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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Buddha Baiting For Fun And Profit

File under: Satscams and/or Wackadoo Gurus

We've recently become aware of the existence of "His Holiness Buddha Maitreya," aka Ronald Lloyd Spencer. He recently withdrew his immigration sponsorship from 7 visiting Tibetan monks in a fit of pique because they refused to recognize him as the second coming of the Buddha, leaving the monks in the hands of a dozen riot gear-equipped immigration officials. Seems like the Border Patrol has been watching a wee bit too much Kung-Fu on television.

Ron runs the Tibetan Foundation/Church of Shambhala [bold italics ours], which apparently has little to do with Tibet and a lot to do with Ron's appropriation of Tibetan Buddhism as a means toward his own economic benefit and ego-aggrandizement. Here he rambles on about his being the source and foundation of the entire Tibetan religion:
So all these Tulkus that I'm coming to find are emanations of me that I've set up for 500 years and they're me actually... and I'm my best student. So when I go out and deal with the Tulkus I'm actually talking to myself, dealing with myself, cooperating with a great big reality and that's what happens within the Hierarchy of the Christ Principle is that the Christ Principle is in a relationship of establishing an individual relationship with people - the Second Coming of Christ.
But before Ron was the second coming of Buddha and Christ, he was just another NewAge™ flimflam man living in Hawaii. From the account of a former friend:
After my first meeting I was told that if I was to be in with the group I should buy a cheap shiny pyramid necklace pendant for $150.00. This demonstrated to me right away what Ron was and still is mainly interested in, money. I was a student at that time and did not have that kind of money to spare. Ron found out I had credit card though and it turned out he had to have a $1,000.00 stereo system for his magic. He assured me that if I purchased the stereo for him he would pay me back shortly. Ron also required precious stones for his ceremonies. He saw my mother's diamond engagement ring that I wore, and said he wanted to borrow it just for a certain ceremony and would give it right back. Weeks went by and I frequently asked him for the credit card payment and my mother's ring back, but there was always some excuse or another, but a "not to worry," I would get them back soon...

I was losing hope of ever getting my ring or money back. Meanwhile, bad things were happening to the sister of my friend who first introduced me to Ron. My friend (a girl), her sister, Ron, and Ron's wife and child were all sharing a house that my friend was paying for. My friend told me that her sister was having an emotional crisis. She did not know what was going on, but we found out later after Ron skipped town, that Ron was sneaking into her room after his wife went to bed and was having sex with her. He claimed that this was for her spiritual benefit and used crystals and other magic objects inserted into her body.
A money scammer who can't seem to keep it in his pants. And with added kinky crystal action! Of course he's the Second Coming!

The real question is whether Ron is knowingly impersonating the Buddha or if he actually believes he is the Buddha. It's a very important distinction. In the former he is an out-and-out con man and criminal, in the latter he's merely another insane "guru" with enough ninnies around who believe in him to keep him going. (This despite the fact that the world is chock full of people claiming to be the Second Coming of whatever.)

For the moment, we're going with the former. Either way, folks like Ron have a way of attracting (and subconsciously generating) their own drama, so we're sure we'll have another chance to bring news of the Buddha of Omaha soon enough.


At 2/17/2006 12:45 PM, Blogger bobby said...

I sent a friend of mine who is a teacher in a legitimate Tibetan Buddhist lineage to this latest Maitreya's website to get an opinion. The verdict: Ron is a transparent scam with no bonafide credentials whatsoever.

At 2/17/2006 12:47 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Heh. The really amazing thing is that people actually believe in the guy (the scamming "buddha", not your friend.) It never fails to astonish me how folks let themselves be SOOOO duped.

At 7/26/2006 1:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i don't know much about ravi shankar, but in India i just wentr to an ashram and i will tell you my story about this guy and you can judge for yourself.

