Guruphiliac: Aussie Blondes Trying To Corner Market On Truth

Monday, July 21, 2008

Aussie Blondes Trying To Corner Market On Truth

File under: Gurubusting and The Siddhi of PR

Tiruvannamalai-based Gurubuster Kevinandaji punishes us with yet another Aussie blonde who was known in India as "Satsang Barbie":
Miranda is known for her breadth as well as depth of approach, and extraordinary capacity to guide others into direct experience of The Sacred... [Ed.note: Or mire you in an emotional experience she's calling "The Sacred."]

In more recent years, the Advaita teachings of Self-enquiry as taught by Ramana Maharshi and Papaji have brought about new depths of awakening which is strongly influencing the direction of the work today.
To which we say: practice what you preach! Would Ramana be plastering his website with pictures of himself?

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At 7/22/2008 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Y'know...after having actually been IN one of the Guru-cults often cited on this blog, and also having successfully LEFT it forever about 4 years ago after waking up and smelling the coffee that things were amiss...I've come to one conclusion:

Nearly 100% if not the full 100% of ALL public "gurus" are nothing more than either:

A) TOTAL LOSERS who were unable to find some other creative, productive way to earn their living and thus turned to P.T. Barnum's "sucker born every minute" axiom as their fallback strategy to hoodwink people willing to drink the kool-aid and be hoodwinked,


B) Pathologically mental cases and narcissistic PREDATORS who have some deep-seated need to collect minions around them in an inner circle and use them to hurt, rob, or otherwise BREAK stupid yet honest people. Perhaps they became that way through their own abuse or trauma early in life, but it's still unexcusable.

Bottom line: Public "Gurus" are nothing more than society's PARASITES sucking the lifeblood out of people who need real help, not cultic psychobabble, and sucking the lifeblood away from other, more productive and creative energies needed by society and the global economy.

At 7/22/2008 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, this reminds me of the very early days...when Theosophical bookstores were about the only source of "occult" information around. The Age of Aquarius had not yet "dawned",the East had not yet come West in such an overwhelming wave as it did later on, there were no New Age bookstores, no "wellness centers", no deepak chopras, health food stores were dingy places with musty barrels of grits and oats and a wheezy, sickly guy with stringy hair doling out vitamins. I used to go to one of these Theosophical Bookstores in NYC when I was in the 7th or 8th grade and I remember there would be weird women dressed in flowing robes, with lots of jewelry and heavy eye makeup holding forth about "the mysteries". They were not anwhere near as pretty as these two Australians..more like your scarey, overweight Tanta Marge after one too many glasses of chardonnay.
But, somehow, the impulse was the same, "look at ME! I am SO special and if you believe ME, you can be 'special' too!". At least, in that case, it was about "getting hidden secret knowledge of 'ancient secret practices' (lol)..not about the simple truth of your own Nature. The current crop of "satsang teachers" really scrapes the bottom of the barrel. What is it, 3rd or 4th "generation" now? Maybe the soup is getting a little thin?


At 7/22/2008 10:58 AM, Blogger kevinanda said...

As a pofessional soceopath with psychotic tendencies I believe in pain especially in the pursuit of twisted pleasures so suffer in the tender caresses of the peroxide avenger..You have all been far too complacent for too long and
now it's time to take your punishment...
Actually Miranda would be much better employed in an S and M dungeon,dental chairs, whips and cheese grater in hand...Instead her latest scam in Tiru involved charging STOOPIDS from california a $1000 dolars a head just to be taken round the free darshan circuit in tiru...When she was sussed out she was banned especially as she was to tight to even buy flowers to bribe her way in...This was while she was netting a cool 20 grand for a week of just bullshitting furiously....
I think you've really opened Pandoras Box with this one Jody.....More of the grotesque to follow soon !!!!!!
His most righteous Holiness Sri Sri Swami Kevinanda....

At 7/22/2008 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear kevinananda,
all you guys (greg too) who are hanging out in Tiruvannamali: you could do a huge favor by posting information here. It seems to be a major industry now: "satsang in Tiru" with this or that "realized master in the tradition of poor Ramana". If you check out their websites, all you get is alot of could that be "bad"? People don't really know the circus that's going on over there. Thanks.


At 7/22/2008 1:19 PM, Blogger kevinanda said...

Funny how Miranda claims to be best friends with Sivasakti Amma,especially as she does'nt speak to anyone except her son,spends all day in her room except for 2 quicky darhans when she shuffles out of her room like Yoda's wife and dissapears again 15 minutes later....When did they get together for this girls own hen party ????

At 7/22/2008 4:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a recent Adyashanti CD called, "Waking up Down Under". Actually, it's very good..but,during one of the question and answer sessions, a woman who identifies herself as a "well known Australian 'healer" asks a question in a very convoluted (don't use the first person "I") way...she talks about how much her family irritates her and it quite full of her own importance...I wonder???? who could it be?


At 7/23/2008 12:34 AM, Blogger kevinanda said...

The problem in Tiru is the flood of Papaji/Osho wanabees who have hijacked the scene.The worst example is a german sex monster called Madhukar...We put the
chi-ting gurugossip site up a year and a half ago to stir things up,but after a year of adveita fatwas etc We decided to let the site go as opinions had hardened and lost there spontaneity and we were in danger of becoming as obnoxious as what we opposed ....But we will be more than happy to feed Jody lots of juicy titbits...

At 7/23/2008 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She needs a color consultant when it comes to make up

At 7/23/2008 8:07 PM, Anonymous Martin Gifford said...

