Guruphiliac: Guru Mickey Still Getting Some

Monday, March 28, 2005

Guru Mickey Still Getting Some

File under: Gurus Clockin' Dollars and Gurus To The Stars

The last time we encountered Guru Mickey Mehta, he was attending to the needs of beauty pageant contestants and we wondered which, and whose 'needs' those were. This time we find Mickey signing up to appear on a popular Indian soap drama, Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. In it Mickey plays a guru who transforms the character Jassi with one of his totally holistic makeover and workout programs. Not much of a stretch for Mickey, but brilliant product placement nonetheless!

Mickey's appearance on prime-time Indian television as a character much like himself is sure to boost his earnings and marketability. We wonder how this bodes for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's position in the pecking order of gurus in the Indian media. We've provided a handy comparison chart to help you make the call:
Sri Sri Ravi ShankarGuru Mickey MehtaDecision
Nobel Prize nomineeBeauty contest consultantTie
Spoke to the UNOn Indian televisionMickey
Ducks direct questionsRefers to groups of women as "batches"Sri Sri
Protects genocidal racistsPumps up beauty queensWay Mickey
Advantage:Guru Mickey Mehta


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