alleged abuse in asaram bapu ashram in Ahmedabad by his inner circle of people and mental torture to people who have been made to belive that they will serve god if they live in ashram and serve asaram as their god. they have been told never to listen or speak against asaram bapu or his family, if they ever speak or listen about asaram bapu's court cases then they should ignore them, if they will ever speak against guru saint asaram bapu (he calls himself as god) then sadak will go to hell (narak) instead of heaven (swarg). In India people are very religious due to their parents upbringing and by the time child gets 20 asaram manipulates those kids with his MLM marketing tricks and recruits them in his ashram in the name of sadaks (volunteer), then your life is hellwhole, you are drained out of your money, you are made to leave your family your career, Your phones will be tapped, there will be hundreds of folkish sadaks like you will stand to protect you if your parents comes to ashram to take you home, your parents , family will be threatened harassed in every possible way. And as a sadak soon you will forget you are a Hindu, you belive in ram Krishna or hanuman asaram bapu will be your god, you will be made to purchase his photograph and put in your home business, and you will be made to serve as slave for asaram bapu's and his son narain swami sai (who is also a god, previously a womanizer).
Asaram has mass following because he used good marketing tactics and is using spiritual teachings which he learned form Lila shah's ashram , actually saint sai Lila shah had thrown out asaram from his ashram because he knew asaram is not a person who should be in spirituality as he asaram was using spirituality to increase his wealth by seducing people. whereas lila shah was a nice man who didn't collected any money or didn't made people leave their homes, or didn't buy luxurious farm houses, or helicopters, or had no court cases like asaram has. Lila shah was a good spiritual teacher in amravati.
Asaram bapu has threatend each and every journalist , writer, photographer, or families of victims who are brainwashed by him to work as sadak in his ashram. asaram even had his followers block airport one time to show his influence . Asaram has slaves working for him in every deprtment, he even has writers in his ashram who will write funny stories about asaram daily activities like asaram went today toilet and when he went to toilet i was standing their i ate his shit and it was prasad for heaven. His followers are like his army private military force who are brainwashed with all mind control techniques that they can kill anyone for him. Whenever any one tries to leave ashram and wantsto go home there will be hundreds of other sadaks who will manipulate you to stay in the ashram and serve as outside world is hell.

He is not only doing human rights violation but also is running a secret naxalist army of sadaks who is in every city to protect him. Sadaks are made to sell his books CD and collect money , Asaram also has followers wolrdwide especially in america who are holding his black money there, in Million of dollars. why do i know so much because i was in the asaram bapus ahemedabad ashram for three weeks and i was brainwashed by his sadaks , but seems like my health didn't permit me to work as slave in his ashram and i was not able to take so much pressure and mind games they play in the ashram so you should not leave.

At 8/27/2006 1:15 PM, Blogger Hemant said...

Hi Hindu,

I am ashamed to see a hindu doing this. you call yourself hindu and write against Hindu Saints and Gurus. You should know not everything available on internet is right and you should have the understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Even our gods Shri Ram and Shri Krishna went to their respective Gurudev to get gyan and you are calling names to the Hindu Gurus.

There was an article in The Hindustan Times on Shri Krishna on the day of janamashtami and the writer wrote every crap she could write for Shri Krishna and said that he is not god. Do you believe what she wrote?? At least she has a name and she wrote for a big paper and we can speak to her but this guy on the internet has no name and has no address that you can trace him and get him to prove what he has written on this blog.

And let me tell you about the some of the facts about the security checking on the JET airways. The airways personnel did the normal Security Checking and if was trying to do another round of rigorous testing and trying to insult Sri Asaramji Bapu. If that would have happened with a POPE of USA or a Maulvi of JAMA masjid then you would have seen the results. There would have been disasterous situation across the world and the airline would have made their shutters down. Satanic Versus, a novel written by Salman Rushdie. The novel caused much controversy upon publication in 1988, as many Muslims considered that it contained blasphemous references. India was the first country to ban the book. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of Iran, who was also a Shi’a Muslim scholar then issued a fatwa which called for the death of Rushdie and claimed that it was the duty of every Muslim to obey. ( And in India, we hindus, inspite of acting against the airline, we are trying to malign our Saints and Gurus. Have you ever seen any hindu pandit/guru/shankaracharya calling off the killing of a person. Shame on you guys, i feel really sorry to know that u are hindus. If you are insulting a Hindu God/Saint and nothing like a fatwaa or something is being called off against you, then its their patience and kind heart. At least a Muslim is doing better than u hindus on his/her religious front.

Now if you have enough understanding go ahead and delete your comments and stop all such mischievous activities in ur future. World is not limited to whatever fits in ur mind.



At 11/09/2006 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 12/18/2006 4:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the west must verify fact before they come down here in India, in search of a guru, fake or true.

Its sad to know that an advanced society(west) can be easily fooled by foolish fools who call themselves incarnations, etc.

Of, course there are fake gurus(western) even in the west.

I would honestly urge all the hungry nirvana seekers to kindly check the validity and details about any "guru" before one jumps into it completely.

Finally there are crooks as well as good men both in the east as well as west, its upto us and our thinking to accept or follow it.

and hey hemanth, mind your language you might ward off a true seeker. May you seek your destination by true research.

May the force be with you all

At 12/19/2006 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In ref to Hemant on asaram ::
So what if this criminal was being checked at the security gate as he manipulated first time not be checked upon. why he should not be checked, he is history sheeter criminal, and he does hs bahubali and political connections whihc he uses people to threaten, and well.... You are trying to compare POPE of USA or a Maulvi of JAMA masjid with asaram . !! Asaram is a disgrace on Hinduism, what we say a kidda (parasite) who sucks you in his ashram and then take away you and your family life so he can Asaram is a criminal and fraud as per the gujarat court itself. He is exploiter and story of asaram cult can be found anywhere in India, where he has exploited thousands of people, and thousands of brainwashed fanatic followers who are brainwashed can be seen in any of his ashram especially in ahmedabad. He has marketed himself in India though his cult techniques as stated by Steve hassan and all 10 signs of cult can be seen in his ashram.

