great Guru Viswamitra also fell for an Apsara, even after he felt that he has won all material desires. So, where do these ugly preachers and devotees stand???

Don't even fall in the trap of this "Gopi Bhao" concept on this material world. You will be duped and may even lose your deep inner respect (especially ladies, young girl and women), as you will not be spared to be abused sexually on all fronts. Your life may get completely ruined. You may even become target of blackmailing.

This kind of organizations are becoming more of a brothel full of prostitutes, who consider themselves as Gopis. These so-called Gopis are actually blind. They are worse than a prostitute. At least a prostitute doesn't fake to being a great devotee or a preacher in society.

Gentlemen/Ladies.. ANNOUNCE the name of those preachers whom you have heard saying these acts as GOPI BHAO. Whom you have heard with your own ears. These preachers are spreading Kripaluji's messages to every nook and corner of society. Do you feel, that such preacher's who are blind and cannot differentiate between Prostitution and Gopi Bhao, be allowed to spread their dirty mind and dirty spell in the society. If you feel, such Preachers are to be exposed, you should immediately expose them. We will send them to all the media houses.

These preachers are the wings of Kripaluji's arms in society, who dupe people (young men and women)and finally can lead them to Prostitution in the name of Gopi Bhao. STOP IT IMMEDIATELY. ACT ACT ACT and ACT FAST. Let not some other girl and family get ruined from now. TAKE A VOW.

At 6/05/2007 9:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know much about the rape story but I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears how in the name of seva people have been brain washed by him to pay money for just about anything. I can say this from experience because my own wife has been dragged into this organiation. I think there are a lot of good things that are preached just like any religious organiation however like some of you have said this organiation makes it followers give up their hard earned saving just for touching the feet of an another man. I need my wife so I have to support her as much as I can without letting her actions destroy my family so I go whenever I can to some of their programs. On one such event I had the opportunity to see the truth in one of the earlier writer on how luxuries are unlimited. But for Donald Trump the man's room was filled with luxuries to the hilt. The ceiling was lined with gold. the place was filled with pictures of him and of course he needed a plasma TV to see all the people in the common room moan and groan his name. Anyway all said and done I continue to lose our family savings to this orgniation. One can only pray that the cloud that fills the air of this organiation and the truth comes out once and for all. God bless all who contributed in the right spirit.

At 6/05/2007 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the Paparatzis? Just one PHOTOGRAPH of the so-called Great Jagadguru in such Gopi Bhao states is good enough to announce to the whole world that "his chapter is closed forever".

I am sure someone would have such photographs of this extremely promiscuous person.

I also heard that they charge lakhs of rupees for taking even a simple snap of a person with this so-called Great Guru. God knows, how much they would have charged in case a picture of a Gopi is taken with this Great Guru!!

It may be kept well-guraded as a treasure by some Blind Preachers or Blind Devotees. Bring those photographs out and send them to the media to publish widely, so that all people can know including other spiritual organizations and Governments.

At 6/05/2007 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This organization needs to be turned in to IRS, FBI and Immigration for investigation. The organization seems like Rajanishas Ashram at Oregon busted for sexual & money laundering activities. We want this organization to be shut down and all these greedy saints & preachers who collect money in the name of GOD never enter this country again.

At 6/06/2007 5:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, abused devotees, devotees whose faith has been broken down to pieces, take this organization to Federal Govt. I hope someone in India will take their main Indian body to Indian Investigating Bodies for detailed investigation.

This is a case against all people, all society, duping the society in the name of divinity. Actually robbing people of their material wealth and also of their own identity by engaging into prostitution type activity called "Gopi Bhao". These doesn't require any individual Trinidad case. The organization need to be tried by Federal Govt or any Govt in their respective countries, for act of heinous crime on human society.

They need to pay back all the wealth, they have robbed from common people. And for the families being ruined and the women folk being targetted sexually, let the Court decide what punishment should be meted out to them. May be jailed for life. They cannot be allowed to come in contact with common people. To my mind, these people are half insane and are brainwashed. They need to be sent to mental asylum by the Govt for their mental treatmnent.

May God show proper way to all.

At 6/06/2007 5:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Close down Barsana Dham, JKP and the Radha Madhav Society!!

Throw out their fake Jagadguru, Swamjiji, Preachers and Didis!!

In it's place appoint a board of Hindu leaders who will only have legal authority to run a temple of truh -- a temple dedicated to all paths -- in the real Hindu tradition!

At 6/06/2007 5:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bye bye Swamiji,
By bye Kripalu,
Bye bye Didis,

You used to call yourself Dayalu
and everyone else Khopralu,

But now you are just FASULU!

(can't run from God forever)

At 6/06/2007 6:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who started this story that the 'doctor's examined the girl and found she is a virgin'?

Police would not have proceeded to place charges in that case, as it would have been baseless.

In fact they only charged Ram Kripalu Tripathi after the girl was examined in San Fernando hospital, and this was what was reported in the Trinidad press.

Someone changed the report for international media, does Kripalu have followers in AAP or Reuters?

Even so, can the fools not check the sources in the Trinidad reports? Since when does 'India Times' know more about Trinidad than Trinidad Express?

At 6/06/2007 7:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please go to the following links to know the story from horses mouth:

At 6/06/2007 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I request every one of us not believe any stories against Maharaj ji. I know him for a long time and people who met him and know him personally can tell his divinity. As a person I have changed a lot positively after meeting Maharaj ji and following his principles. He is a true SAINT. An absolute divine personality. Some group is against him and trying to defame him. Please read his Philosophy at and listen to his lectures that come every day on TV Asia and Astha.
If we blame such a personality, it is not good for us; we are committing a great crime. Please don’t put yourself in such a danger. Don’t believe to any such stories, if you trust god ask him for the truth, trust me, you will get an answer if you are sincere.

Maharaj Ji is a divine personality; he is spending his whole life to show us the path to God. He has guided millions of people who have hunger for god. He is the original 5th Jagad guru.
We are the ones who blamed mother Sita in Satyayug. We are the ones who dint have faith and trust in lord Ram. We are the ones who dint believes Lord Krishna. Who did we spare? When God himself was not spared how we can spare a saint. Souls who had trusted Sita, Ram and Krishna have reached them and we who blamed them are still rotating in this endless cycle of birth and death. I request every one of us not to repeat this mistake again. It’s for our own benefit.

If you don’t know Maharaj ji, please don’t believe any gossip and comments.

At 6/06/2007 8:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Maharajji very, very, very well. Very well indeed (as the last writer said that I should).

And I know -- that he molested many women and is corrupt. So knowing the truth, and knowing that the truth cannot be different from God, I left him.


DROP HIM before you are hurt too!

Stand on your own two feet and try to know God directly!

As Ashtavakra said, You don't need a Guru!

You are already free!

At 6/06/2007 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any person, as long as he or she is not God, will have a bright and very bright side, but, may also have a dark side, which people generally doesn't come to know under normal circumstances.

I really feel for you, "Vadeham Sadguru Charanam", it is surely, you rever your Guruji to the maximum, and that is true Hindu philosophy. But, you may have seen only the very bright side of your Guruji and no doubt, he may have changed many including yourself towards a positive path.

But, unfortunate thing is that the case of Gopi Bhaos will not be known to all, will be known to only a few (some lucky blind devotees and some unfortunate ones, whose faith got broken to pieces).

If you feel, your Guru is right and never could do any mistake, you are free to clutch on to your beliefs. But, brother or sister, just beware!! many have known the truth, and someday, surely, you may also come to know.

Just to let you know, don't be over-enthusiastic to provide deep spiritual philosophy and consider yourself to know lot on Hindu Spirituality. There are many in this forum having substantial knowledge on Hindu Philosophy and Faith. Who knows, some of them may be highly revered spiritual person in society showing his/her disgust through this forum on seeing Hindu Philosophy getting into pieces by your Guruji and his alleged dark side of activities.

Sorry to make you feel bad, brother or sister, but, Face the Reality, else, the world and future will never forgive you, your organization and your Guruji.

We wish Hindu Religion comes clean, if your Guruji is acquitted of all charges (Trinidad and all charges over the web), or gets cleaner by doing away with Gurujis and organization as yours!!

At 6/06/2007 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is horrific!! Just read and then SHOOT those Bastards.

From z-ga
I was an Insider –

I was an insider (I mean a real insider) in Kripalu Maharajji’s organization. I was extremely devoted to him and to his organization and had many spiritual experiences and great spiritual insights. I later found out that spiritual experiences arise out of your own sincerity and efforts and have nothing to do with the so-called guru or teacher. After all, God or Krishna (call him what you will) is still there, and He responds to sincere seekers regardless of how big a fraud the teacher is.

My heart was broken and I was annihilated when slowly but surely, the fraudulent nature of in Kripalu Maharajji’s mission became known to me. There were many, many examples of corruption of the mission that came before me, before I took the extremely difficult step of renouncing this teacher and organization. I could write a book on this, but I’ll simply sum-up some key points for those of you that have an open mind on such things. Trust me (actually trust yourself), without willingness to stand-up for the truth, you will never get anywhere spiritually.

1. Kripalu Maharaj definitely has an obsession with sex, although he teaches others that there is no ‘anand’ in this world. There have been many instances of very creditable reports and charges against him. Most of these are from very good and sincere people that are bastions of the community and really sincere to God. However, modesty, embarrassment and the fear of a powerful organization that could hurt makes them hesitate to speak out. The father of the girls from Nagpur that took the case against him all the way to the Indian Supreme Court was a rare and very brave exception. This father could have settled easily for large amounts of money that Kripalu’s organization would have been too willing to pay to end this case. That he and his daughters fought and are still fighting for justice shows that they are not motivated by money or fame. They just want justice!

2. This is how it works today. To sit in Maharajjis presence, to touch his feet, to have coffee with him, to drink charanamrit and even to be hit by his slippers means that there is a charge. They call it ‘seva,’ but basically nothing is free. Have a chappal hit you and enjoy the ‘grace’ of ‘chappal seva, ’ then pay $100 for the privilege!

3. However, there is one special ‘seva’ open only to women. A secret ‘seva’ called ‘charan seva’ that is free. For this, Maharajji’s preachers take all the unknowing women into the room where Maharajji is lying on his bed. The lights are dimmed and the women surround him and press his body. The most attractive women are positioned around his pillow and within reach of his hands. The lights are then turned-out completely, giving Maharajji the chance to grope the pretty women close to him. If they do not pull back, they are invited to stay behind!!

4. Maharajji’s children and grand-children often travel with him at the cost of ‘devotees’ donations. Their slightest wishes, no matter how materialistic are again fulfilled at ‘devotees’ expense. Huge sums of money are raised through ‘sevas’ with little if any accounting of where it goes while no expense is spared for the ‘divine family.’ Any spiritual person can tell that this family is quite materialistic and have no spiritual virtues. Maharajji himself is driven around India in a Mercedes.

5. Brainwashing is accomplished by telling ‘devotees’ to not read or listen to any other teachings and to limit their association with only ‘devotees.’ Maharajji wears special scents to create the impression that his body exudes divine fragrances and the entire field of senses is used to create the aura of divinity. His publicity department is the most professional and his preachers claim that he is the most divine descention ever, greater even than Krishna or Rama!

6. In Trinidad, Maharajji’s organization is called Radha Madhav society. It’s head in Trinidad is called Didiji. She is yet another fraud whose last organization in Oklahoma had to be shut down because of many sexual allegations against her and her relationship with Kripalu Maharaj. Even her web-site was erased so that nothing embarrassing about her would come out.

Does this organization do any good? Well yes, probably the hospitals in India (I think) do some good and if ‘devotees’ use the temples of this organization only to help in their own search for God they are indeed benefited (once again, because of their own sincerity and efforts). But if you get too close, your pockets will get picked and your efforts towards God will be changed to efforts for and only for Maharajji. Also, please keep your women out of his room!

Is this organization uniquely corrupt? Oh no! All Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish, Parsi etc organizations are corrupt to a large degree. Buddha said that “I point out the moon to you and you turn around and worship my finger!” As soon as the truth is spoken, the followers start corrupting. But in this case, this has gone much too far and too many wonderful, well meaning people who have given everything for God have been badly hurt! Have no fear of speaking out! See how bravely the woman from Guyana has spoken, and earlier how bravely the father and girls from Nagpur have too! Please do not further victimize these victims by saying that they want publicity or want to strike a deal. These are great, brave women whom I salute!

God cannot be separate from the truth, and the truth is that Maharajji is a fallen saint (not an eternal one). There is no joy in saying this, but rather sadness. It is a sacred duty to truth and dharma.

At 6/06/2007 3:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does Guru Kripalu have to be with ladies (girls and ladies )alone, to give BHAV? Why can't he do so in public ?
All these women who have been to Guru alone ,have they told their husbands what goes on in His room when they are there? No!! Why not? Because no respectful husband will tolerate his wife to be with any other man and allow what goes on!!

At 6/06/2007 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I feel like crying in deep agony and pain, after reading the so agonising and shameful acts. I am not an insider, like you, but do have some knowledge of this organization and my apprehensions are all now getting clear.

What a horrible place and what a nasty mindset of the whole organization??? Literally, I am gasping for my breath, as I am writing. I have never heard any spiritual body (of this repute) doing such nasty and hateful acts, as this.

I still can't resist or control myself. Feels like either drown myself in Indian Ocean and die or let all those hooligans be thrown in the ocean. All their names and every identity of the organization be erased from the history of human society. All so many good words written and said by Kripaluji himself, well they are really good, but our Krishna can create them again. Let all his words also be erased from the history of human civilization.

Mam, you said, you have got lot many details that can become a book. Expose these immoral section of society in totality. Let us know, everything in details, immediately. Many unfortunate Fathers, Husbands, Brothers cannot wait for a single moment to save their wives, daughters and sisters from this perverted traps. We are going to NOT ONLY expose this organization and everyone who opposes the move, but also would completely ERASE them from our Mother Earth.ALL SANE PEOPLE - Please circulate these information through emails/phone and other sources of communication to as many people as possible, you know connected with this organization. Many of them do not have access to emails, or may not have been aware of these heinous incidents. I will start, right away. Otherwise, the families will get ruined. Divorces will take place, unmarried girls will never get married, if stigmatized, and Oh No!, it will have so bad repercussion.

Bastards...... Mother, Sister, Wives, they are all taken advantage of...... SHOOT THEM. Take them to Federal Govt and Indian Govt and their investigating bodies. Also inform the investigating Press Agencies to start STING Operation against this organization. Also let the Paparatzis come up and bring out the pictures that tell all the truth...

Mam, let us know all details. It is so hard to swallow every word spoken by you, but, we will even swallow the strongest poison to EXPOSE and ERASE this FAKE and CRIMINAL organization(s), JKP, Barsana Dham and Radha Madhav Society.

At 6/06/2007 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's transpiring is - Every woman or girl connected to this organization, now becomes either a "rape suspect" or "an immoral sex act" suspect in the eye of the society.

Any woman connected with this organization may face this situation from anybody in the society.

I hope some women connected with this organization are spared by the evil motives.

Everyone should take ACTION IMMEDIATELY.

At 6/07/2007 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Ram Tripathi's (Kripaluji's) San Diego visit was cancelled in April 2007?

Swamiji was supposed to come to San Diego, but it was cancelled. This is because just before his arrival, the San Diego didi started preparing the host lady to be ready for Swamiji's sexual advances if they occur during his stay in her house. The lady refused to oblige, and the San Diego visit was cancelled.

At 6/07/2007 2:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Didiji (Siddheshwari), the chief of Radha Madhav Society!!

For person from San Diego:

Didiji (Siddheshwari) openly challenged Swamiji of Texas for # 2 position after Maharajji. She was then charged by some Ohlahoma devotees of being a nympho-maniac, sex-obsessed with confessions to a shrink that she was thus. Apparently also slept with Maharajji. Her followers sent letters to all her and Swamiji's fans but Swamiji's fans were made to return these like schoolchildren and news was kept from them of closing down her ashram and web-site. Don't know much more about her, although know a lot about him.

At 6/07/2007 8:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

u think he is a bandit to do something like that no i think people should not visit him and he should be jail for committing that crime

At 6/07/2007 11:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Few more inputs on Didiji (Siddhesvari). Everyone try to Expose the evil deeds of these people.

Satya Yuddha

I admire your courage to challenge such a strong organization. Obviously your strength comes from your sincere devotion and spirituality. In my last note I did not provide enough details, because SD people are afraid of Maharajji's and Didiji's curses. But you yourself have given the details in your point #3, the so called SEVA. That is exactly what Siddheshwati Didi was preparing the saintly houselady for. That lady is also sincere Krishna-Bhakta. Krishna gave her courage to stand up and refuse flatly.

Didi ji was also asking for $250K from this family for one week's visit to their house in April 2007. This amount kept on increasing day by day on different pretexts, and went upto $350K. You can imagine how sincere was this couple, that they were willing to sell their house to meet such financial demands.

Please continue to lead the weakhearted people like us to fight against this Jagat-Guru and his organization.