It's amazing how these creeps market themselves so shamelessly on their own website. This is part of her biography page:

"Most apparent is Miranda‘s depth of Presence, experience, and integration of approach, which translates in her ease in speaking to people in their language and level. Miranda is renowned... She integrates Self-enquiry with spiritual psychology, universal wisdom and an authentic Grace... A gifted communicator, Miranda shares from the heart through verbal, silent and energetic means. Featured as one of the ’world‘s 250 most inspirational women‘... Her work is powerful, original and transformative."

This is her signed letter on the home page:

"This website offers you inspiration and information about how we can connect in person, as well as audio and video downloads so that you can access the grace offered here...

Boundless love and blessings"

Any sensible person would either cringe or laugh at this crap.

In conclusion...

Blessings to you Guruphiliacs from up at my level down to you at your level.


Martin Gifford.

At 7/26/2008 3:19 PM, Blogger gregory said...

oh jesus, geezus, don't get me started ... lol ... it would be pages ...

At 7/27/2008 1:58 PM, Blogger kevinanda said...

Check out her flier to her Tiru retreat in feb,it's in the events listing,plus silent darshan with local silent saints how much does she charge for that, what a scam !!! Still trying to blag it big time. Oh yeah her movie is really scary too
just thankfully shorter than Isara's,so you don't get the full sensation of being disembowled by an alien......

At 7/29/2008 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>"1.Come home to your deepest essence
2.Access profound stillness
3.Gracefully transform habits of suffering
4.Shed patterns that bind your soul gifts
5.Land in new depth, aliveness and wholeness "<<<

" to drop simply into God-within
2.Direct tools to unravel fears, impediments, obstacles3.Wisdom when we fall from grace 4...Embodying grace though into mind, body, world
5.Daily life as ongoing soul art

shit! I've wasted so much time meditating, studying texts, doing seva and self enquiry. I want to learn how to transform suffering "gracefully"!! to see "my" life as "ongoing 'soul art' (?!.wha?). I want those "tools" to unravel "my" fears... and to know what to do when "I" fall from the ever-present and always available "grace". I want to fix my completely deluded and non-existent personal entity as painlessly as possible so it works better(and maybe lose a few pounds while I'm at it..and maybe get some free make-up and hairstyling advice as well! it's so humid in India, don't you know). I want to "wake up" with satsang barbie (not in the same room, though) and land in the land of permanent impermanence! When's the next plane to Tiru? sitting at the feet of "silent saints" with satsang barbie...sigh.
(ps: is the divine light special the same as grace light?'s getting confusing. blue pearl/golden donut??). When is the mountain going to turn,once again, into a column of light and do some housecleaning?


At 7/30/2008 12:21 AM, Blogger gregory said...


i think most of the next planes to tiru are booked, filled with marin housewives and lost middle-aged souls yearning to buy some freedom and peace of mind. and hundreds of kashmiri clothing salesmen and greed landlords and restaurant owners and massage-givers are eagerly waiting for the season to start.

hari om

At 7/30/2008 4:33 AM, Blogger kevinanda said...

If you wanna hangout with satsang Barbie,that will cost you $1395 for 11 days excluding flights,food and accomadation !!???
When she was banned from the other 'silent saints 'darshan last year(her description not mine) she wrote a very pompous and self regarding letter,saying that 'erroneous and false conclusions' had been drawn about her retreat which included flights and hotel flights,if anyone wants to look at her flier for the next retreat you can see what a blatant liar she is..Oh and her best excuse was that the retreat poster was nothing to do with her as one of her 'slaves' had put it on her site !!!....This year all reference to the other 'silent saint' has been expunged in a breathtakingly stalinist purge of her previous loss of face.Now as you can see from her open letter it's a Sivasakti LUV in....
As for the mountain doing some spring cleaning,I recommend a book by David Godman called 'Living by the grace of Bhagavan',which is the account of Annamalai Swami and the building of the Ramana ashram in the late 20's and 30's.The behaviour of some people at the ashram was as infantile and absurdly pathetic as anything that these wannabe Uber therapists can cook up..As the Emperor Claudius mumbled just before Nero and his mum gave him a hot shot poisoned mushroom
''Let all the poison in the mud hatch out !!'' That's what arunachala does, cook everyone in their own juices and people like Miranda and team Satsang(Hello Mooji and co) are the bonfire of the vanities that we have to endure. But yeah it would be cool if a little divine intervention teleported the lot of them to some sort of hellzone where they had to listen to their own psycho babble for all eternity.....

At 7/30/2008 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>"If you wanna hangout with satsang Barbie,that will cost you $1395 for 11 days excluding flights,food and accomadation !!???"<<<

but.. but... but....I thought that included "first class hotel accomodations (the very best available!) and "shopping sprees" at the local bazaar! shoot!


At 7/30/2008 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>"That's what arunachala does, cook everyone in their own juices"<<<

that's very interesting! I had an acquaintance who was extremely unbalanced and spiritually voracious. She described her pradakshina of arunachala a few years ago as "just stressful and painful...could barely finish it..burning up...crying and angry..etc." I thought..."geez! how strange; that's not at all what I envisioned pradakshina around the mountain to be like." i thought maybe she was just "out of shape"!now it's a bit clearer.

"it would be cool if a little divine intervention teleported the lot of them to some sort of hellzone where they had to listen to their own psycho babble for all eternity....."

Maybe to the "Loka of New Age Co-dependency"?



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