Just in case as the follower of asaram (hemant) in above post said we must know before we say it. Here are some of the court cases against asaram bapu and more are on

Asaram is trying to portray Surat judgment is as scandal, and taking other swami's names that they also had cases against them. I am looking at the facts with open mind. Asaram & his son Narain sai already have court cases against them for
Forgery in gujarat, Murder in rajokri, Delhi of Jaswant singh on 19/6/2004 (father sent complaint to Governor etc),
Forgery in delhi under case number of Bhagwani devi under section 419 /420 / 467 / 468 /471 / 1208 / 506 IPC in Delhi where he forged document and then threatens the victims, Cheating in Delhi of valuables property under case number 81-82 dated 92 of sudarshan kumari in rajouri garden worth 2 crore, 5 crore rupees land scam in sayam village near Chandigarh (He sold the government land to 450 people by giving plots of 200 sqmt.), involved in number of other criminal activities which are filed in number of other courts all across India till Calcutta. Oh there was one 2 crore forgery of land in Patna where he got a notice for eviction also and to close his shop there. In Delhi on ridge road he has encroached upon acres of land of forest dept. land whereas Delhi shopkeepers are being forced to close their working shops.

And people in india are not aware of these and more cases of his fraud becuase Indian media is influenced by this cult. As all cults denied in past his answers are same too, but Facts are facts. He has exploited hindus in the name of hinduism for his greed of sex, money, power. there are number of good religious people in India who maybe are unknown you just have to find them.

At 9/30/2007 4:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have been a very bad guy with all the evil practices that i was accustomed to.. i tried thousand times to overthrow this ill habits but was never away from them..

Sant shri asaramji bapuji helped me a lot.. i took Guru Diksha in 2006.Now, my habits of drinking and smoking have gone... i used 2 take drugs but now i dont even see drugs..

i just cannot understand why some people are so ill-minded about others. Who is this anonymous one writing such wrong things about a great saint. :( may god give him a righteous thinking

At 10/07/2008 1:08 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Well said, You said this about two years ago here asaram is fraud. But in india he just got exposed 2 months ago for number of crimes, murder, rape & tantrik acitivities.
Wish if we would have listened to you.
There are more crimes listed of asaram bapu on
yeah i saw that you had mentioned that two years ago. I heard asaram tried to ban it number of times.
Well this happens with all these criminals who are using relgion as their shield but they do go in jail sooner or later. Asaram & his son narayna time has come to go to jail.

Comments posted all over internet which favor asaram are posted by three guys asaram has hired for his PR, they get paid to write good stories & promote asaram. Illiterate people who are unpad & have no sense to differentiate in reality of victims of asaram go to asaram. His satsangs tamashas are flops now. no one goes to his satsangs, he is finished.

At 10/12/2008 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The stuff that this fake guru and his "soul therapy"/Church of Shambhala is doing in the name of Tibetan Buddhism is baseless, dangerous, and stupid. I feel bad about the seekers who fall for his words and support him.