At 6/07/2007 11:19 AM, Blogger jyotirmoy said...

jay jay shree radhey,
Dear all, you are all doing your part of karma, by speaking against shree Kripaluji mahraji, indeed its a testing time for all. The fact is that people get misleaded very easily, by any misleading news or gossips.
Its ok if someone is framing charges , that matter will get absolved.And every thing will come to light. The person who is accusing is doing her part of Karma, But You all people why are you getting so much excited by all these , without any credentiality, of the statements of the persons who are making such accusations.

And to add up can we depend totally on the media, how can we believe on the media completely.
The media as per as their role are providing their part of work to give the current news and information as to what is going on ... BUT AND BUT , We have to decide , and should not make any premature and presumptous judgement.
Dont let your emotions get biased by some negative and malicious statements,
You all know the truth, there always been rumours in real world even against nice people, , so what to say about saints.
Its my request to all innocent people please dont make false statements and limit yourself. because this thing will be inflicted on your karma.
be very careful.
its very painful for us hearing such stupid things.

God bless all of you.
and i pray for forgiveness for all
As for about me: I have been in sociation with shree mahraji very long , and believe me, there is nothing like of this kind.

At 6/07/2007 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know guys just because five or ten people have nothing better to do then sit and write foolish things online, they don't become reality. Thinks about hundreds of thousands of people around the world following their Devine Guru and still leading happy, calm and peaceful lives. So don't let these posts get to your minds. It amazes me that handful of people will sit on the outskirts without any knowledge of things and call thousands's of people with right devotional mind crazy. We all have that inborn superiority sense of knowing more then other people but to go to this extent is just unbelievable. Remember there are million more followers then these ten super smart people in the world so pls decide with that in mind.

At 6/07/2007 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am closely connected to Kripalu organization for the last 25 yrs. I am well aware of the facts about sexual abuse and exploitation of money.

I've continuously cheated myself as well as my family, believing the guru is the living form of God and he is rightfully entitled to our "tan, man, dhan" - body, mind and wealth.

Witnessing his ashrams similar to brothel house where most of the women have been sexually involved with their guru, I feel too ashamed to admit my awkward failure to be a pure krishna devotee.
I've been trying to disillusion myself finally.

Most of the men may not know the secret sexual encounters happening as it is seen from outside that these girls are simply doing their kitchen seva or domestic chores. But every private kitchen has a exit door leading directly into guru's bed room where his personal female aides regularly arrange appointments for the "intimate seva of the guru".
So not all male disciples (husbands, fathers or brothers) know what exactly is happening behind the closed doors of their guru.

At 6/07/2007 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last two comments that try and justify/support Maharajji -- amazing the depth of the mindless brainwashing!

Still repeating like parrots, "radhey radhey! my guru is the supreme descension of all time, etc!"

Keep on repeating. If you are lucky you will find out the truth about Maharajji in this lifetime, maybe even tomorrow. You can then get over gurus altogether and focus on God.

Remember Him (God)? He (she) was what you were seeking before your search was kidnapped by Maharajji.

Wake up! Free yourself!

At 6/07/2007 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am closely connected to Kripalu organization for the last 25 yrs. I am well aware of the facts about sexual abuse and exploitation of money.

I've continuously cheated myself as well as my family, believing the guru is the living form of God and he is rightfully entitled to our "tan, man, dhan" - body, mind and wealth.
Another Insider speaks out!!
Blind devotees. Please Wake Up. There are thousands who have been exploited sexually and possibly in lakhs, who have been exploited financially. Introspect, you will also understand. Media and Investigating agencies, both are following these information. They are not wasting their time, as some of you may feel, they are simply doing their duty. Thanks.


Witnessing his ashrams similar to brothel house where most of the women have been sexually involved with their guru, I feel too ashamed to admit my awkward failure to be a pure krishna devotee.
I've been trying to disillusion myself finally.

Most of the men may not know the secret sexual encounters happening as it is seen from outside that these girls are simply doing their kitchen seva or domestic chores. But every private kitchen has an exit door leading directly into guru's bed room where his personal female aides regularly arrange appointments for the "intimate seva of the guru".
So not all male disciples (husbands, fathers or brothers) know what exactly is happening behind the closed doors of their guru.

At 6/07/2007 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another victim of sexual and financial abuse writes in PAIN and DEEP AGONY:


I was also exploited sexually and monetarily by this fake Guru. He is a totally different personality with the men and he sexually abuses all their wives, sisters, mothers and daughters in the name of God. If people are still supporting him they are so STUPID ! This must be the people of Barsana Dham. The preachers there know the truth and oneday they will also follow their Guru's steps. STOP THIS NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. THIS MAN NEEDS TO PAY FOR HIS SINS NOW, STARTING THIS BIRTH. HE PREACHES ABOUT KARMA, LOOK AT HIS KARMA AND THE KARMA OF ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN IT AND SUPPORTING IT!!!

At 6/07/2007 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another Insider speaks how this organization fools the Income Tax Authorities and collect huge sum of money. A Good surrogate Business!! Mafias & Dons should learn from it!!

Dear Insider,

Applaud your sincere efforts to alert the innocent followers and general public.

The so called hospitals and charity work are to impress the folks around the world and to extract huge, tax-deductible donations. It is also used as another positive political propaganda for their mission. This method is commonly adopted by several religious organizations to produce a good public image of themselves.

I was told by one of the fellow insiders that the charity hospitals are mainly devised as “tax shelters” just to fool the income tax authorities.

At 6/08/2007 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today is 8th June. And the case will be heard today in Trini Court. Hope Justice will prevail. Agonies, abuses and deep cries will be heard by God.

At 6/08/2007 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How could women stay alone in Guruji's living/bed room at any point of day or night? Let Spiritual World wake up!! Is this acceptable? If yes, let us know.If no, Spiritual Community, help the common people from being misdirected.

It's beyond comprehension that you barely see a male preacher in this organization. And the same is also observed in the Guruji's room, all women huddling and running towards the Guruji's room and then what's happening God only knows. We have seen women of all age and some young boys running in such ways towards Guruji's room. Not seen mature men running in such ways towards Guruji's room, if at all very few.

And invariably, on 90% of the occasions, some or the other women are inside the Guruji's room. The aura created is, Guruji has called the Didis or some Seva is going on, or planning for some new seva (to fleece the innocent faithful people of everything that is available in their pocket or in their bank).

The women are believed to be inside Guruji's room all night in the name of some Seva, may be Charan Seva.

This is disgusting, how can such a revered Guru of masses keep mature women in his living and bed room at any time, forget about night time? And the innocent, faithful devotees (the blind boys and men) are so brainwashed, that they keep on serving this Guruji, as a group will be standing outside the Guruji's room waiting for, if anything is needed inside.

I leave it to the readers to feel, how they should rate this kind of behaviour of Guruji.

I don't know, but, people may stone such kind of people to oblivion, as they are flouting total spiritual norms.

These are first hand information.

At 6/08/2007 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FIRST HAND INFORMATION... My first hand information is that there is plenty of men around Maharaj ji at all times. Some people with evil minds can not withstand the aura and the divinity of a pure saint and all their inner fear come in the way and create such vulgar thoughts. It is all in how we think. It shows where our mind is at. It is like that story where a man is hugging a young girl and people with dirty minds jump to conclusion that he is so bad and is with such a young girl and he has no shame etc. etc. etc. Then someone says oh..poor guy, his daughter is going away to college and he sure will miss him....Now all those people with dirty thoughts are asking for forgiveness could I even think that. See nothing changed in the situation, its just our thinking that is messed up. "Jaisse rahee bhaavnaa jaisse, Prbhu murat dekhiii tin taissee".
Please open your eyes and look with the help of your heart and mind both and you will know the reality. Problem is not with the Saints, it is in our minds...

At 6/08/2007 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JSR: This question is posed towards the Spiritual World and not to you. If you have anything to say, prove that, when the Huge and Revered Spiritual World questions your organization. Don't forget, you are just a small spec of the Spiritual Community in this world, at this point.

Your language is highly objectionable, and we are in close contact with several other people from spiritual world and some very large organizations, never faced such arrogant devotees.

Again the readers and the world will decide. They are all closely watching.

We pray to God and Krishna, that may He give you all good sense.

No one is trying to defame your Guru or anyone. But, TRUTH will always haunt, and we all know, we are speaking the TRUTH. Just wait for a few days, all these will become public.

At 6/08/2007 10:56 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Problem is not with the Saints, it is in our minds...

The problem is with the idea we have of the saints in our minds.

They are human, not divine, at least, not any more divine than anyone else. Ram Tripathi is human in a slimy, lust-driven way. It's not really surprising to me that he's this way. What's surprising is that folks have let him get away with it for so long.

At 6/08/2007 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like to submit a few forwarded mail to me to throw more light on these matters.

You seem to
> have
> > been around sometime I have heard some things from
> > my wife here in Radhkunda about one of Sri
> maharjis
> > certain activities. I want to check this out with
> > you first also to confirm or deny these things. A
> > friend and godsister of hers went to stay at
> Barsana
> > dham in India. She was invited to do a kind of
> > special seva that involved sex on a large bed in
> > Maharjis room with him and to give a large
> donation
> > of money for the privilage. Please tell me
> truthfuly
> > if you know if these paticulars could be true.
> Also
> > a lady friend of mine in America was told by a
> > sanyasi lady that she must give one thousand
> dollars
> > for membership to spend two hours with Maharaji.
> Do
> > you know what will Maharaji will be doing two
> hours
> > with a youthful lady? Do all the lady sanyasis
> > engage in this confidential seva with Maharaji?
> > Even if this is true I am not into being critical
> > but I just want to know the facts so I can chose
> the
> > type of association I am
> > looking to be around. If it is true or if you feel
> > offended by this inquiriy its alright if you
> delete
> > me from the mailing list But this understanding of
> > the truth in regards to this situation is
> important
> > to me.
> > Radhey Radhey

>> From both you letters you indirectly answered my question. The last Vaishnava Guru I had was intimately involved with his female disciples. He claimed to be so pure of a devotee of Krishna and powerful in Bhakti that he could do anything he felt inspired to do even if it violated the scriptures and regulated principles.

My wife and I ended up getting a divorce because she stood firm in her allegiance to him in spite of my opinion about it. Now she has seen the light in spite of his juggling the Vaishnava scriptures to justify this inappropriate behavior with his disciples that is not condoned by the scriptures or genuine sadhus.

There is another modern day Guru named Adi da previous name is Da free john. He has thousands of followers and he also claims to be Krishna and has alledged sacred sex with his female disciples to empower and bless them.

So you see this is not a new situation. I have found the proper guru now and I wont be associating with Kripaluji anymore. I am sure my path does not lye with him.

At 6/08/2007 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that one of Maharajji's fans says that, "My first hand information is that there is plenty of men around Maharaj ji at all times, etc, etc.!"

An out-an-out lie!!! One that anyone who goes to Maharajji and Swamiji even casually knows is a lie! Wow!! What are you doing on the spiritual path, my friend? Truth is definitely not what you seek.

Those of us who've had Maharajji's association for years know as sure as 2+2=4 that the vast majority of sanyasis are in fact women. However, a very small number of male sanyasis were relatively recently recruited to 'provide cover.'

At 6/08/2007 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JSR/other Kripalu fans:

I've been to Barsana India too, several times and stayed at Maharajji's ashram for weeks on end.

I did not discover the truth of what happens to women there until my third visit.

Then I found out first hand! Perhaps you have not visited enough, or were just 'unlucky.' Definitely not all the women are picked-on, only those that seem very devoted and who are certainly good looking (I'm not saying that you are not, mind you, it's just a matter of chance I guess).

Why would people who gave thousands of dollars, served Maharajji day and night and cried out of love for him wish to hurt him?! Why?

We thought he was the goal of our search, he was going to lead us to God, he was our nearest and dearest, he was divine, he was everything. Then our dreams, hopes and prayers were shattered!!!

Don't worry you will join our ranks sooner or later and then you will thank us for trying to save you from this great pain!

At 6/08/2007 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was this 22 yar old girl from Guyana doing in Trinidad. Was she living there? Did she had family there?

At 6/08/2007 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One interesting part of this organization is, anything and everything, you do around Guruji, that becomes part of a seva, and every seva is heftily chargeable. Rs 100 to lakhs in India and runs into hundred thousands of dollars in US. These sevas are like waves and all are connected with some act, or blessing (so-called) of Guruji. The blind Didijis will keep on announcing on mike, openly, that everyone must take part in the seva, it's their lifetime opportunity, and use all emotional, and coercive methods, so that more and more cheap money is poured into their filthy bags and bank accounts.

I wonder, if this organization has used Guruji's all aspect in public as a money-collecting seva, then, some act of Guruji, which is private, will they not charge a hefty seva?

Have no qualms in mind, the private, intimate, secret sevas will be charged heftily and obviously, who can donate more, the sevas will be more private.

The devotees from North America, who brings in lots of dollars in deep faith, often fall into this trap.

Let me be clear, these are all traps, and the organization make well thought out plans and strategies to trap the innocent devotees.

And they create a spiritual explanation to every trap, that is being laid.

Money making seems to be their key motive and they can go to any extent to earn those bucks by misusing spiritual values and duping faithful, innocent devotees.

Men are exploited to the hilt by ruining their savings of their lives, women are exploited emotionally, (including using their physical desires), and through these emotionally and physically exploited women, their families, husbands, brothers are stripped of, of all their wealth. Many of them are ruined and near pauper. Afraid to visit the didijis and ashrams, for fear of losing the even last penny, that they have with them. These mercenary didijis and the organization will not even spare your last penny, even if that means you will have no money for your daughter's marriage, or even to treat your ailing parents.

The reality is too dark. It will take a real strong concerted effort by Govt agencies and the courageous public / devotees to expose this organization and all their evil motives and then publicly, make them face the trial.

This is a serious issue and request all sane people and good citizens (all sane people within the organization included) to probe the matter further, and quickly ACT on it.

The Cultural Ministry, Home Ministry and the Finance Ministry (for IT audit), must all make efforts to break this Spirituality linked crime in this organization.

CBI in India and FBI, IRS in US should be immediately alerted.

At 6/08/2007 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Know more about the 22 year old girl:

Natasha Budhram - I strongly believe in this news:

You people are very simple minded to say so much great things about this Guru who raped a 22 yr old Guyanese woman...I have known this girl for 20 yrs and she would never speak lies...May this Guru be punish forever!!!!!!!

Lildharry Budhram - This is a horrifying news!!!!!

This is a shocking news for me..I have known this girl for 20 years..She is very respectable and religious..Based on my perception this Swami should be castrated!!

Unregistered - that old jackass!

not only was that 22 yr old girl being raped, but also 3 other married women. there were 5 ppl in all who went for "darshan" those 4 girls, & the 22 yr old girl's brother. plus there was a woman workin with de so-called swami who made the girls shower & remove thier jeweleries b4 metting him where they were raped! it's not stated in d news, but they were drugged. i just hope & pray that she wins her case, & may that bastard be punished.

At 6/08/2007 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful eloquent post!
Please send such warning reports to all newspaper editorials in India and abroad. Alert Aastha, Sanskar, Sadhana T.V. stations which air their programs. Inform all temples where their parrot speeches are being scheduled. Boycot their cult books, tapes and videos.
Do not ever let the self serving greedy sex mongers cheapen our Hindu faith and Krishna.

At 6/08/2007 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am following this story for some time now and after reading the comments of both sides i.e. who are still devotees and those you are speaking against the so called Guruji. All what I gathered is that it is somehow game of mental egos being clashed at some point of time. Take for example some LINDA and HERU. Now in the begining this lady Linda has made up her mind against this Guruji and now HERU with his well worded replies have counter questioned her. And she seemigly has mellowed her voice now, whatever she may say though. I really appreciate the totally unbaised view being taken by Heru rather than Linda who supposedly is very baised.
The point I am making is since when this story broke in the media, all what was gathered was not conclusive ( I guess it still is not) and some people like Linda had already made up their minds passing judgements even before trial, and now since nothing seemigly is proved against Guruji, she is feeling pinched and standing by her ego to prove a baseless point. I am no follower of Guruji but this tells me the mind of people who take a stand and want to get noticed on hot issues like this and then no matter what, try to prove it even though without any conclusive base. Participating in blogs do not mean that one should be judgemental and that too so early. I completely agree with Heru that if the person is not opposing to get involved (if at all such was a case)with someone, it can't be treated as being RAPED and again as coercion. It has been repeatedly said in many comments that Guruji has large followings, powerful people, so called better off bunch in society, young people, many many girls and ladies, big contacts. I fail to understand why you don't have all that. There must be something unique in so called Guruji and no one has pointed out that at all. Why people are not chasing us? Even if it is accepted to be true that so many ladies and young girls are being raped by Guruji, please tell me that even after knowing it (since you know it supposedly) why would any girl specially virgin girl would like to have sex with someone who has it with so many other woman. I am sorry, but the strings goes loose at many ends. As pointed out by Linda that one should see the picture in totallity and not specifically, then why is she seeing only one aspect of his personality and the other one in question is not yet proved.
For your information, I heard that Guruji's passport has been returned back and that he is on his way to spiritual discouses elsewhere.

