Guruphiliac: Jewru Sex Scandal Breaks Wide

Friday, May 26, 2006

Jewru Sex Scandal Breaks Wide

File under: Hands Where They Don't Belong

For some reason, folks seem to come away with the idea that we are anti-guru, and that is just not true. But we are definitely anti-special divinity, the idea that some people – like gurus and fauxvatars – are more divine and magically powerful than anybody else due to their supposedly deep spiritual realization.

For instance, we knew about new age Rabbi Mordechai Gafni's girl troubles last week. We mulled it over and decided not to make it a feature as we concluded it was just some guy, a spiritual teacher in this case, who wasn't in complete control of his desires. The deciding factor was the fact that he and his people don't appear to be claiming he is especially divine, although he is apparently a real good talker.

But the Jewish press picked it up and blew it up. Well-Liked Rabbi Took Advantage Of Young Women. He Is Very Bad Now.

The bottom line is this, folks: human beings are animals with language skills. One can be a complete and free jivanmukta, but that doesn't stop the hormones buzzing in the brain from triggering instinctual behavior that has been painted by man to look like culture. These hormones combined with a lack of lust control, perhaps due to some kind of mental defect, get the best of many male gurus. Gafni's is just one of many, many cases throughout the history of spirituality. He shouldn't have done it, but the fact that he did doesn't mean he's not the same rabbi "whose charisma and brilliance dazzled students and large audiences in spiritual renewal communities."

Unless that rabbi was a fiction. Perhaps he was, but we don't think so. Could he be an unrepentant con man or is he a sincere seeker of the truth who unfortunately allowed his "little head" to do the deciding? Will he be forgiven for these transgressions or will the community he helped create eject him?

Whatever happens, it sure won't be the first time.


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