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Friday, July 14, 2006

Rampal's No Pal To Villagers

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Murder and mayhem are two things you don't want around your ashram if you are looking to attract rich Western disciples, but that's exactly what you get at Swami Rampal's Satlok Ashram in Rohtak, Haryana, India. Apparently, the locals were pissed at the swami for dissing another sect popular in the area, the Aryasamaj. People from 27 surrounding villages got together at a meeting to decide how kick Rampal and his followers out of the ashram. Some person or persons must have whipped the crowd into a frenzy, because 1000 angry youth surrounded the ashram and began to riot. But they probably weren't counting on the Swami going all gangsta' on them:
As the mob approached the ashram, the preacher’s followers, armed with guns and other firearms, began firing at the mob indiscriminately. They also pelted brickbats. Since the followers of the preacher were at a height, the youths became sitting ducks.
One youth was killed and nearly 60 injured. It took multiple assaults by riot cops to quell the disturbance and get folks to go home. It was apparently the last straw in a dispute that's been simmering for a while:
The preacher has earned the wrath of the people of this area because of his controversial views on Arya Samaj. The entire belt is a stronghold of the Samaj and residents of nearby villages have been demanding the ashram’s closure for several years.

Fresh trouble arose on July 8 when the preacher’s followers blocked traffic on both sides of the ashram, demanding release of two persons detained by the Jhajjar police in connection with a criminal case...

In retaliation to the blockade, residents of nearby villages blocked all approaches to the ashram on Sunday. The ashram men lifted their blockade yesterday but the villagers did not allow those stranded inside the ashram to go.

Power and water supply to the ashram had been cut off several days ago.
The cops now have the ashram surrounded, but apparently the Swami hasn't been busted yet. A local official announced funds for the family of the deceased, including a job for a family member, as well as funds to cover the medical expenses of the injured. He also promised "stern action" against the Swami and his set of straight gangsta' devotees.


At 7/17/2006 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is what happens when you try to say the truth. the world goes against you. effort was made Guru Rampalji to bring out the baseless things written in the satyarth prakash written by dayanand saraswati which is full of crap. actually "loads of crap". this the reason the villagers were angy and mobbed the ashram and the ashram guards had to reply in self defence.

At 10/02/2007 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sat sahib
why arya samaji angry with satguru rampalji maharaj when they c d mirror. arya saamji's think taht ed is property of him. where this written in ved its for all human being. when aryasamaji leader never able to killed sant rampalji maharaj or any one of their follower then they show their caste(jaat), through d media arya samaji's reporter write so many baseless alligation without proof, why hooda and his govt not able to proove it in court ( batti bujhne se pahle pharpharati hai)same happened here bcoz they know that their end is near. so they do thier last try for try to killed sant rampal ji maharaj.

At 11/30/2007 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sat sahib.!
all the incident that took place and all the fuss that was created was obvious,it was 2 happen,whether now or after....
when the age old practises r challenged by some1,the same results.
but do v give a thought,about both the sides of the coin,cant they be wrong....
do we ask our parents that why do we worshir ram or krishan,who is the god of god,how ram died,what will happen after we die.......
certainly not,like i dint,n may be my parents might not 9 abt this...
the innocent saint became the victim of a plan,that was made between arya samajis and haryana govt officials.
2 very simple questions i have 4 all d readers 2 decide what is wrong and what is right...
1. if the police got loads of gold and money in d ashram,then why dint they show the same when they were asked 2 do d same,in front of the media or the court.?
2. why make having guns in the ashram a issue....
every politician or big person have guns 4 their security,that 2 unlicenced,while those at the ashram were all licenced.?
and nor the firings started first from the side of ashram,they were forced into this,when some villagers tried 2 climb the walls of ashram,and that 2 naked...
if some1 is yet 2 make a mind 4 the same.i urge him/her to do d same after going into the depth of matter.
sat sahib.!

At 10/05/2009 11:49 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

This is too much difficult to say the true. To attack on ashram is a wrong attitude.If you try to study deeply our Shastras then you will come to know that all gurus are misguiding except Sant Ram Pal Ji Maharaj

At 10/24/2009 12:02 PM, Anonymous Sachin said...

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, through the medium of newspapers and T.V. channels has been spreading the true knowledge and has been saying to all the saints that, your knowledge is opposite to the scriptures. If I am telling wrong, then give an answer to this. Todate, no Saint has dared to give an answer. with the fear of exposure of their lack of knowledge, the unknowledgeable saints, mahants and aacharyas tried to destroy Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj’s reputation, started making bad propaganda in the neighbouring villages of Satlok Ashram Karontha,and on 12-7-2006, themselves attacked and made their followers attack Satlok Ashram to kill Saint Rampal Ji and to destroy the Ashram. The police tried to stop them because of which some trouble-makers became injured. The government seized the Satlok Ashram and by making a false case, put Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and some of the followers into jail. In this way, in the year 2006, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj became famous. Even though, the ignorants by making false allegations made the Saint famous, but the Saint is innocent. To Know Know The Truth, please Visit These Links:

The truth Of Karontha Scandal:

The Reason Behind Karontha Scandal - The Reality Of Satyarth Prakash

At 3/08/2010 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rampal is a fool and Rascal no. 1.