At 6/09/2007 12:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Against Fake Guru:

Alert Canadian Government. Someone in Canada, alert your Govt, of the potential threat of misuse of spiritual power to earn money and also of exploitation of women.

This organization and their people should not be allowed to freely come in contact with the common people/devotees. The citizens will be at risk. It is the duty of the Govt to take note of it and take necessary precautionary measures.

Let Trinidad Govt and Police authorities, alert the Canadian Govt in view of all the allegations leveled on this Guruji, especially over the internet.

May Canadian people be saved from this group of Criminals under cover of Spirituality.

At 6/09/2007 1:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came about this thread through my friend, who informed me after I told him that I was impressed by Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj's Pravachan's on Astha & Sanskar.
He warned me not to get associated.
But.. whaetever it is I still cannot digest that a person who inspires the us so beautifully can ever do such acts.
With the number of mail pouring against him, I sense there is a group of people who have some grievances.i have doubt on there genuinity and it gives a creepy feeling that it is same people who are writing again and again..
i came to know that he had been preaching since he was very young, then why only two cases have come up..why no girls and boys ever came out........why no women or young men came against him..what power he hold to make them submissive to him..what happened to educated people who went to him and never spoke , AND now suddenly people are writing mail that this rape charge is true....that is why i feel some group is trying to be mischeviuos about this and trying to take shelter in the name of this Trinidad case to simply outcast this Guru.

As far as money is concerned every hindu guru takes it in the name of seva..the act looks bad, but still our scriptures do say that seva is to be done with tun mun & DHUN.
Some guru may exploit these quotes..but then a Guru can also be a true saint who can demand this from his i totally object to somebody saying that this Guru takes money.
As far as physical relation is concered..I still doubt that how such a old person with so many physical health problem afford to do such things.
Certaily his own health must be more important to him than doing such acts. And moreover the person who day & night preaches about Radha Krishna and seem to be very knowledgeable must have some conscience.
So I request all the people who are trying to totally outcast this Guru is that, certainly we must give him a chance till the case is resolved, atleast i am going to give it and not just believe the crap on net becuase I personally have developed more faith in him than the people who are on net and i do not know what intentions they have to spread negativity about this Guru...
In this Guru Poornima I am going to see him if and when he returns to India.

At 6/09/2007 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 6/09/2007 8:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To answer the question on what the girl was doing in Trinidad.The 22 year old flew in from Guyana to Trinidad for spiritual healing.

At 6/09/2007 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now some non sense people are shouting that money was paid to get th efavours in the case. You idiots, why do you swing so wildly from on eend to another. It goes to show that some idiots have made up their mind before hand only and now th don't even believe the trinidad justice system. If it is believed that the organisation and Guruji is so powerful, so then no matter what you do and now matter how loud you shout, he will do what he wants. Why you guys breaking your head against the wall. I fully agree with one gentleman here that if he is preaching for so long, doesn't his own conscious questions him before committing such an act. We all are not even close to his materialistic knowlegge forget about any divinity, and we in the name of conscious are alarming people and raising voice and thinkk he same time that he is a dud. Give me a break, you idiot souls. As gar as money is concerned, if it is so open andnothing discreet about it, it must be getting channelised into those works with which no one can any objection. Otherwise how can anyone ask for money so openly in the name of Seva and people will simply oblige. Absolute non sense.
A great maxim in Hindi will fit nicely here. "Haati Challay Bazaar, Kutay bhonke hazaar. Meaning that when elephant walks in his ecstasy, thousand dogs try to chase him.

At 6/09/2007 9:13 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Meaning that when elephant walks in his ecstasy, thousand dogs try to chase him.

When the devotee drinks the Kool-Aid, a thousand offenses of the guru are seen as acts of grace rather than criminal machinations.

At 6/09/2007 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A suggestion for all devotees now that Maharajji's passport has been returned:

Please send your mothers and daughters and sisters to him. Specifically request the Didi's at the ashram to grant them 'charan seva!'

We'll see how long you stay a devotee when they return full of 'grace!'

At 6/09/2007 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jai Sri Satchitanand Sadguru Kripalu Maharaj Ki Jai.

Maharaj ji's devotees stay strong and focused, this is the time

to show our devotion and dedication. We know the divinity of

our Maharaji Ji. Each of us have our own inner experiences

with our heart.

Radhey Radhey

At 6/09/2007 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To those who are admitting to be stupid enough to go for guru purnima:

How come you are posting as "anonymous" and asking other victims to come out of their social shame and guilt risking their family prestige?

Double standard!

Would you still trust the swami with your women (wife, daughter, sister, mother)folk/children knowing that cases of rape have sprung up in Trinidad & India against him????

Your faith in such a Swami should either be very perverted or blind to accept it.

The abuse cases were not reported earlier because the guru had set up his molestation camp in rural UP, a corrupt, backward state of India.

Even to reach police was very difficult to the victims and of course the law enforcement workers could be easily bought and swayed. What to speak of proving by medical forensic evidence!

These cases came to the surface as the preaching traps and srategies spread to other states and abroad.

The group has its own trained insiders, skilled liars to cover up the illegal operations denying the charges.

We must admire their clever but sinister ways and propaganda by a few faithful slaves to handle these unfortunate situations.

If any disgusted seeker leaves the group for good due to controversy, an immediate rumor and gossip is circulated among the inmates of the organization that the individual has been thrown out by the guru and it is a spiritual offense to contact or hear the experience of that ex-communicate!

I am afraid, even God Himself tells the truth to these brainwashed followers living in their fantasies, they would not accept nor could be deprogrammed!

I suggest that all victims should form a collective group and extend help to one another. Approach a qualified legal counsel to fight successfully the wealthy so called holy monster.

Remember how the abused victims of Hare Krishnas won in the court by
a class action suit.

In a similar fashion, the sincere spiritual community should proceed to counter act the evil in the name of God saving many innocent souls.

At 6/09/2007 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear truth crushers,

Would you still trust the swami with your women (wife, daughter, sister, mother) folk/children knowing that cases of rape have sprung up in Trinidad & India against him????

Your faith in such a Swami should either be very perverted or blind to accept it.

The abuse cases were not reported earlier because the guru had set up his molestation camp in rural UP, a corrupt, backward state of India.

Even to reach police was very difficult to the victims and of course the law enforcement workers could be easily bought and swayed. What to speak of proving by medical forensic evidence!

These cases came to the surface as the preaching traps and srategies spread to other states and abroad.

The group has its own trained insiders, skilled liars to cover up the illegal operations denying the charges.

We must admire their clever but sinister ways and propaganda by a few faithful slaves to handle these unfortunate situations.

If any disgusted seeker leaves the group for good due to controversy, an immediate rumor and gossip is circulated among the inmates of the organization that the individual has been thrown out by the guru and it is a spiritual offense to contact or hear the experience of that ex-communicate!

I am afraid, even God Himself tells the truth to these brainwashed followers living in their fantasies, they would not accept nor could be deprogrammed!

I suggest that all victims should form a collective group and extend help to one another. Approach a qualified legal counsel to fight successfully the wealthy so called holy-monster.

Remember how the abused victims of Hare Krishnas won in the court by
a class action suit.

In a similar fashion, the sincere spiritual community should proceed to counter act the evil in the name of God saving many innocent souls.

At 6/09/2007 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mo, a devotee supporter of Guruji commented on some allegations (the 6 point allegations) and my response to that in

Mo's comments:
I’m not even sure where to begin. There are a few people here who staunchly defend the accuser, saying that women’s rights must be protected. They even applaud her as she goes around the country telling graphic details of the alleged attack. As a young girl (about 8 years old), a man took advantage of me, and it took many years for me to come to terms with it. I even had it blocked entirely from memory for a number of years. It was just too painful to think about. And the SHAME of it all was too much to bear! She is going around telling strangers about what happened. This isn’t like sharing a new muffin recipe, or whatever. If she was raped, the mere thought of it, re-living that memory, should have caused her a lot of pain; not to mention actually speaking of it. I understand that people deal with trauma differently, but honestly, something sounds fishy. If a man does in fact molest a woman, he should definitely be punished. However, if a woman falsely accuses a man of committing such a crime, that involves much more deception on the woman’s part, and the woman should be charged with mischief. This crime is far too serious to be thrown around, willy-nilly.

After that childhood encounter, I am very wary of men. It sounds weird, but there is a “vibe” (sorry, I don’t know how else to describe it) around a lustful man. People who are sensitive to such “vibes” or auras or energies will understand what I mean. If you’ve ever walked into a room where people were fighting, most people can feel the tension. It’s similar to that. It’s just plain gross, and makes him stick out like a sore thumb. Up to this day, it hasn’t failed me. I’ll spare the details.

Now, I have known Shri Maharajji for a number of years. I was wary, at first, as I am with everyone. But I never felt anything uncomfortable around him. After some time, I saw that inner personality. It wasn’t “brain-washing” as some people have called it. I have a brain of my own, and still use it. I have a degree in a science field; by habit I analyze and scrutinize every little detail. I don’t accept things without first seeing evidence. Shri Maharajji is the same way with his lectures. He gives the citation for every statement made–meaning he quotes from scripture, giving the chapter and verse number of various Hindu, Sikh, Sufi, Muslim etc. texts, without having studied them beforehand. Think about this, people! He isn’t an ordinary person, He is certainly a very great Divine Personality, full of purity and innocence. He has the simplicity of a small child, there’s no deception, no tricks to deceive people. Like other saints before Him, He simply tells it like it is, and this rankles with many people.

Z-ga (the “Insider”) made some comments that I’d like to write about:

1. The Nagpur incident–come on. The girls were found to be virgins. You can’t be with a man, repeatedly, and still upon medical examination be a virgin. The father was a member of ISKON, and upset that so many people were leaving ISKON to join with Shri Maharajji. This was a deliberate attempt to smear his good name. The judge knew this, and so the case was thrown out.

2. He tells us to do seva for our own benefit. We have great attachment to money, and tells us to donate whatever we can. BUT, there are instances where people who truly cannot afford it want to touch his feet, or whatever, and He allows them to do it for free. He has done this many times. The charanamrit is free, too. To be tapped on the back with a Saint’s slipper is a great fortune–it’s a sweet gesture, done with nothing but love, and helps destroy past accumulated sins.

3. The “charan seva” deal–my goodness. Yes, young (and older) ladies go into a dimly-lit room to massage his legs as he rests. The lights are lowered so that he can sleep. Often people can hear him snoring. I have been there numerous times, and nothing dirty goes on. By the way, men are also allowed to do charan seva, but separately from the ladies. Will someone accuse him of “groping” the men too? Goodness.

4. Maharajji’s children are equally as divine as He is, and any spiritually minded person can feel that. They are given gifts by such devotees, and give them back to others. They don’t keep such things for themselves. As for the “huge amounts of money” collected, every penny is accounted for, and is kept on record. Shri Maharajji doesn’t own a yard of land that is his own. He accepts only what people lovingly give, and keeps it for some time when appropriate (ex. shirts, hats, the Mercedes, etc.) He never demands anything.

5. Brainwashing is when a person is forced to stay within the group and not even think outside of it. But Maharajji has said many times before that if a person feels he/she will progress better with another Guru, then by all mean, go to that Guru. He does not force anyone to stay. If a person does stay, to avoid confusion and conflicting advice, s/he shouldn’t listen to too many speakers. And he says to never have ill-feelings toward that first Guru, since it would be namaparadh. This goes both ways–people wanting to join with him, and people who want to leave.

6. Didiji’s previous website was simply renamed, not erased to destroy incriminating evidence, since all smaller groups around the world are also to be called “Radha Madhav Society” under the umbrella of JKP. There was some garbage circulating, all fabricated, of course, trying to defame her as well. Honestly, people, get your brains out of the gutter.

I beg you all to get to know the Divine Personality known as Shri Maharajji first, listen to His lectures, go to, do the sadhana that He prescribes, and see where it takes you. He is not the monster some people are trying to make him out to be. Rather, He is the very personification of love, grace and compassion. He has nothing but the best of intentions for everyone, including those who wish to defame him! It’s our great misfortune that we have no faith in such personalities. It’s only when they leave that we realize who They really are, and then we repent. Please, let’s not give in to all the negativity.

Shrimat Sadguru Sarkar ki jai!


Mo dear. Most of the money that comes to your organization is without any receipt in the form of some innumerable ongoing sevas. All goes into some dark filthy bags. Accountability is a far cry. Whatever is shown on accounts, is what that is used for the public activities as hospital or school construction . Eye-wash.

It's a shame for Hindu culture that adult ladies are sharing bed rooms of another man (quite healthy and not ill that doctor has asked for a helper/nurse to stay whole night with him). In Hindu culture, even brothers and sisters, if they are adult are not allowed to share the same room. Father and daughter (if adult), are never allowed to share the same room at night. And here Guruji is openly flouting all Hindu norms and sharing room at night with so many ladies. Good Lord. Lord save the Guru and all his blind devotees.

Now, as the devotee, Mo, has already accepted that at night, in dimly lit rooms, they all stay with their guruji, now, it is upto them to prove that nothing immoral is happening there.

This is a social norm and anyone flouting it, even in normal society, faces heavy castigation. Now a Guru is showing the world, that this can be a norm!!

Mo and your organization: We question on behalf of whole of Hindu community to prove and explain your such socially unacceptable behaviour. And we also have seen the comments from some of your devotees about what happened to them and their friends in such rooms. SHAME. SHAME on YOU, Guruji and Guruji's organization. Answer back. Thed world would like to know what 5th Jagadguru or Jagadguruttam explains this behaviour from which sloka of which scripture????


Mo, my dear, why can’t men massage his legs in the darkened room? Is there a scientific or religio=spiritual reason for this? Yes, people can sense an aura of evil, most aware people have this additional sense, but you have to be wary to sense it. If you and the other are of one mind, you will sense nothing.

You have confirmed a lot of what others have said. I still feel there is alot of Heavensgate and Jim-Jonesism involved in these modern claims of deep spirituality.


He is truly a spiritual being. I will leave this issue alone.hereafter.

At 6/09/2007 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TRUTH NEVER HIDES! IT COMES OUT THRU DIFFERENT CHANNELS!! Freddy, a 17 year long devotee, spills the bean on what happened on that very day at Trinidad. Read on..

Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

Well well well, here we have people criticizing the Saints of the renowed JKP organization. CHEERS!!! I was an insider in this organization and I was present when this young woman was raped. The thing is that their behaviour that morning was strange. I have been in this organization for the last 16-17 years. Much to my dismay I have been fooled. Anyhow, that faithful morning Kripalu was there sitting on his throne and Didi Ji (Siddheshvari) came with a tablet and gave him to take with a glass of water. After which we all went for breakfast. Its like about 1 1/2 - 2 hours later that Didi Ji called the girl to see Kripalu. The girl went and there everything happened. She recalled seeing reah come out of the room before she went in. And when she did, she saw a blood stained sheet. DAMN. I dunno if to beleive dis but the actions of their members suggest otherwise. There were complaints before that Maheshvaranand Bhai had fondled women before in Trinidad. And when this event erupted, he packed his bag and flew out of the country. No one know where he is at present. But isn't it ridiculous? If there is nothing to hide why run? It seems that all of them is in it together. Shame! What confufles me is that the message they preach is so correct yet their actions says otherwise. I have never heard their lectures anywhere else in the world. My humble conclusion is that Kripalu got a Boon or that he attined some sort of Siddhi to have these powers to read from scriptures without the book. Trust me these powers exist. THe thing with these siddhis is that they can give a person God-like powers yet that person is still under Maya. Once they are still under maya they can still fall down lower than that of the selfish individual. If one attains God-Realization he can NEVER fall under Maya ever again. Its like having a bulb in a room, once the switch is on darkness(Maya) can never come. So once one attains the light he can never fall again. this is my thinking. i can be wrong.

At 6/09/2007 8:17 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

once the switch is on darkness (Maya) can never come.

It can only be by the "darkness" that the switch gets flipped. Brahman has no effect on the world greater than any other effect. It is Maya that brings realization. Making Her the enemy only delays the advent of your own realization.

At 6/09/2007 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freddie clarifies some more details on that evenful day. Read on..

Against Fake Guru, indeed this must be brought to light. I do remember that the girl went in to see Kripalu at around 10am that morning and spent one hour approx. The newspaper reported this wrong. It was in the morning. As regular service was carded to shut off at 8:30 pm.

At 6/09/2007 9:31 PM, Blogger Ramjee Baral said...

