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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Madharishi: Still Losin' It

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The poor (well, maybe not so poor) old Maharishi is still showing signs of age-related dementia, this time by declaring the Vedas to be the "Constitution of the Universe" and claiming to be able to eliminate all war with a few old men chanting some mantras:
The Constitution of the Universe contains within it the secret procedures to create a golden age of freedom from war. Within the chapters of the Constitution of the Universe are all the procedures that can take any negative influence that is predicted to come to any nation and prevent that from reaching the nation, so its citizens do not have to face that misfortune.

Maharishi concluded by saying: 'You don't have to face misfortunes. That is the proud privilege we have from Guru Dev. We design the destiny of every country; we prevent any forthcoming disaster for any country. Doesn't matter what the past has been. We design a new sunshine. These are the days of the dawn of a new civilization on earth.'
It's quite a sight to behold, a sick old man's delusions playing out on the world stage, accelerated by the fact that he's facing his mahasamadhi any day now. His rampant ethnocentrism may play well with his muddle-headed minions and Hindu fundamentalists, but the rest of the world ain't buying it. We again pray that the Global Country for World Peace–his attempt to take over the world–is only playing along with a sick old man's dying wish, and that they come back to reality once the old coot is gone and actually do some good with all the wealth they've accumulated.

Update: Master Rick Ross breaks it down much further for y'all.


At 2/14/2006 10:26 AM, Blogger falseguru said...

What seemed so fresh and inspiring to me as a 25 year old, sounds like such bullshit at 55. In 1977-78, when I was on one of Maharishi's siddhi courses in New York state, Maharishi gave us a training in how to purchase properties at bargain prices. He had the nerve or shortsightedness to video this. The previous owners of a S Fallsburg resort had been there for generations but needed to sell. Maharishi talked about driving them around in a bus for hours, just wooing them, telling them how lovely it was that their family had kept the place up so well, but offering them far less than it was worth. Gradually he wore them down with his flattery and his energy. I remember seeing these old folks crying. They sold at a cheap price. He kept it for a few years, letting it get more and more run down, finally selling it to Muktananda. In general, Maharishi advised offering half what a property was worth. When refused by the seller, offer even less. If the seller becomes desperate, offer less... He was laughing on the video about how effective this is.

Not long after, he began to use his followers in the same fashion. Local groups would get together and help buy a property to develope into a retreat center. They would pour their hearts, energy and some finances into it, and then it would be abandoned. Anyone who would not do slave service would be blacklisted and shunned.

Some of Maharishi's followers took his business tactics into other fields and became wealthy by wrecking other people's lives. As karma would have it, often their own lives became a wreck.

Thanks, Maharishi for your fine example of holiness, love, and honor. You are old now. You have been the cause of countless broken down hearts and wrecked spirits. You deserve the ridicule and disrespect you have brought to your own name and to Vedic knowledge generally. You have spawned many other false gurus and half-baked teachers who wanted to sit on a throne, like Sri Sri, Dr. John Gray, and others.

So glad I met you. So glad I escaped you. Have a nice day!

At 2/22/2006 9:24 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

Chuck says,

"Quit whinning, and get even!"


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