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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

AUM: Running For Their Lives

File under: Gurus Doin' Time

As wack off guru Asahara Shoko and his murderous minions sit in jail awaiting their death sentences, they're running like scared little bitches in whichever direction they think is going to save them. Asahara is attempting to pull a "Chin" maneuver in the courts, acting all wackjob as he wacks off in front of anyone he can get to watch, including his own daughters. Now one of his lieutenants and co-conspirators in at least 26 of the murders (in separate attacks) is claiming he should be spared the noose because he was only taking orders from Asahara.

Recognize that tune? They played it on Radio Nuremberg all the time.

None of these clowns are yogis of any sort to be so frightened by death. Like most of the rest of the world, they value their hides over everything else, including those they killed and their responsibility for their crimes. It reveals the depth of Asahara's fraud and the astonishing stupidity of the thousands of people who believed he was going to take over the world.

We believe there's a James Bond movie script in there somewhere.

Update: Asahara's right-hand man, Tomomitsu Niimi, is going to drop through that hole in the floor as his death sentence has been upheld.


At 3/15/2006 10:01 PM, Blogger CRYPAL THE GURU said...

guruphiliwacko, whenener i check out your blog, i see an even number of comments divisible by 10 in the top most threads. yesterday it was 10 and 20, today it is 30 and 40. how is this managed? guru-magic?

by the way, convey my warm regards to guru kripal. if he is traveling to calcutta let me know. i know some bengali teachers who are very popular with the students of the junior highs they teach in.

At 3/17/2006 7:01 AM, Blogger xaow said...

Ahhh the good old ad hominem. The critic isn't perfect so I and my guru are. The most effective of all specious arguments in my opinion.


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