More About Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj
Though the media is addressing as Kripalu, Swamiji, Guru etc. the official title is Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj. He is also called Shree Maharaj Ji by his followers. Jagadguru is the greatest religious title in India. Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj is the fifth Jagadguru in the history and first in the last 700 years. He has profound knowledge in all the scriptures of not only Hinduism but also Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism etc. One needs more than 1000 years of age just to held the degree in all these scriptures while Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj not only knew but also reconcilated them to give their true meaning to the people. This historical event happened on January 14 1957 when he was just 34 years. This is not possible with material mind!
Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj has served the humanity since the last 7 decades giving true spiritual guidance which cannot be achieved even by learning the scriptures for thousands of years. In his speech he quotes the Scriptures in such a way that enthralls the entire audience. At present, his speech is worldwide listened through different T.V. Channels. In Asia Pacific Region only, 3 satellite T.V. Channels broadcast his speech everyday. He has written many many books as well.
In addition to this, Shree Maharaj Ji has run charitable hospitals, schools that serve the poors and needy.
One thing to note is that Shree Maharaj Ji highly respect to other Saints, Acharyas and Religions. In adition to Hindu festivals the festivals such as Christmas, ID etc. are also celebrated.
One thing all must consider is that Shree Maharaj Ji is now 85 years of age and is not keeping very good health. He is severely diabetic and his blood pressure fluctuates all day long. Having had two heart attacks, Maharaj Ji wears a pacemaker.
What I would like to suggest to the readers is that please learn more about Shree Maharaj JI his teachings and personally meet him and experience his grace.
History bears evidence that Godly saints have always been misunderstood and maligned during their lifetime. This was the case with personalities such as Swami Dayanand, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Haridas, Soordas, Tulsidas, Kabirdas and Meera. The world did not recognise even Lord Jesus.Their divine reality was recognized only after they left the world.
The Truth will be revealed in course of time.

At 6/09/2007 9:38 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

History bears evidence that Godly saints have always been misunderstood and maligned during their lifetime.

Yes, simply because they're all human, and like the rest of us, may get naughty, be deranged, or be deranged with their naughtiness, just like normal folk do from time to time.

At 6/09/2007 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the one who wrote about going in Guru Poornima, and i would like to remain anonynmous...becasue i do not see any point in disclosing my identity as supporter of Kripalu Ji.
However i once again request to all the people on NET to not twist the issue , I have been searching for a long for a guru and by the time i decide to go to a Guru you people tell He is a fraud.
Why should I believe you people..!!!
When with my own eyes i see a very dignified personality and with my own ears i listen to things which i could have ever known, had i been reading all my life.
He has changed my life without me meeting him..he has already given a purpose to my life, and if you say he is wrong why should i believe you!!..those red sheet story sounds ug.. to can you people write such things.disgusting!!! WHo is this FREDDY...very cleverly you all have put his age as 17 ..otherwise i could have asked this person to go to the court with the writing such things on net you all are falling to very low level again just to outcast Kripalu ji. You all really seem to know a lot about Kripalu ji's surrounding..but i have a doubt if you really know Kripalu ji as a person, these 15 years and 25 years stroy sounds fraud to me because i have been doing some asccociation with his satsangi's and what they tell me is just poles apart....infact you people have used such bad words for him..that there is an anger building up in people think that we new seeker's will believe you and not go to Kripalu people think I will believe you people who already sound cheap to me..Trnidad express is so much to the point but you people and indian press has brought an ugliness to the all look ugly people from heart.
For you people it is hard to hide or close this organisation..becasue people like us are already thirsty..maybe number will reduce but not the genuine ones, certainly i am not attached to there organisation, but i want to get attached to Kripalu ji,
yes i have a wife but not any children's but
my wife is a very very matured and educated lady. She is not much intersted in my spiritual path but certainly she also smells fishy on you people intensions! she only told me that i should not break my heart and go to Kripalu ji.
I have never met him and still feel bound to him..
When i see his photo in trinidad express i feel like crying.....let not this orgainsation close..I wish you people mouth are closed once the case comes clear and my trust in him deepens more.

At 6/09/2007 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Govinda, Oh Krishna, where are you? Look at the condition of these pure devotees. Save them. There is no fault in these pure devotees. There faith is in question. They have reached a dead end. Sooner or the later, the TRUTH will be revealed and many of them will not survive any further, we fear. Help them, Krishna. Help them.

TRUTH is often very bitter, you pure devotees. But, we need to swallow it. That's life. Those who know the TRUTH silently sitting within your organization, is not speaking at all. But, simply waiting for the DESTINY, the END. Pure Devotees, it's a heartbreak situation for you all.

Krishna is too merciful. Have faith in HIM. He will definitely save you, but will definitely punish the culprits, and if the culprits are from spiritual world, the punishment will be of utmost suffering.

We pray to Krishna for the safety of Pure Devotees!!

At 6/09/2007 10:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of these so called religious leaders control gullible people by way making religion mysterious and terrifying. A good example will be if you please the guru he will take you to heaven but if you displease him then all the hell will break loose on you. The poor soul in search of peace falls in their trap. Since nobody knows what happens after death these "gurus" take advantage of this fact and make their followers their slaves by claiming to be “God”. They are helped in this by their close associates who in reality are business associates. In this process they take away everything from their followers including money, fortune and modesty. They say in order to obtain moksh give everything to your Guru. As money is Maya so get rid of it by giving it to Guru. What crooks? They create an illusion of piety so that they can accumulate wealth. And they never tell the followers that everything they are searching for is inside them and they need to run anywhere but listen to their inner-voice. If they do then their shop will close. I am not sure how much truth lies in these allegations but the wisdom is where there is smoke there has to be fire. You make your own conclusion.

At 6/10/2007 12:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the neophyte seeker who believes the whole world is bereft of true spiritual guides other than the disgraceful womanizer guru:

When an insider associate for 25 years, painfully admits the shame of following this impostor, you've problem in trusting but without even meeting the guru you've totally programmed your mind just by listening to the intensely memorized parrot speeches.

Education does not matter at all in falling into these cult traps. I've personally known many young lady doctors who have been sexually abused by your esteemed swami.

So do not count on the individual's education to prevent the so called spiritual seduction, like gopi bhao by the kaiyuga avatar.

They say there will not be smoke without fire, so if you are seeing piles of horse shit, trust there must be a horse around too!

At 6/10/2007 6:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If he is said to be a symdol of divinity why has families been destroyed due to their association with him.Shouldn't a family that pray together stay together.
Why is a child left without a mother or father because a parent is brainwashed to the point where the welfare of the child is of less importance and the dedication to jkp is of priority.This is the advice given to a mother by his diciple Ethan who heads the jkp in south Florida.
Why is Swami Maheshwarnand fondling and caressing married women .Is this the act of divinity?
I have pictures to prove it.

At 6/10/2007 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kripalu's rabid, brainwashed fanatics are only struggling to justify to themselves their sacrifice of so much, for a fake, women-molesting, money-loving 'guru.'

If they admit that he is fake (to their own hearts), then they will have to deal with an enormous loss financially, emotionally, spiritually etc.

It's understandable, because I went through it. But I came out far better and clearer spiritually.

What is not understandable is their persistence and refusal to look at an enormity of facts coming their way.

At 6/10/2007 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody have the text of the Supreme Court decision against Kripalu Maharaj?

If so, please post it on the blog for all to see what the truth was. Kripalu's fanatics (such as Mo, JSR) are posting a lot of lies about this case.

The truth is that the Indian Supreme Court ruled against Kripalu and in fvaor of the raped girls and asked the Nagpur (lower) court to retry the case.

This case in nagpur is still going on and a warrant was issued for Kripalu's arrest about 2 years ago.


I have hard copies of all this. Evidence. I don't know how to convert to text for posting though.

At 6/10/2007 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...





DATE OF JUDGMENT: 11/03/1997




Leave granted.
Heard the learned counsel.
On 11.5.91, one Purushottam Wasudeo Deshpande lodged a
complaint at the Dhantoli Police Station, Nagpur that his
two young daughters, Hema and Meera were kidnaped by Priya
Sharan Maharaj (Respondent No.1) with the help of Suhasini
(Respondent No.6) and Sharwari Devi (Respondent No.7.) On
the basis of this report an offence was registered under
Section 365 and 366 IPC. Investigation of that offence
disclosed that Kripalu maharaj (respondent No.2), who claims
to be a spiritual teacher and has his Ashrams at Vrindavan
and Mangadh, is a highly immoral person and in order to
satisfy his lust he, with help of his disciples, including
Respondent Nos. 1 and 3 to 7, used to entice young girls and
have sexual intercourse with them against their wish
Respondent No.2, through his disciples, used to impress upon
the young girls that he is the incarnation of Lord Krishna,
that they should treat him as their husband and that what he
was doing with them was in the nature of 'Prasad' of God and
by such acts they were really blessed. The investigation
further disclosed that Meera, Hema and one Sulakshana were
thus subjected to sexual intercourse by Kripalu Maharaj.
Accordingly, the offence which was registered against them
earlier under Section 363 and 366 IPC was altered to an
offence under Section 376 IPC and all the seven respondent
were shown as accused.
On being chargesheeted, they were put up for trial
before the learned Second Additional Sessions Judge, Nagpur
who had framed the following charge :
"1. That, you above named accused
No.2, prior to 1987 at the house of
one Nilu Chaurasia, in front of
Vijay Talkies, Nagpur, committed
rape on one Kum. Meera D/o
Purushottam Deshpande, aged 26
years, r/o Nagpur, against he will
and with her consent, posing
yourself, you are a devine spirit
or Lord Krishna. So also, again in
the month of February, 1991, you
accused No.2, posing yourself that
your are a divine spirit of Lord
Krishna, committed rape on said
Kum. Meera Deshpande, at the house
of one Shrivastava, Near Previnamee
School, Nagpur.
Again on 16th day of January, 1980
at about 5.00 p.m. at the house of
one Khatri, Kadhi Chowk Nagpur,
committed rape on one Sulakshana
D/o Shyamsundar Pehankar, a girl
aged about 14 years, r/o Juni
Shukrawari, Nagpur. Again on
14.4.1990, at about 5 p.m. at the
house of one R.P. Shrivastava,
nagpur you committed rape on said
Kum. Sulakshana, posing yourself
that you are a Divine Spirit of
Lord Krishna.
So also, in the month of Sept.
1986, at the house of one
Chaurasia, Near Vijay Talkies,
nagpur, You accused No.2, posing
yourself, you are a Divine spirit
of Lord Krishna, committed rape on
one Kum. Hema @ Brijgauri d/o
Purushottam Deshpande, aged about
19 yrs., against her will and
without her consent, and thereby
you above named accused No.2,
committed an offence punishable
under Section 376 of Indian Penal
Code, within my congnizance.
2. Secondly, that above named
accused No.2 one the aforesaid day,
date, time and place, committed the
offence of rape on the said girls,
and that you above named accused
Nos. 1,3,4,5,6 and 7, in
furtherance of your common
intention, abetted the said accused
No.2 in the commission of the
consequence of your abetment. So
also, you about named accused Nos.
1, 3 to 7 were personally present
at the time of commission of said
offence, and that your all thereby
committed offences punishable under
Section 109, 114/R/W Section 34 of
Indian Penal Code, within my
Aggrieved by framing of the charge the respondents had
preferred a revision application but High Court declined to
interfere as it was open to the respondents to approach the
Sessions Court itself for granting the reliefs prayed for.
The respondents, therefore, filed three applications in the
Sessions Court. Exhibit 36 was for modification of the
charge and Exhibits 37 and 41 were for discharging them. At
the time of hearing of these applications, Exhibit 36 was
not pressed. The learned Additional Judge rejected both the
applications for discharge.
Against the order passed by the learned Additional
Session Judge, the respondents preferred Criminal Revision
Application No. 130 to 1994 before the Nagpur Bench of the
High Court of Bombay. The High Court, by an unduly long
order running into 89 pages, allowed the Revision
Application, quashed the charge framed against the
respondents and discharged them. The High Court was of the
view that as five acts of rape were committed during the
period from September, 1986 to February, 1991 on three
different girls, the charge as framed was i n contravention
of the provisions of Section 219 of the Code of Criminal
Procedure. It also held that the three girls had told lies
and developed a false story against the respondents and that
"no prudent man can dare to accept of believe" it. The state
has, therefore, filed this appeal.
The learned counsel for the appellant contended that
the High Court far exceeded the limits of consideration at
Section 227 stage and that has led to failure of justice. It
committed an error of sifting and weighing the material
placed before the Court by applying the standard of test and
proof which is to be applied finally for deciding whether
the accused is guilty or not. What was required to be
considered at that stage was whether the material placed
before the Court disclosed a strong suspicion against the
accused. On the other hand, relying upon the judgments of
this Court in Union of India vs. Prafulla Kumar Samal & Anr.
(1979) 2 SCR 229 and Niranjan Singh Karam Singh Punjabi vs.
Jitendra Bhimraj Bijja & Ors. (AIR 1990 SC 1962), the
learned counsel for the respondents submitted that while
considering and application for discharge,
If there is no sufficient ground for proceeding against
the accused, the Court has the undoubted power to sift and
weigh the evidence for the limited purpose of finding out
whether or not a prima facie case against the accused is
made out. The material placed before the Court must disclose
grave suspicion against the accused. When two views are
equally possible and if the Court finds that the material
produced before it while giving rise to grave suspicion
against the accused, it will be fully within its right to
discharge the accused. He also submitted that at Section 227
stage the Judge cannot act merely as a post office or a
mouthpiece of the prosecution, but has to consider the broad
probabilities of the case, the total effect of the evidence
and the documents produced before the Court, any basic
infirmities appearing in the case and so on. This is what
the learned Additional Sessions Judge failed to do and the
High court has done. He has thus supported the judgment
passed by the High Court.
The law on the subject is now well-settled, as pointed
out in Niranjan Singh Punjabi vs. Jitendra Bijjaya (1990) 4
SCC 76, that at Sections 227 and 228 stage the Court is
required to evaluate the material and documents on record
with a view of finding out if the facts emerging therefrom
taken at their face value disclose the existence of all the
ingredients constituting the alleged offence. The Court may,
for this limited purpose, sift the evidence as it cannot be
expected even at that initial stage to accept all that the
prosecution states as gospel truth even if it is opposed to
common sense or the broad probabilities of the case.
Therefore, at the stage of framing of the charge the Court
has to consider the material with a view to find out if
there is ground for presuming that the accused has committed
the offence or that there is not sufficient ground for
proceeding against him and not for the purpose of arriving
at the conclusion that it is not likely to lead to a
What we find from the judgement of the High Court is
that the learned Judge, in order to ascertain the correct
legal position, referred to various decisions and quoted
extensively from them but did not apply the law correctly.
The judgment also contains some quotations which have no
relevance. After referring to the case law, the learned
Judge has observed as under :-
"Considering the facts and
circumstances as obtained in the
instant case, I am reminded of the
learned observation of their
Lordships while discussing or
reflecting on the criminal cases."
and thereafter quoted the following passage from the
decision of this court in State of Punjab vs. Jagir Singh
Baljit Singh and Karam Singh (AIR 1977 Supreme Court 2407) :
"A Criminal trial is not like a
fairy tale wherein one is free to
give flight to itself with the
question as to whether the accused
arrainged at the trial is guilty of
the crime with which he is charged.
Crime is an event in real life and
is the product of interplay of
different human emotions. In
arriving at the conclusion about
the guilt of the accused charged
with the commission of a crime, the
court has to judge the evidence by
the yardstick of probabilities, its
intrinsic worth and the animus of
witnesses. Every case in the final
analysis would have to depend upon
its own facts. although the benefit
of every reasonable doubt should be
given to the accused, the courts
should not at the same time reject
evidence which is ex facie
trustworthy on grounds which are
fanciful or in the nature of
That was not a case dealing with the scope and nature
of enquiry at the stage of framing of charge. Those
observations were obviously made in the context of
appreciation of evidence and standard of proof required for
convicting the accused. This clearly indicates that the
learned Judge failed to apply the correct test.
The following observations again lead us to that
"Giving conscious thought to the
rival submission of the learned
counsel or the parties, it is
abundantly clear that except the
statements of prosecutrix, there is
no evidence directly or indirectly
to corroborate their testimonies.
According to Kr. Sulakshana she was
molested initially on 16.1.1990 an
subsequently on 14.4.1990 however
there is no disclosure to anyone
including her parents. Considering
her age at the relevant time, no
injuries were found as indicated by
Modi. Similarly though Ku. Meera
alleged that she was molested prior
to 1987 and in February, 1991,
instead of disclosing to stay in
the company of the applicant No.2
Kripaluji Maharaj and his
disciples. She not from place to
place to preach the tenents of the
cult of Kripaluji Maharaj.
Similarly, though it is alleged by
Ku. Hema and she was molested in
the month of September, 1986, she
is not the case of the prosecution
that these two sisters disclosed
about the indence activities of
Kripaluji Maharaj amongst
themselves. Meera and Hema both are
graduates and Ku. Sulakshna was
adolesent. It cannot be expected
from such educated girls to
continue to accompany the person
who according to them, proved to be
demon and to continue in his cult
propagating his teachings. The
conduct of all three girls not
being in consonance with normal
dispositions of prudent human
beings corroboration thus, becomes
a necessity or eminent. Taking
broad view of the matter,
particularly various infirmities
and improbabilities, no man of
prudence will any importance to the
story unfolded. It is, thus, clear
that except the bare words of these
three girls, their is no other
evidence to corroborate their
story. Anything said by victim at
or about the time of occurrence, to
their parents/and/or others, would
form part of res-gestae. Such
conduct can be a corroborative
piece of evidence of her/their
evidence. In other words,
subsequent conduct not only is
relevant but important and
These three girls levelled
allegations against the applicant
No.2 Kripaluji Maharaj after the
lapse of considerable time i.e.
after months and years and,
therefore, the probability as
depicted by the defence that if was
at the instance of Nityanand,
cannot be overruled. I needs
mention that no report was lodged
by either of the girls ay any
time. It is also clear from the
record that Nityanand's statement
which was recorded on 11.5.1991
i.e. on the day on which the F.I.R.
was lodged by Purushottam
Deshpande. Subsequently only the
statements of all the three
prosecutrix came to be recorded.
Even in the F.I.R. there is no
whisper that at any time, the
applicant no.2 had committed rape
on any of the prosecutrix or on any
other disciples.
So the evidence does not
become reliable merely because it
has been corroborated by number of
witnesses of the same brand.
In this case, there is
unreasonable inordinate or extra-
ordinary delay in leveling
allegations of physical molestation
or rape committed, by all the
three prosecutrix against a saintly
old man of 69 years of age who
renounced the world and engrossed
in spiritual world. The explanation
as could be revealed from the
statements as could be revealed
from the statements of the
prosecutrix that the disciples of
Kripaluji Maharaj all the while
stated that he is an incarnation of
God and whatever happened with
them, be taken as a 'Prasad' or
blessing of God and so not to the
chestity is the jewel of the Indian
woman and no woman will consider
the sexual intercourse against her
will as 'Prasad' or 'Blessing of
It also does not stand to
reason that a saintly man who has
thousands/millions of disciples all
over India, direct his own disciple
and in their presence will commit
sexual intercourse the pracharak of
his cult.
Considering the overall effect
of the evidence collected by the
prosecution, there is according to
me, no ring of truth. No prudent
man can dare to accept or believe
the infirm and improbable evidence
of the prosecutrix.
All these facts go to show
that the girls evidently told lies
and developed false story against
the applicant no.2 and his
The above quoted paragraphs from the judgment clearly
disclose that the High Curt was much influenced by the
submission made on behalf of the defence that Kripalu
Maharaj is a saintly old man, who has renounced the world,
who is engrossed in spiritual activity and who has
thousands/millions of disciples all over India and,
therefore, he was not likely to indulge in the illegal acts
alleged against him. It failed to appreciate that it is not
unusual to come across cases where the so-called spiritual
heads exploit you girls and women who become their disciples
and come under their spell. Moreover, the reasoning of the
High Court that it also does not stand to reason that a
saintly man who has thousand/millions of disciples all over
India would commit sexual intercourse with the praharak of
his cult in presence of his disciples stands vitiated
because of the vice of misreading the statements. The three
girls have nowhere stated in their statements that R-2 had
sexual intercourse with them in presence of other disciples.
The High Court gave too much importance to the conduct of
the three victims and the delay in disclosing those illegal
acts to their parent and the police. What the High Court has
failed to appreciate is how a victim of such an offence will
behave would depend upon the circumstances in which she is
placed. It often happens that such victims do not complain
against such illegal acts immediately because of factors
like fear or shame or uncertainties about the reactions of
their parents or husbands in case of married girls or women
and the adverse consequences which, they apprehend, would
follow because of disclosure of such acts. What the three
girls had stated i n their statements was not inherently
improbable or unnatural. They have disclosed the reasons why
they could not immediately complain about those illegal acts
for such a long time. What the High Court has failed to
appreciate is that while making complaint to the police or
giving their statements they were not required to give
detailed explanations. As stated earlier, what the Court has
failed to appreciate is that while making a complaint to the
police or giving their statements they were not required to
give detailed explanations. As stated earlier, what the
Court has to consider at the stage of framing of the charge
is whether the version of the person complaining together
with his/her explanation is prima facie believeable or not.
It was, therefore, not proper for the High Court to seek
independent corroboration at that stage and to quash the
charge and discharge the accused in absence thereof. It was
also improper to describe the version of Sulakshana as false
because no extensive injuries were noticed on her person
while she was examined by a doctor on the basis of some
observations made in Modi's textbook on "Medical
Jurisprudence and Toxicology". We do not think it proper to
say anything further as, in the view that we are taking, the
accused will have to face a trial and whatever observations
we make now may cause some prejudice to them at the trial.
We would only say that the High Court was wholly wrong in
discarding the material placed before the Court as false and
discharging the accused on the ground.
Before us also the learned counsel for the respondents
had made a grievance that the charge as framed was not in
accordance wit Section 219 of the Criminal Procedure Code.
The Application, Exhibit 36, was made to the Sessions Court
for modifications of the charge so as to make it consistent
with Section 219. That application was not pressed and the
Court was invited to dispose of the other application made
by them for quashing the charge and discharging them. As we
are inclined to allow this appeal the Sessions Court will
have to now consider afresh whether the charge is required
to be altered or amended.
We, therefore, allow this appeal, set aside the
judgement and order passed by the High Court and direct the
Sessions Court to proceed further with the trial in
accordance with law. The trial Court shall do so after re-
examining the material and hearing the learned Public
Prosecutor and the lawyer for the accused on the question of
amending or altering the charge so as to make it consistent
with the relevant provisions of the Code and also after
considering whether it will be possible to try all the
offences at one trial or that they will have to be tried