He takes advantage of the thing that people do not purchase each and every scripture from the market just like Mahabharata or Bhagavat Sudha Sagar etc. And thus he misguides the innocent and poor people by telling some bogus philosophy.

I myself run a sacred books shop and have read mahabharata and bhagavat sudha sagar of Gitaprss Gorakhpur. I definitely tell that it is Foolish argument that Krishna forgot the knowledge of Gita after Kurukshetra war.

Also that rascal tells that Speaker of gita says that I am Kaal only in 11th chapter of gita(not before and not afterwards)but I think this fool has not read complete gita because in 10th chapter only Krishna declares that He is kaal not once but twice 10.30 and 10.33

At 3/17/2010 6:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This satguru Rampal is still active. He has ruined life of so many people like me whose relatiev HAVE TO COMPULASORILY visit his Ashram every month --leaving the children in despair.
Iam sure this said satguru either hypnotizes the people OR he used some medication in the food supplied to the visitors to ashram

this guru must be BANNED & prosecuted.
hell with him.

At 3/24/2010 6:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rampalji maharaj is idiot..
once he run his business in small ashram that time i usually went to my anty who lives just behind his ashram.

he start loud speakers in night so loud, which is facing towards us so we cant read and even cant sleep.

after request they say do what u want we not going to stop.

after 10 years now my brother believe him and try to convience me. that guru say he is only god and can help everyone. and also no one else can tell u truth. what with the people lives in other country , they will not get mosk..
he try to speak hindi and english but he only know haryanvi which no one else can understand. if u listen his satsang he do lots of mistake. he need to work hard...

At 3/24/2010 6:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maharaj ji say all god krishna etc it made by kaal.... they tell us to do wrong what that.........

he say he prove by gita.. even some stage he gita is wrong.. what that..

if anyone see he got his own big picture and got just small picture for god...

u know what will happen parent will force their children to do what guru say.. next they will say guru is god...

so all of u know who is god now.
this god need jacket in winter even i dont need.. he cough every time.. what wrong with god..

interesting thing is that he say earn only for ur living.. if u do that ur children need to do sweeping for money...
ok then why not all followers earn same amount 5000 rs is enough.. but some 100000 rs some 50000 why.. if u will ask them they will say every one need different.. no money never be less if need car why not all followers got cars.. one follower dont have money for travel and another traveling in BMW .. they donate to ashram they should donate to other follower who nedd them

At 8/08/2010 5:56 AM, Anonymous Pramod... said...

Sant Rampalji is an extra-ordinary bastard...

He says Krishna didn't preach bhagavad-gita but brahmaji inside him spoke to Arjun...

Now if I compose a poem & read it out in front of public, does it mean brahmaji inside me is the real composer of the poem ? If Serena williams defeat 'Maria Sharapova' in the wimbledon tennis, does it mean 'brahmaji' in Serena williams' defeated 'brahmaji' of 'Maria Sharapova' ?

He is extra-ordinary bastard deliberately misleading public...

At 9/29/2010 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All visitors of this site must see his so-called satsng videos.95% of his times is spent in figuring out the words in the holy books,where he deliberately tries to give a literary meaning to those specific words. If watched carefully, almost all the time he keeps on scraching and coughing. He even can not read the simple words in the books. Even those some of those words are not available in the books available in the markets. The whole scenerio is Just Funny. LOL . All the true saints never and never criticized other faiths of the people. But they very politely put forth their teachings to the people. Even they never said that they are the only True Saints. This so called Tatvadarshi Saint can not read the books properly. It is quite funny.

At 2/27/2011 1:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said... people have a thing setteled in your mind that, our guru is bad....but if you stay neutral and listen to his sat sangs carefully you will get to know what he's saying/................our hindu religion is full of superstitions which he wanna remove...he wants tht people workship according to the holy books of hindus......see being a human even if we gain too much of knowledge we are inperfect......our holybooks are written by gods.....they are manely the four vedas and gita ji/..........anything other than this useleess ( am only tlking about hindus ) if you have any doubt you can ask him/..............a guy above saying he tell from the things we dont purchase thats the holy books he's saying///... for him i wanna say all the holy books are worth rs 2000 can buy selected ones..............i will do anything you want if you dont find anything matching in them....campare the books you have with guru ji's one they r completely same,.............ankho se agar wishvash ni hua to yeh ankhon ka koi fayeda nahi/..........sat sahib

At 3/31/2011 5:47 AM, Blogger Surjan Suthar said...

maha madarchod aadami hai, logo ko chutiya banana aata hai or log chutiye banate jate hai

At 4/15/2011 5:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faults in Rampal's philosophy
This is must read article for the followers of Saint Rampal.

1. Rampal says that speaker of gita is not ultimate God

but while explaining bible he says that The ultimate god purna paramatma created this world in seven days and sat on the throne on 8th day.

