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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Should Acharya a Lot for This

File under: Gurus Clockin' Dollars

Spiritual Guru Acharya Ved Prakash has developed a theory that could potentially save humanity. The new theory, "Guided Fortune," is explained on his new CD. According to the Professor, his method will "rid one of...allergies, phobias, depressions, tension, insomnia, impotency, addictions, stuttering, stammering," along with helping one to "secure a good percentage in examinations, pass through interviews, loose-gain weight, get over insecurities, phobias, overcome personality disorders or psychological hurdles."

Wow, this guy could put psychiatry out of business and help the impoverished masses find economic well-being! With everyone so happy, there will be no reason for any more killing. Truly, the New Ageā„¢ would be upon us! And all this for a mere $30 dollars!

Why isn't he charging thousands or more for this thing? To be cured of almost all which ails has got to be worth at least that. We think we'll tip off a couple big pharmaceutical companies and the American Psychiatric Association about this. We believe we might make a pretty penny bringing their attention to this threat against their livelihood.


At 4/06/2005 2:12 PM, Blogger The Moving Finger said...

This Acharya guy should do a spell-check on his sales pitch first. Its 'lose' weight, not 'loose 'weight. Secondly, being an Indian I am myself critical of these so-called gurus who predate on people's weaknesses and ignorance to be in the business. It is easy to fool people, specially those who come from the West looking for spiritual enlighment in the esoteric Hindu culture. By that I don't mean to degrade my culture or the seekers, but Hinduism is a vast culture of thought and beliefs that none of the modern day intellectually dishonest so-called celebrity gurus, will ever be able to do justice to , because they are an antithesis of what gurus really are and should be. In that sense you seem to be doing a great service by deconstructing the guru image of these glib tongued quacks that is so falsely persvasive. Keep it up.

At 2/26/2019 9:03 PM, Blogger Om said...

AacharyaJi speaks absolute truth. It is our nature that we resist to accept the solutions coming so simply to us. God has created us and all the ailments whether physical or mental generates from our unnatural activities and thoughts. He teach us simple science, to be, more natural. Still if someone having problem with his teachings, I can say either that guy is old school or finding cut in his unethical business to fool numerous and get dollars in the name of everlasting cure.
AacharyaJi speaks very positive and lots of people who followed him sincerely get benefitted. He never told he is creating something new and serving us, but he says that he is just conveying the knowledge from sacred Vedas or anyother original scriptures(which most of us forgetton) to be served in ready to apply format. Hats off to Aacharya for this initiative.


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