At 6/10/2007 12:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More suggestions:

1. Please send warning reports to all newspaper editors in India, Canada and abroad.
2. Alert Aastha, Sanskar, Sadhana T.V. stations which air their programs and voice your disapproval of the cult propaganda machine.
3. Inform all temple presidents and committee members where their parrot speeches are being scheduled.
4. Peacefully demonstrate at the international centers of holding posters and picket boards during their gatherings.
5. Distribute flyers of recent developments in courts and subsequent grievances by group's longtime followers regarding the guru to notify the innocent public.
6. Boycott their cult advertising books, tapes, t-shirts and brainwashing videos.

Do not ever let the self serving greedy sex mongers cheapen our Hindu faith and Krishna.

At 6/10/2007 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That, you above named accused
No.2, prior to 1987 at the house of
one NILU Chaurasia, in front of
Vijay Talkies, Nagpur, committed
rape on one Kum. Meera D/o
Purushottam Deshpande, aged 26
years, r/o Nagpur, against he will
and with her consent, posing
yourself, you are a devine spirit
or Lord Krishna.

Question: Can anyone throw some light on this girl named NILU Chaurasia? Is this the same girl, NILU, who stays 24 hour with Kripaluji, under pretext of personal sevika of the Maharaj?? Has she also gone to Trinidad with Maharaj?

>>2nd Question (with quote from the Supreme Court Judgement):

Meera and Hema both are
graduates and Ku. Sulakshna was
adolesent. It cannot be expected
from such educated girls to
continue to accompany the person
who according to them, proved to be
demon and to continue in his cult
propagating his teachings.

It also does not stand to
reason that a saintly man who has
thousands/millions of disciples all
over India, direct his own disciple
and in their presence will commit
sexual intercourse the pracharak of
his cult.


A feeling is coming out from this quotes that someone of Hema, Meera and Sulakshana or all three had also been preaching and propagating this Maharaj's philosophy to general public. We all know that philosophies of this Maharaj is spread only by the Didijis and Swamijis (very few). The Didijis are called Pracharikas, who are specifically trained by this Maharaj and provide permission for preaching the philosophies in public.

What is transpiring from the quotes above that, some of these three girls or all three of them are also Pracharikas of this Maharaj.

It's getting to me as a murky puzzle, as:
1. Someone who accuses the Maharaj for rape charges, how can they be made a Pracharika by this Maharaj?

2. If these rape charges are true, or if the sex was consented sex (may be in the name of Prasad or all that crap), then Pracharikas who go from city to city, place to place, with some other special name provided specifically to them after they are converted as Pracharikas (their names get changed to a different name as Siddhesvari, Mahesvarananda: sure, they are not their birth names), then who are all these sexed or raped Pracharikas. They may be even today moving among public making divine speeches but, their background may be very shoddy.

3. Then some new devotees and common people who are not aware of all the past, may consider such sexed or raped Pracharikas as divine devijis.

4. Can someone unwind this mystery? If all three or some of them are Pracharikas, as of today, then KINDLY NAME THEM. This is very important, to tell the innocent and common people to realize that they must immediately stay away from such Pracharikas. Till someone do not unwind the mystery of these sexed up Pracharikas, all Pracharikas of age group 30 - 50 years can be regarded potentially as Hema, Meera or Sulakshana ( who are renamed after being made Pracharikas).

I must admit, that if any of them or all of them are not at all connected to this Maharaj as of today, they must not consider this message, as any kind of way to tarnish their image or modesty. This is written on the apprehension of the quotes of Hon'ble Supreme Court, that some of these three women are actually Pracharikas and in that case, such women, under any sensible society should not be allowed to take the cover of a Sanyasin and provide divine message to innocent common people. Devotees should get ALERTED. COMMON PEOPLE SHOULD BE ALERTED against such terrible events. Sexed up woman turning Sanyasin and playing with the faith of thousands!!!

Request someone to quickly unwind the mystery and in details.

At 6/10/2007 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This time the court released his passport because his followers where begging for it. Just wait time is coming and all the followers will be begging for his release from the jail. The truth has to surface and the curse of the raped women will follow him to the end.
Have faith, time has come for this cult organizations end.
Let's all wake up and do something about and stand for the Dharm, truth and faith.

At 6/10/2007 7:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know about the girls that were raped and and whether they have any association with Kripalu now. My guess is not since they are still fighting the case (or their father is).

However my guess is that Neelu is still that same (slimy, vulgar) woman who is # 1 in charge of Kripalu Maharaj. She was also the woman who was in the room and who arranged for the person that I know that was molested to be positioned near Kripalu.

So most likely this abusive team of Kripalu and Neelu have ben together for a long, long time and ruined many good women and families.

At 6/10/2007 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is Meera, she was from Neazeland. My brother and his family are blindly following him. This society 15 years back was International Society of Divine Love. No body in Texas ever knew who this Ram Tripathi "Kripalu was untill 5 years back. What happened. This JKP is using god's name foe thier personal benefits and destroying family realtions. My mother has fallen for for this cult along with my brother's family.Pray to god Bhagwan Shiv is the ultimate Guru not some ego maniac Kripalu.

At 6/10/2007 10:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meera Devi (whose name was then changed to Sureshwari Devi) was the president of ISDL. She left the organization as she was ultimately a sincere soul and could not reconcile to the corruption. She went back to New Zealand after giving Kripalu and Prakashanand more than 30 years of her life!!

Poor woman, she was destroyed by these people. They now claim that she had mental problems and an unhappy childhood (their normal accusation against anybody who lives, as well as so called 'bad sanskars!')

At 6/10/2007 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please also write your senator and congressman not too admit Kripalu Maharaj to the US!

At 6/11/2007 12:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India judgement is present in the following link of the Hon'ble Supreme Court.

Why not mass media like Televisions and Newspapers are not being alerted and covered nationally on all these heinous crimes under cover of spirituality. Did someone contact Shyam Pandharipande, the journalist, who first flashed about the Swami's past rapist history.

Common people, you all have the responsibility as a citizen of India or any nation to be the soldier of your nation, in case of a war. This is a clear series of incident of sabotaging the rich HINDU Culture under the banner of Radhe Govind Krishna and Spirituality. I give a clarion call to all of you CITIZEN SOLDIERS of your NATION, it's time to ATTACK. They have already attacked the society and is sucking the society's money, wealth and modesties of our mother, daughter, sisters, wives and even adolescent girls of different NATIONs.

This is a war. And leave no stone unturned to destroy this criminals of society.

At 6/11/2007 5:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This seems like a war...

Good against evil.

And certailnly GOOD will win, and
that's another name my Maharaj Ji.

SO..BAD people give up now.. or else you will become part of history as vulgar cheap villans.

We devotee's of Shri Radha Krishna keep absolute faith in our Guru and pity your filthy mind.

Again wishing good senses for you!.

Boliye Albeli Sarkar ki Jai

At 6/11/2007 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To write to your congressman to not allow Jagadguru Kripalu Maharaj (also known as Swami Ram Tripathi) back into the US, click on the following link:

To write to your senator, use:

To write to Canadian Embassy to not allow him into Canada, use:

To contact the Embassy of Trinidad and complain about returning his passport etc, use:

Jai Shree Radhey!

At 6/11/2007 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are sorry to say that you people, and your organization have created a black spot in the name of Shri Radha and Krishna. It's pathetic to find that in the name of our dear Supreme Lord, what you people are doing?? Disgusting.

At 6/11/2007 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other sources to note in compounding information:

At 6/11/2007 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mo!!! Has been identified by a devotee of the organization (visibly disgusted) as Siddheswari Didi (a Preacher of this organization, her great past has already been put up on this blog).

Read at

At 6/11/2007 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys sound so funny in your posts..FUNNY because you have no idea who you are talking about but are making comments as judges and the all knowing super selves. Its like a layman judging a surgeon. Sounds funny. The saying that half knowledge is deadly applies very well to this situation. You have no idea of anything yet you are feeding each other's fire and hoping that you could burn someone. It won't work fellow beings. Each person is assigned a guru according to their karma and somehow they find each other and no matter what you do or say you can't change the supreme authority's ways. Let the courts do what they are suppose to do and like I said nothing you say can affect pure people's hearts and souls. Let the educated and informed make their decision. Ohhh I forgot then you won't secceed in your agenda....

At 6/11/2007 11:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys look like are looking for gossip, nothing but gossip..If you are so concerned about humanity then go and help the sick and the poor in the slums of india. Talking about the social norms there is plenty of issues that you guys can address within the poeple that have no means. Let us the informed and educated professionals make our own decisions about our spiritual path and as a layperson do not judge the surgeons.
Most of you have no knowledge on the subject you are talking about and are feeding from each other’s fire. You are better off helping people who really need help but then it does not look like that is your agenda!!

According to scriptures a Guru is assigned to the souls and when the soul is ready he will be found by his guru so no matter what you do or say you can’t stop that from happening. Let the courts decide what the truth is..oh I forgot…when Maharajji gets out from all charges, you will then say that he bought the Trinidad court too..!! or maybe you will come up with new alligations..

At 6/11/2007 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The devotees of Shree MaharajJi though hurt by these horrible comments, will not turn against or beloved guru. You can ask any TRUE devotee and they will tell you that he is our life breath and our everything. Wihtout his guidance i personally dont have any idea where i would be and i am sure the thousands of other devotees can say the same.You may all try to break him and our mission but it wont happen.We are tired of fighting and know that whatever we say about MaharajJi you will twist and use against him. But just be aware that one day when the truth of his greatness comes out so will your Karma- and you all know that is going to be horrilbe for you have commited so many sins.
History shows that every great personality was tought to be normal and constantly criticized.Most of you people are saying things about MaharajJi out of total ignorance. Just be carefull because as you day you want dharma to play its part and incriminate Maharaj Ji-but do you ever think of what Dharma will have in store for you? No-because if you did you would shut up and relize what awefull sins you are doing.
MaharajJis devotees must hold together and not take any of this into your heart. Pull together and never forget MaharajJi. We know who he is- these people just cant see that. But with Krishns grace maybe one day they will realize there mistakes before it is to late. Be strong and think of him- he will help us.
Jagadguru shree Kripalu ji Maharaj ki Jay!!
Glory to the supreme Master of this age!!
Radhey Radhey

Also for your information you have no right to speek a word against Meera Devi or Barsana Dham she didnt leave due to this mission of because she had Mental problems, it was due to something else not related to the mission or mental state.Even she will say that.DOnt you ever criticize a former president or Barsana Dham!!She also gave her life to serve Maharaj Ji happily and i can tell you Maharaj Ji very much praised her for that and was hurt when she decided that she must leave to attend to this matter that came up.

At 6/11/2007 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jai Sri Sachitaand Sadguru Kripalu Maharj Ki Jai

Maharaj ji's devotees stay strong, we know our Maharaj Ji, please don’t let your mind float in the filth that is going around. This is the time to show our devotion and dedication to such a personality that has showed us the ultimate path to GOD.

Truth will be revealed soon and Maharaj Ji's innocence will be proved. Let's all take this as a test and stay focused on Maharaj Ji and he will take care of the rest.

Radhey Radhey

At 6/11/2007 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is common to find Kripalu cult members in many such irregularities as seen here.
They are not only hypnotized themselves forever believing him to be Krishna (Radha), they also blatantly deny every account or report by victims of their guru, totally endorsing his exploitation of money and women in the disguise of Radha (Krishna) divine lila!

If anyone reads their rabid posts, one can understand how successfully Kripalu cult has accomplished their goal!

