Guruphiliac: Dahnhaked To Death In The Desert

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Dahnhaked To Death In The Desert

File under: Satscams

A New York education professor recently baked to death on an Arizona mountain in an attempt at Dahnhak mastery. Julia Siverls was allegedly fed meals laced with marijuana and methadone and then made to carry a backpack full of rocks up Casner Mountain near Sedona, AZ. Lacking food, water and the benefit of any compassion on the part of her teachers, Julia collapsed halfway up and died of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Now her parents are suing for $84 million:
The suit says Dahnhak "lures" members with free yoga classes, then pressures them to attend pricey classes and retreats. Named as co-defendants are over a dozen allegedly related operations and Dahnhak's Korean leader, "Grand Master" Seung Huen Lee.
Looks like Dahnhak founder "Ilchi" Lee's stock as a psychotic cult leader is on the rise. But we find his recruitment techniques could use a little tweaking. Killing your aspiring teachers off isn't really that inspirational, and they can't bring in much money as corpses, either.


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