Thursday, March 31, 2005

Breathe Your Brain To Enlightenment (But Leave The Questions At Home)

File under: Satscams

There's a new Korean-based spiritual movement sliding stateside. The last one involved wayward hippies being love-bombed into submission and then married en masse. This time it's called Dahn, the brainchild of Seung Heun Lee. At least he had the sense to name it after something other than himself, although he does have his own day named after him.

Lee's Brain Respiration is yet another variation on the prana/chi/ki theme. Of course there are the obligatory claims of scientific validity and paranormal ability making. And it appears that there is a whole cadre of folk called the Healing Society who know just what's best for us and want us to join them.

They also know what's best for us not to know. Apparently inquiry and skepticism are not featured at Dahn, nor are black folk, rural folk and the homeless. "They're not ready for enlightenment."

We believe Lee is making a huge mistake. Black and rural folk can have just as much money as white city folk.


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