Even long after truth is pursued and justice served to the victims, even if Kripalu comes out clearly exposed of his sex-acts by insiders and authorities, I am sure, his fanatic followers will continue their "cult-hero worship", just like the famous sex-guru Bhagavan Rajnesh.

At 6/11/2007 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other interesting facts about Kripalu Maharaj:

* He sometimes dresses like a woman, complete with lipstick, nailpolish and a sari! He says that he is Radha Rani!!

* His disciples wash his feet and drink the water. Poor misguided westerners are told to keep the 'precious water' in their fridge and sip one spoon every day.

* Some disciples drink the sputum from his paan, as per Swami Maheshwarananda.

* Swami Maheshwarananda also confides in people that Kripalu's son is Lord Siva himself! [WOW]. Both his sons and grandsons are highly materialistic and get the devotees to buy them electronics and other gifts.

* Devotees also like eat the chewed-up paan of Ammaji, Kripalu's wife. She takes it out of her mouth after thoroughly chewing it and it is passed out to those in attendance as 'prasad.'

* A large percentage of the sanyasinis from the west left the movement immediately after returning back from India. You can guess what must have happened there with Maharajji!

Shall we go on???

At 6/11/2007 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the discussions progressed, we realize that this gang of Kripalu is s SHAMELESS gang. ARROGANCE is clearly depicted from all the postings of this Kripalu gang. They even are trying to pass their CURSE-LIKE JUDGEMENTS on all the common people, who are voicing their concerns on different forums. It only brings out their NAIVITY in their spiritual movement or progress.

This gang also seems to be extremely MATERIALISTIC in all their way of living and all their actions. What transpired out of these posts is that this gang has some major key features,





Believe, someone might have already alerted the respective Govt bodies of these irregularities of society, culture and also large sums of money laundering.

History says, these kind of spurious spiritual organizations, do run for sometime, hit a peak and then public uprisings take place against them, and then due to such public pressure, Govt acts and these bodies FALL and go into oblivion. Some blind cult followers do keep going with such gang, visibly CONFUSED, and HAVING NO PLACE TO GO.

Educated readers can themselves find out many similar cult-like organizations, who have perished. Make a search over Internet, you will find a bagful of them.

New aspirants of Spirituality, you must judge the credentials of the organization, in substantial details, before you become part of the same. It's very puzzling. Most of these bodies have a very sweet coating outside, either in using highly spiritually uplifted words and statements, showcasing of some major social work or project (generally a eye-wash to the common people and also to Govt; do not rule out a nexus between such spurious bodies and some corrupt govt official). In public, they will shun all types of material benefits and gizmos, to influence your naivity and innocence. Privately, they will have everything, which you may be aspiring to having all through your life (so rich and filthy rich). Donations in these organizations are largely unaccounted for and some key coterie keeps the control of all these large sums of money.

Common People, you must wake up, and do not fall in the trap of such spurious people. You may be having mental stress in your normal life, looking for peace and happiness, but just do not jump into the water body in a desert, which may eventually turn out to be a MIRAGE.

Common people and society have struggled for ages against these spurious bodies, gurus and saints (some are definitely enlightened and want you to prosper spiritually). Society and Govts have also repeatedly acted on them, yet they don't die, as these people are also an output of the society, we live in. These people were also someone like one of us, some time back. And then, in search of peace and bliss, found somebody with some additional power, a saintly person, say. They come together, not with the motive of robbing and destroying society. Real good motives stay in the early stages of such spurious bodies. Then, as more of stress filled and peace seeking people like us come near them, and they become more popular, they start getting FREE MONEY (DONATIONS FROM YOU AND ME) - the root cause of all problem. Interestingly, educated readers will find that this Kripalu and all his Didi gangs also preach the same. Don't get puzzled.

After Free Money, starts the episode of fulfilling of desires: Social Work and quick Fame, to start with. They start doing some social work, get some key important political figures to frequent them on the pretext of social work. FREE MONEY swells (remember you and me only pays). More desires.. Ashrams and temples, buildings, (some very luxurious ones), cars, gadgets, gizmos, frequent foreign trips, travel mostly by air on some devotees money. They not only create luxuries for them, but also they will create good arrangements for their FREE MONEY givers, obviously they will charge again.

With so much of FREE MONEY, FAME, ASSETS, LUXURIES, what is missing is EVIL LUST. WOMEN AND GIRLS then BECOME their TARGETS. Not like a stupid hooligan on street, not even like a corrupt and misdirected POLITICIAN, but, like a well-designed spiritual diktat governed mechanism. Womens and girls will get trapped just like a insect gets attracted towards a fire thinking it to be the eternal light, it was all along waiting for, trapped and finally killed for ever.

But, when MONEY, WEALTH, ASSET, WOMEN all come together, they themselves act against their own SPURIOUS SPIRITUAL BODIES. Contesting and Conflicting groups come in picture. Power Struggle starts within such organization. Allegations gets first secretly and then openly fired on opposing groups. Some true, some fabricated.

Common people, faithful devotees and blind followers get to a state of shock.

But, irony, these groups are internecine. They kill themselves. Their acts only bring them to PUBLIC. PUBLIC never goes inside their organization, initially, to know whats happening.

They bring their own maladies to PUBLIC and then just wait for the END.

So, who are to be blamed. I feel, WE, who provide them the FREE MONEY. Cut the route of FREE MONEY. These Spurious Spiritual Bodies cannot prosper.

Govts are freezing Terrorist organizations accounts and also their surrogate accounts. In these spurious spiritual bodies, as well, you will find some open accounts and several surrogate accounts. Governments need to look into this, in fact, they have to create a TASK BODY, first, and make the right move to overturn these spurious bodies. Hit them hard on the FREE MONEY PART and AUDIT all their PUBLIC ACCOUNTS and then go into investigation of their income and expenditures. You will find that expenditures heavily outweigh their incomes. All due to unaccounted for money.

There are loopholes in our system, which is enabling some crooked folks to create such large organizations and dupe the society.

I would like to bring attention to the educated world that a DEBATE in this line need to be started on a national level and may the media, especially, TV media should take part aggressively to highlight this part of the society.

I feel, if some good Consulting organization as Mckinsey or some good org from Social Platform does a comprehensive Market Study on these Spiritual Org Segment of the Society, then one can find that it is like a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY and has potential for very high growth rate.

So, if such sectors of society are NOT REGULATED by Govts, then, spurious people will enter the segment or spurious people will take advantage of really true saints and create a wealth generating body for them.

Wrote too much, possibly, I will take up this issue with some journalists, but, if any reader finds substance in this writing of mine, may please pursue it in your own way with the Govt and may be Media.

Sorry for the long write-up, but, may be worth reading.

At 6/11/2007 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all those people who claim to know Maharaj Ji, we pity that you have really wasted your 15 or 25 year of life (if the years are to be believed, which is very very hard and i am sure is untrue) ) .because you have not done any asscociation of Maharaj Ji, even for 1/100 th second ...otherwise you could have sensed His Divinity by your inner soul without asking anybody that if He is a Saint or not.

You came and saw what you wanted to see, that's reflection of your dirty materilistic mind.

He is a Bright Sun who gives his light to even a fallen soul.. but people who are covered with clouds of Namaapradhs can never see His Krishnamayi Personality whose glory is self reminiscent.

Boliye Albeli Sarkar ki Jai

At 6/12/2007 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He does not return for the trial stating his health reasons. It is not hard to get a false medical certificate since he has many brianwashed doctors under his thumb.
Nice way to carry on as before avoiding publicity ..

At 6/12/2007 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psychologically speaking, when someone really gets hurt by something fraudulant, they don't want anything to do with that and simply go away. Here it is seen that a few people are doing just the opposite and are trying to initiate and aggravate the fire of hatred towards the Kripalu organisation. It is clearly seen that they are spending way too much of their time and energy in trying to accomplish their plan.

I don't think general public is even looking at these posts or even would care for these accusation and finger pointing. People will know what they feel and how they feel and how they want to be associated with Maharjji with their own experiences not because someone poisonous is out there with a plan of their own.

The long posts of hatred and court paper(real or not)prove that it is a planned move by someone for whatever reason. I am a devotee of Maharajji and don't find it necessary to respond to every little thing that is said here but yet these people don't mind spending hours in writing against HIM. Only a person obsessed with causing harm may do that not necessarily in the best interest of the people. It is repeatedly same few people writing. Who seems arrogant here, even though they are calling the devotees arrogant.

In a way by talking about Maharajji they are doing good as if you have ever heard the speeches you would know that scriptures say keeping the saint in your thoughts whether good or bad you still gain bhakti...

At 6/12/2007 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the last post; this fanatic wants us to go away!

* No fighting for the truth!
* No standing up for justice!
* No cleansing up of corrupt
religious organizations!
* No defence of exploited women!



At 6/12/2007 11:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the long post (about Kripalu's SHAMELESS gang) -- right on!!

Agree totally. It's time to drive out these rascals and restore purity and sincerity!

At 6/12/2007 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To so-called devotees:

1. Should we just keep quiet if our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters have been molested; and we know that to be a fact!!! Would Radha Rani be pleased with that!! AMAZING!

2. Why are you trying so desperately to stifle us!? It is you that are very, very arrogant -- telling abused individuals to keep quiet and not tell the truth.

3. If we keep quiet do we not do a great adharma?

4. If you know that what we are saying about Kripalu is true, do YOU not do a horrible, horrible adharma?

5. But if you just ignorant of what really happens at Kripalu's organization, then I understand and forgive you. You are just brainwashed like we were. We can help you very fairly and objectively find out for yourself what the truth is. But you must be a bit more humble and listen. Pray hard that Shri Krishna will guide you to truth and freedom. Do this for yourself.

At 6/12/2007 9:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone said from San Diego that this Kripalu Gang charged $350K to the host for the gracious immoral visit to San Diego, which was later cancelled as immoralities surfaced openly.

Let me put forward one point. Most of these spurious organizations led by a fake Guru has one single motive for these so-called World Tours. Collect as much FREE MONEY as possible by emotionally blackmailing and duping the faithful and innocent devotees and common public.

They collect money worth millions of dollars fleecing people like you and me. This is sheer Hell. True Masters are more concerned on how the spiritual aspirant gets faster to the track rather how much the spiritual aspirant is paying-out.

This organization of Kripalu Gang is completely focused on your POCKET. How big a hole they can create on your pocket??

Some people who are or have been connected with this Kripalu Gang, comment please!

At 6/12/2007 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not surprised with the kripalu’s arrest news; I knew this would happen one day. I was devotee for 16 years and left the mission for the same reasons. We asked swami Prakashanand why kripalu maharaj is doing this. We got the same answers “these are the divine actions of the divine personality”. You don’t question his actions and your mind is material. Where is Swami Prakashanand? He is the one who is responsible for this. He is the one who established barsana dham and took every one to kripalu and putting our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters in a risk. He should come forward and explain following issues:
1. Why Sureshwari didi (Meera ji) prior President left the mission after 25-30 years of service.
2. Why Gyaneshwari Devi, and Ragwashwari devi left the mission after visiting Kripalu in India.
3. Why few of the US centers were closed.
4. Why few of the long time devotees left, after visiting kripalu in India.
5. Why lady from US went to India to meet with kripalu and came back depressed and fell from a cliff, because she was depressed. When one joins religious society to get peace not to get depress and where were the Avatars to save the devotees.
6. Why money was collected by Barsana Dham, especially for Swami Parkashanand and for kripalu and never got any receipts because that went to their personal accounts and was not able to get tax deduction. Lets every one gets their cancel checks out and report to tax authorities.
7. Why they want us to leave material stuff and they ride Mercedes, eat lavishly and live in luxuries, I am sure you all have seen swami Prakashanand eating his spur like a king.
8. Why Zee TV stop broadcasting Kripalu speeches.
Let’s all get together from US and other countries and complain to authorities. Please contact your city local India newspaper, senator or congressman.
Any one knows who is handling the case in Trinidad, their e-mail address or phone number. Let’s help the 22 year old girl she got the courage to standup for herself and for all of us and for our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters.
Any attorney interested in taking this case from US, please post your information, so we all can send details

At 6/13/2007 12:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask any one who has been even once to shree Maharaj Ji, has attended any of his discourses, has listened any of his kirtan or pravachan or has read even one of his so many creations including devotional bhajans and articles on various aspects of bhakti would never ever believe the allegations have any substance.

It surely is a nothing but leela of shree Maharaj Ji and he will be decalred innocent pretty soon but this will happen as and when shree Maharaji wishes so because he only knows his leela. We can not reach to his level in hundreds of our life to understand what his leela is.

Further, he has said in so many prachans that saints (mahapurush) comes on earth only for the welfare of menkind though in return they get rebuke, allegations and insult from the world. History is witness what we have done to all saints, prophets and good men who we worship today when they were alive. So it is not a new case but another one incident of this kind for which we would repent when we realize.

Some wisdom hasa prevailed and sooner people would see the outcome of these false allegations but whosoever is pronouncing judgements before the case is decided or is writing bad words/comments for shree maharaj ji would have no escape from the punishment God gives to such people. God himself has said that any deed of insult (naamapraadh) done to me has some remedy but such a deed done to my bhakt or mahapurush has not remedy and no repetance available for it.

May God give right wisdom to such people who are flowing with polluted minds and have used such words for shree maharaj ji because they do not know what they are writing.
May God forgive them.

Media has always been quick to show such news to defame such great personalities but have never issued apologies when the time and situation requires so. They need to be more cautious as they have a bigger responsibility and at the same time they are equally under jurisdiction of the Almighty.

With regards to all

Radhey Radhey


At 6/13/2007 2:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I am in complete agreement with you that either the No. 1 or No. 2 or the organization's spokesperson must come out in public and answer to all these queries of the people and the press. This is how, normal world moves, in case any doubt or confusion of a company, they immediately call a Press Conference and try to clear the doubts.

It's become a Jungle Culture, that these Spiritual Bodies can do anything and there are no norms or regulatory principles to bring these organizations under some kind of legal structure.

How long will common people continue to stay in such doubt and leave the alleged sex-monsters and robbers under disguise of spirituality to move freely among them?

I presume, people have to go ahead and live their own life, but, they cannot leave these alleged immoral and bizarre gangs to create anomalies in society and in their families.

So, why is the Govt not waking up? When will they wake up, when hundreds of families will get ruined thru divorce or hundreds of girls, women get raped and their modesties getting destroyed, or when the good people and families becomes a pauper feeding and paying to these blackmailing gang of organizations?

Enough of it. Now just start writing to the Govt bodies, medias (newspaper, TV, radio etc, so that they start looking into these cases with due gravity). Remember in India, most of these posts are going unnoticed, as Internet coverage is very low in India. It is TV media and Print (Newspaper) media, which is to be updated and motivated to take on these immoral cases.

May someone hear. Enough of it is written here. This SHAMELESS Gang is not going to budge with these writings, as they are, in any case, SHAMELESS.

So, all sane people, think differently and also keep talking to lots of people, so that we find more ways to uncover this Gang. Also use the Telephone communication, to the highest level, especially in India, as that is the only way to make all the naive devotees aware of this Gangs true character.

Heard some channels like Sanskar, Sadhna TV are still telecasting this Gang's program regularly and advertisements keep coming of all those Didi gangs new Discourse at different parts of India. This is becoming a mockery of World's Judicial System and society.

Most of Indians seem to have no idea of these monsters as the information is mostly on the internet or in Trinidad Newspapers.

Friends, think on it. India is their base. And that needs to be TARGETTED, if Barsana Dham in US is to be cleared of the RASCALS.

At 6/13/2007 3:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone can try to get in touch with the Purushottam Wasudeo Deshpande, the father of the girls (who is fighting legal battle against this gang), allegedly raped by Maharaj, in Nagpur, in Maharashtra in Western parts of India. One can try and get in touch with the renowned journalist, Shyam Pandharipande [], who first broke the news in Nagpur in India, last month, about the Maharaj's previous rapist history.

Let us try and search over internet to find more addresses, email-ids in India, who can actually come together with all of us in USA, to fight these scoundrels.

If someone in India, feels the same way, as all of us in USA, please do come forward over this forum. We will find out ways to discuss privately, once, we come together.

At 6/13/2007 3:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is one more contact in India.

Ganesh K. Sovani
Advocate - Bombay High Court
Thane - 400 602
Maharashtra State

These people may have to written snail mail, alongwith email.

At 6/13/2007 8:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on!!
Right on!!
Right on!!
Right on!!
Right on regarding the last post!!

Every word about corrupt Swami Prakashanand and his Guru Kripalu Maharaj is true!

The actions are also well thought out. Let's join this struggle and try and help that girl. Doe anyone know how we can contact her parents or relatives?

At 6/13/2007 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most neophytes are not even aware of how the empire was built, how many surprise raids by income tax it has sustained, how many spiritual seekers and preachers have left the group witnessing first hand the sexual abuse and money fraud.

