Guruphiliac: Ramdev's Revenge Riot

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ramdev's Revenge Riot

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Supporters of Hindu health guru Swami Ramdev have struck back. Today they attempted to storm the headquarters of India's Communist Party in New Delhi in protest of party member Brinda Karat's allegations against the Swami and his health product business. Karat sent some of the Swami's impotence medicine for analysis at a Ministry of Health laboratory, and according to the results, the Swami was allegedly adulterating his medicine with human bone and animal testicles.

The brouhaha is becoming a major political battle in India with the other parties running to distance themselves from the Communists in the wake of the scandal. Various politicians have come out in support of the Swami, one going as far to suggest that: "So long as it improves one's health, why should it matter whether it contains human or devil's bones?"

Ramdev's supporters are painting Karat's allegations as "an attempt to destroy the Indian faith in Ayurveda." They claim that Karat adulterated the samples herself as part of a conspiracy against the Swami and his organization.

Political vendetta or protection of the Indian public? We may never know the truth. But let's hope that at least one of the Swami's customers got a rip for his rupees and had a ball with the tantric concoction, whatever ingredients it contained.


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