Guruphiliac: June 2016

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Kalki Bhagavan's Very Tangled Web of Cult Ownership

Today we received this dissection of the obtuse and complicated structure of the companies which comprise Kalki Bhagavan's Oneness Movement.
1) Kalki’s ashram and its associated constructions like Nemam campus, Satyalokam campus and Oneness temple falls either under the bracket of “Golden Shelters Pvt Ltd., and Prajit Foundations Pvt Ltd.
e) OA 269 of 2010 in CS 243 of 2010 at High Court Judicature of Madras
--à Golden Shelters Pvt Ltd was initially registered at Puri (Orissa) by Badri and Anandagiri
2) Kalki’s ashram is neither an ashram nor temple or trust as per law. It is merely a real estate company , be it; Golden shelters pvt ltd., or Prajit foundations pvt ltd
d) OA 269 of 2010 in CS 243 of 2010 at High Court Judicature of Madras
3) Kalki’s binami Badrinarayana Chowdary and his daughter in law (Preetha) and his disciple (Anandagiri) are the present directors for these companies.
4) Anandagiri and Preetha are running a separate spiritual organization by name One World Academy and each of them are identified to have several more companies on their names.
5) Badrinarayana Chowdary again is having so many other companies
6) Badri along with Ramesh are the owners of Studio N and Gyana Yogi TV channels
7) While Kalki has been collecting money in the name of courses, darshans, cds, cassettes, books etc. since 1989; all the above said companies orginated only after completion of Nemam, Satyalok and Varadayapalem ashrams that too after 2001.
8) While Kalki himself made a statement that Krishna, Preethaji, Anandagiri and others left his organization, till date they are still there and enjoying the ownerships of his ashrams (Golden shelters and Prajit companies).
9) Badri and Uday are found to be the owners of Bangalore bulls Prokabaddi team.
10) Kalki’s key disciple Lokesh also is owning so many companies including Studio N and Gyana Yogi
Lokesh along with another disciple Ramesh are the owners of Kosmic studio
Also see the list of companies owned by this Lokesh
11) And yet all these people pretend as though they lack money and take loans from banks and mortgage ashrams and invest the loan amount for their selfish gains.
12) Highest loan amount borrowed is Rs. 112,149,000 (more than 112 crore rupees). What is the need to borrow loans when devotees are constantly giving donations from India and other 152 countries?
13) Other Oneness Guides like Madhuri, Namitha, Smitha, Prasanna and Bhavani also own several companies and they were caught red-handed by registering those companies on the following address pertaining to Kalki ashram
Registered Address is Campus - 4, Kurinjalam, Varadaiahpalem, Chittoor, 517541, Andhra Pradesh, India
14) Another Kalki disciple (Oneness guide) by name Vadapalli Damayanthi is operating at Campus-4 with huge bunch of companies on her name. Even Madhivilatha is doing the same from same address apart from Ragisha (Cancer survival), Dharmika, Pavithra, Umapathy, Shanmugham and Srinivasulu.
Registered Address is Gc 4, Bathalavallam,, Chedullapakam, Varadaiahpalem, Chittoor, 517541, Andhra Pradesh, India.
15) However Swathi, Shanthi, Narasimha Kumar, Radha and Neeraja operates from GC2
16) Surprisingly Vinod, Rudra and Aravind were functioning from different addresses
17) Now just have a look of the list of companies owned by Krishna, Anandagiri, Badri, Preetha and Kannan
After having done all these rubbish with public money they still portray as though they are divine beings descended onto earth plane only to help society for enlightenment.
Forward this msg to all.
"Tolerating injustice itself is a sin" - Lord Krishna