But some like JSR of CA fail to believe by their constant DENIAL of the truth and simply choose to live in their high delusion. In course of time they can even become super smart liars too!

The "divine family" consisting of Amma, three didis and two bhayyas with their children are the heir and beneficiary of jkp empire. Didis do assist in cover ups and provide safe conditions for concealed activities by Kripalu.

It will take a long, long time before the totally brainwashed devotee to see light in these false claims of avatar-hood. Then one stops deceiving oneself as in my case.

I am determined to help the victims of kripalu in any I can.

At 6/13/2007 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to manoj sacdev:

you are doing greatest namaaparadha (sin against god) by comparing a well known sexual molester and money launderer to our pure, humble, elevated saints of India.

your "fake jagadguru" kripalu is polluting the purity of spirituality and hindu heritage by sitting on the same sacred throne on which the esteemed saintly world teachers like adi shankara, ramanuja, madhva and nimbarka had occupied in the past as TRUE jagadgurus!!

kripalu should step down at once to preserve the sacredness of hindu religion. let him not continue his own aparadha (sin) any more if he really believes in the sanctity of his assumed title.

it is an unspeakable, unpardonable sin itself!!

what a SHAME to our hindu religion!!

all who have accepted kripalu as the self-advertized jagadguru of this age have already committed greatest aparadha (sins) against other previous TRUE saints and have subscribed to the continuous mockery of jagadguru title!

At 6/13/2007 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kripalu must be laughing how he has tricked the Trinidadian judge into returning his passport, wherever in the world he's right now..

His lawyers in Trinidad declared that he has pressing commitments overseas and as a great Hindu leader he's a respecter of the laws of karma and will return to Trinidad in July for the court case.

Little do they know that he'll abscond under the pretext that he's in poor health and seeking overseas treatment.

This will frustrate the local prosecution and the case will be thrown off and the bail forfeited.

The host, a rich dude in Palmiste, Trinidad posted the bail and solicited the best lawyers is blind and gullible and won't be hurt by losing $50K. Nothing will penetrate their defence for their dear guruji. These people have lost their souls over this rascal.

The ploy has already been hatched, mark my words.

At 6/13/2007 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear, dear Trinidad and it's beautiful people! Wake-up and shake your government and its legal system. Please don't look at this as Hindu, Christian, etc.

In God's name fight for the truth and justice and help this poor girl out. Write, fax and e-mail everyone you can in positions of authority at Trinidad to get the judge to take back Kripalu's passport and prevent him from leaving the country.

You will deliver a great blow for God and justice!

At 6/14/2007 5:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The devotees of Shree MaharajJi though hurt by these horrible comments, will not turn against or beloved guru. You can ask any TRUE devotee and they will tell you that he is our life breath and our everything. Wihtout his guidance i personally dont have any idea where i would be and i am sure the thousands of other devotees can say the same.You may all try to break him and our mission but it wont happen.We are tired of fighting and know that whatever we say about MaharajJi you will twist and use against him. But just be aware that one day when the truth of his greatness comes out so will your Karma- and you all know that is going to be horrilbe for you have commited so many sins.
History shows that every great personality was tought to be normal and constantly criticized.Most of you people are saying things about MaharajJi out of total ignorance. Just be carefull because as you day you want dharma to play its part and incriminate Maharaj Ji-but do you ever think of what Dharma will have in store for you? No-because if you did you would shut up and relize what awefull sins you are doing.
MaharajJis devotees must hold together and not take any of this into your heart. Pull together and never forget MaharajJi. We know who he is- these people just cant see that. But with Krishns grace maybe one day they will realize there mistakes before it is to late. Be strong and think of him- he will help us.
Jagadguru shree Kripalu ji Maharaj ki Jay!!
Glory to the supreme Master of this age!!
Radhey Radhey

At 6/14/2007 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking how easily kripalu gang had succeeded in evading truth and judicial proceedings in Trinidad.
If I or you or anyone were in his shoes, what would that person would have done? Same thing!

There are thousands of blind followers who totally believe in his innocence as well as his divinity.
How could he possibly break their hearts admitting the wrong doings? How could he shatter their faith and hopes on him by getting himself incarcerated?
In that case, wouldn't they all become 'spiritual orphans' without their beloved 'papa'!
For the sake of a handful courageous victims who managed to reveal the exploitation of kripalu cult to public, why should he submit and surrender his hard earned jagadguru-ship and avatar-hood?
Those who leave his cult for good are already saved themselves spiritually and materially from the traps laid by his gang.
So his commitment would be only to those eternal dependents, those kool-aid drinkers who still have a persistent need to worship him as god.
Naturally it is not unwise if he would choose to be around such ignorant fans to derive continued benefits of name, fame, wealth and power by ANY means legal or otherwise.
Of course that alone is the evident goal of this cult from the start.

At 6/14/2007 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From another Guruphiliac discussion. Seems relevat to this discussion forum, as well.

Do people really know the meaning of a "Guru"???....

"Genuine Gurus are few and far between, and most who claim to be enlightened are far from it. In this instance, at best, the Guru is a spiritual practitioner who had attained a certain level of spiritual mastery and therefore was competent to teach others the same path. This is the basis of any true Transmission of Doctrine in any society. The Guru would have a few close and sincere disciples around him (more rarely "her", in view of the patriarchial nature of traditional Indian society) and live in humble unassuming surroundings."

The fake guru (or hypothetical con-artist) uses all the trappings, but this is just a ploy to fool people out of their money or whatever. In other words, good at manipulating people, and creating the whole thing as a scam. They care nothing at all about spirituality or esotericism, to them it is just mumbo-jumbo, but it is also a good way to fool people, so they invent a story or teaching based on a mishmash of New Age or pop guru material that can be read anywhere.

A true Guru don't gathers masses
A true Guru don't auto-proclaim himself or herself god
A true Guru don't sells and market his pictures
A true guru don't go around collecting money
A true guru dont show any magic or miracles
A true guru dont' permit adoration from disciples
A true guru dont make publicity about him and dont permit disciples to do it either
A true Guru doesnt permit organizations around their teachings

Where does Kripalu stand in comparison to above??

At 6/14/2007 1:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is how I joined 13 years ago Barsana dham and kripalu’s religious society after listening to their wonderful and impressive speeches & bajans. Those days swami Prakashanand did not mention a word about kripalu, now I figured out why? In 1991 he was under investigation for sex molestation. After spending 13 years when a close devotee shared with me molesting business happen to them by kripalu, I was shocked and was hard to believe. I researched and talked to many ex devotees those who left the mission and found out they left for the same reasons. We approached prakashanand to find out the details but his answer was – don’t question divine personality actions. We left the mission. If Monoj Sacdev ji from New Delhi, India thinks: molesting girls, getting caught, going to jail, getting out of jail on bail is kripalu’s leela, We are really sorry for you. I pray for you that molesting business will never happen to you or to your family. You have no idea how hard is for the victims to deal with molestations.

At 6/14/2007 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manoj Sachdevji, in the name of blind devotion to your Guru, you are maligning the image and rich cultural heritage of India. Vast majority of Indians do not ever will be in sync with your statements or arguments. Indians are not blind, and are a very rational group of people.

You seem to have a blind faith, and without any semblance of rationality. Many of us Indians, have seen your blind comments in different web forums and we are really ashamed to find that you are also quite an educated old person, having such abject irrational notions.

Remember, you are writing in global forums and beside your name, when you write NEW DELHI, we really feel ashamed in front of the whole world. The world feels that if an educated person in the capital of India can be so irrational and blind, then, God save the other parts of India and people staying there.

To the world, do not listen to all those half-insane people. Getting the first opportunity, we Indians will get rid of these educated irrationals from all sections of Indian society. Calling all Indians in India and abroad to VOICE your opinion against these irrational shameless people, who is a dark spot in the name of we all Indians.

At 6/14/2007 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DEVOTEES OF BARSANA DHAM: That is why Swami Prakashanand removed all the pictures and all the references to Kripalu Maharaj some years ago!

Because he knew Kripalu was charged (and guilty) of rape!!

When he found out the High Court released him, he brought him back into the picture.

But truth wins in the end, and the Supreme Court told the High Court to re-try the case because it had come under 'undue influence.'

Swamiji was trapped and stuck with Kripalu Maharaj.

At 6/14/2007 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved this post:

"Getting the first opportunity, we Indians will get rid of these educated irrationals from all sections of Indian society. Calling all Indians in India and abroad to VOICE your opinion against these irrational shameless people, who is a dark spot in the name of we all Indians."

I would like to modify this to say that all the people of the world should throw out all corrupt teachers, gurus, dogmas! Let us live and think free and approach God fearlessly, in freedom, without pre-conceived notions.

We are children of God, why be afraid to approach our dear father or mother.

Be fearless, be fearless, be fearless!

Stand on your own two feet, you don't need a guru, but you can certainly talk to older brothers/sisters on the path that have gone ahead of you.

Unlike Kripalu, they will never want a penny even from you.

If someone tries to scare you and convince you using fear, run away from there and dust off your shoes!

Approach God and the scriptures directly! You don't even need the scriptures, just approach God directly anyway that you want. There is no wrong way to seek him, to pray, to chant or to meditate.

Be free, live free and throw out all the baggage of the past! You were born free and complete. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are just a flower that has not opened fully yet, but you will one day.

There is no hurry. Enjoy this life and all lives until you have fully bloomed and manifested God. No power in the world can stop that!

At 6/14/2007 10:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victims of kripalu exploitation, please contact the advocate in India, who is ready to listen and proceed immediately. Get help.
I am glad I did.

Ganesh K. Sovani
Advocate - Bombay High Court
Thane - 400 602
Maharashtra State

At 6/14/2007 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freddy wrote:
"divine deluder, how did you emerge from this situation spritually? Some assistance is appreciated."

Here are my suggestions:

Be fearless, be fearless, be fearless!

Stand on your own two feet, you don't need a guru, but you can certainly talk to older brothers/sisters on the path that have gone ahead of you.

Unlike Kripalu, they will never want a penny even from you.

If someone tries to scare you and convince you using fear, run away from there and dust off your shoes!

Approach God and the scriptures directly! You don't even need the scriptures, just approach God directly anyway that you want. There is no wrong way to seek him, to pray, to chant or to meditate.

Be free, live free and throw out all the baggage of the past! You were born free and complete. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are just a flower that has not opened fully yet, but you will one day.

There is no hurry. Enjoy this life and all lives until you have fully bloomed and manifested God. No power in the world can stop that!

Love everyone (yes, even the horrible swamis and their gang, although this does not mean that you should not fight them or fight for dharma). One day their sufferings will cause them to turn back to God and the truth. By that time you will be far, far ahead of them!

At 6/14/2007 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Barsana dham management committee:
When are you holding a media conference? why the founder and the President is not speaking publically.

At 6/15/2007 5:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Guru and a Disciple - the relationship is so sacred, so very sacred. Like a teacher and a student, a Mother and a Child. Guru is the one who saves us from the ocean of Ignorance and takes us to the infinite horizon of eternal bliss. Yes, a Guru takes us to our eternal Home, the lap of God.

Why is this happening to all of us? Where is the True Master? All the children of God are in doubt about the True Master. Oh Lord! Save the Earth and your little children! Show them the path to bliss. Why take so much tests? Why test the faith in such cruel ways? If you will not send the True Master, Oh Lord!, we are all crying in despair. Won't you answer to our prayers and you yourself come. We are all waiting for millions and millions of lives. We are lost and see, how some people are playing with our faith. Oh Lord! please come. Save us. Please provide clarity to our vision. We want to reach you. We are afraid of the Masters (Gurus) of this age. They are doing so much injustice to all of us. Oh Lord! Can't you see our plight? We can only cry for you. Please come. Please come. Please come.

At 6/15/2007 5:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friends in US and in California. You have to make the general masses of India aware of the corrupt Gurus. By the Divine will, here is the way. A very large section of India's skilled and intellectual community works and stays in California, as also in other states. They are all knowledge workers, working for almost all the big names in Software in USA.

If you know anyone of them, send them these links by email. Also send them a message to circulate these links to as many Indians as possible. India is earning a bad name, due to some unscrupulous Gurus and spurious organizations. And all Indians need to be made aware of the same. The Software Community in India are all closely connected, may be 2-2.5 millions, highly educated knowledge workers. If these messages are circulated by them, all the 2-2.5 million educated section of knowledge society will get aware of this malpractice and through them all parts of India, their families, friends, relatives, will also come to know.

If someone knows any Indian in California, especially in Software Industry, try it out right away. We all need the support of educated mass of India to weed out the corrupts from Barsana Dham and also their roots in India.

May God show all the right vision and right path. In the absence of a True Master, we all will fight against ADHARMA under the banner of Supreme God.

At 6/15/2007 7:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a practising dermatologist in delhi and have long been associated with Maharajji. I have no doubt in my mind at all that all the charges against him are completely false and baseless. I have observed the lifestyle of Maharajji from close quarters since past many years. A saint who is forever lost in the love and longing of his divine master Krishna would in the least be interested in the human body. Though i never used to believe in gurus before, but after having associated with Maharajji, i have had personal divine experiences, which i could never have after meeting and associating with many other so called saints. Thus, one should never judge a person from the media's point of view, but only say something about him or form an idea after having seen and associated with him at close quarters. It is very easy to level charges against anyone, but the judicial process is such that it favors very heavily the victim in such cases. Maharajji is a diabetic and a hypertensive and has a pacemaker implanted to regulate his heart rate. He has had a stent put in the heart. He is weak and frail and has a very frugal diet but adheres to a very rigid personal daily routine. He is surrounded by devotees most of the time. ALL THESE CHARGES ARE FALSE AND BASELESS AND MAHARAJJI WOULD COME OUT OF THEM UNSCATHED. AS IT IS, HE IS INNOCENT UNLESS PROVED OTHERWISE.

At 6/15/2007 11:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the dermatologist who is simply ignorant of his guru's sexual abuse:

It is not your fault if you still have faith in this holy monster because you were kept in the dark and back, behind the closed doors of the guru. I am not so sure about the female members of your family who might be ashamed to reveal the truth to you if they also had the close association of your guru.

God bless you and your family, and even your blind faith in a well known sexual predator.

As a Delhi based dermatologist, you just know the great actor of frail old man on the public stage or in your office, but have you ever LIVED with him 24 hrs of the day in his rural ashrams to know his secret capabilities?

I know many members of medical profession who are astonished to witness first hand his vigor and virility at this age!
It certainly seems that he has practiced yoga and "tantric ways" to attain the required ability.

At 6/15/2007 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my reply to another kripalu imbecile:

As long as the ignorant folks like you exist in the world, kripalu has every easy way to molest many more wives, sisters, mothers and daughters from respectable families.

Of course, if you are not targeted in kripalu sexual escapades, you would simply be unaware of the secret facts of molestation unlike the other blatant liars who are happy with their constant denial of truth.

Yes, the victim is accompanied and covered up by the so called higher authority who would be none but one of the kripalu's experienced PIMPS consisting of his own preachers, didis, and female personal aides !!!

The clever kripalu also keeps some high profile (either innocent or brainwashed) men around him such as practicing doctors, retired judges, politicians like assembly speakers, ministers and other high ranking govt. officials to provide respectable "shield" and a good public image.

His gang desperately puts up such a show, creates an artificial aura around him even the best directors could not produce it on the live stage!!!

At 6/15/2007 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do all of Kripalu's devotees keep asking for proof, proof and more proof?

Why do I need proof, when my own dear relative was molested?

How many examples do you need?

How many women have to charge him with rape before you believe?

How much money does he have to hustle from you before you believe?

How many preachers have to leave him, before you believe?


BE BRAVE! God cannot be separate from the truth.

At 6/16/2007 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

85 Year old man having thousands of followers being blamed of Rape, Do you think it’s correct?
Today it’s an amusement to hold anyone guilty of crime as heinous as rape. Few days back Brama kumari’s in panipath were too not spared from such allegations. The irony is that this institution preaches masses to stay away from sex And Rape accusation on them? It may or may not be proved, but the case will go on for 4 to 10 years. Is this all an act to stake the reputation of such establishments?
Karipalu maharaj is being charged of rape though it will never be proved in court but will definitely spoil his reputation. Its time that such foul play should stop. And strict action should be taken against women who fail to prove a rape accusation. It’s our duty to use our head before believing any of such crap. We shouldn’t trust media at once.

At 6/16/2007 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’m done with journalists sensationalizing news to sell quick copy. The Guru in question is highly revered by his devotees and needs to be treated with respect for his stature in Indian sprituality as well as his age. It’s not the first time I’ve come across young women who would be only too willing to fake charges for cheap publicity (yes, I’m a woman and I say it despite that). Isn’t there a law that says innocent until proven guilty? Let’s not forget that frame-ups against celebrities are not unknown. It seems likely here considering the mileage everyone here is getting in coming up with this accusation. Why would a Guru, already a celebrity resort to something like this…people need to think long and hard and not fall for cheap headlines.

