Guruphiliac: Ramtha Flick Savaged In UK

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ramtha Flick Savaged In UK

File under: Satscams, Gurus Clockin' Dollars and Wackadoo Gurus

What The Bleep Do We Know has hit the U.K., and the critics have hit back, hard. We especially liked this review:
“Physicist” Jeffrey Satinover [who appears in the film] wrote Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth—a homophobic tract. If someone strapped me into a cinema seat and tried to make me watch this again I would gladly chew through my own limbs to escape.
We wouldn't be surprised if the movie's 35,000-year-old Atlantian producer was homophobic as well. As an ancient superstar god-warrior, he's got a carefully cultivated image to maintain; the mega-macho and bad-ass but wise and gentle commander-guru. And yet Ramtha has a lot to compensate for too, mainly because he has the (very rich) wackadoo guru J.Z. Knight as his "exclusive" mouthpiece. We hear he's got feelers out to Beyonce's people, but the lifetime contract he signed with Knight in the "lean years" means he's going to have to wait her out. We think Ms. Knight should be watching her back lest she find herself suddenly out of that contract due to unexpected end-of-life issues.


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