When same thing is found in Gita
where Lord Krishna says that

"i am the creator of this world"
"i am the controller of rain and i am the controller of heat and i am the one who keeps all the planets in orbits"
and i am the father of this universe, and the mother, and the great grand father and the protector and the nourisher"
"i am the source of everything in this world"
"under my direction this world is created and annihilated again and again"
"Whole nature is working under my direction"
and many more............
He says that Speaker of Gita is not the ultimate God

also rampal says that whoever can bring back the life of dead people
is real ultimate god and is purna paramatma

it is mentioned in puranas that
i. Lord Krishna brought back 7 dead sons of devaki back to life.
ii. He also brought back the dead son of his guru sandipani back to
iii. Lord Ramchandra brought back all the dead monkey soldiers in
Ramayana war back to life
and He also healed all the injured minkey soldiers just by the fraction of his spiritual potency.

3. Rampal edits the verses of bhagavad gita for his own sake
for example,

in 8th chapter 4th verse it is clearly told by Lord Krishna that
"adhiyajnah aham eva atra dehe dehabhrtam var"

meaning:"I"(AHAM ADHIYAJNAH) am the supersoul

Rampal edits this verse while translating and swaps the words in the first half part and second half part of the sloka.
(Reference: Gahari najar gita main adhyaya 8 sloka 4)

for more info please visit
and know the truth, verify all the evidences from GITA.

At 8/11/2013 2:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This ashram is ruining lives of many people, its still running strong in 2013 in Bawala now. I have no idea how they can even attract rich westerners to join as there rules of no puja and birth and death ceremonies and old superstitions are not even applicable in the west. Most westerners have been raised that there is one supreme loving and caring God. And it doesn't matter what name you call HE/SHE - God.

Plus because of the Christian influence - in church people listen to stories of a God of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Joy. I'm not saying that Christianity is the only way to go, nor am I supporting it... but SatLok ashram priority is to put fear into the public about this evil Kaal and prove that everything we have been taught is wrong and that we have been deceived by other gurus or preachers of LOVE and PEACE. We must take naam and hope we get saved from Kaal. How would any westerner be fooled by Rampal Cult.

I would rather be able to dance and sing with joy in my heart in the name of God. Believe and trust that the all abundant and loving God always provides for me and comforts me in the difficult times. Never be fearful of God if I accidentally make mistakes - because he will forgive me if my heart is pure. Its not important what this book says and that book says, when I feel God inside me all the time.

At 11/11/2014 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In all our scriptures who is true guru - Purnguru...Kabirdas ji says don't look at the clothes of of a guru...ask for knowledge...

Only puran guru can show you the divine light of god inside you..

All other Gurus in this kali Kaal are just preachers interpreting the meaning of our religious books..

Don't surrender your faith in someone because of the things he can tell which you don't know..

Ask your Guru can he show you the Diving light - TatvDarshan/Brahmdarshan inside you...If answer is no or you will see after x..y years then he is only preacher..

At 11/15/2014 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Bloody Rampal is cheating and fooling innocent people, and most od the innoscet and villagers get attracted and fooled by his sweet cunning words and advise of religious stores but the truth is that he is a criminal and murderer spreading wrong and fake stores of other saints and religion he himself is a thief if not why he he hide from court and lie that he is ill and he show that he is clean and point out others as thief, this Rampal should be caught and chased out of country or else he will destroy the peace and spread communal hates and crimes between peoples

At 11/18/2014 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rampal ke maa ki choot me kutte ka lund.
he has insulted allah, hindu gods.
yeh to janwar ki aulaad hai.
His followers are low iq bastards.
iske gaand me danda dalna chahiye.

At 11/24/2014 11:27 PM, Anonymous DHARAMPAL said...

Ram Pal can not be sant because sant no need of gun man in this qty if he was a innocent sant he should be appear in court the action should also be taken against the doctors who declared the Ram pal ill.SANTS NEVER KATAKS ON OTHERS

At 12/03/2014 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the great interest in the material side of western culture,many Indians are now forsaking their own .Even going so far As to killng,jailing holymen.

Maybe Rampal has been addressing the nation on these lines and is now being termed anti-national.
India is not a religious state and is secularised. In this modern time, the culture and traditions are taking second place.
INdians without their culture are nothing really.Is it possible for them to have achieved anything internationally without their own originality as a religious people? The same thing is happening in China too!People are just going berserk In the name of modernization!!

At 1/01/2016 11:28 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Guru Rampal Ji Maharaj didn't expose anyone he has only told the truth if the Baghavat Gita itself has stated that I Krishna am Kaal then you are being foolish to let this Kaal lead your life. Guru Rampal Ji Maharaj is telling the truth he is not forcing anything upon anyone his children just know he is the true father if he was forcing these Baghts then why would people all over the world teens small kids adults from USA to France all the way to Nepal and China etc. come and follow him. I myself am a Baght of Guru Ji from USA and I am a normal citizen and a normal teenager I can have everything if I want money makeup cars love and all that a teen ever wants but instead I chose to follow my TRUE FATHER. But I'm not crazy that i would take naam at such a young age. I even had to look into it i was foolish just like you guys but I have learned myself with my own rights not being forced to take this TRUE NAAM. If you take the naam then you will know the truth from the lie that Kaal has told us.


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