Friday, March 17, 2006

Sarlo's Guru Rating Service Ripped Off!

File under: Satscams

Today it was discovered that website has stolen entire sections of Sarlo's Guru Rating Service in a relatively unaltered form for its own use.

Here is's entry for one of our online heroes, Dan Berkow:
Dan Berkow

Description : * M b1952 American (NC) psych prof once held forth on NDS and GRF now on his own list.
And here's the entry on Sarloji's listing:
Dan Berkow * M b1952 American (NC) psych prof, once held forth on NDS and GRF, now on his own list. appears to be just another internet ad and spam relay, existing solely for the purposes of click-through sales based on search engine results. Sarlo's efforts are his sincere attempt to catalog the hundreds of people advertising themselves as spiritual gurus. He's worked for years on his database just to have them steal it in seconds, and only to promote their efforts to make money.

We say sue the bastards under the DMCA, Sarlo! It's the only way that stupid law is going to come to any good.


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