At 6/16/2007 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As one of the ex devotee wrote on 6/12/07, How come JKP is not talking about the following Issues:
1. Why Sureshwari didi (Meera ji) prior President left the mission after 25-30 years of service.
2. Why Gyaneshwari Devi, and Rajwashwari devi left the mission after visiting Kripalu in India.
3. Why few of the US centers were closed.
4. Why few of the long time devotees left, after visiting kripalu in India.
5. Why lady from US went to India to meet with kripalu and came back depressed and fell from a cliff, because she was depressed. When one joins religious society to get peace not to get depress and where were the Avatars to save the devotees.

At 6/16/2007 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any body knows ex devotees list or list of center closed.

At 6/16/2007 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandesh wrote:
"Who the hell are you to give verdict. Have your prostitute mothers, sisters and daughters have ever approached the police authorities. If not then why? You idiot skull, just think what you are saying. Well I guess mindless people can't think."

Your message clearly indicates your state of dense ignorance about the several revealed facts by senior insiders.

Constant denial by imbeciles like you to admit the sexual abuse of kripalu frighteningly proves his mission has accomplished its sinister goal of successfully brainwashing the susceptible minds like yours.

You were not even born when his molestation camps in rural U.P. flourished since 50+ years.
Fortunately for you,(if) you were not an young female, so you would not be a molestation target! You would be just used as a 'shield' for his good public image, of course!
Just keep watching your pocket while lending your sympathetic ear and heart (if you possess at all) to the female victims of respectable families.
Do not be a closed-minded fanatic!

At 6/16/2007 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Doc Mahesh, As is the case of most of the followers of your organization, we just came to know that it is the same in your case. Most of your family members are dead against your being attached to this apparently divine but spurious and infectious body.

Also, it was found evident from most of the followers of your cult, that the (great) didijis never try to unite trapped follower with their family members, but, on the other side, they will try their best that the trapped unfortunate one gets more against their own family members.

This is a trend of your cult, dear Doc. delve into yourself, you know all these truths. yet you will not be able to see the truths, as long as you stay trapped. Just for a day think differently, come out of the cult mindset, an educated intellectual, of the great naion india, (we have deep regard for india), will definitely be able to see the truth.

To see the truth, you first have to get detached mentally. And Truth is the god. "Bagawat Prapti" is not too far, when you see truth clearly. else, one will wander for ages behind the masked and so-called divine but spurious gurus.

At 6/17/2007 2:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On this Father's day, we the unworthy devotees of Sri Krishna pray to our dearest that may He forgive all those who has knowingly or unknowingly maligned the image of our dearest and uttered bad words on a saint. In this world, anyone can be at fault, may be a common person, a devotee or even a Saint. On this forum, in front of whole world, and on this eventful Father's day, this unworthy servant of servant of Sri Krishna, prays to our eternal Father, that may He forgive all those, be it common person, devotees or a saint and please have mercy on this unworthy servant and give him all the punishment, on behalf of all of them. Please have mercy on them, dear Krishna! Please don't punish them, Krishna!

Sri Krishna, you are the ultimate symbol of mercy, please have mercy on all those, who have maligned your divine image, knowingly or unknowingly. They do not know, what they are doing? Some are alleging, some are counter-alleging. All by their inherent selfish desires (love and hate combined). Krishna! please have mercy on them all, please save them Krishna.

And please accept my humble offering Krishna.

I am also selfish, Krishna. Asking for something. May my parents and Mother(s) be glorified by this little seva of this servant of yours. Please bless all. Krishna!!

All glories to Sri Krishna and all glories to all those who with love or hate has uttered your eternal name. Please bless them all. Krishna!!

May all chant once, Hari Bol!!

At 6/18/2007 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(By Priti-108)

Here is the link to the site of one of the devotees - Jayashri Didi. She has posted quite a few songs composed by Shri Maharaj ji with their english translation. It is just the tip of an Iceberg, it will give you a hint of the mood of a Saint who is a Paramahamsa in all aspects.
When the saint sings, lost in the thoughts of the Devine, on the parched streets of this earth, there might be few dogs that might bark, but there will certainly be those enlightened souls who's hearts are wandering in the deserts of this ghastly material world yearning for a drop of Devine love from an Oasis of a Saint's 'Bhaav'.

Now, find the new links of Jayashree Didi, an ardent devotee of Shri Maharajji, sometimes back. Possibly not now, any more.

At 6/18/2007 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Links on a few more FAKE and BOGUS GURUS.

One may find many similarities with this Kripalu case. So, felt this message to be relevant for all readers.

At 6/18/2007 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say No to Kripalu!

Verma - Fairfax VA wrote:
After Ved Vysa, nobdoy has written the number of scriptures Mji has written. Just read yourself. You will know the difference.Mji has challanged everybody in this world about the methods of reaching god. He quotes from the existing scriptures and books and even scriputers that people even never heard of it. Just think ........ and do the sincere research by yourself. You will know the difference.
Every saint in the history has abused by society. This is no different."

To verma:

Let not the well known sexual molester CHEAPLY HIDE behind the cover and mask of previous TRUE saints. It is a great dishonor to the REAL Sainthood!

Do not ever ignorantly commit such a sin even by comparing our great Vyasa deva to the kaliyuga impostors.

What writings of Veda Vyasa can you name? How many of them have you studied to throw away such a shameless comment?

Many scholars and spiritual seekers have done the scriptural research for a longtime and come to the conclusion about the self-advertising fake gurus who exploit money and women on the pretext of 'guru seva'.

The fake gurus achieve this by cleverly manipulating the scriptures in their own favor, impressing upon the ignorant believers, like yourself.

Ordinary unknowing people like you may not recognize the constant repetition (practiced over the period of 60 yrs) of intensely memorized texts from scriptures, cleverly taken out of context just to suit ONLY 'his point of view', like the well trained lawyer finding the loopholes in law from the law books, or like the smart accountant knowing the tax evading tips and shelters.

These selfseeking gurus demand unquestionable submissiveness from the followers encouraging hero-worship to themselves more than to the Supreme, twisting the scriptures into their own favor, brainwashing the susceptible minds for an easy exploitation.

Innocent devotees think they are in 'divine love', dedicated to God but actually they are becoming more and more closed-minded fanatics being trapped in their respective cults, whose leaders are idolized, sold and worshiped as 'substitute gods' on a pedestal.

The fake gurus are taking advantage of simple, average folks to engage them in so called guru-hero-worship instead of God's.
Kripalu is making his followers as 'kripalu addicts', not devotees of God.
When the addicts throw away the idol 'kripalu' from the high pedestal, imagine their agony and orphanhood!
See how their devotion to Lord crumbles, how their so called divine love suffers!
If their true spiritual commitment is only towards God, this will never happen. They will remain as strong as ever in their devotion while getting rehabilitated from the 'kripalu addiction'.
So they have to honestly admit and realize their present entrapment.
These unfortunate addicts have to submit themselves to some kind of kripalu-detoxification program, of course, voluntarily, if they hope
to be cured.

At 6/18/2007 4:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corrected and rewritten anonymous Father's day prayer ...

On this Father's day, we the unworthy devotees of Sri Krishna pray to our dearest that may He forgive all those who have been knowingly or unknowingly DENYING the TRUTH about the idol of their dearest and uttered unjust words to support him. In this world, anyone can be at fault, may be a common person, a devotee or "even a self-advertised saint" . On this forum, in front of whole world, and on this eventful Father's day, this unworthy servant of servant of Sri Krishna, prays to our eternal Father, that may He forgive all those hardened liars, be it common person, devotees or a saint and please have mercy on this unworthy servant and give him all the punishment, on behalf of all of them. Please have mercy on them, dear Krishna! Please don't punish the blind and misguided, save them from their addiction and entrapment, Krishna!

Sri Krishna, you are the ultimate symbol of mercy, please have mercy on all those helplessly trapped, who have been consistently lying about the Truth to save the known sexual molestor, thus discredited the divine image of Sad Guru, knowingly or unknowingly. They do not know, what they are doing. Some are simply denying, some are cleverly covering up. All by their inherent emotional dependence, lack of spiritual enlightenment, and selfish desires (love and hate combined). Krishna! please have mercy on them all, please save them from the impostors, Krishna.

And please accept my humble offering Krishna.

I am also selfish, Krishna. Asking for something. May the victims of exploitation be helped out by this little seva of this servant of yours. Please bless all. Krishna!!

All glories to Sri Krishna and all glories to all those who with love or hate have been uttering Your eternal Name. Please bless them all. Krishna!!

May all chant once, Hari Bol!!

At 6/18/2007 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any body knows, where is kripalu now?

At 6/18/2007 10:37 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Any body knows, where is kripalu now?

A person replied to this question with some email addresses. Other people have attempted to post phone numbers.

I definitely feel for the victims of Kripalu and understand the frustration people are having with him, but I can't let the blog become a venue to promote harassment.

At 6/19/2007 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sex is an integral part of human life and human society. Some do look at it at a perverted when in excess, but, ideally, without sex, this civilization would cease to exist. What is the view of Sex in life and the spiritual progress of any being in the eyes of Swami Kripalu?

At 6/19/2007 10:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kripalu is in Trinidad today, and is leaving Today! He is arrving to Canada this evening, as we are awaiting for this arrival, to touch his divine Lotus Feet.

At 6/19/2007 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear Jody,
The Kripalu cult itself has been eagerly providing the details of his second world tour along with phone # and e-mail contacts for their vigorous campaign publicity, trying to trap as many susceptible minds as possible.
Much of that information could be found on his own website and from other ignorant followers.
It funny, now they are crying -"harassment"!

At 6/20/2007 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another victim speaks out the TRUTH:

Greensboro, NC

He did it. There is no doubt in my mind that he raped her.

I can say that unlike anyone else because I too was a devotee for many years, but unlike most devotees, I was molested by him. If he did it to me, he did it to her. No one would make this up.

I wish I could have reported it, but his organization has long arms and are dangerous. I am so happy that the 22-year old woman stood up for her rights. He did it. Barsana Dham has released statements claiming that these alligations aren't true. He takes pills during the services. It is probably viagra. They say he isn't strong and healthy enough. He is really powerful and definately not weak. I know from experience. All the women in the Ashram, all the didi's know that he does this.

>> DISGRACEFUL - This organization should be immediately banned. We also call upon all the sane people in the organization, who still feels that the organization and their Guru is clean and pure, that they should use their intellect and find out the truth and help the world in uncovering the dark secrets. Else, all of you will go down the dirtiest drain of the society and none will come forward for your help. Doctors, engineers, CPAs, CAs, businessmen, or from any other profession connected with this organization and all of their families will not be spared by the Society and you will have no place to go or hide. We are pleading to you, innocent people and devotees. Come out before it is too late!

At 6/20/2007 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People who are saying disgusting comments about Shri Kripaluji Maharaj will indeed get so much sin! No one should ever think or say bad things about any Great Saint, of this age. I stand proud to say Shri Kripaluji Maharaj is my Guru, and I am graced with his blessings. People is this society just don't have the common sense to think???? Shri Kripaluji Maharaj is a sickly person, yet does so much for his Devotees. People should be ashamed to even think he would do something like this.
I came back this month from visiting him in Texas for a 2nd time. Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, only displays true love for Radha and Krishna. To watch his lectures, and too see this loving nature towards Radha and Krishna just pierces your heart! People who do not know this great Saint personally have absoutley NO right no comment on him, as they dont know who he really is. He has a very strict schedule, and he is always with someone, whether it is his nurse, or other Men to help him walk around and so on....
You cannot even enter his room without you being accompanied with another higher authority. It is soooo funny when I read these comments, and even with this girl's accusations. This is a funny story - but when girls even wear their sariees at temple, and if your back only shows from the blouse Shri Kripaluji Maharaj hates to even see that. He will ask you to cover yourself!!!!! so THINK ABOUT THAT!!! Shri Kripaluji Maharaj is not interested in anyone's looks, body, or even personality!!! He is only interested in your heart, and soul...and only he knows what's inside!!!!
Shri Kripaluji Maharaj is the 5th Jagadguru in this age in the last 500 years. Obviously other priests, saints cannot compete with Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, therefore they want to Defame him!
In the end, Shri Kripaluji Maharaj will come out Shinning, and his innocence will be PROVEN!!!!
This girl will get soooo much Sin for the Pain she has inflicted on him, She will Pay!!! She will dearly PAY!!!! Sounds like she came back as a Demon in this lifetime!
Oh yah - her story makes no sense...and to hear how she is going on about the "so called" rape - No rape victom acts like that.
In the end - Any devotee or Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, Stay Strong by his side...because you know if you were in a Fix, Shri Kripaluji Maharaj would never leave our side!
Jai Shree Radhey!!!

At 6/20/2007 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over the weekend I spoke to the police officer who charged Kripalu.
What he revealed shocked me. The victim reported that after being mesmerized from the 'spray' job, oral sex was performed following which he used a huge dildo on her. That she bled for two days after the ordeal was confirmed by the doctors who acknowledged she was a virgin prior to the act.

Unfortunately, the 'tool' has gone missing as key court evidence. This explain the modus operandi of this sickopath.

At 6/20/2007 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Investigator wrote:


Go to the link: Stripping of the Gurus:

This posting is not meant to excite the readers on some very hot internal topics, but, to make the gullible and naive devotees as also their family members aware of the REALITY of the Spiritual Path and several GURUS. What is presented here is just the tip of the iceberg.

Be mentally firm. You all will come to know of the TRUTH. You all will realize that Sex is an integral part of all the Spiritual movement, some take it to the perverted level, some to the divine. It will look like an ENIGMA. Read on and if possible, Contribute more incisive writings.

At 6/20/2007 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victim from US or Canada, please come forward, talk to your attorney and post their phone number or address, so other victims can contact. Any other suggestions, how to stop legally, please post ASAP. Do any one know if Indian news paper in US or Canada covering this news

At 6/20/2007 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE this:

Creepalu Maharaj!

Creepalu Maharaj!

Creepalu Maharaj!

Now if you raise your hands and chant "Jai Shree Radhey!," the Sanyasis could pick your pockets.

At 6/20/2007 7:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One Indian newspaper I know is India Abroad. I have written to them. More people have to write so they can publish it. Please go to their website and write to the editor

At 6/20/2007 9:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

India abroad is a respectible mainstream paper not a hate/gossip column. Don't waist your energy, i can 100% guarantee that they won't participate in an ugly anti-Hindu smear campaign. Most of their readership consists of Hindus afterall.

At 6/20/2007 9:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People are keep writing and asking JKP management why sureshwari devi ( Meera devi) and 2 other preacher Gyaneshwari and rajeshwari left the mission and why centers in US and Canada were closed but still up to this point they haven’t said anything. They keep talking how great saint kripalu is but not addressing the real issues or explaining what we are asking?
Any JKP devotee explain

At 6/20/2007 9:30 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

i can 100% guarantee that they won't participate in an ugly anti-Hindu smear campaign

Oh, please!

This isn't an anti-Hindu smear, it's an anti-abusive guru smear, well-deserved I might add.

At 6/20/2007 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please, if it's an "anti-abusive guru smear campaign" then who is the "abusive guru" and where is even a shred of logical evidence.

Hindus respect their Gurus, but here you have declared him guilty by default.

I would like to defend Kripalu but i don't know what to defend. Every allegation here is unsubstantiated and unprovable and unarguable.

Your blog has made itself the unquestionable judge and the jury. Your judgement is the final authority.

If there is a logical argument on his innocence I can definately participate, but here is simply an anti-hindu smear campaign.


You already have declared that this blog is just for your fun, which means it's not about logical debate. Thus, you get your fun from smearing.

At 6/20/2007 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must also add, if it's not anti-hindu, then why you only smear Hindu leaders? Why not smear abusive priests etc (who have actually been proven to be abusive in a legitimate court). This proves your bias.
As i said: "India abroad is a respectible mainstream paper not a hate/gossip column. Don't waist your energy, I can 1000000000% guarantee that they won't participate in an ugly anti-Hindu smear campaign. Most of their readership consists of Hindus afterall." Id recommend sending all your arguments to "Pat Robertson" of the "700 club".

At 6/20/2007 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all asking JKP management numerous times to answer why sureshwari Devi after serving 30 years for Prakashananda and kripalu left the mission. Why US and Canada center were closed and why 3 years ago gynashwari and rajeshwari devi left, after coming back from India. No one from JKP is answering. Come on tell the public truth.

At 6/20/2007 10:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at the idea of this *not* being an anti-hindu smear campaign.

I'll give my life savings to anyone here who can get an endorsment from any Hindu temple board in the entire planet. Start with:

Or failing that, any respected Hindu spiritual leader.

I guarantee it can't be done.
No Hindu organization will critise the Supreme Hindu acharya of this age just because you want them to do.

Your malicious (and ridiculous) lies against him will only serve as a laughing matter.

At 6/20/2007 10:58 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

No Hindu organization will critise the Supreme Hindu acharya of this age

Lookie here, folks! He done drank the Kool-Aid. Ramakrishna is the supreme Hindu acharya of this age, don't 'cha know!


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