At 7/05/2011 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am at this very moment witnessing the far-reaching effects of Buddha Maitreya's teachings. I and another woman, whom I'll call N., are in Northern California, taking care of a dying woman whose name sounds like that of some Beloved in a poem about god.
N. is deeply religious, wears large crosses made of crystals and copper wires, and mentioned to me that she was a Buddhist nun for ten years. She eventually had to leave because she had a terrible back injury. Apparently, the monks and nuns were 'working really hard on a lot of deadlines, finishing up houses and such.' I thought it sounded exploitive, but we were concentrating on maintaining the high quality of the remainder of our hospice patient's life. I received more and more clues that my colleague belonged to a cult, but, as I am routinely creeped out by religion, I didn't think it was any worse than any other religious practice.
Then our patient with the beautiful name began to experience terminal agitation, and N., who had been working many long hours without respite for months before I arrived, cracked. She cracked badly and inevitably and it was frightening and tragic to watch. She put a little copper pyramid laced with crystals on top of her head, and she began to wave some strange little item that looked like a dumbbell over the helpless head of our patient, who thankfully had by that time gone into a coma. I should say that N. is the one who hired me, and that she has the full go-ahead from the dying woman's son to administer any kind of treatment, including morphine, shambalic healing whatever, and who knows what else. She became increasingly agitated about helping this other woman die properly, talked on and on about how she was going to make sure she was reincarnated auspiciously, how she had to meditate with her to help her get through her pain, etc. If I heard of Buddha Maitreya doing this, I'd be outraged. But I saw the look of pain in his victim's eyes, and I knew that she was truly in torment about the possibility that she would not be able to help our patient reincarnate auspiciously. It just about broke my heart, because up to the point of this woman's dying process, N. had provided exemplary care and was an absolute pinnacle of kindness and heart.
I decided that I should stick around to keep an eye on things, even though N., who had never been around a dying person before, kept desperately telling me that she knew what she was doing, and not to ask her questions, and getting panic-stricken about external disturbances that were preventing her from being able to meditate properly. It was a good thing, too, because the very next day, she began receiving telepathic communications from our comatose patient about how much the dying woman was suffering and how she needed--I wince at the very cliche of it--more and more and more and more morphine. She began giving her four times the amount recommended by the nurse from hospice, and staying up all night at the dying woman's side until, but the afternoon of the second day, she was literally hallucinating.
This story may or may not have a happy ending, since our patient is still alive and therefore still vulnerable to being killed by delusional kindness. I did call the hospice nurse to come out here and offer some clarification. She cut the doses way back, and N. may or may not be following her guidance. I do not feel like I have been properly vigilant, and I really don't know what to do. I think, when I leave at the end of this, I'll simply tell her a few things about Ron Spencer, point out that she's in a cult, and tell her that if she ever needs a friend, she knows how to get in touch with me. Then I'll walk out the door and probably never hear from her again.
Isn't religion evil?

At 10/10/2012 2:37 AM, Anonymous William Herbert said...

I am so sad that these things are said about his holiness Buddha Maitreya . I have seen only great things by him . He is god on earth and to have these lies said is disgraceful .

At 9/27/2015 12:33 PM, Blogger gb said...

Buddha Maitreya the Christ has enthronements and recognitions throughout TIbetan Buddhism and in monasteries in Nepal and India. Check out the pictures, videos, and certificates on His website I am sorry these lies are being told about His Holiness but the truth will be unveiled as time goes on and all I can say is that I hope people reading this will investigate for themselves.

At 9/27/2015 12:44 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Yes. The world is full of idiots, as Graham has pointed out for us.

At 4/10/2017 11:20 AM, Blogger Dhamma Dude said...

I wish that the Buddha's Dharma was more prevalent in the west so people wouldn't fall prey to scam artists like this guy.

Who needs wire pyramids and false messiahs when they have the 1st noble truth to know, 2nd to develop, 3rd to realize, and 8-fold noble path to develop? Ain't nobody got time for that woo-woo!

At 2/06/2018 2:11 AM, Blogger A Lightworker said...

Here is the Court Case from December 2016 PROVING that the Ron Lloyd Spencer AKA Buddha Maitreya the Christ of Shambala Monastery is a spiritual fraud using false Buddhism. Take a read. Pity it does not mention how he and some of his followers perform psychic attacks / psychic rape on people. Anyone who follows him or his teachings is either duped and deluded, or working for the anti-Christ.

Judgement of Case Ronald Lloyd Spencer
Case No. 19/2016: Ronald Lloyd Spencer &
“The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha”


Dear Prosecutor, Public Defender, Ambassador and Jury Members of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR), regarding the case 19-2016 “Ronald Lloyd Spencer & “The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha”“through this, on November 4, 2016, it is evidenced that the case of the Ethics Committee regarding the violation of Buddhist Spirituality by the accused is concluded after voting of 9 Jury members, all of them issuing the verdict of “Responsible” for the crimes of SPIRITUAL FRAUD AND FALSE BUDDHISM.
The actions and teachings of the accused ones, “Ronald Lloyd Spencer & “The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha”“, do not constitute any kind of Spirituality, using the disguise of Buddhism to perpetrate massive scams to ignorant individuals. This scam or robbery is based on the radical lie, which would be the alleged spiritual legitimacy of the accused, so this criminal framework constitutes an intrinsic violation of the Buddhist ethical precepts and also of the essential guidelines of Spirituality. In addition, this spiritual fraud is an attack on the cultural sovereignty of Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities, which have the right to denounce and prosecute those who illegally usurp the cultural heritage transmitted by Siddharta Gautama. The accused ones could have taught some Buddhist knowledge and practices if they really had a minimum of good will, but the total absence of Buddhist Spirituality in their lives demonstrates that they are a fraud and a scam. Just as the case 17-2016 of Ricardo Javier Ocampo, Mr. Ronald Lloyd Spencer is really a scammer who disguises himself as spiritual master to commit crimes with impunity, hiding behind the prestige emanating from everything that surrounds Buddhism.
When examining the teachings of the accused, many of them linked mainly with geomancy and esoteric rituals, it is evident the fraudulent condition thereof, profiting monetarily with the ingenuity of his followers.


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