Guruphiliac: Rajiv Rah-Rahs Rawat

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rajiv Rah-Rahs Rawat

File under: The Siddhi of PR

Prem Rawat is a captain of the professional "peace" business and his own Gulfstream V execujet. He travels the world offering watered down, pabulicious platitudes about inner peace... for a price. After all, he's got to fuel that jet he's flying everywhere, most recently to the Indian subcontinent, where he appeared with Rajiv Mehrotra on his weekly talk show, In Conversations.

Prem's PR department produces press releases prodigiously which herald every booking. Invariably, the always at capacity crowd ends up deliriously happy as a result of a Maharaji appearance.

Just don't get on his wrong side. He's got an army of lawyers and professional reputation trashers on call to deal with his substantial community of ex-devotees. Last week they managed to get the so-called San Francisco Independent Media Center to label the Ex-Premie Association a "hate group" in their skewed reportage of a Cyber-SLAPP case settled between ex-Premie Marianne Bachers and the Rawat machine, who she sued for cyberstaking and defamation.

Cyberstalking is the new info-terror, an exceedingly easy and effective tactic for a cult interested in suppressing actively dissenting ex-devotees and critics. At least Bachers got them to a draw in her legal battle to end their aggressive smear campaign. We expect to be calling her soon for some advice once the Premies get wind of our little effort here today.


At 5/17/2006 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All kudos to Marianne Bachers. She is brave to confront such a devious group.

Anyone who knows Prem Rawat close up know what a bully he is.

At 2/22/2009 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

prem rawat a bully boy who encourages his followers to attack exes, but it comes directly from this stunted little stumpy grumpy frumpy armani wearing, languagely challenged (he cant string 2 words together forget 2 sentences), IQ challenged, i'm too small and ugly to be a proffesional pilot so i'll play god instead to fly my big toy, rawat, this i'm so rich of other peoples donations i'll spend my time playing golf and mingle in high society, that'll buy me class because i dont have any myself rawat, and lately i didnt feel sorry for the wartorn or my poor destitute followers but i did feel sorry when the equally shallow and rich paris hilton went to jail, yes thats when i really felt sorry, rawat. thats why nowadays most people including people in my organisation, seem to think i'm a jumped up little parasite in need of a good work out because my jowls have nearly hit the floor.

At 2/23/2009 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i forgot to add the following:
prem rawat the 'i dont have a charitable bone in my whole godamn body' philanthropist.
yes this is what rawat calls himself but noone can work out WHY!

At 3/11/2009 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i might as well continue, how about this one :
prem rawat the 'i always lecture everybody else to take the responsibility for their own lives and mistakes but only because i always get everybody else to take the responsibility for my own life and mistakes'

prem rawat's favourite pastime, pin the blame on the donkey's behind, but not his, even though it's big enough.

infact it has become more then a pastime now, it's a job, it's an art, all so that i can sit on stage and grin smugly, then laugh smugly and then cackle smugly at my own offensive crude jokes, who cares if everyone else is cringing so long as i'm cackling away....

At 4/10/2009 9:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's the very latest message from prem rawat to all his victims.

this is his poetry and wisdom for us all, how kind is rawat!

Not where we think

When you are in pain - The
joy is really close.
When you are in doubt - the clarity is really
When you are in confusion - The absolute clarity is not that far
When you are lost - Being found is very, very close.
Thats the good

When you are suffering - That relief is as close as it can
What seems a million miles away - is close.
And in this world, the one
that we are looking for - is always within inside of us!
Not where we
think, not where we think - within inside!

oh thankyou, frogface, now we know why you exploit people, simply because you can!

At 4/11/2009 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, what a kind, empathic, compassion filled specimen of a human being is dear old rawat.

so compassionate, that he feels absoulutely no compassion for his victims or people in general!

yes, this is the leader of peace, these are the specimens who do very well in the crazy world we live in today....

nothing left to say, speechless and dumbfounded....

At 4/14/2009 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would like to add to the poet laureate prem rawat's wisdom and compassion filled poem above.

prem rawats version of compassion is legendary ofcourse, when asked about it, in all his wisdom, he summed up a charitable, compassionate 'compassion is compassion for yourself'

too right prem, too right

now for my additions to his lovely poem

when you are living
death is so close

when you are a psychopath
human feelings are so faraway
but so close

when you are a idiot
your brain is so close
but so far away that you cant use it!

when you are multi millionaire rich
poverty is so so close

when i fly my custom built plane
the ground is so close

when you are prem rawat
sense is so close
that its so faraway

what a total id##t, someone make a cartoon of this guy.


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